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Meson Panza Verde is a Charming Retreat from Guatemala


By Victor B on 15 Feb 2018

Staying at a grand inn, hidden on the beautiful cobblestone streets of Antigua, Guatemala, sounds like a dream come true for anyone who wants to escape the busy city life, at least for a few days. This is Mesón Panza Verde, a charming retreat nestled between historic ruins, funky shops and a variety of drink and eateries, that feels like another world. It reminds us of an intimate European inn,

Take a Break at the Lavish Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta


By Victor B on 14 Feb 2018

Proudly sitting right in the heart of Jakarta, Indonesia’s massive capital city, the ritzy Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta offers a magical mix of luxury and comfort, complemented by the brand’s unique European hospitality. If you want to discover the city’s most important landmarks and its vibrant lifestyle, there’s no place better than this high-end hotel, which reflects Jakarta’s internationalism. There are 289 sophisticated rooms to choose from, with floor to ceiling windows,

The Benjamin is the Best Place To Start Exploring Manhattan


By Victor B on 13 Feb 2018

Nestled in a charming Beaux Arts-style building, The Benjamin went through a lavish restoration in these last couple of years, and its now one of the best places to explore the bustling Midtown Manhattan. The legendary American architect Emery Roth constructed this hotel back in 1927, with most of his signature features, including Romanesque arcades and Gothic-style rose windows, still on display for everyone to admire. Tucked away from the busiest spots

Regent Taipei is the Perfect Place to Start a New Week


By Victor B on 12 Feb 2018

If you ever plan to visit Taipei, for business or pleasure, there’s no better place to start a new day than the stunning Regent Taipei. Poised in the city’s vibrant Zhongshan District, this high-end hotel has been impressing its guests with world class hospitality, signature dining and luxurious amenities ever since it was opened back in 1990. The hotel’s superb downtown location allows you to stare at the blissful Taipei cityscape

Guntû is a Magical Floating Hotel from Japan


By Victor B on 11 Feb 2018

Omotenashi – the Japanese word for hospitality, makes the difference between an average vacation and an exceptional one in the land of the rising sun. Checking into unusual lodgings is one way of getting closer to that goal, which is where Guntû comes in, a magical floating hotel located off the beaten track on the dazzling Seto Inland Sea, Japan. This incredible hotel-cruise-ship hybrid shows off charming wooden interiors, sleek lines,

Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio Will Make You Fall in Love with Uruguay


By Victor B on 8 Feb 2018

If you’re looking for a cool place to sit back, relax, and enjoy contemporary beach living, you might want to head to Uruguay’s bohemian beach village of José Ignacio. Here, Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio will prove to be one of the most incredible resorts you’ve ever been to, nestled right next to the undulating sand dunes of Mansa Beach. Guests are free to venture to the nearby islands of Gorriti or Lobos,

Fairmont Austin Welcomes you in the heart of Texas’ Capitol City


By Victor B on 7 Feb 2018

Proudly sitting in downtown Austin, at the heart of the city’s bustling Central Business District, the all new Fairmont Austin aims to make a lasting impression on you, with the signature Fairmont style taking over Texas’ Capitol City. Keeping in line with an increasing need for style and upscale luxury in town, Fairmont Austin has just opened its doors in December as the city’s biggest hotel. The 37-story polished high-rise building offers exactly 1,048 beautifully decorated

The Magical Alila Yangshuo is a Sweet Resort


By Victor B on 5 Feb 2018

And, why shouldn’t it be? Once a working sugar mill in the heart of China, Alila Yangshuo looks like a retro resort with a stunning modern twist, welcoming guests from all over the world amidst a stylish and simple atmosphere in a picture-perfect setting. The sheer beauty of the beauty of the Yangshuo region might be too much to handle, but the excellent Alila concierge team is ready to take you