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Welcome to Luxatic!

Luxatic celebrates luxury, covering the newest in what matters most to its discerned and sophisticated audience: from the newest supercars and luxury watches, to gorgeous hotels and resorts from all over the world, amazing yachts, extraordinary homes and the latest trends in designer fashion and haute couture.

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or simply looking to indulge in the finer things in life, Luxatic offers a savvy look and a visually stunning window into the world of luxury.

Our story started back in 2010 in the heart of Transylvania, when our founder launched a blog about the things he loved: supercars, watches, luxury hotels, cutting edge tech and all about fine living.

The readership of this site started to grow really fast and in just a couple of years Luxatic became a full-fledged online magazine, with a small team focused on bringing you the latest news and trends from the world of the rich and famous every single day.

Thirteen years later, Luxatic became an authority in its niche and our content is frequently picked up and shared by some of the most influential and widely read websites and online magazines.

We’ve published over 12,000 articles and our readership passed 5 million visitors last year, with over 8 million annual pageviews! And our social media fan base also passed 200,000 followers on all platforms.

That’s why today Luxatic is widely considered one of the world’s most popular luxury magazines.

But let’s take a closer look at the people behind this website.



Our team is a creative bunch, weaving words into meaningful, insightful, and actionable content.

Using eye catching headlines, engaging articles and high-quality images, our editors try to capture every single day the elegance and sophistication of a life well lived.

Say hello to…


Adrian Prisca (Founder & CEO)

Adrian Prisca Av

Founder of Luxatic and countless other projects, Adrian has shaped this website into a go-to source for discerning readers looking for the latest in luxury products and experiences.

He has over 15 years of experience in creating, managing and publishing lifestyle content across numerous platforms and he’s considered a leading voice in the luxury industry, often quoted by major news outlets and magazines.

Today, he leads all content initiatives and manages the company’s strategic partnerships, but he still writes the occasional story for Luxatic, interviews key people in the industry and attends events worldwide.

As part of his entrepreneurial pursuits beyond Luxatic, Adrian also owns Agronomag, Placeaholic, Watches You Can Afford and Invest Some Money.

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Alex Holmes (Editorial Director)

Alex Holmes

When he joined our team in 2013 Alex served as the site’s first full-time employee and he was the managing editor for as long as four years. But a few years later he really stepped up his game, becoming a guest author for several major publications, including USA Today, National Geographic and Conde Nast Traveler.

In 2020 he came back to Luxatic as the director of content, overlooking everything related to reviews, features, news briefs and pretty much any and all the other content that can be found on the website.

He works closely with the team of writers to create engaging and high-quality content that resonates with Luxatic’s readership.

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Victor Baker (Associate Editor)

Victor Baker

Victor has always been a big fan of cars, which is why he’s so proud to call himself a genuine petrolhead these days. His love actually stemmed from his father, who was an automotive engineer.

Sometimes the two would sit down together and crack open a cold one as they remember the times when his dad had to show him how an engine works and what everything inside is for.

Today, he loves to write down everything that comes to mind, and when he really gets down to it, he pretty much becomes one with his laptop. He has a very creative mind and he feels like he’s on top of the world when everything comes together perfectly.

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Georgiana Grama (Fashion Editor)


Part time fashion blogger, part time influencer, Georgiana brings a touch of style to Luxatic. Before she joined our team she used to contribute to renowned fashion magazines like Elle, Marie Claire or Glamour.

For the most part she focused on beauty, fashion and lifestyle, but that was just a few drops in the bucket of content that she spread over the years.

She has been an avid fan of crafts and traveling for as long as she remembers, and every now and then she also assists the other writers on special editorial projects.

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Vlad Craciun (Staff Writer)

Vlad Craciun

Vlad fell in love with writing after doing a comfort zone challenge. Since then, he accumulated over 7 years of experience writing content about subjects such as travel, cars, bikes, tech & gadgets, and his newly discovered passion, watches.

With a deep and honest fascination for the open road and the places that get left behind, he’s often wandering off the beaten path, preferably on a motorcycle. He’s in love with two wheeled machines and the freedom and the thrills that motorcycle travel provides.

Photography, airplanes, and beautiful, remote corners of the Earth are some of his other interests. And he’s an EDC gear nerd as well.

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Valentina Ioana (Staff Writer)

Valentina Ioana

As rather a shy child and a bookworm, Valentina found it difficult to relate to other people. So, she started a blog, writing in order to express herself and help others find their way along those rocky paths.

Even though the blog was about fashion and travel, every article comprised a bit of her character, passions, ideas, and way of life.

Today, she still holds on to that honest and engaging style. She can write about almost anything, from fashion to food and travel, spanning a diverse array of subjects. In fact, give her a glass of wine and she will come up with a 2,000-word story about it.

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Anca Nicolescu (Staff Writer)

Anca Nicolescu

With a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Anca was always interested in a variety of topics, although she never actually worked in her field.

She has a deep love for books and a passion for learning new things and exploring new subjects. Recently she rekindled her love for writing, which inspired her to start her own blog called Books For Mind.

Her writing style is characterized by her intelligence, curiosity, and her ability to take complex subjects and make them relatable to a wide audience.

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Brian Pho (Straff Writer)

Brian Pho

Brian is the current tech & leisure editor from Luxatic. His resume includes writing for renowned sites like The Verge, Boing Boing, Tech Times and Laptop.

But you can also find examples of his work in Spin, Wired, The Onion, Boing Boing,  and The Daily Beast amongst others.

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Niamh Miller (Contributing Writer)

Niamh Miller

Niamh is a professional journalist that has been specializing in the jewelry and watches industry since the early 2000s.

He’s been with Luxatic for more than five years now, and before that he worked as a contributor to GQ and Esquire and he’s also done his magic for Watches You Can Afford.

He has over two decades of experience as a wordsmith and watch expert and today he’s kind enough to share his wealth of watchmaking knowledge on our site.

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Brody Patterson (Contributing Writer)

Brody Patterson

Brody has been working as a digital deputy editor for Luxatic for a very long time now, specializing in verticals on the website alongside the health and fitness section.

If you ever read a piece that covered the adventure, travel, fitness and gear niches then chances are you were reading one of his works.

While he talks a lot about changing your lifestyle and being as active as possible like a lot of other writers, he actually lives up to her words, never backing down from any situation whatsoever.

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James Dorian (Contributing Writer)

James Dorian

James is a freelance writer and editor that has been working in the field for well over a decade by now.

He has contributed a lot of work to car magazines such as AutoEvolution, Jalopnik or Motor1 but he also loves to write about other topics, from interior design trends to all about fine drinks and cocktails.

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Martha Yoon (Social Media Editor)

Martha Yoon

Martha has been working as the Social Media Editor for Luxatic for a very long time now, overseeing some of the other websites under our umbrella, including Placeaholic, Seriously Equestrian and Watches You Can Afford as well.

She mainly covers the lifestyle content that you see on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok. Before she came to Luxatic she also worked for ThoughtCo, Medium and The Kitchn, where she gained a lot of experience in content and social media.

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Media Highlights


As we’ve ventured through the captivating world of luxury living, opulence and grandeur, we’ve caught the eye of many international media outlets, popular blogs and even print publications.

Our journey so far wouldn’t have been possible without the support of these remarkable media platforms, which have played a pivotal role in our growth and helped us flourish.

Editorial and Ethics Policies

Our core mission is to cover, inform and connect the global luxury industry, and our quest is to make product journalism, reviews and information accessible to everyone, while also making it as easy to digest as possible.

We always try to publish content that inspires our readers to think for themselves and improve their lives by taking the best possible decisions.

As such, we carefully look over every single product that’s ever featured on Luxatic, to make sure they all abide by the strict editorial guidelines that we set up.

Before the words even hit the web, they undergo an intensive review process to ensure their accuracy and honesty, and we always cite or link to sources in order to legitimize our words.

We understand that we can’t always get it right, but we will do our best to uphold this ethics policy. We welcome any feedback or criticism, and will use it to improve our blog.

To get involved with Luxatic, contact us — we’d love to hear from you!