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We all have a dream home in mind, and here you’ll find some of the world’s most incredible properties, that were recently listed for sale. From lavish penthouses to cliff-side or beachfront marvels, from private islands to palatial mansions and old medieval castles, we’re only featuring the best of the best on Luxatic. Browse through our impressive collection of luxury homes and find your own dream home or just fantasize about living in one!

This Charming Notting Hill Home Will Set You Back $20M

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 16 Jun 2018

Found in West London, Notting Hill is easily one of the world’s most charming neighborhoods, but few of us knew it ever existed before Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts shared their endearing love story there. We all remember the movie, right? Well, I’m not sure how much you paid to see the storied Hollywood production, but you could actually move in one of the most amazing Notting Hill homes if you’re

Ben Affleck’s Georgia Plantation Estate Could be Your Little Paradise

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 15 Jun 2018

Yes, the renowned actor, filmmaker and philanthropist Ben Affleck is selling his charming Georgia plantation and it will cost you a cool $8.9 million to enjoy this little paradise. The sprawling estate covers 87 acres and it’s located on a secluded private island, around 30 miles south of Savannah – on the Hampton Island Preserve where it overlooks the North Newport River. If it looks a bit familiar, it might be

Shakira’s Lavish Miami Beach Home Could be Yours for $11.6M

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 11 Jun 2018

Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira is looking to part ways with her incredible Miami Beach property. Listed for sale at exactly $11.648 million, the stunning home before you is located at 3140 North Bay Road Drive and covers 9,125 square feet of luxurious living areas. The waterfront property includes six bedrooms and seven-and-a-half baths and comes complemented by palm trees, bright green hedges and a plant-lined courtyard, while on the inside a

Richard Nixon’s Western White House Will Sell For $63.5M

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 10 Jun 2018

The spectacular oceanfront estate before you is located in San Clemente, California, and it’s known as the Western White House. If you’re wondering why, well, it might have something to do with the fact that President Richard Nixon purchased this lavish home six months into his presidency, back in 1969. But the best thing is that it can be yours if you’re willing to splash out exactly $63.5 million from

Could Say ‘No’ to Roberto Cavalli’s Spectacular Mirabilia Villas?

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 7 Jun 2018

What could easily be considered as an architectural marvel –  Mirabilia actually means “Marvels” in Latin – this collection of high-end custom-built residential villas will benefit from the magic touch of none other than Roberto Cavalli. Nestled in the fashionable “Shams Ar Riyadh” development in Saudi Arabia’s capital city, the gorgeous Mirabilia Villas range from 300 square meters to 1,600 square meters in size, with three to seven bedrooms and spectacular

The Saddle Rock House is a $12M Paradise Surrounded by Water

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 6 Jun 2018

Somewhere in Stamford, Connecticut, tucked away at the end of the Shippan Point peninsula, you will find this little paradise, a charming, century-old estate surrounded by water on all its sides. The Saddle Rock House, or the “Bear House” as its neighbors call it for the large bear statue at its gated entry, is probably one of the most spectacular waterfront homes we’ve ever seen. And the best thing is that it

Would You Pay $28 Million For Shaquille O’Neal’s Massive Florida Mansion?

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 1 Jun 2018

Shaq’s a big man, and I don’t mean just size or basketball, but even for his standards this home is ridiculous. The legendary NBA player has recently listed his massive Florida mansion for sale, and just like him, this residence is larger than life. Priced at a staggering $28 million, his lavish home spreads over 31,000 square feet, on a three-acre lot just outside Orlando, Florida, that overlooks Lake Butler from

Villa Grecale Leaves No Room For The Ordinary

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 29 May 2018

Nestled on the beautiful bay of Porto Rotondo in the northern part of Sardinia, Italy, the wonderful Villa Grecale offers 905-square-meter (9,741 sq. ft.) of luxurious living areas, complemented by astonishing views of the sea; it also comes with a private boat jetty and sea access, so if you love hitting the waves, this property will most likely haunt your dreams for at least a couple of days. And, why not? Set to cost