This Upstate New York Farm Could Be Your Own Slice of Heaven

Luxury Homes

By Adrian P on 22 Jan 2018

Two hours north of New York City and just 10 minutes away from the charming little towns of the Harlem Valley, the Fraser Ridge Farm is a picturesque property that was once owned by Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates. The legendary rock’n’roll musician built this stunning residence by dismantling and moving here two 18th century homes from Hartford, Connecticut, masterfully restored to their old glory back in 2004. These two historic

The Top 10 Most Expensive Cocktails in the World

Luxury Lists

By Lau V on 21 Jan 2018

What do people do when they get tired of the same old drinks? They mix them up or add some other interesting ingredients. That’s how the cocktail was invented. More or less. Since the early 19th century, the cocktail, or at least its definition , evolved quite a lot. Today, a cocktail is widely considered to be a mix between one or more alcoholic drinks such as brandy, whiskey, vodka

The Sleek Azimut 55 Makes World Debut at boot Dusseldorf

Jets & Yachts

By Victor B on 21 Jan 2018

The brand new Azimut 55 is a wonderful vessel that should get everyone talking at 2018 boot Dusseldorf, with the perfect balance between form and function, and powerful 800 hp MAN engines that should take this beauty to speeds of up to 31 knots. Featuring high-end technical solutions to offer the best possible boat management, this small yacht promises to be fuel-efficient, easy to pilot and optimized according to your desired speed

McLaren 570GT Design Edition Teases Upcoming Sport Pack

Cars & Bikes

By Victor B on 20 Jan 2018

Unveiled just a few days ago, the McLaren 570GT Design Edition proves once again that the British supercar maker is still at the top of its  game. Following in the footsteps of some really impressive road cars, this special 570GT also teases an upcoming Sport Pack, that could be released on the market in the next couple of months. The wonderful 570GT before you now enjoys carbon-ceramic brake discs and

Check Out The Stunning Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision Automatic

Luxury Watches

By Victor B on 20 Jan 2018

One year ago Ulysse Nardin introduced an extraordinary concept watch named InnoVision 2 at SIHH 2017, which took the world by storm with 10 unique features that were 10 years in the making. Today, the brand new Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision Automatic was inspired by that innovative watch, turning most of its magic into reality. The Freak collection has always been a research laboratory for Ulysse Nardin, and the newest addition

The S.T. Dupont Complication Lighter is a $41,000 Conversation Starter

Tech & Leisure

By Victor B on 20 Jan 2018

I don’t smoke. Now that that’s been checked off my list of things to say, let’s just agree that any old lighter will do the job, whether you’re lighting your cigarette or camping out with your friends. However, luxury has made its way into every portion and segment of our lives, and I see no point in enjoying a refined cigar without having the lighter to match its exclusivity, The

The top 10 Most Expensive Airlines in the World

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By Vlad C on 20 Jan 2018

Flying is the fastest and safest means of transportation in today’s world. Well, for most of us, because we know that for some people it’s a nightmare filled with too many frightening what-if questions. For those of us who do like flying, there’s decent food, movies and music, pillows and blankets to rest on a long flight, and then there’s first and business class which offer even more amenities for

Taking A Load Off At Santo Maris Oia Will Be An Easy Task


By Victor B on 20 Jan 2018

I’m sure no one likes that moment when you find it impossible to get out from under the covers, into the cold, to get ready for another day at work. Yes, that’s exactly how my morning went, and that’s why taking a load off at the magical Santo Maris Oia is the only thing in my mind right now. Nestled right at the edge of the picturesque Oia village in