Valentina Ioana

Staff Writer

As rather a shy child and a bookworm, Valentina found it difficult to relate to other people. So, she started a blog, writing in order to express herself and help others find their way along those rocky paths.

Even though the blog was about fashion and travel, every article comprised a bit of her character, passions, ideas, and way of life.

Today, she still holds on to that honest and engaging style. She can write about almost anything, from fashion to food and travel, spanning a diverse array of subjects. In fact, give her a glass of wine and she will come up with an exciting 2,000-word story about it.



Today, Valentina is a writer and editor with almost a decade of experience in lifestyle content, writing on topics like fashion, beauty, travel and decor. She had her own lifestyle and fashion blog for almost seven years, transitioning from influencer to editor in 2021.

With a background in journalism, Valentina has taken her expertise in fashion and lifestyle to the next level as the years went by. She also became a contributing writer to popular publications like Elle, Glamour or Elite Daily.


Valentina holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration, Management and Operations from the University of Bucharest and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures from the same University.

EXPERTISE: Beauty and Fashion Trends, Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Wine and Spirits.
EDUCATION: University of Bucharest
LOCATION: Bucharest, Romania
TITLE: Staff Writer

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