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Get Ready to Be Amazed by Ferrari’s Stunning 12Cilindri

By Victor Baker


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Ferrari 12Cilindri

Ferrari’s magic has always been in how it blends old-school charm with cutting-edge tech. This is especially true for their newest supercar, the Ferrari 12Cilindri, just revealed in Miami, a car that looks so good that it even comes with a twin.

Both the 12Cilindri and its convertible sibling, the 12Cilindri Spider, are ready to drop your jaws in an old fashioned way, with a powerful 12-cylinder engine.

This engine is a 6.5-liter V-12, the latest version of the one first seen in the Enzo almost twenty years ago.

This one pumps out a whopping 819 horsepower at 9,250 rpm and 500 pound-feet of torque at 7,250 rpm. The redline hits an astonishing 9,500 rpm. All this without any hybrid trickery, purely through Ferrari’s engineering brilliance.

It’s similar to the engine in the Ferrari 812 Competizione, featuring titanium connecting rods and a solid valvetrain system. But unique to the 12Cilindri is a feature called “Aspirated Torque Shaping,” which tweaks the torque in third and fourth gears using electronics.

The engine pairs with an eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox, positioned at the rear. Ferrari says it shifts 30 percent faster than the 812’s gearbox.

Taller 21-inch tires shorten the gear ratios by 5 percent, thus improving acceleration as well. Ferrari claims this supercar has a a 0-62 mph time of 2.9 seconds and a 0-124 mph time under 7.9 seconds. The Spider is just a tad slower. But both top out over 211 mph.

The 12Cilindri is a bit bigger than the 812 Superfast but has a shorter wheelbase. Its design resembles the beautiful Ferrari Roma, with some added details. The black panel ahead of the hood is a nod to the old 365 GTB/4 Daytona. Overall, it’s got a strong Daytona vibe.

Inside, the steering wheel is packed with high-tech controls, as expected from a new Ferrari. But unlike many new models, there’s a central infotainment display. The interior is similar to the Purosangue but without rear seats.

The 12Cilindri also features Ferrari’s latest chassis control systems – Side Slip Control 8 – that quickly gauges tire grip. The independent four-wheel steering system can steer rear tires in opposite directions.

Ferrari lists the dry weight at 3,459 pounds for the coupe and 3,571 pounds for the Spider. Realistically, you can expect them to weigh between 3,700 and 3,800 pounds ready to drive.

As for the price, the Ferrari 12Cilindri costs $423,000 (€395,000) for the coupe and $466,000 (€435,000) for the Spider. Given Ferrari’s allure, especially with a V-12, these cars are likely already sold out, destined for the garages of a lucky few.

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