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20 Best Zipper Wallets You Could Buy

By Anca Nicolescu


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Best Zippered Wallets
Harber London

Since we haven’t gone fully digital yet, we still have a need for wallets, even though you don’t really have to carry cash with you anymore.

But there are so many different styles of wallets available on the market right now, ranging from sporty to classy, simple card holders, RFID wallets, minimalist wallets, bifold, trifold and so on, that it’s extremely hard to find the right choice for you.

Today, we are going to focus on wallets that have a zipper closure.

What To Look For

Vaultskin Notting Hill Zipper Wallet

Just like any other purchase you’re planning to make, you need to evaluate a few criteria when buying your zipper wallet.

Here are a few small, while not unimportant factors to keep in mind:

  • Which material do you prefer? A leather wallet is always classy and will last a very long time, but might not be the most practical if you’re the outdoorsy type. Maybe carbon fiber or a durable nylon construction will fit your lifestyle better.
  • If you still carry coins for various reasons, you might need a wallet that will accommodate a coin compartment. A few well thought-out compartments to keep your necessities organized might also appeal to you. From card holders to coin compartments, many wallets accommodate all your needs.
  • Is RFID technology super important to you? A lot of wallets these days include this data stealing protection in their offerings, so that might be an important factor to keep in mind.
  • What about the color or pattern of the wallet? Are you more of a minimalist, or do you like a larger wallet style in general? Whatever your vibe, there is something out there for you.
Bellroy Zipper Wallet

These are just a few things to keep in mind, but it will narrow down the list, making your purchase a lot easier. Using the process of elimination when making any purchase is always a good idea.

With all that in mind, let us show you now the 20 best zipper wallets you can buy.

20. Montblanc Extreme 2.0 Business Card Holder

Montblanc Extreme 2.0 Business Card Holder

We start off our list with this beauty from Montblanc. Although it is one of the most expensive wallets of the bunch, Montblanc’s 2.0 Business Card Holder is lightweight, durable, and has ample space for cash and cards.

Its RFID-blocking lining keeps your contactless payments secure. While it may be pricey, it’s worth the investment for its quality and longevity.

19. Mismo Card Wallet

Mismo Card Wallet

This streamlined, small zipper wallet is perfect for the guys that carry mostly cards, but can also throw in some cash when stepping out. It is a beautifully crafted wallet made from superior, smooth genuine leather that will look even better with time.

Although on the smaller side, it contains two large internal compartments that are surprisingly spacious. A definite contender.

18. Huztencor Zipper Wallet

Huztencor Zipper Wallet

Designed with a durable and tough exterior, this wallet combines elegance and durability. While the outside of this wallet is constructed from carbon fiber, it is made from a nice soft leather on the inside.

This wallet is also highly secure, providing you with RFID blocking technology. It has multiple storage compartments that can hold up to 8 cards, some coins and banknotes as well.

17. Artisan Lab Leather Wallet

Artisan Lab Leather Wallet

Beautifully crafted, this zip wallet from Artisan Lab is highly functional and slick. It holds everything you need, in a compact, durable style. The wallet contains enough room for up to ten cards, money, and coins too.

Made from premium Italian full grain cowhide leather and lined with Italian canvas, this beauty is durable and very stylish. We adore the style of this wallet, plus the high quality leather will only look better with time.

16. Campbell Cole Zip Corner Wallet

Campbell Cole Zip Corner Wallet

This stylish wallet from Campbell Cole is crafted from superior full grain Italian leather, with enough room for all your essentials. It can hold up to 15 cards plus a few notes, even some coins if you need.

The material is flexible so it will compress down with time, which will save you some space in your pocket. This is a durable, classy, and fashionable wallet that you will cherish for years to come.

15. Grams28 Zip Wallet

Grams28 Zipper Wallet

This brand believes in fair trading and offers customers detailed breakdowns of the manufacturing and the origins of the products they offer. Their zipper wallet is constructed from raw leather materials that are eco-friendly.

The functionality of this wallet is also highly superior. With six compartments that are well thought out, you can keep your things well organized. The interior layout allows for easy access, plus it is available in many lovely colors.

14. Harber London Zip Wallet

Harber London Zip Wallet

The British brand offers a great array of wallets to choose from. This zipper option is a smaller, minimalist style wallet. It can only hold the strict minimum with two card slots on either side for a total of four cards, while the zipper compartment can hold a few small items and coins.

With a high construction and made from high quality vegan-tanned full-grain leather, this attractive wallet is a great option for the minimalists in the crowd.

13. Roik Zip Coin Wallet

Roik Zip Coin Wallet

Resembling a classic bi-fold in both shape and design, this Roik wallet is one of the most unusual options on this list. The location of the zip is on the side of the wallet, rather than on the inside or all around. A very small wallet, the Roik offers a wide range of functionality.

It can hold up to 9 cards, it contains RFID technology, as well as quick access slots. The zipper compartment can hold a great amount of coins, even keys. A nice alternative to more classic models.

12. Status Anxiety Otis Wallet

Status Anxiety Otis Wallet

While the wallet is a classic bi-fold, it incorporates a zipper functionality and a seamless design. The wallet is one of the slimmest on the market, but it can hold up to 6 cards. It also comes with a zip coin compartment and a full-size note slot.

With great functionality and a gorgeous design, the craftsmanship is also superior. Made from a soft full-grain Italian leather that feels amazing, it is available in a few attractive colors.

11. Capsule Accomplice Wallet

Capsule Accomplice Wallet

This lovely zipper wallet from Capsule is crafted from fine grain leather. Boasting a premium look, their Accomplice wallet is also highly functional. It can hold up to 20 cards, 50 bills, and the interior card slot provides you with extra security.

It also has an exterior card slot for easy access, and an interior cash strap for your paper currency. Highly organized and featuring a secure zip enclosure, the wallet is available in a few attractive colors.

10. Nodus Compact Wallet

Nodus Compact Wallet photo

This innovative brand has a great selection of wallets, combining style and utility. This zipper wallet is highly functional, with a quick access card slot on the outside. Fairly spacious, on the inside it can hold up to 17 cards.

It also features an expandable internal coin pocket and a dedicated note sleeve. While it’s a great option all around, it may feel a bit bulky if you tend to carry your wallet in your back pocket.

9. Bullcaptain Zipper Wallet

Bullcaptain Zipper Wallet

Constructed from 100% genuine leather and boasting an oversized snap closure, this zipper wallet from Bullcaptain is one of the best quality offerings you can find on the market. Although it only comes in a few basic color options, the features it offers are worth considering.

The wallet comes with two cash compartments, 12 credit card slots, a clear window ID, plus the overall distribution of the compartments is fairly even.

8. Admetus Zip Around Wallet

Admetus Zip Around Wallet

For people that prioritize their security above all, this wallet from Admetus is probably the best choice you will find. The RFID technology this wallet contains can block up to a range of 13.56 MHz, keeping your data super safe from hackers.

It also looks pretty good with the distressed vintage look. Made from genuine leather that is highly durable, it also has an exquisite brand logo and tag embossed on its front pocket.

7. Gazigo RFID Blocking Zipper Wallet

Gazigo RFID Blocking Zipper WalletThe vintage style and the gorgeous genuine slightly distressed leather this wallet is constructed with make this wallet a very attractive option, especially for men. The distribution of pockets of this bi-fold wallet is one of its biggest strengths, plus the attention to details is top notch.

This wallet is well thought-out, containing a healthy number of pockets to satisfy all your needs, plus the RFID technology will keep your data secured.

6. Donward RFID Zipper Wallet

Donward RFID Zipper Wallet

We know you guys love carrying your wallets in your back pocket, and this wallet actually won an award for that! The super slim profile and the 13 card slots make it a fan favorite. While it has a minimalist design, it actually has a vintage look to it.

Plus it has a coin holder, a large cash compartment, a clear ID window, and RFID technology. The zipper closure is also very smooth, which makes using it so much more comfortable. The material is genuine full-grain leather, plus it comes in a wide array of color combinations.

5. Alpine Swiss Zipper Wallet

Alpine Swiss Zipper Wallet

This wallet from Alpine Swiss is a great option for those who prefer a divided storage compartment for their denominations. The clear ID flap is sturdy and durable, and the wallet contains nine horizontal credit card slots plus it is equipped with RFID technology.

Considered a workhorse, the wallet is made from 100% genuine leather that will withstand the test of time. You can choose from up to six color options, and all of them have the brand’s rounded cross logo patched on.

4. Bellroy Zip Wallet

Bellroy Zip Wallet

Bellroy is a brand that’s very well known for making high quality leather goods, and their zipper wallets are highly popular. The Zip Wallet is one of their most versatile options, aesthetically and functionality wise.

Crafted from the best hide-tanned leather, the Bellroy Zip wallet comes with an all around zipper that keeps all your cards and denominations safely tucked in. The inside is well thought-out with plenty of room for your most used cards, a coin pouch, and RFID protection technology.

3. Vaultskin Notting Hill Slim Zipper Wallet

Vaultskin Notting Hill Slim Zipper Wallet

Sporting a no-frills, minimalist design, this wallet from Vaultskin is made from durable top-grain Italian leather construction. With a slim profile and a retractable pull-strap that is super easy to use, it makes a great choice for those of you who want a simple, unassuming wallet.

The wallet contains six card slots, a coin compartment, as well as a hidden compartment. On the outside there is a clear ID window for displaying a badge or driver’s license. All in all, a very decent option.

2. Victorinox Zipper Wallet

Victorinox Zipper Wallet

Boasting a durable and hearty nylon construction, the rugged black finish with the well-crafted light gray stitching around the edges give it a nice look. The extra texture of the nylon provides you with extra traction, and the attention to detail in the overall craftsmanship is superior.

The only downfall is its smallish size, which will be fine for people who don’t carry much stuff . It does have enough room for up to six cards, a cash compartment, a clear ID card window, RFID blocking tech, as well as two hidden compartments.

1. MaxGear Credit Card Zipper Wallet

MaxGear Credit Card Zipper Wallet

With a 100% leather construction, this offering from MaxGear can hold 12 credit cards, or other cards you like carrying with you daily. The design is secure and intuitive, and has RFID technology for your data’s protection.

While it boasts a slim design yet spacious interior that is well put together, it doesn’t have a coin compartment. That may not be an issue for most people, but it’s something to keep in mind. It also has a clear plastic ID window that is placed on the outside of the wallet for easy access.

This sums up our list of the 20 best zipper wallets you can buy right now. We hope you liked the models we picked, and hopefully you found some that caught your attention.

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