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The Top 11 Richest Celebrity Chefs Right Now

Luxury Lists

By Lau V on 21 Apr 2018

With its great power of influence, television is also the medium in which different people have the potential to become remarkable in front of wide international audiences. We’ve seen this happening with up and coming film stars, news presenters, music singers and so much lately with chefs. The creation of star chefs is one of the phenomenons television made possible by letting their skills be shared with millions of people

10 Streetcar Rides You Have To Take Once a in Lifetime

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By Lau V on 17 Apr 2018

The streetcar, also known as a tram, trolley or tramcar is an important means of public transportation using electrical power, so they hold an advantage over other more wide spread public transport solutions. The first vehicle like this was the horse drawn tram which appeared in the UK back in 1807, yet the actual streetcars were born with New York’s Fourth Avenue Line in 1832. Back in the time, the

10 Amazing Antique Highways of The World

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By Lau V on 11 Apr 2018

A few thousands of years ago, when mankind started to transport goods via land ways, they started clearing paths, which further evolved into paved ways after the invention of the wheel and the cart. Fast forward to our days and you can see that most of the physical world is connected via a complex network of roads and highways. Since the ancient times, man has figured that a good network

Top 10 Most Impressive Coral Atolls In The World

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By Lau V on 9 Apr 2018

Coral atolls, with their attractive shapes, encircling lagoons in a coral rim that captivates and impresses divers from all over the world, are some of the most interesting creations of nature. Due to their fragility, some were declared national monuments. Charles Darwin explained their creation as being the product of the growth of tropical marine organisms on a volcanic island that sinks. The primary condition for that to happen is

The Top 10 Most Amazing Sailing Cruises

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By Lau V on 7 Apr 2018

Sailing was, in its inception, a greater way to travel for mankind, giving man the advantage of better mobility than on land and providing ways for further development of trading, transport, fishing or warfare. With the passing of time and evolution of technology, sailing has evolved into a sport and leisure activity, practiced more and more by people on vacation who love to discover amazing paradisiac islands, beautiful sand beaches

The Top 10 Most Amazing Miniature Cities in The World

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By Lau V on 1 Apr 2018

Miniature parks are open public spaces that offer a top-down view on a miniature city or model village, built with great attention to detail and destined for recreational and touristic purposes. They seem to have originated in the miniature gardens of Japan and then brought to Europe back in the 19th century, but it was only in the 1930’s that they became a widespread and popular tourist attraction. Nowadays, the

The Eleven Most Expensive Chocolates in The World

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By Lau V on 27 Mar 2018

You would think that gold is precious, but there are other things in this world that are even more precious than a bar of gold. A bar of chocolate. Yeah, chocolate is one of the most beloved and cherished sweets on this planet. It might even be the only reason for life on earth. Chocolate seems to have originated around 1900 BC in Mexico, arriving in Europe only much later,

The 10 Best Diving Destinations in the World

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By Lau V on 24 Mar 2018

Despite the fact that man was made to live on land, we are fascinated with the depths of seas and oceans and – at least some of us – have a wild desire to explore the enchanting underwater world. Aquatic experiences are some of the most exciting things one can try while on vacation, with diving being the most breathtaking of them all. The gear today has been developed so