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Hotel Review: Hatti Cappadocia

By Adrian Prisca


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Cappadocia. That mesmerizing rock carved land with its sky full of colorful hot air balloons. What else could you possibly wish for? Beyond the fascinating hot air balloon rides held there, the fairytale like landscape is among the world’s most admired places. The beautiful natural rocks and valleys sculpted thousands of years ago by wind, water and time look almost alien and eerie at times.

And then there’s the way man carved its path through them all, making this land even more alluring. Cave dwellings and entire underground cities like honeycombs and the miles and miles of tunnels and the wonderful frescoed churches, all leave you in awe. But that’s not the only thing making Cappadocia special.

It’s also the warmth and sincerity of its people, the way they welcome you into their lovely cave hotels and homes. While this region is vast, the most tourist visited areas are Goreme, Uchisar, Avanos, Nevşehir and Ürgüp and everything around, with plenty of opportunities to find historical places, wonderful churches and monasteries, stunning valleys and superb sights.

The most famous locations for spending your days and nights in Cappadocia are obviously Goreme or Uchisar, but we were more than happy to get away from the crowds and chose the often overlooked Ortahisar as our home for a few days.

It’s known as the agricultural soul of Cappadocia and a superb place to be in with its rustic nature, a wonderful central square and cobbled streets surrounded by stone-house ruins and pigeon house-speckled rock. And for our stay there, we picked the incredible Hatti Cappadocia hotel.

First Impression

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Cappadocia was on our bucket list for years and when we finally made it there, we wanted to stay somewhere special, so when we stumbled upon Hatti Cappadocia, there was no decision to make anymore. This small boutique hotel felt like a special place in a very special corner of the world.

When we arrived there we were greeted by Volkan, the friendly and super kind manager of the hotel, who made our stay at Hatti even more enjoyable. The hotel’s architecture impressed us from our very first steps inside, with a superb combination of elegant stone work and wood, resembling the unique relief of the region.

The interior decor makes for a welcoming and warm atmosphere, one in which the silence and calm of nature takes over your senses. The days and nights we spent there were a pure bliss, and for a while we totally forgot about hot air balloons, souvenir shops and.. the touristy part of Cappadocia.

The hotel boasts with rich history and gives a magical feeling to the restored traditional rooms, that are now beautifully decorated with antiques and offer stunning views of Ortahisar’s magical landscape.


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Hatti Cappadocia has only 6 rooms and suites on offer, but they’re all equally exceptional and unique, with a special character and charm and so many interesting little details that will make your stay here unforgettable. We got to stay in the most luxurious option, the Arkas Suite, wearing the name of Cappadocia’s oldest settlements, but trust us, every single room is incredible.

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The restoration of this suite has preserved the traces of time and room’s original texture, while adding in a touch of the modern comfort, with a few amenities we’re so used with nowadays, combining in perfect harmony with everything else.

Saying that we totally loved the suite would be an understatement. Because this room was beyond that. It looks even better in reality and it gives you a special feeling the minute you get inside. The vintage furniture, the rugs, all the Turkish elements, the domed ceilings and the beautiful stonework. It’s all like a mix made in heaven.

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Add in the mesmerizing views you’ll have from the bedroom, the living room and the extraordinary bathroom and you might not want to leave this place. At all. We simply couldn’t get enough of watching the serene Balkanderesi Valley stretching away and hearing only the sound of nature, with birds chirping all day long and the sound of the wind gently going through the valley.

This suite is easily one of the most special rooms we’ve ever had the chance to stay in. One of the few perfect 10 we ever gave.

Eating & Drinking

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There are plenty of lovely, cozy corners of the hotel where you can relax and soak up the sights around. Combine that with having a delicious breakfast in the garden and enjoying a good cup of coffee, a Turkish tea or some fresh juice, with soft classical music in the background or a soothing crackling open fire and you get the perfect dining experience.

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Since it’s a small hotel, Hatti Cappadocia offers only breakfast, but the food and especially the ambiance was amazing. Choices have always been plentiful and the breakfast brunch was a true delight. It would have been great if they also had a restaurant, because it was very, very hard for us to leave this place and head on out for dinner.

But the manager of the hotel was so kind and even accompanied us to the best restaurant in Goreme. It was a real pleasure trying out an authentic Turkish dinner together with him. In the future they also have plans to expand the hotel and add a restaurant and a pool, which would make this place even more alluring.

Final Thoughts

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We left the superb Hatti Cappadocia hotel deeply impressed, but also a bit sad because we had to go back home. It’s a unique place in Cappadocia, that’s totally worth visiting. More than once in a lifetime. The hotel’s location is simply special and even though it doesn’t capture everything Cappadocia has to offer, the design of this place is mesmerizing and the views are simply breathtaking.

We wouldn’t lie if we’d say it’s the most serene and luxurious ambiance we’ve ever had the chance to experience. We’re now left with an unforgettable experience and memories and it wouldn’t surprise us if we came back one day. Hatti Cappadocia and its staff have been truly magnificent. Thank you!


Where: Hatti Cappadocia
Ortahisar Köyü İç Yolu, 50650 Ortahisar/Ürgüp/Nevşehir, Turkey
Phone: +90 384 343 22 23

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  • Amazing Rooms
  • Secluded Location
  • Wonderful Breakfast
  • Dreamy Ambiance
  • And Volkan. Our new friend.


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