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These are the 20 Best Cruiser Motorcycles

By Vlad Craciun


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Arch KRGT-1Arch KRGT-1

Cruisers are awesome and that’s a fact. If you believe they’re anything but top notch badass then we highly suggest you get a new prescription for your glasses because cruiser motorcycles are all the rage now, and they’ve been so for a very long time now too.

We’re talking about the cruiser market over here, the world’s largest motorcycle market, so you already know there are plenty of major motorcycle manufacturers that are racing against one another to see who can make the next big thing in the industry. The buyer’s market is flooded to hell and back because of this which is why it’s becoming increasingly hard to find the best cruiser motorcycle for yourself right now. The truth is that the oversaturation is really making things difficult on a whole new level.

This is why for today we decided to make your job easier and instead just focus solely on the 20 best cruiser motorcycles on the market. While we definitely choose our bikes here based on certain criteria, we should mention that the top 10 from our list can easily be interchanged amongst each other. What this means is that you need to understand that any of these bikes would do the job for you, you just need to make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into before you make that bank-breaking acquisition.

But alas, it’s about time that we started our list off with our number 20 pick of the day:

20. Suzuki S40

Suzuki S40
Suzuki S40

Despite having been released over 35 years ago now, this motorcycle remains one of our most beloved and nostalgic choices on this list simply because of its history.

The fact is that this bike has not changed in the slightest during the past 35 years, and that’s definitely a plus in our book. You still get the amazing bulletproof air-cooled 652cc single-cylinder engine and you get the same level of quality as it provided so long ago, all for a very affordable price tag.

Overall, this is most definitely the type of a bike that you want to unleash on the open road every now and again just to remind the world of how powerful Suzuki’s bikes really are.

19. Honda Shadow Phantom

Honda Shadow Phantom
Honda Shadow Phantom

This is a very simplistic bike that you should definitely consider buying if you’re looking for an affordable and simplistic bike that will never disappoint you.

Considering its price tag and its overall design choice, it’s no wonder that this bike was specifically built to tailor towards the weary traveler that loves to ride around a lot but doesn’t care to always be in the spotlight. It’s not an ugly bike of course, just very simplistic and basic looking.

18. Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S

Suzuki Boulevard M109R
Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S

Definitely one of the best bikes in terms of performance and built quality in the world, this is an incredibly well-built bike that has really withstood the test of time as even today if you see anyone drive around on it you can instantly tell what they’re riding in.

It has an incredibly powerful engine and a 5-speed transmission which is sure to please any bike enthusiast out there. Couple that with its 4.9-gallon fuel cap and you’ve got yourself a contender for the top bikes of the century for sure.

The only real problem with it is definitely its price tag, while not the most expensive model on this list it is still pretty heartbreaking to see it sell for so much.

17. Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Royal Enfield Meteor 350
Royal Enfield Meteor 350

While most definitely a simpler look to say the least, this is the type of a bike that you can literally drive around in all day long without a care in the world considering the low-price tag and the overall build quality of it.

There’s nothing really outstanding about it, but we will mention how it also lacks in any downside as well. It’s just a solid built bike and what else could you ask for when you see this price tag?

16. Indian Vintage Dark Horse

Indian Vintage Dark Horse
Indian Vintage Dark Horse

If you’re looking for the most traditional cruiser on the market then you might as well just look for this model because holy heck, this is one sweet ride down memory lane right here.

On top of looking the part though it also more than drives it too as this is by far one of the smoothest and most comfy rides that you’ll ever get the pleasure of taking on the high road.

Regardless of whether you know about its historical significance or not, you have to give it to Indian for making one of the most beautiful rides of all time.

15. Arch KRGT-1

Arch KRGT-1
Arch KRGT-1

Keanu Reeves, the famous action star himself actually collaborated with Gard Hollinger to start this incredible motorcycle boutique and they did an amazing job together to say the least.

The KRGT-1 is essentially an incredible bike coupled with a 124ci S&S V-Twin and that’s not even the craziest part. This baby has everything you could ever ask from a bike, including the carbon fiber wheels and the in-house fabricated carbon muffler which will make your ride as smooth as possible.

Overall, even if you don’t know anything nor care about the actor himself, you can still say that this is one incredible bike to say the least.

Arch KRGT-1

14. Evoke 6061 Electric Power Cruiser

Evoke 6061
Evoke 6061

This is one of those electric bikes that we will never be able to do justice to regardless of how much we write about it. It is the type of a bike that you need to see in person to really appreciate.

But alas, in simpler terms, what makes this bike stand out from the crowd? Well, you’ve got a top speed of 140mph and an incredible power output of 168hp in total.

Couple all of that with the incredible Beijing-built eBike battery pack and you’ve got yourself a really good bike here that will always impress everyone that ever gets to look at it.

13. Indian Challenger

Indian Challenger
Indian Challenger

If you want a motorcycle that really makes you feel like a badass then take a look at this beauty and be amazed because this right here might be one of the most menacing models we’ve ever seen in our lives.

It is incredible to say the least just how beautiful this bike is, but it doesn’t stop there as this is also a really powerful bike that can tear up asphalt like no other.

We should also mention its 18 gallons of weatherproof storage space meaning that if you’re looking to travel a long way on it you can really pack up all of the supplies that you could ever need on it.

12. Triumph Rocket 3

Triumph Rocket 3
Triumph Rocket 3

In case you didn’t know by now, this model by Triumph is commonly referred to as the largest-displacement production motorcycle model in the world and that’s no simple feat.

On top of that it actually goes from 0 to 60mph in just 2.73 seconds making this one of the fastest choices in the world.

The price definitely reflects this as you can usually find it at around $22,000 – $23,000 but if you can shill out the money you’ll definitely fall in love with this bike in no time.

11. Moto Guzzi MGX-21

Moto Guzzi MGX-21
Moto Guzzi MGX-21

Commonly referred to as the “Flying Fortress” by both professional riders and Moto Guzzi fans alike, this might very well be one of the best Italian models that we’ve ever gotten the pleasure to report on in our career.

Everything about it stands out as amazing on its own, whether it be the copious amounts of exposed carbon fiber or the massive storage space that you can trust into every day as you go on your long ride, this is one bike that is meant to impress and it knows it.

Lastly, we’d like to mention just how light this bike really is, as far as superbikes go this is one of the lightest models on the market which makes it all the better for the people looking for this certain quality for their own personal bikes.

10. Harley-Davidson Road Glide

Harley-Davidson Road Glide
Harley-Davidson Road Glide

Let’s be honest here, it’s Harley-Davidson that we’re talking about so you already know you’re getting the best bang for your buck straight off the bat.

On top of that this isn’t just any Harley-Davidson bike either, this is what many would refer to as their magnum opus and we honestly can’t find any fault with that logic.

This is a fully decked out machine that will do everything you want from it and more. It is completely tailored to appeal to the general user to the point where you can even find a stereo system coupled with dual speakers and a ton of space for you to carry your stuff in.

9. Ducati Diavel 1260

Ducati Diavel 1260
Ducati Diavel 1260

Ducati have done it again as they’ve constructed what many would honestly refer to as one of the most well-balanced bike in the game. This model right here is both aesthetic and powerful, and on top of that it has plenty of features that will make your jaw drop.

Take for example the incredibly sporty and comfortable seat, the radiator covers which are absolutely massive to confer you with a better experience overall and of course, the vertical LED lighting which just makes it all look like something out of TRON.

Without a doubt, Ducati have really showed off just how good they are at what they do and through this model they really reminded everyone why they’re always at the top.

8. Harley-Davidson Low Rider S

Harley-Davidson Low Rider S
Harley-Davidson Low Rider S

Going back to Harley-Davidson for a bit we have yet another reason as to why they’re always known for making some of the absolute best bikes in the industry. This right here is an especially great model as it showcases exactly what the top manufacturers in the world can do.

We’re talking about a Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin engine and on top of that so many other features that will surely impress you as you start burning rubber on the freeway.

The price tag is also relatively affordable considering how expensive these quality models get. It’s only $18,000 for what could very well be referred to as one of the best bikes in the world.

7. Yamaha VMAX

Yamaha VMAX
Yamaha VMAX

Although the original VMAX was released back in 1985, this remake has literally taken the world by storm even changing the industry as we know it little by little with every change that they implemented in it.

Whether we’re talking about the performance or just the looks alone, this is one sweet ride that you will never get bored of. This is a bike meant to be out there, going at the speed of light all thanks to the massive 200hp 1.6L V6 engine that it comes with.

Japanese manufacturers really know what they’re doing and this is most definitely one of their best showcases as of yet.

6. BMW R18


This right here is one of our personal favorites and it’s all thanks to that amazing design choice. As far as design choices go, this right here is about as awesome as it gets, and although objectively speaking there are definitely better bikes out there, we still would put this in the top 10 any day of the week.

Regardless, this is one of those bikes that they manufactured specifically to reproduce the WW2-era models that BMW were so popular for back in the day.

On top of that they also showcased their incredible ingenuity through their insane personalization options which will literally ensure you that you’ll be getting your money’s worth from this bike.

5. Triumph Bonneville Bobber

Triumph Bonneville Bobber
Triumph Bonneville Bobber

While definitely not the peak in terms of cruisers, this is still worth your attention simply because of its incredible bobber design. Just look at that low seat height and most importantly take a gander at that torquey twin-engine, are we mistaken to assume you’ve already fallen in love with it?

Even if you haven’t, you need to realize that this is one of Triumph’s top sellers right here and it’s not all just based on its looks alone, it’s also based on its overall incredible build quality and overall affordable price tag. This is a $30,000 bike that sells for $12,000 or less, now that’s a steal if you ask us!

4. Honda Rebel 1100

2021 Honda Rebel 1100
Honda Rebel 1100

Getting back to Honda and their incredible affinity for changing up the game with every new release, now we have what might very well be one of their top tier products right here.

We’re talking about Honda’s Rebel, one of the most beautiful adventure bikes to ever be released to the public. Ever since it first hit the market around 1985, this model has literally been inspiring thousands of other manufacturers to try to emulate its overall impressive quality and look.

Needless to say, while a lot of them did do a good job, you just can’t beat the original, especially when you realize the fact that the original is nearly perfect from every point of view imaginable.

3. Indian Scout Bobber Sixty

Indian Scout Bobber Sixty
Indian Scout Bobber Sixty

While literally being under $10,000, this right here is the perfect bike that you can take everywhere with you without ever having to worry about being considered cheap or not having the style to back it up.

What we mean by this is that this is an incredible looking model right here, and on top of that it also outdrives most other bikes in the world while still being one of the most affordable choices on the list.

Thanks to its lightweight frame, this is most definitely the type of bike that you want to have around you in every picture you take.

2. Kawasaki Vulcan S Abs

Kawasaki Vulcan S Abs
Kawasaki Vulcan S Abs

If you’re looking for a sportier look than the previously mentioned models then we introduce to you the Kawasaki Vulcan S Abs. While it doesn’t technically have abs plastered on it, we can assure you that everyone will be staring at you as you drive around in this beauty all day long.

On top of being very affordable, around $7,200 to be precise, this is also an incredible piece thanks to its amazing 650cc twin engine and let’s be honest here, it just downright looks cool.

1. Yamaha V-Star 250

Yamaha V-Star 250
Yamaha V-Star 250

At the top of the list, we have the most affordable bike so far, the Yamaha V-Star 250. Despite costing you less than $5,000 this is the acquisition of a lifetime as you might never want another bike in your life.

Couple this with the incredible V-Twin engine and the incredibly beautiful traditional look of the classic cruiser and you’ve got yourself one of the absolute best choices you could probably make.


At the end of the day when it comes to choosing the perfect model for you it’s all based on your own opinion. If you prefer a sportier look then go for a sportier model and if you want a classic look then you already have your eye dead set on that model.

Just remember that the prices definitely differ around from model to model so always keep that in mind before you spend your hard earned money on anything.

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