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Bang & Olufsen Unveiled a Luxurious 4K OLED TV and a new BeoLab 50 Speaker

Tech & Leisure

By Victor B on 22 May 2018

The brilliant designers from Bang & Olufsen seem to be very busy lately, surprising us with new man-made creations almost every single week. Case and point: we’re now looking at a fresh take on the brand’s OLED 4K television and the BeoLab 50 loudspeaker, with the latter displaying a fresh “Brass Tone and Smoked Oak” colorway. Timeless elegance and pure luxury are obvious the second you lay your eyes on

Focal’s New Speakers Offer A Glimpse Of Utopia

Tech & Leisure

By Victor B on 21 May 2018

Since 1979, Focal-JMLab has gained a worldwide reputation for designing and selling some of the world’s most incredible high-fidelity sound systems. These days they’re planning to take audio excellence to the next level once again with a new seducing pair of Utopia speakers, that look like breathtaking acoustic sculptures. The new additions to the company’s Utopia speaker lineup will come with several updates to the drivers, crossover, speaker structure and available finishes

Etihad Airways’ The Residence Has a New Surprise for Passengers

Tech & Leisure

By Victor B on 20 May 2018

Etihad Airways’ premier cabin, The Residence, is the world’s first and only private three-room suite on a commercial aircraft. It features an elegant lounge, a luxurious bathroom with a shower and a separate bedroom that will redefine the way you fly from one city to another! The bedroom packs a bedside table, two personal storage drawers, as well as a full-length wardrobe. It’s basically like flying on a private jet, but

Louis Vuitton’s DJ Trunk Will Take You Around The World

Tech & Leisure

By Victor B on 19 May 2018

Isn’t that what music does to you? As a kid, I didn’t get to travel that much; my generation used to dream big and imagine journeys around the world, while enjoying the little things and the company of loved ones. Music was a special kind of dream, an exciting one and a unique experience that allowed you to savor different bits and pieces of culture from the entire world. That’s

Travel in Style with The Automobili Lamborghini Squadra Corse Sinossi

Tech & Leisure

By Victor B on 15 May 2018

Whenever we hear the Italian automaker’s name, we immediately daydream about a new automotive concept and feel excited while waiting for it to be revealed. Sadly, this is not the case. The Automobili Lamborghini Squadra Corse Sinossi was actually meant to fly, and that’s because we’re talking about a stylish travel case here. Meant to match your sexy Lamborghini Aventador, if you’re lucky enough to own one, this wonderful trolley

Louis Vuitton’s Les Petits Nomades Might Prove to be the Best Gifts

Tech & Leisure

By Victor B on 13 May 2018

Louis Vuitton has teamed up with Humberto & Fernando Campana, Atelier Oï, Patricia Urquiola and Marcel Wander for the company’s first collection of decorative leather accessories for your home, unveiled at the 2018 Milan Design Week. Dubbed Les Petits Nomades, this new collection comprises small objects for your home, and it was showcased alongside four new additions to Louis Vuitton’s existing travel-inspired furniture and lighting collection, Objets Nomades. Les Petits Nomades

B&O’s New Earset Headphones Bring Back The 1990s

Tech & Leisure

By Victor B on 12 May 2018

This is the new Earset, B&O Play’s latest set of earphones; inspired by a vintage design, first imagined by Anders Hermansen in the 1990s, this creation has been already praised to be comfortable, powerful and cool at the same time. A moveable hook set atop a height-adjusting piston allows these earphones to be easily adjusted, helping you adjust the angle of the earbud to ensure a comfortable fit all the

Introducing The Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Ludwig II

Tech & Leisure

By Victor B on 10 May 2018

Is anyone surprised that Montblanc has created a new extraordinary, limited edition, writing instrument? Not me, that’s for sure! Inspired by a historical patron of the arts, the Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Ludwig II edition was specially designed to celebrate the extraordinary life and cultural legacy of Ludwig II of Bavaria or the Swan King, as some people call him. That’s why the swan is a central design theme of