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The 15 Best Driving Gloves for Men in 2023

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Best Driving Gloves

We do have a very special relationship with our cars, don’t we? Whether they’re old or new, expensive or not, this sentimental connection to a man-made object that takes you where you want seems a bit odd at times; but a profound passion has affected all generations of petrol heads who have put their heart and soul into their favorite four-wheeled companion.

The constant process of cars evolution and improvement has led to an incredible driving experience thanks to complicated mechanics, fine engineering, and high-end electronic equipment. But what has been there, since the beginning of cars? Pure driving pleasure and.. driving gloves.

Often perceived as unuseful remains of an era long forgotten, driving gloves are still part of today’s automotive world, keeping passionate drivers and car enthusiasts all over the world company. Aside from the obvious touch of style, there are a few benefits of using them that no one can deny, such as increased driving performance and comfort.

As mentioned before, the driving glove space has also evolved in these last couple of decades, that’s why there are quite a lot of options on the market right now. As such, we are here to help you out in picking the ideal pair of driving gloves for you, but before we get to our picks, we should talk a bit about the pros of using driving gloves.  

The Main Benefits Of Driving Gloves

Benefits Of Driving Gloves

Better Grip – obviously, grip is very important when you’re driving; it was especially important during those times when air conditioning and other sophisticated driving aids were not around to help make the driver’s life easier. Driving gloves offer you more traction when turning a steering wheel or handling the stick shift.

Reduced Vibrations – not in such a major way, but most driving gloves will indeed decrease the level of vibration drivers will end up feeling through the steering wheel. This means less strain on the body and less overall fatigue.

Weather Protection – you wouldn’t normally think of that when you’re driving, but you should consider that not all cool and attention-worthy vehicles across the years had a top – hard or soft – protecting the driver. With that in mind, you probably realize that hand and finger dexterity are of the utmost importance when the weather turns bad. 

Vehicle Preservation – sweat, oils can damage and destroy your most prized possession. Wearing driving gloves will help drivers in their efforts to better preserve their vehicle, especially if we’re dealing with a rare and expensive collectible.

Pure style – driving gloves have long passed the status of ‘fashion statement’, going for timeless attributes and a retro and cool quality. The second you get a glimpse of a man wearing driving gloves, you associate him with a sense of style and passion for driving and endless roads.

With that said, here is a list with the best best driving gloves out there. Which one is your favorite?

Cafe Leather Triton Driving Gloves

Cafe Leather Triton Driving Gloves
Cafe Leather

Made in Spain by Cafe Leather, the Triton driving gloves have been handcrafted from premium leather, which will slightly darken over time. The attention to detail instantly becomes obvious and before you scroll to the next models, you should also know that these gloves come with lifetime warranty as well – something you don’t see too often.

Durable, yet soft on the skin and looking amazing, these driving gloves can be yours in one of three color options – Roasted brown, Black Coffee, and All Black. Classic Porsche owners have, most likely, been using a pair of these for a while now. But if you don’t own a supercar right now, these gloves are perfect even for riding your bike, thanks to their perforated construction comfortable Cobrax closure.

Riparo Full-Finger Driving Gloves

Riparo Full-Finger Driving Gloves

Featuring a superb cowhide leather construction and available in seven lovely colors, this awesome pair of driving gloves promises supreme comfort and durability. Color options include white, black, red, black, a red-thread mix, dark brown, and tan.

Riparo developed an excellent product, with these supple gloves featuring holes for the knuckles – hinting towards a bad-ass attitude – as well as a snap closure on the wrist, making them ideal if you don’t know what car you’re going to drive tomorrow. What we do know is that you might need a pair of Riparo gloves.

Harssidanzar Men’s Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves

Harssidanzar Men’s Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves
Harssidanzar / antonioboggati.com

Based in London, Harssidanzar is a brand that promises to make the world stylish, delivering rich experiences at fair prices. This time we’re focusing on their fine pair of men’s driving gloves that’s available in eight color options. 

Touchscreen compatible and benefitting from a superb Deerskin leather construction, these comfortable and elegant driving gloves offer just the right amount of grip and allow your fingers to breathe; moreover, a unique finger design hints towards enhanced performance and precision driving.

AutoDromo Stringback Driving Gloves

AutoDromo – Stringback Driving Gloves

Forget all about ordinary, casual driving gloves; AutoDromo is teasing us with another level of design. Made in Indonesia, from drum-dyed sheep leather and 100 percent cotton, these gorgeous gloves will snuggly fit your hands. 

Reminiscent of golden-era racing events, when comfort was the last thing on an engineer’s mind when developing a powerful and super fast car, this pair of gloves look absolutely stunning, thanks to a two-toned cognac color mix. The split cuff with no snap looks like a nice touch as well.

Aspinal of London Gloves

Aspinal of London Gloves
Aspinal of London

These elegant men’s driving gloves from Aspinal of London were hand crafted out of Italian Nappa leather, and could be the perfect gift for those who love nothing more than to spend some time away from home, driving on their favorite route while listening to the engine purr.

Designed for cold driving conditions and featuring 100 percent Cashmere lining, these gloves were hand-cut and hand-sewn, showing off three-point stitching detailing and coming in one of two color options – Brown or Black.

ELMA Winter Leather Driving Gloves

ELMA – Winter Leather Driving Gloves

ELMA’s stunning winter driving gloves are inclined for use in cold conditions, but you could also wear them when it’s sunny outside, as they will deliver superior grip for driving, vibration dampening, and even touch-screen compatibility on a daily basis. Gorgeous to look at, a pair of these unisex driving gloves will easily complement any outfit.

They’re stylish and practical, made using comfy Hairsheep leather, while premium cashmere and polyester fleece will keep the driver’s hands warm at all times. Who says driving in the snow can’t be fun?

Shinola x Geier Gloves

Shinola – Geier Gloves
Shinola / Geier

Shinola constantly impresses us with all sorts of stylish / premium products. By joining hands with the team from Geier Glove Company, they’ve designed a pair of winter-ready deerskin-leather gloves that men and women alike will surely appreciate.

These soft, Polypropylene-lined driving gloves come in three mesmerizing color guises, including deep brown, black, and orange saddle. Rivetted at the bottom hem and benefitting from over 85 years of experience in the field, these gloves are well worth the attention.

View price at Shinola

Ferrari Men’s Driving Gloves

Ferrari – Men’s Driving Gloves

Who wants a fancy gift from Ferrari? Housed within a cool box, these cool lambskin-leather gloves feature the famous Italian carmaker’s logo. Ferrari has unveiled some of the most outrageous supercars of all time, and their driving gloves seem to honor the company’s rich automotive history, featuring retro circular openings around wrists and knuckles to show off a cool attitude. 

Benefitting from Italian-made experience and craftsmanship, these superb Ferrari driving gloves can be purchased in one of three colors, showing off hypnotizing stitching. What else is there to be said?

Pratt & Hart Men’s Driving Gloves

Pratt & Hart Men’s Driving Gloves
Pratt & Hart

Black, Brown, or Cream; featuring a Velcro wrist closure and perforated vent holes, these stylish Deerskin-leather gloves from Pratt & Hart will feel very special against your skin.

The Velcro option allows this pair of gloves to fit better onto your wrist, although it should be mentioned that going crazy on a cold winter’s day with these gloves might not be the best of ideas. But if you’re thinking about summer cruising, this is the ideal option for you.

Nappaglo Driving Gloves

Nappaglo Driving Gloves

Ladies are more than welcomed to try out this pair of driving gloves, because they’re perfect for both men and women. Available in pink, red, white, black, brown, and grey, this cool Nappaglo pair benefits from seductive Italian Nappa Lambskin leather and aims to entice ladies thanks to its high softness levels, although strength and suppleness are also appreciated.

Although fingerless, these gloves will offer a great grip and they’re perfect if you want to check out your notifications when you’re stuck in traffic. Ladies could also show off their nail color while taking on a more aggressive driving style.

Dents Driving Gloves

Dents Driving Gloves

Designed for a closer fit and a better grip, these superb gloves come unlined. They’re available in black, burgundy, and olive colors. Part of Dents’ newest collection, these beautiful driving gloves were made from a premium hair sheep leather to be smooth and comfy.

The knuckle holes might not please everyone, but it comes with a certain air of professional-level driving skills. Unlined and perforated for a cool attitude and hands, these gloves also feature black tubing around the cut-out back, which adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of this design. What’s not to like?

E. Engelmuller W.V.T.61 Gloves

E. Engelmuller W.V.T.61 Gloves

True racing fans will know of racing legend Wolfgang Von Trips – please note the initials above. After winning a few races, the talented German racer tragically died at the 1961 Grand Prix in Italy, which is why his life and career were meant to be honored by these driving gloves made out of deerskin.

Showing off fine leather and the ability to keep your hands cool and dry at all times, thanks to their perforated construction and knuckle holes, these Cognac-colored driving gloves might just be ideal for some professional racing events.



Although constructed out of 95% Polyester and 5% spandex, which does not sound all that special, these touchscreen-friendly gloves will easily grab your attention. If your cold where you’re reading this from, know that these stretchy and fleece-lined gloves will keep your hands warm while your car warms up.

Comfortable and functional, the VBG VBIGER Winter Driving Gloves also brag about silicone palm, which means the steering wheel will obey your every command, no matter what.

OMP ONE-S 2016 Racing Gloves

OMP ONE-S 2016 Racing Gloves

Speaking of racing, we’ll end this list with two options that are perfect when you hit the track. Available in three color choices, these gloves from OMP are fireproof – they were constructed to be flame retardant on the palms, and brag about ultimate grippy features. They’re also pretty warm, in case you’d like to use them this winter. 

Similar to any other OMP-designed racing-oriented gloves, this pair of racing driving gloves also benefits from an elastic band that helps it sit snuggly around the wrists. So, what car would you love to test out while wearing these gloves?

Sabelt – Hero Superlight TG-10 Racing Gloves

Sabelt – Hero Superlight TG-10 Racing Gloves

Here we have yet another example of professional racing gloves, available in five different color options. Sabelt’s FIA 8856-200 are certified; based around a light Nomex construction, this pair was meant to keep you company without actually feeling it.

These gloves are light, very comfortable, and suitable for long times behind the steering wheel. Silicon palms and fingers ensure proper grip, while the reinforced palm also adds to the durability of this pair. As expected from a professional pair of gloves, Sabelt’s offering provides protection against flames and fire. Is anyone else in the mood for a drive?

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