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The Best Hot Spring Hotels in the World in 2024

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Best Hot Spring Hotels
Blue Lagoon Iceland

Natural hot springs have been used by mankind for thousands of years for their unique healing properties and the relaxation they provide to our minds and bodies.

Those soothing, steamy, mineral rich waters do have an important effect and plenty medicinal benefits, and they’re known to cure a plethora of skin problems, boost blood circulation, relieve pain, relax tense muscles, reduce stress, and improve sleep.

Seen as somehow magical, humans have always been seeking this kind of places for centuries. Often, they would build entire structures around them to better harness the healing powers of those geothermal waters and provide easy access to others.

Nowadays, there are plenty of such places around the world, from bare bones natural camps to 5 star luxury resorts and hotels, blending the natural hot spring experience with some of the most modern amenities you can dream of.

We’ve rounded up some of the best hot spring hotels in the world right now, so you can stop dreaming about it and choose your next vacation spot.

23. Tobira Onsen Myojinkan – Japan

Tobira Onsen Myojinkan
Tobira Onsen Myojinkan

Situated more than 3,000 feet high in Japan’s so called “Northern Alps”, the Tobira Onsen Myojinkan is one of the most unique of such places.

The setting includes snow capped mountains in the backdrop, alkaline water baths, and traditional Japanese accommodation and service. What’s not to like?

22. Galeria Thermal Bešeňová – Slovakia

Galeria Thermal Bešeňová
Galeria Hotel Thermal Besenova

If you’re looking for something in Europe, you’ve got to try Slovakia’s Galeria Thermal Bešeňová, a holistic paradise of outdoor geothermal pools, sauna, and some of the best Slovakian dishes to quench your appetite after a day in the pool.

21. Maple Grove Hot Springs and Retreat Center – United States

Maple Grove Hot Springs and Retreat Center
Maple Grove Hot Springs

One of the many such places in the United States, the Maple Grove Hot Springs and Retreat Center features an outdoor riverside hot springs setting that will appeal to those seeking an off the grid, sustainable, and naturalist retreat center.

There are yurts, cabins, and canvas tents available for overnight stays, but they also organize group retreats for those who want to delve into introspection.

20. Mimpi Resort Menjangan – Indonesia

Mimpi Resort Menjangan
Mimpi Resort Menjangan

Bali is widely recognized for its outstanding beach resorts, but they also have something for those looking to heal their bodies and minds. The Mimpi Resort Menjangan is one such place, a secluded tropical beauty set between the Menjangan Island and the West Bali National Park.

It’s a heaven of biodiversity and natural hot springs rich in sodium chloride, calcium and sulfate. There’s also local markets nearby for when you want to delve into the delicious Balinese cuisine.

19. Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort – United States

Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort
Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort

The Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort in Montana, United States, features man-made pools fed with geothermal water from nearby springs, plus an icy cold water pool for contrast bath therapy.

There’s a warm dip to lounge on, live music during weekends, or even wait in the pools for the night to come and enjoy the starlit sky far from civilization.

18. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel – Canada

Fairmont Banff Springs
Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Known as the Castle in the Rockies, the historic Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta, Canada, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site set in a fairy tale like wilderness.

It’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts to spend their days. Going hiking, rafting, kayaking, dog sledding or skiing, are some of the myriad of activities that can be done there all year round.

Those days will of course end in one of the tranquil hot springs to soothe body and soul.

17. Zaborin Ryokan – Japan

Zaborin Ryokan
Zaborin Ryokan

Zaborin Ryokan is one of Japan’s most sophisticated resorts, a hot spring heaven in the stunning woods of the northern island of Hokkaido.

The resort is all about privacy, with each of their rooms featuring two hot spring baths, so you can soak and bathe undisturbed.

16. Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa – United States

Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa
Two Bunch Palms

The Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa in Desert Hot Springs, California, is one of the most impressive wellness resorts the United States has to offer.

From the magnificence of the natural surroundings to the relaxing low sulfur and high in lithium naturally heated spring water tubs and pools, there’s nothing you can say no to while there.

15. Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa – Costa Rica

Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa
Tabacón Thermal Resort

Located in Costa Rica, the Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa impresses with its marvelous rainforest setting, nearby volcanoes, and the hot springs and river pools heated by volcanoes’ magma.

Private cabanas in the adults-only Shangri-La gardens will offer the much needed break from the tumult of everyday life. The downside is that you may not want to go back home after a while there.

14. Alba Wellness Resort – Vietnam

Alba Wellness Valley
Alba Wellness Valley

Set in the lush vegetation of the tropical forest around the Thanh Tan hot springs in Vietnam, the Alba Wellness Valley is another relaxation paradise providing some of the most incredible mountain views and soaking opportunities.

It’s a wellness and eco-friendly resort, a must visit spot for when traveling to the Asian country.

13. Bio-hotel Stanglwirt – Austria

Bio-hotel Stanglwirt
Bio-hotel Stanglwirt

At Going am Wilden Kaiser in Austria, you’ll find the incredible Bio-hotel Stanglwirt which takes advantage of the naturally heated subterranean water and the stunning alpine pastures around it.

The resort has won plenty of awards for its wellness program, so you can expect nothing but the best of everything, from hot spring bathing to riding the famous Lipizzaner horses or wandering around the natural beauty.

12. Castello Di Velona Resort, Thermal Spa & Winery – Italy

Castello Di Velona Resort
Castello Di Velona Resort

Once a military fortress in Tuscany, Italy, the Castello Di Velona Resort, Thermal Spa & Winery is now one of the most epic places to stay in. Enjoying your days in thermal pools under the Tuscan sun is only one of the things it’s well known for.

The resort features plush suites with incredible views of the vineyards below in the sunset light, and offers leisure alfresco lunches and some of the best wines in the world.

11. Halcyon Hot Springs – Canada

Halcyon Hot Springs
Halcyon Hot Springs

Rich in lithium, which is said to boost happiness, the pure waters at the Halcyon Hot Springs will reward you not only with their restorative and healing properties but also with the stunning scenery all around the lakefront location at the base of the Monashee Mountains.

Here you can take a dip in the mesmerizing hot springs pools and enjoy breathtaking views of the lake and mountains while dining at the resort’s elegant restaurant.

10. Terme di Saturnia – Italy

Terme di Saturnia
Terme di Saturnia

The Terme di Saturnia is Italy’s most famous hot spring for good reason, a place where people would go to for more than three millennia.

It’s a legendary place of marble Roman baths and swimming pools, nowadays a 5 star resort that will soothe away your every worry and worldly pain.

9. Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa – Chile

Puyuhuapi Lodge
Puyuhuapi Lodge

Patagonia is one of the most famous regions in South America. Nestled in one of its Chilean fjords is one of the most remote hot spring locations in the entire world.

The Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa can be accessed by boat alone, shielding you from all the worries of modern life, and soothing your body with its mineral rich waters, tropical rainforests, and stunning scenery.

8. Ma’in Hot Springs Resort & Spa – Jordan

Ma’in Hot Springs Resort
Ma’in Hot Springs Resort

A truly wonderful place is the Ma’in Hot Springs Resort & Spa in Jordan. It’s one very interesting location, 866 feet below sea level, with thermal waters rich in potassium, calcium, and magnesium forming several waterfalls and flowing into the pools below.

Who wouldn’t want to spend at least a few days showering under a thermal waterfall?

7. The Springs Resort & Spa – Costa Rica

The Springs Resort
The Springs Resort

With 28 hot spring pools and an astonishing view of the Arenal volcano in the background, the Springs Resort & Spa in Costa Rica is a 5 star location that’s not to be missed.

Should you ever visit Costa Rica, put this on your bucket list of things to do and places to see.

6. Homestead Resort – United States

Homestead Resort
Homestead Resort

The Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah, is probably one of the most interesting places in the United States, maybe even the entire world.

It’s a 10,000 year old crater in a massive limestone rock, with a 65 foot deep natural swimming hole at the bottom. The water is around 96 degrees Fahrenheit, making it more than perfect. It’s a bit more pricey than others, but that shouldn’t stop anyone to try its uniqueness.

The resort itself features charming rooms and condos to spend the night in nearby.

5. Aqua Dome – Austria

AQUA DOME – Tirol Therme Längenfeld
AQUA DOME – Tirol Therme Längenfeld

Aqua Dome might be located in Austria but it will surely make you feel you’re on another planet. Its futuristic looking domed floating pools harness the natural hot spring waters nearby and offer breathtaking views of the Ötztal valley it’s located in.

There’s something magical about the place, no matter the season.

4. Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa – United States

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort
Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort

Dubbed “The Land of Enchantment”, the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa near Santa Fe, New Mexico, is another natural wonder of the United States.

Mystical and stress free, it’s the oldest bath house in the country and offers no less than four types of mineral water, containing lithium, arsenic, iron, and soda, each with its own set of characteristics and healing properties. It’s supposedly the only hot springs in the world to have all ingredients.

The place has always been considered sacred by Native American tribes living there, and it has also been blessed by Tibetan monks, making it a go to place for those looking spiritual healing as well.

3. Dunton Hot Springs – United States

Dunton Hot Springs
Dunton Hot Springs

An 1800s ghost town, the Dunton Hot Springs in Dolores, Colorado, might be a dream come true for some of us, and it’s also one of the most luxurious places in the West of the United States.

The former mining town located deep in the San Juan Mountains, part of the Colorado Rockies, has since been restored and serves now as a laid-back posh resort in the middle of nature.

From the restored 1800s log cabins, to the modern amenities available in the middle of nowhere, and the steamy natural hot springs, this is one of the most impressive modern getaways you could have in the US.

2. Chena Hot Springs Resort – United States

Chena Hot Springs
Chena Hot Springs

The Chena Hot Springs Resort in Fairbanks, Alaska, is one of the most famous resorts in the United States, and not only for their hot springs. The thing that sets it apart from any other resort of its kind is that it offers astonishing sights of the northern lights.

Being so far up north, surrounded by snow covered mountains, and under the most interesting night sky you’ll ever get to see, makes Chena Hot Springs Resort one of the most rewarding in the world.

1. The Retreat at Blue Lagoon – Iceland

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon
The Retreat at Blue Lagoon

National Geographic named it one of the top 25 Wonders of the World, and for good reason. The Blue Lagoon Iceland is of an otherworldly beauty, one drawn from a fantasy world, with stunning milky blue and mineral rich waters with healing powers surrounded by contrasting black lava stones and dark green moss landscapes.

That intense blue color is given by a type of algae in the lagoon. If that’s not enough, make sure to plan your vacation there to coincide with the northern lights. It’ll be the best show on Earth.

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