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The 10 Best 3-Wheel Motorcycles in 2023

By Victor Baker


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Motorcycles have been around for a while now, and they’ve seen their fair share of technology improvements and evolution – some would say things have gone too far. We’d like to stray away from that debate and instead we’ll just focus on the incredible vibes and overwhelming feeling of freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle. Any motorcycle.

As such, we thought we’d consider something out of the ordinary today: 3-wheelers. Some people might argue that riding a 3-wheeled motorcycle is very different than riding a traditional motorcycle, while others would think the third wheel is a welcomed safety feature. To each, his or her own.

We do know that there are quite a few advantages worth considering when you’re planning to buy a trike, especially ease of use. Next, risky weather conditions – such as wet and slippery roads – might discourage you from going out for a ride with your motorcycle. That will not happen with a 3-wheel motorcycle.

According to recent statistics, there are way more 3-wheel motorcycles sold each year than we could imagine. As such, we decided that looking closer at the top 10 best 3 wheel motorcycles on the market right now might be a great way of spending your free time today.  Are you ready?

10. Yamaha Tricity 125

Yamaha Tricity 125
Yamaha Motor

If you’re looking for a sleek design and a lightweight companion – look no further. Easy to use and quite fun within an urban environment, this scooter-like Yamaha Tricity packs a decent 125-cc engine and brags about three wheels.

Available at an affordable $5,100 price, this thing could carry two people around town, while keeping the ride fun and safe. If you’ve just stepped out of a car and looking for a unique motorcycle experience, this might be the place to start.

Yamaha Motor

9. Can-Am Ryker 

Can Am Ryker

Looking a bit dangerous, and that’s a compliment, this thing seems like the adventurous result of breeding a scooter with a cool sports car. Sure, the powered wheel at the rear may seem odd, but we would love to put this thing through its paces. 

Starting at $11,500, this novel concept features a 600-cc engine and seems to be gaining in popularity – at least on US soil. If you’re willing to pay as much as $35,000, which is more than a pretty penny, you will get to enjoy the most extreme version of this Can-Am project. That should be fun!

8. Gilera Fuoco 500

Gilera Fuoco 500

Would you dare to ride this thing at 90 Mph? I’m still considering it, but I have to be frank about it – I have my doubts it’s able to achieve that top speed. The Gilera Fuoco 500 is powered by a 493-cc single-cylinder engine, so it should be pretty fast, at least in theory.

People looking for a trendy and sporty 3-wheeler may go for this option if they are willing to spend a bit less than $ 3,500 – that’s for the basic model. I am still thinking about the Can-Am though.

7. Qooder QV3


I have to admit, this 3 wheeler looks a bit odd; it’s like one of those special scooters seniors use, while going shopping. Designed to be ultra light and easy to handle, the Quadro benefits from a 300-cc engine – 350 ccs if you so desire – and the picture hints towards off-road capabilities as well.

We can’t make a statement about how good it is off-road, but I will say this: for around $9,500, this thing will certainly deliver some nice thrills. Moreover, it features a digital TFT display, and I’m curious about what info will the rider have at his or her disposal.


6. BRP Can-Am Spyder F3-T

BRP Can-Am Spyder F3-T
Can-Am / BRP

Powerful and impressive, BRP’s Can-Am Spyder F3-T looks like it’s ready to handle anything. It was equipped with a semi-automatic 6-speed transmission – reverse included, as well as anti-lock brakes and traction control, which makes it ideal for your next adventure. And the generous cargo capacity and wind protection will also aid you in getting the most memorable experiences.

At the end of the day you get a comfy ride, thanks to an adjustable rear air suspension, a colorful LCD display, and even a 4-speaker sound system. Sure, the smartphone integration will be also appreciated by some of you. Would you be willing to pay $26,199 for this 3-wheeler?

5. Kymco CV3

Kymco CV3

Looking a bit soft, or plush, this stylish 3-wheeler seems to be designed with women in mind. It packs a small, but decent 550 cc parallel engine, which should be more than enough for a quick ride around town or for your daily commute to work.

The Kymco CV3 was also designed to be pretty affordable, even though we don’t know the exact pricing for 2023. We do know that you will get a Telescopic front suspension, a swingarm at the rear, and all LED lighting. The storage space will allow for a helmet within, and nothing more.

4. Piaggio MP3 500

Piaggio MP3 500

Keeping in line with the modern, minimalist trend, this $9,199 3-wheeler from Piaggio has got it all. Riders will benefit from ABS assistance, traction control, and an overall impressive ergonomic design. Obviously, the brand’s name hints towards a quality build, efficiency and reliability.

Set to be safe, comfortable, and packed with electronic aids – including a multimedia platform, this motorized 3-wheel bike will surely get a lot of attention in traffic. But let’s get down to business; shall we?

3. Ural Baikal Limited Edition

Ural Baikal Limited Edition
Ural Motorcycles

Now, we have reached the top 3 bikes on our list and things are starting to get more hardcore. Russian bike manufacturer Ural has been known to build some of the world’s most interesting motorcycles and this urban-inspired 3-wheeler motorcycle is definitely one of their best projects.

Set to cost around $16,999 and looking like it’s ready for battle, this thing will keep you smiling for many miles to come. The limited-edition 3-wheel model is also really close to become a collectible, so you might want to get yours right now.


2. Harley-Davidson Freewheeler

Harley-Davidson Freewheeler

Yes, the world’s most famous motorcycle manufacturer can’t be ignored, even when we’re talking about three wheel motorcycles. They have electric motorcycles and they’ve also made three wheeled bikes. The Harley-Davidson Freewheeler will cost you a pretty penny, about $26,449 to be more exact, but it’s totally worth it.

It looks absolutely incredible, it sounds awesome and it’s probably very easy to ride. The cool black shade surely helps with the aesthetics mark, and it seems this model is starting to become increasingly popular. It’s way better than the electric option if you ask us.

1. Polaris Slingshot S

Polaris Slingshot S

Looking like a lean, mean, 3-wheeled machine that just means business, this car / motorcycle hybrid starts from $19,999. The Polaris Slingshot S gives credit where credit is due, staying true to the company’s state-of-the-art technologies and riding towards the future.

Featuring an advanced Electronic Stability Program, as well as power steering, traction control, and ABS assistance, this machine will gladly have you put it through its paces. Even better, two people can experience its high speed thrills together.

Comfortable, featuring low seating and a modern steering wheel, this vehicle will have you believe you’re racing everyone around you. Those unique and powerful lights add to the overall menacing looks and support the idea of midnight fun. Who could say no to that?


I think we can all agree that each of the above-mentioned models has something unique and interesting to offer. The 3 wheel motorcycles we’ve detailed above should give you an idea about what the market has to offer in 2023, at least in terms of 3-wheeled designs.

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  1. Odd that you compare leaning three wheelers with non-leaning ones without mentioning the difference. A can am and a fuoco (which is the same as an MP3) are entirely different beasts. A can am is basically a three wheeled car while a fuocco is more of a motorcycle.

  2. While the Tilting Motor Works “Trike” is the removal of the front wheel and the fitting of two front wheels of the big bikes Kwaka Vulcan, H-D’s Yamaha’s Big Boys & Honda Holdwing. Like the Yamaha Nikon it leans into bends in the road & there is no need for a Kick Stand. The Tilting Motor Works Trike looks to be the last word in “ Three Wheeled Motorcycles”.

  3. No mention of the Yamaha Nikon, now that’s a glaring omission, and you have a picture of the Qooder (4 wheels) the QV3 is 3 wheels. Yamaha Tricity comes in 125cc, 150cc and 300cc

  4. What is the target audience for these trikes?

    Can anyone give a exact points like how it is unique and why any one should buy instead of two wheeler with same features?

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