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Hotel Review: Buddha Bar Prague


By Adrian P on 17 Jan 2018

One of the world’s most beautiful cities, Prague served as the capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia for hundreds of years, and it was always an important economic, cultural and political center in Europe, as the years went by. That’s why today there’s no shortage of exciting things to do and see in Prague. It’s a magical city filled with so many incredible buildings and with a vibrant culture and

Hotel Review: Gewandhaus Dresden, Autograph Collection


By Adrian P on 8 Jan 2018

Dresden is easily one of the world’s most fascinating cities. For centuries it was the capital and royal residence of the Kings and Dukes of Saxony, who furnished the city with a mesmerizing collection of stunning art and architecture. That’s why the city got to be known as the Jewel Box, for its spectacular baroque and rococo city centre. But I’m pretty sure you all know that Dresden has been through a

Review: The Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest Redefines Excellence


By Adrian P on 10 Oct 2017

2017 is an important year for Kempinski Hotels, as Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group celebrates 120 years of unforgettable experiences, beautiful memories and nothing but the best services. Currently operating 75 high-end hotels and residences, Kempinski started its story in Berlin, Germany, back in 1897, and slowly expanded its portofolio to other parts of Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The mesmerizing Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, the San

Review: Hotel Riva, a Rising Star on the Adriatic Coast in Montenegro


By Adrian P on 12 Sep 2017

Imagine a place where in just one day you could sit at the top of a snow covered mountain and in only a few hours you could relax on the beach, enjoying the sun’s warm rays. This is Montenegro, a country blessed by nature and surrounded by history – a magical mix of spectacular beaches, wild and rugged mountains, canyons, bays, and old towns, with so many wonderful things to see

Review: The Mesmerizing Corinthia Hotel Budapest


By Adrian P on 4 Sep 2017

There are so many reasons why you might want to visit Budapest. It’s one of Europe’s most inviting and intriguing cities – a town that’s filled with so many extraordinary buildings, ranging from baroque to contemporary, and a plethora of must-see World Heritage sites where you might want to spend days. But we’re pretty sure most of you didn’t know that Budapest also has an intricate network of thermal caves, and

Reviewing the Superb Botta Design Duo Wristwatch

Luxury Watches

By Adrian P on 4 Jul 2017

Wristwatches with dual time-zones are not exactly a groundbreaking invention. They are extremely practical, but sometimes they can be overly complicated, which kind of chips their functionality – that’s not the case right here. If you love watches with multiple time zones and you want to make sure that you get nothing but the unequaled value and durability of Swiss craftsmanship at an affordable price, you might want to take

Prepare to be Mesmerized by the Stunning Zinvo Blade

Luxury Watches

By Adrian P on 4 Jun 2017

A fashion forward watch maker that originates from Geneva, Switzerland, Zinvo took over Instagram in these last couple of years with their stylish watches, which combine optimal functionality with a sleek design in the most beautiful way possible. This is actually the quintessential principle that lies at the foundation of the company. Zinvo is known to create watches that aim to meet the highest standards of style and precision, while keeping

Love at first sight: the charming Louis Moinet Memoris

Luxury Watches

By Adrian P on 15 Oct 2015

Back in the early 1800s, in a period when the French Empire has reached its greatest extent under Napoleon Bonaparte, Louis Moinet has made a name for himself in the watchmaking world, creating some of the most extraordinary clocks we’ve ever seen, dedicated to eminent figures of his era, from the great Napoleon to Thomas Jefferson or James Monroe. Moinet sacrificed everything for the art of watchmaking and spent most of his