Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi Sells For An Incredible $450.3 Million

Arts & Culture

By Victor B on 20 Nov 2017

Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa may be one of the most famous artworks of all time, for good reason; however, that does not make it the world’s most expensive painting, as the 500-year old painting you see here, from the same illustrious artist, has just claimed that title. Depicting Jesus Christ and titled “Salvator Mundi”, this painting was just sold at auction for a record-shattering $450.3 million, which is way more

The Knickerbocker Hotel is Another Reason to visit New York City


By Victor B on 20 Nov 2017

Proudly sitting in the heart of The Big Apple, right on Times Square, The Knickerbocker is the first premier lifestyle hotel in Midtown Manhattan, nestled in a charming building with a beautiful beaux arts facade, that dates back in 1906. With 330 sophisticated guest rooms and suites on offer, complemented by a sleek and contemporary design, with high ceilings, carefully selected fabrics, oak wood finishes and strategic lighting placement, this is the

The 10 Most Expensive Spices in the World

Luxury Lists

By Vlad C on 19 Nov 2017

Spices, those magic seeds and powders that season our foods, have been here since thousands of years. You can find them in most kitchens, hidden away in some drawer or rack, but brought back to light when cooking starts. Their history goes back to more than 5,000 years ago, when the first traces of spice trade were ever discovered. Many of these spices come to Europe or US from far

This Might Just Be The Ultimate Porsche 911

Cars & Bikes

By Victor B on 19 Nov 2017

Singer is a company well known for restoring and reimagining some of the most iconic Porsche 911s ever built, but when they decided to join forces with Williams Advanced Engineering for their latest project, we just knew they were going for automotive perfection. That’s how this stunning Porsche 911 has been born, featuring plenty of modifications inside-out that allow it to be probably ten times more incredible than ever before. Lightweight and performance-oriented,

This Awe-Inspiring Oceanfront Villa in the Maldives Can be Yours

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 19 Nov 2017

Is any of you familiar with the wonderful Kunfunadhoo Island, on the Baa Atoll in the Maldives? The lucky ones who got to travel here might have heard about this place, and if you happen to have a few millions in your bank accounts, you might even enjoy the privilege of purchasing this stylish villa that’s nestled on this island. Set to cost a cool $15 million, the generous beachfront villa

Superyacht Nerissa Is Looking Forward To A Party

Jets & Yachts

By Victor B on 19 Nov 2017

I think it’s safe to assume that more than one party will be hosted aboard this stunning vessel, and no one could be ever upset about that. Nerissa is the latest addition to Bilgin Yachts’ impressive fleet, one that’s based on a custom 47.5-metre motor yacht. The sleek vessel before you was designed to be ideal for entertaining owners and passengers alike, with Unique Yacht Design being in charge of the

Ateliers DeMonaco Unveils the Magical Tourbillon Oculus 1297 Titane

Luxury Watches

By Victor B on 19 Nov 2017

Best known for their extraordinary watch designs, meant to adorn just a few very lucky wrists, Ateliers DeMonaco has plenty to be proud of. With a selection of exquisite watches ranging from tourbillons to chronographs, the Swiss watch manufacture has just revealed the Ateliers DeMonaco Tourbillon Oculus 1927 Titane watches – yes, there are two versions available, as you can see from the photo above. With a stunning dark grey

Check out the Refreshed Devialet Phantom Wireless Speaker

Tech & Leisure

By Victor B on 18 Nov 2017

Introduced a few years ago, with a price tag that had many people scratching their heads, the Devialet Phantom wireless speaker offered 750 W of audio power and a distortion-free sound. The time has passed and the French audio house has since released a 3,000 W Silver model and a 4,500 W Gold version, but today there’s yet another version out for grabs. The fresh Devialet Phantom boasts an entry-level power