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These are the 25 Best Sunglasses for Men

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Best Sunglasses for Men
Patrick Dempsey for Porsche Design

Nothing says “Hello, summer!” like a pair of sunglasses. While they can protect you from UV rays, sunglasses are also a fashion statement and that’s why you should find the right model for you.

In this article, we are going to show you the 25 best sunglasses for men. This way, you can make an informed decision and rule the beach this summer. A nice pair of sunglasses should make you think about freedom, the beach, and long, hot days.

Before we get started with the sunglasses, we’ve prepared a short sunglasses buyer’s guide to help you decide what type of sunglasses are the best for you.

Best sunglasses for men: Buyer’s guide

Ray Ban Remix Prints
Ray-Ban Remix Prints

Ready to go shopping for sunglasses? You’ll have to take a few things into consideration to make sure that you find the right model for you, especially if you want to purchase the sunglasses online. While in the store you can try them out and see which one frames your face better, online, you can only hope for the best.

That’s why we are going to show you how to select the best sunglasses for you.

The shape of your face

sunglasses shape of your face

This is the most important detail that you should take into account before purchasing any glasses at all. There are different models and types of sunglasses for each face shape.

  • Round face – Avoid any round sunglasses! For a round face, you should try out aviator sunglasses and other square-shaped glasses.
  • Oval face – Lucky you! If you have an oval face, you can buy any type of glasses. Our only recommendation is to avoid big glasses.
  • Heart-shaped face – You can buy any glasses with sharp lines and corners. Don’t try out any oversized shades.
  • Diamond-shaped face – Another lucky category. You can try out any model of glasses as long as you steer clear of glasses that don’t fit the proportions of your face.
  • Square face – Try out glasses that are round or that have soft lines.
  • Triangular face – You should choose teardrop-shaped glasses to frame your face right.
  • Oblong face – The best sunglasses shape for oblong faces is rectangular. You can also try square glasses and those that have a more unique shape.


sunglasses fit

Apart from choosing a model that frames your face beautifully, you should also look at the way the shades fit. A pair of sunglasses that go beyond your temples are way too big. Also, make sure that they cover the eyes completely. They should go up to your eyebrows.


sunglasses material

Most sunglasses are made out of plastic or metal. However, it depends on the brand and the model. You need to make sure that the materials are resistant enough so that they won’t break or scratch easily.


Sunglasses Color

We are talking about the tint of the lenses, not just the color of the frames. While choosing sunglasses that match your style is a must, you also need to take into account how the tint will affect your sight. Choose lenses that are blue or brown because they will help protect you from UV rays, but they won’t affect the way you see traffic lights.


Sunglasses Lenses

When selecting the right sunglasses for you, it’s best to also take into consideration the lenses. Polarized lenses don’t protect you from UV light, but they do minimize the glare of the sun on the water or other reflective surfaces. Make sure to get glasses that have lenses with 100% UV protection.

The best ones are UV400 lenses. Also, don’t think that darker shades protect better because it is not necessarily the case. Check the details before buying the glasses.

Now that you know the most important factors you should consider before purchasing a pair of shades, let’s take a look at the best sunglasses for men.

25. Spy Optic Scoop 2 Sunglasses


This is a perfect pair of shades for the sporty guy. If you are the one that always goes on a new adventure, from climbing mountains to sailing, then this is a type of sunglasses that will match your personality. Their 100% UV protection lenses will keep your eyes safe and protected.

You can match these sunglasses with your skydiving or mountain climbing gear. For when you are going out, try the simple jeans and T-shirt combo.

24. Haze Collection Durete Sunglasses


Now, this is a pair of sunglasses for a stylish man. You can wear them on the beach in your shorts, but they can also be worn with a nice suit at a summer party. The color inserts at the top of the lenses are cool and they give the shades a nice look. The golden tint gives these sunglasses a classic touch.

23. Moscot x Todd Snyder Miltzen Sunglasses


Not everybody can pull off these semi-round sunglasses from Mascot and Todd Snyder. These olive green shades have a retro look that is perfect for the cool guy. Wear them with a pair of jeans and a black T-shirt and you’ll take the spotlight. If you want to make sure that you’ll turn heard wherever you go, then this is the perfect pair of shades for you, mister.

22. Maui Jim Talk Story Sunglasses


A pair of glasses with a personality. The best part about these glasses? The wood-like design on the frames, definitely. Also, did we mention that they come with super slim lenses that make these shades super lightweight? They have a classic shape and they will fit almost any face shape.

21. Raen Mason Sunglasses


These glasses give a Harry Potter/John Lennon kind of vibe. With their retro shape, these round shades are great for people with square faces. They also have a mysterious vibe to them. They are perfect for day drinking by the beach, trust us! These Raen Mason glasses are the right shades for the romantic, creative guy.

20. Porsche Design P’8508 Sunglasses


It was about time we stumbled upon a pair of aviator sunglasses. After all, there’s no top of best sunglasses for men with a few pairs of aviator shades. These blue lenses give a cool, adventurous vibe, while the simple black frames complete the look. Easy to wear, easy to match! Use these glasses at the beach, at a friend’s gathering, or while driving.

19. Coco and Breezy ZEN-105 Sunglasses


A pair of cheeky sunglasses for a man full of confidence. We don’t need to add the fact that not every guy can and will pull off these shades. If you are a man that can rock a touch of pink, then these glasses will compliment your outfits without a doubt. These glasses are perfect for guys with round or oval faces.

Coco and Breezy

18. Daily Paper x Komono Black Kenyatta Sunglasses


The Kenyatta sunglasses are great for a man with an oblong-shaped face. While they might seem a bit bulky, it’s part of their charm. They have smaller lenses which might be a problem for people with larger faces. However, because of their style and simple model, they are easy to combine with almost any outfit.

17. DITA Lancier Sunglasses


Another great pair of aviator sunglasses makes in the top 25 best sunglasses for men. The classic shape makes these the perfect glasses for a man who doesn’t want to spend an hour choosing an outfit to match his shades. The light brown tint is a perfect color for driving and sunbathing at the beach. Combine these shades with jeans and a nice buttoned shirt and you’ve got yourself a great outfit for a day out with friends.

16. Noah by Vuarnet Atlantic Sunglasses


Animal print sunglasses? Yes, please! These nice sunglasses have the perfect shape for almost any face. They also have an interesting combination between the green tint and the animal print frames. A classic model with a nice twist to it.


15. Garrett Leight Convoy Sunglasses


These glasses will give you an 80’s cool vibe. Because of their shape, these sunglasses from Garrett Leight can be worn with any outfit and they will make it look amazing. Want to wear your beach shorts? Perfect! Want to combine the glasses with a nice suit? Even better! The dark tint combined with the golden frames offers a luxury look.

14. Ray-Ban Wayfarer 51mm Sunglasses


A chic pair of sunglasses for the stylish guy in the group. These amazing dark amber glasses have a unique shape that will make you the star of the show. Of course, they gain a few more points for being made by Ray-Ban. Style these glasses with a nice shirt and pair of black ripped jeans and you’ve got yourself a winner look.

13. Warby Parker Downing Wide Sunglasses


These Warby Parker sunglasses are the classic, simple model that every man should buy. Because they have a classic design, they are easy to match to different outfits and you can wear them with almost anything. Like most models presented here, these shades also have 100% UV protection lenses.

12. Ray-Ban Standard Clubmaster Sunglasses


A retro-chic pair of sunglasses from Ray-Ban is all you need this summer to have fun and protect your eyes from the sun. These amazing glasses have the distinct frame features only Ray-Ban glasses have. A great pair of sunglasses for driving or for sipping cocktails by the pool.

11. Persol PO 714 Sunglasses


When we are talking about the best sunglasses for men we can’t forget to add a pair of Persol shades. Persol is one of the best, famous sunglasses brands. If you purchase a pair of Persols or Ray-Bans for that matter, you will definitely get a high-quality product. Apart from having great materials, these glasses have a really nice shape and their classic black color makes them easy to match.

10. Sunski Yubas Sunglasses


Another pair of great animal print sunglasses to make you “roar” at the beach. The combination between the animal print frames and the brown lenses gives these glasses a nice look. These glasses are best for nice outings with your friends.

9. Huckberry Weekenders Sunglasses


Keep it cool with these all-black sunglasses! With a mysterious vibe to them, these great shades are perfect for the beach, for driving, or for going to a summer party. Because they have a simple design, you can wear them with any outfit and any color. Also, these are pretty budget-friendly because they cost about $35.

8. Tomahawk SeaPorts


These grey shades have some of the best polarized lenses that will protect your eyes, no matter the time of day. Apart from offering protection, the Tomahawk’s Sea Ports glasses have a simple design that is easy to combine with most outfits. Also, these shades have nice, grey frames.

7. Tom Ford Snowdon


A pair of shades from Tom Ford will make you turn heads by the beach or at any party you attend. Because we all love a great classic style, Tom Ford’s sunglasses are a great choice. Simple, elegant, and easy to accessorize. Just because they are designer sunglasses, doesn’t mean that they are just a fashion statement. These Tom Ford shades have 100% UV protection as well.

6. H&M Sunglasses


Everybody loves a nice pair of budget-friendly sunglasses, right? These wood-like frames and dark lenses offer you a cool look at the pool. Also, you won’t be that bumped if you lose the glasses after one too many shots. The shape of the glasses is perfect for oval and heart-shaped faces.

5. Etnia Barcelona Ibiza 01 Sunglasses


A bold choice for the adventurous guy. With a pair of bright yellow glasses, you won’t go by unnoticed. These shades scream “FUN!” from the top of their lenses! Combine them with beach shorts and a cold beer and you’ll be the king of fun this summer. These glasses attract all of the attention, but they keep the UV light away from your eyes with 100% UV protection.

4. Raen Sage Round Sunglasses


A great pair of round glasses that are perfect for square-shaped faces. The almost transparent frames go along really nicely with the brown lenses. These shades are best for simple casual outfits. Combine them with bright colors and you will stand out from the crowd. To keep your eyes safe, the lenses have 100% UV protection.

3. Krewe Active Audubon Sunglasses


These amber shades feature a black and gold frame that will make everybody say “wow” when they see you. The shape of the glasses is close to the aviator look, but they also have a bit of roundness to them. Krewe’s sunglasses will make you look amazing with any outfit you wear. Because of their light frames, you can even wear them with a classic suit at a garden party and you’ll still pull it off.

2. Porsche Design Aviator Sunglasses


A pair of great aviator sunglasses never goes out of style, especially if they are from Porsche. These glasses will make you want to grab your convertible and get on the road as soon as possible. Let go of your tasks and deadlines, put on this pair of Porsche sunglasses and you will be the king of the road. Combine these glasses with a pair of ripped jeans and a leather jacket and you are good to go.

1. Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Classic


You can’t beat a classic, right? This pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses instantly makes you want to go to the beach and sip a nice cocktail without having a care in the world. These amazing polarized sunglasses will keep you protected and in style at any time of the day. Because of their classic shape, these shades can be combined with any casual outfit and beachwear that you like.

If you want to go the extra mile, combine these glasses with some big leather bracelets and a long name tag necklace. You’ll be the cool guy that every man wants to be and every woman wants to be with!


Dolce & Gabbana Men’s Eyewear
David Gandy for Dolce & Gabbana Eyewear

Sunglasses are not just for protecting your eyes, they are also accessories that can make or break an outfit. If you choose the right sunglasses for your style, you can wear them for years and years, especially if they are high quality. Make sure to select a pair of shades that frames your face beautifully without covering too much or too little.

You can’t go wrong with black and brown frames, but a bit of bold color never hurt anybody. To make the best decision, try out a few shades to see which ones give you that rebel-by-the-seaside vibe.

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