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MSO Released the Bespoke McLaren GT Luggage Set

By Vlad Craciun


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Officially unveiled a few months ago, the McLaren GT is one of the world’s most exciting grand tourers. It’s super fast and really luxurious, but there’s one little detail you might want to be careful about. Its luggage compartments have very specific shapes, so if you want to make the most out of the 570 liters storage space, you’ll need MSO’s (McLaren Special Operations) new bespoke McLaren GT Luggage Set.

The stylish luggage collection offers four items designed exclusively for McLaren’s new GT. There’s a cool garment case, a weekend bag, a small cabin bag and a full size club bag, each of them specially designed to fit in a specific location in the car’s storage space.

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The items from this collection have been recently showcased at Pebble Beach, alongside a custom McLaren GT by MSO. Each travel bag is handmade in Italy using the same soft semi-aniline leather found in the car. The color patterns of the collection’s four bags are Pioneer Black, Luxe Black and Luxe Porcelain.

The McLaren GT bespoke luggage collection will be up for grabs starting next month, with base price tags starting at $2,080 for the garment case, $2,260 for the weekend bag, $3,420 for the cabin bag and a whooping $6,105 for the golf bag.

The entire set will set you back a crazy $13,870. Really useful? Most probably not. Clients getting more money out of their pockets and into McLaren’s accounts? You bet.

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