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About Luxatic

The story of Luxatic started back in 2010 in the heart of Transylvania, when founder and chief editor Adrian Prisca launched a blog about things he loved, like supercars, luxury homes, yachts, bespoke hotels and all about fine living.

The readership of the site started to pick up after just a couple of months and today Luxatic is not just a simple blog, it’s actually one of the most popular and successful luxury magazines in the world, with a great team dedicated to bring you the latest from the world of luxury, news, products and services, almost every single day.

Right now, Luxatic reaches over 150,000 unique visitors every month, and we have a great archive of over 8,000 posts and 80,000+ images. In these past years, the site has grown to become an authority in its niche and its content is picked up and shared pretty often by some of the most influential and widely read websites online, like Complex, Yahoo News, Forbes and Bloomberg.

Luxatic is your one stop source for all about luxury and fine living, and with over 62,000 Facebook fans, 17,000+ Twitter followers, 14,000+ Instagram followers, 6,000+ fans on Google+ and over 2,500 RSS subscribers, we have a lovely and engaged audience that makes us go on every day. If you love supercars, jets, yachts, watches, jewelry or luxury homes and want to see some of the most amazing hotels and resorts in the world, this site should be one of your daily reads.

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About Us

Adrian Prisca

Founder & Chief Editor

For years Adrian Prisca was the only person behind this site and his particular sense of style and taste proved to be a hit since Luxatic started to gain more and more followers after just a couple of months. He’s a young entrepreneur who once tried to run more than 30 different sites in the same time but then he discovered that it’s better to focus on just a couple of projects and write only about things you love if you truly want to succeed.

Despite the fact that he was born and raised in Transylvania, he’s not a vampire, even though he’s a night owl and sleeps until noon. He loves traveling, fast cars (Aston Martins especially), sports and he reads a lot about business and self improvement.

Bogdan Ardeleanu

Frequent Contributor

Bogdan is the second person to contribute to the awesome content from Luxatic. A long time friend of Adrian’s, he started writing his first posts for this site when he was just finishing med-school.

His articles were sometimes even better than bed-time stories, especially when he used to write about supercars, yachts and amazing resorts but right now he’s contributing a little less to the site.

Today he’s a great orthopedic surgeon but he still comes back to Luxatic from time to time to feed his need for creativity and diversity writing about the things he loves.