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Best Luxury Pens: 10 Brands That Make The Best Writing Instruments

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Best Luxury Pens

Millennials might not understand the need for a stylish and elegant luxury pen, but the art of calligraphy is not yet lost. What is calligraphy, for those of you who really have no idea? It is the art of handwriting with an instrument such as a pen, brush, or some other type of broad-tipped instrument.

Some people have really mastered it and it can be considered an art form. But in order to achieve the most beautiful handwriting, you might  need a great quality pen. Not only that but whenever you pull out a luxury pen to sign anything, it says a lot about you. It is a form of class and status, which we all strive to achieve. We compiled a list of different factors to consider when investing in a luxury pen.

Types of Luxury Pens 

Types of Luxury Pens 

First of all, there are three types of pens available to buy:

  • The luxury fountain pen, which is the most expensive type of pen available. It utilizes fine nibs, which some companies make out of gold, that is perfect for making fine lines. This type of pen also has internal reservoirs or refillable converters, so you can cherish it for a long time.
  • The luxury ballpoint pen is pretty popular, because it is very easy to use. Some also have replaceable refills and twist or click-top action.
  • The luxury rollerball pen might not be as attractive as the fountain pens, but it is perfect for fans of smooth writing. They also come with disposable refills and have twist-on caps as well.

Things to Consider

Things to Consider

Other considerations to take into account when investing in an expensive pen:

  • Premium Materials – High-quality resins are an indication of luxury, but they might also include ebonite (hard rubber), celluloid (specialty material), or gold.
  • Finish and trim – The finish must be impeccable and of the highest quality, if not you might as well get a regular pen and call it a day. Engraving is always a good idea, and if there’s a pattern to the design, it should align with the barrel and cap. The finish should also be smooth to the touch, so you will enjoy using it as well.
  • Quality and price – The best quality luxury pens are built to last a lifetime, and prices can range anywhere from the mid-$100s upwards to more than $1000. As we said, a lifetime investment.

Now that we showed you things to look for, we can give you examples of the 10 best luxury pens available for purchase right now.

10. Parker Pens

Parker Pens
Parker Pens

Parker has been making stylish pens since 1888, and the company is still going strong. Whether you want a great pen for your office or your studies, Parker is always a great option.

Some of their most popular creations are the Arrow, Classic, Sonnet, or Vector. Regardless of which model you choose, you are guaranteed satisfaction. They also do refills, inks, as well as ballpoint pens.

9. Sheaffer Pens

Sheaffer Pens
Sheaffer Pens

Some of you might think this is a European brand, but it is actually American. It was founded back in 1912, and it has created some of the best luxury pens on the market ever since.

In the last few years, they have expanded their business to tablet holders, leather pen pouches, and ink cartridges. Legacy Heritage, Intensity, and Prelude are some of the best pens from their exquisite collection.

8. Aurora

Aurora luxury pen

This brand might not be as well-known as some of the others in this list, but their craftsmanship and quality should be noted. Founded in Italy in 1919, they have been manufacturing bespoke leather goods, paper, fountain pens, and various types of stationery.

Their Diamante limited edition diamond-studded pen, which is manufactured in Turin, in Northern Italy, was priced at a staggering $1.47 million, which made it one of the most expensive pens ever sold.

7. Caran d’Ache

Caran d’Ache luxury pens
Caran d’Ache

A Swiss company that has been creating beautiful luxury writing instruments since the early 19th century, Caran d’Ache is one of the first brands to create mechanical pencils.

One of their most luxurious fountain pens is made from ebony wood that is originally from the African and Asian rainforests, and the nib is 18-karat rose gold. A real treat!

6. Louis Vuitton Cargo

Louis Vuitton Cargo
Louis Vuitton Cargo

The legendary French maison needs no introduction, so let’s just talk about this gorgeous pen. Yes, they’re also making exquisite pens, in case you didn’t know this yet. Crafted from alligator leather and featuring a monogrammed trim and nib, this stunning pen is the embodiment of detailed craftsmanship.

Their exclusive leak-proof patent prevents the ink from being affected by atmospheric changes, which will be perfect to use on your private jet!

5. Smythson Viceroy Fountain Pen

Smythson Viceroy Fountain Pen

Smythson is a British company that specializes in fine leather goods such as luxury stationery, leather goods and fashion products, but their pens are just as elegant. A great choice for the minimalists out there, this sleek all-silver fountain pen, with fine lines etched down the body, is a real beauty.

Available for personalized options, this solid silver pen also comes with a variety of nibs, which makes it perfect for gifting.

4. Montegrappa Cigar


A few years ago Montegrappa has come up with this beautifully designed cigar-inspired pen to add to their collection. Very similar to a real cigar, the light brown hue and pearlized streaks on this luxury pen resemble tobacco leaves very well.

This exquisite pen also features a sterling silver trim, an 18karat gold nib, and it is engraved with its filigree pattern. It is available as a rollerball as well, if you prefer this option.

3. S.T. Dupont

S.T. Dupont
S.T. Dupont

The French company that specializes in luxury goods such as handbags or lighters, has added luxury pens to its repertoire. One of their most sought after pens is called Mr. Bond Rollerball, a limited edition pen that was made in collaboration with James Bond.

It features the 007 logo across its lid, a pen worthy of a fictional spy. The rollerball is made of brass that comes in an S.T. Dupond box, so it makes a refined gift for a true Bond fan.

2. Breguet Classique

Breguet Classique

Renowned for classic timepieces, Breguet collaborated with Montegrappa for their line of luxury writing instruments. The Classique’s body is made out of sterling silver and adorned with the same one they use for their watch dials.

The silver clip looks just like an hour hand, and the resin accents adorn each end. The 18-karat rhodium-plated gold nib has the brand’s “B” monogrammed at its center, which adds a refined touch to an elegant pen.

1. Montblanc Heritage Rouge & Noir

Montblanc Heritage Rouge & Noir

Whether a Montblanc pen is in your budget or not, you have surely heard of the most famous pen maker in the world. The renowned German company produces an array of other luxury goods besides pens, such as jewelry, perfume, sunglasses, and spectacular watches. The brand has been named after the highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc.

Their beautiful Rouge & Noir fountain pen features a vintage serpent clip, as an hommage to the Art Nouveau movement. A one-of-a-kind pen you will proudly use for years to come. We hope you found this article an inspiration for your next luxury gift on your list.

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