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15 AirTag Wallets You Could Buy Right Now

By Anca Nicolescu


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AirTag Wallets
Ekster AirTag Cardholder

If you’ve been a long time reader of Luxatic, you know we love our accessories here. Especially wallets. With so many varieties on the market, we always want to bring you the latest and coolest to choose from.

AirTag wallets are fairly new, having been introduced on the market less than two years ago. Today, many brands are offering their own versions of it. If you’ve heard of AirTag wallets but you’re not sure what they are exactly, read on.

We will give you a quick description, followed by a mini-guide to help you find your next AirTag wallet.

What is an AirTag Wallet?

What is an AirTag Wallet
Walldo Slim Premium Wallet with AirTag Holder

Similar in looks to a traditional wallet, the AirTag wallet has a built-in insert or pocket where you insert an AirTag tracker. The AirTag tracker does just what the name entails: it is a small gadget, about a dollar-sized one that pairs with your iPhone and tracks your lost items, such as your wallet.

They are a life-saver, especially since we’ve all experienced absent-mindedness that lead to us misplacing our most valuable items. But with this new gadget, your worries will completely dissipate.

Just place it in the compartment designed for it, and activate the tracker from your phone in case that you can’t find your wallet. It’s really that simple.

The AirTag launched in 2021, and it has become the next must-own tracker. Extremely popular, it surpassed previous trackers that were available on the market.

AirTag Pros and Cons

Compared to other trackers, the AirTag tracker from Apple has a few pros and cons.

One obvious con is the fact that people that are not on the iOS platform can’t take advantage of this gadget. But many other companies such as GPS for example, offer the benefits to everyone else.

The way the AirTag tracker works is by using your cellphone position and activating your Bluetooth function. In the city, there is no problem, but if you’re in a remote area, for example, that may cause you some issues.

Then you probably need another type of tracker, such as GPS, to send the signal to your phone.

Other Trackers

Chipolo is another tracker that has been around since 2013. It works in a very similar way to Apple’s AirTag tracker, by using a One Spot chip or the credit card style chip that can fit perfectly in your wallet.

But the AirTag is better. It has a more compact size, better water resistance, and so on.

Tile is a tracker that is less expensive than AirTag, and the Tile Mate chip is also trackable via Bluetooth. But the credit card-shaped tracker battery is non-replaceable, although it does last a couple of years.

Another feature that may make it more interesting is that non-iOS users can enjoy it, but their accuracy is not as reliable as Apple’s AirTag.

AirTag Wallets: What to Look For

AirTag Wallets What to Look For
Normest AirTag Leather Travel Wallet

Now that we determined that AirTag is a better alternative, let’s see what you should look for in the wallets that come with the AirTag option.


Although the AirTag wallets look gimmicky on their own, there are a few accessories such as the AirFit or the Card for AirTAg that you can add to your wallet.


While the slimmer wallets can only hold on average two or three cards, you can opt for roomier wallets that can carry as many cards as you need.


Many of the wallets are slim and feature a minimalist, streamlined design that is ideal for front-pocket carry. If you need more room, the bi-fold traditional style might work better for you.


As far as materials go, many of them are made from genuine or faux leather. There are other options such as carbon fiber or other man-made materials, so you can decide what’s more feasible for your lifestyle.


These days most wallets do come with RFID technology included, so it’s not really an issue. Just be mindful of the fact that some may not, and decide if you want to purchase a wallet that does not offer that option. Especially if security is high on your priority list.

AirTag Accessories

Before we start the list of actual wallets, we want to briefly show you the two accessories that can fit any AirTag wallet you may choose.

Nomad Card for AirTag

Nomad Card for AirTag

First, there is this AirTag holder that can fit nicely into any wallet. Made out of a strong polycarbonate material, it can be easily inserted and removed from your wallet.

While it doesn’t add any thickness to the AirTag, it can pass for a regular credit card.

Spigen AirFit

Spigen AirFit

This accessory may not be made for slim wallets, but it can be clipped to a keychain, for example.

This two-piece built comes with a carabiner for alternative placement, so you can easily install it to any of your wallets or bags, or hook it up to your pants.

Having said all that, let’s show you the 15 best AirTag wallets you could buy right now.

15. Raptic Tactical Wallet Case

Raptic Tactical Wallet Case

Tactical-lovers will adore this offering from Raptic. Equipped with a snap-on multi tool that contains eight different functions, thai is the best wallet in its category.

It comes with a built-in AirTag holder and it is made from high quality vegan leather. Not the largest option, you can bring up to four cards and even a couple of bills.

14. Fantom Wallet with AirTag Holder

Fantom Wallet with AirTag Holder

This technical looking wallet from Fantom comes with its own hex driver and screws that make assembly a breeze. Made from race car grade aluminum, it is lightweight and practical.

With options ranging from 7-13 cards, you have either the R or S flagship models at your disposal. Depending on your needs, you can just add the proprietary pouch to any of these, and you’re good to go.

13. Hawanik Slim AirTag Wallet

Hawanik Slim AirTag Wallet

This model from Hawanik is designed especially for the AirTag tracker. A very affordable option, this wallet boasts a minimalist silhouette that is ideal for those who only bring the strict minimum with them.

Equipped with RFID blocking tech, this front-pocket friendly slim wallet can hold up to six cards and some cash.

12. Normest AirTag Leather Travel Wallet

Normest AirTag Leather Travel Wallet

This is one of the brand’s most popular and beloved wallets. Constructed from environmentally certified quality leather, this elegant wallet will age gracefully while having enough space for your passport.

The high quality of the leather will prevent its skin from stretching out. Quite large, this slim profile design can hold up to 12 cards plus some bills. It also comes with RFID-blocking technology, plus the AirTag pouch that is securely placed.

11. DoeBoe AirTag Bifold Wallet

DoeBoe AirTag Bifold Wallet

Some people find its slim bifold design a little outdated, but its construction is excellent. Made from amazing horse leather, it will look even better down the line. The RFID blocking tech is some of the best we found, and it is surprisingly roomy enough to carry up to ten cards.

It also has a transparent ID compartment, which is perfect for accessing your license or work badge with ease.

10. WXM Wallet with AirTag Holder

WXM Wallet with AirTag Holder

If you like the industrial look of gimmicky accessories, then this option from WXM will work just fine for you. With the capacity of carrying up to 15 cards, it is surprisingly large yet incredibly lightweight.

Made from durable military-grade materials, it is a very durable wallet that can withstand the test of time. This wallet doubles as a money clip that will fit nicely in your front pocket, and it is equipped with RFID blocking technology.

9. Muradin Tactical Minimalist Wallet

Muradin Tactical Minimalist Wallet

If you like utilitarian wallets, then this option from Muradin might be the right fit for you. Although it can only hold up to 8 cards, it is still a decent wallet overall.

The bi-fold design is super slim, and the carabiner ring is made for easy carry. It is equipped with RFID blocking tech and a cash strap as well in case you need to bring some bills with you.

8. Furid AirTag Wallet

Furid AirTag Wallet

With an industrial look that may not work for everybody, Furid’s AirTag wallet is a pretty attractive minimalist option. Available in many lovely colors, the elastic band keeps up to 12 cards tightly in place.

Other features are the RFID-blocking technology, C port, and sleek aluminum plating. And it’s equipped with a money clip at the back, which is mighty cool.

7. Anovus AirTag Wallet

Anovus AirTag Wallet

A lovely gift idea, this superb leather wallet boasts a minimalist, unique design. It comes with RFID blocking tech to protect you from electronic pickpockets and since it’s super slim you can easily fit it in any pocket without worrying about unsightly bulges.

The Anovus AirTag Wallet can hold up to 10 cards and it also features a money clip to secure your bills. 

6. Ekster Cardholder for AirTag

Ekster Cardholder for AirTag

This flagship wallet from Ekster is made from fine leather that will look even better with time. On the larger side, this wallet can hold up to 12 cards, plus it comes with a built-in money clip.

With easy-access thanks to the built-in aluminum cardholder, you can click on a button and your cards will fan out. It is better suited for carrying in long coat pockets and suit pockets, as it is too long for front-pocket carry. It is available in two classic colors, both pretty attractive.

5. Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe

Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe

This classy wallet from Apple is made out of genuine leather. Although a bit smaller, it can only hold a few cards and it has no room for bills. But its functionality and design make it the obvious choice for the minimalists who swear by all things Apple.

Available in a few different colors and with a decent price tag, this option fits in your front pocket, if that’s where you’re used to carrying your wallet. With a MagSafe design and the built-in Find My support, this wallet has unfortunately no audible alerts.

4. Typecase Stealth Mode Bifold AirTag Wallet

Typecase Stealth Mode Bifold AirTag Wallet

This traditional bifold design is made from a waterproof, genuine top grain leather construction. A fairly large model, it can hold up to ten credit cards, plus a few bills. The AirTag slot is stealthy and well hidden, plus the wallet comes with RFID-blocking technology.

For the price, you can probably get a couple in a few different colors and styles. The only downfall is probably its bulkier size, which doesn’t work great if for front-pocket carry.

3. The Ridge CarbonFiber Smart Wallet Kit

Ridge CarbonFiber Smart Wallet Kit

This high quality EDC wallet is crafted from rigid carbon fiber materials that are super durable. It is pretty roomy too, with enough space for up to twelve cards that don’t stretch it out. Besides the wallet, this kit includes a clip-on carbon fiber AirTag case.

The RFID blocking construction is made out of a replaceable elastic band, which is pretty cool. And the combination of carbon fiber with the steel makes it one of the lighter, and probably the strongest wallet out there.

2. Walldo Slim Premium Wallet with AirTag Holder

Walldo Slim Premium Wallet with AirTag Holder

Although this is probably the best quality wallet you’ll find on this list, its steep price is the reason we didn’t place it in our number one spot. It makes a great gift though if you don’t want to spend that much money on yourself.

Crafted from handsome textured genuine leather, its gorgeous design is very attractive. Bolstered with solid RFID blocking tech, this wallet is less than half an inch thin, which limits it to only a few cards and bills.

1. Spigen AirTag Wallet S

Spigen AirTag Wallet S

For a great price, this AirTag wallet offers you a lot of features. The construction is sturdy, made from a polycarbonate material that does feel a little “plasticky”.

Other than that, the RFID blocking is super strong, and the optional key ring allows you to keep your car and home keys in one spot.

With an unobtrusive, minimal design, this lightweight wallet boasts a design that is perfect for front-pocket carry. It can hold up to 12 cards without causing it to stretch, and its handsome look makes it popular with many.

This sums up our list of the 15 best AirTag wallets you can buy right now. Have you found any wallet to your liking?

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