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These Are The 15 Best Man Purses of 2024

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Best Man Purses
Tanner Goods Canyon Crossbody Pack

A few decades ago, men would never be caught wearing a “Man Purse”, as it was considered too feminine. Other than the traditional briefcase that was used for work, “manly men” would not even dream of something that even resembles a crossbody bag or satchel.

But recently the taboo has been lifted, and this new accessory has seen a rise in popularity.

Throughout the centuries, these accessories have seen their rise and fall in popularity a few times over.

What is Considered a Man Purse?

Now, it isn’t actually a purse, like the ones women use, that fall under this category. But rather anything from a leather satchel to a fanny pack, or even a crossbody bag made from a variety of materials.

Luggage though is a bit too large to be considered a man purse, but a fancy backpack that can be used for travel will fall under this category.

They are convenient accessories that make carrying your everyday essentials much easier. From your wallet, tablet, laptop, and anything else you need on your daily commute, or even on weekend outings, they come in very handy.

Where Coes it Come From?

Bellroy Man Purse
Bellroy Sling Bag

Although there isn’t a specific time that we can confirm, we have a few ideas where the trend got popular.

Do you remember the Friends episode where Joey went to the store Rachel worked at and fell in love with this ‘man Purse’? Or the Seinfeld episode where Jerry was carrying this European bag/purse that got stolen?

Well, that was the beginning of a new era in North America, at least, as far as this accessory is concerned. In Europe men were a bit more open to the idea years before.


There were many clutch-type bags and other similar satchels that were available since the 16th and 17th centuries, when men used these types of bags for functionality purposes. They used to tie them around their waist or their swords thanks to a leather strap. They would carry their tools, stamps, and other such necessities with them.

Women only started using purses in the 20th century, when they were allowed to step out into society.

So the man purse is actually not a novelty, but it has been re-introduced both as a fashion accessory but also for practical reasons. Whether you knew this or not, the purse was initially a manly accessory, and it was not designed for women.

What to Look for in a Man Purse?

What to look for in a Man Purse
Rustic Town Crossbody Leather Messenger Bag

Just like any accessory you’re shopping for, you need to figure out what purpose it would serve. Will you be using it simply to enhance your outfits, or do you need it for your everyday carry?


One of the most important considerations, in our opinion, would be a bag that comes with several compartments. That way, you will be able to keep all your things neatly organized in one place. Many bags come with separate compartments for your phone, a keychain clip so you don’t spend hours searching for your keys, and designated laptop sleeves.


Weather proof materials are great for bags that you use for your everyday commute, so you’ll be prepared in case of a downpour. But other materials such as leather are both stylish and durable, and they wear well for years.


Yes, the size of your purse matters. If it’s your work bag, then you probably want a larger bag that can easily fit your laptop and a few business files. But if it’s your main weekend accessory, a smaller crossbody or fanny pack will do.

Assess your needs, then have fun picking your next bag! There are many options to choose from, you just need to get something that works for you and your lifestyle.

Types of Man Purses

Types of Man Purses
Tanner Goods


Usually in the form of a fanny pack or a smaller crossbody, the everyday bag is more casual. They usually have lots of pockets and provide just enough room for your essentials, such as your keys, phone, and wallet.


Leather purses are the most stylish, and they look better as they age. Whether they will be your work bag, or a crossbody for your weekend activities, they will always uplift any outfit with their classic look.


Messenger bags are usually used for work, so they should be large enough to hold your laptop, wallet, and a few other daily essentials. They often come with a strap that can go over your shoulder for easy travel. Whether you’re taking public transit, biking, or driving to work, they shouldn’t be cumbersome.


Here, the ideal travel companion for men is a large messenger bag or leather satchel that has a cross-body strap. It should be large enough to hold enough of your essentials for an overnight trip, but not too bulky either. You want to be comfortable while you’re on public transit or flying out for an overnight business trip.

The following are the 15 best man purses of 2023:

15. State Bags Lenox Bike Bag

State Bags Lenox Bike Bag

This option from State Bags is the perfect bag for city commuters. Since it can be attached to the front of a bike, it makes your daily travels a breeze.

With two zippered pockets and made from a water resistant material, it is a convertible bag that offers versatility. Large enough for your essentials, it is slick and stylish too.

14. Chrome Industries MXD Segment Sling Bag

Chrome Industries MXD Segment Sling Bag

A larger mini-bag, this option from Chrome Industries is a durable urban companion that is also stylish. With a slim construction, it provides you with great organization for such a smallish bag.

Easy to access compartments, it will become your favorite daily bag. Made from the brand’s five bar seat belt webbing and ballistic nylon, it is a durable and sturdy option.

13. C.P. Company Lens Bum Bag

C.P. Company Lens Bum Bag

Hanging flush on your torso, this bag from C.P. Company does not bulge out like a backpack. With two pockets that keeps your most fragile items separate, this bag is convenient for your daily commute.

Available in three colors, it is made from Nylon B material, therefore it is completely waterproof. The fast-clasp closure makes taking it off easy, and the one big pocket is a decent size for all your essentials.

12. Moment Fanny Sling

Moment Fanny Sling

This cute fanny pack from Moment boasts a contoured shape that offers maximum comfort. Available in five colors, it features water-sealed zippers and it is made from a waterproof material.

With compartmentalized pockets, this crossbody bag is the ideal size for all your essentials. The expandable pocket is large enough to fit a few extra things you may need to bring with you.

11. Topo Designs Mountain Sling Bag

Topo Designs Mountain Sling Bag

Colorado-born Topo designs makes this city influencer/outdoorsy sling bag that is super comfortable to carry. Made from 100% recycled nylon, it will protect your essentials from the elements.

The handle allows you to carry it by hand should you choose to, and it has an easy access exterior pocket. Available in four colors, the interior is cleverly compartmentalized to organize your possessions.

10. Bellroy Sling

Bellroy Sling

Well-known for their great backpacks, Bellroy has a few crossbody bags as well. The Sling bag is made from recycled nylon that is water-resistant, and it comes in seven colors.

With a padded back that adds structure, it also has a soft-lined interior, which makes it ideal for carrying your sunglasses or phone. Simple yet convenient, the front compartment offers ease of access to your most essential things.

9. Briggs & Riley Crossbody Bag

Briggs & Riley Crossbody Bag

For guys that carry their electronic devices everywhere they go, this crossover bag from Briggs & Riley is a solid option. On the interior, you get easy access to your cords for convenient charging, while your tech remains protected.

Made from a sturdy twill fabric that is moisture resistant, it is a practical and trendy crossbody bag.

8. Lacoste Genuine Leather Small Flat Crossbody Bag

Lacoste Genuine Leather Small Flat Crossbody Bag

An understated bag from Lacoste, this crossbody bag is the ideal travel companion. It is a small rectangular bag made from genuine leather, and the size is perfect for your travel documents and other essential items.

Featuring two zippered pockets, it is also equipped with a flat pocket and a smartphone pocket.

7. Mulberry Belgrave Leather Briefcase

Mulberry Belgrave Leather Briefcase

Although it can be used as a messenger bag due to its crossbody strap, this bag from Mulberry comes with two carrying handles. Made from textured, full-grain cow leather, it is a durable option that will look even better a few years down the line.

An investment worth making, this sophisticated bag boasts some gorgeous accents. Built to last, it is equipped with a two-way zipper and a large interior main compartment.

6. Hidesign Aiden Crossbody

Hidesign Aiden Crossbody

This smaller messenger bag is ideal for your everyday carry. It fits all your daily essentials such as phone, wallet and keys, and makes the perfect travel companion. You can even fit your ipad if you choose to, it has plenty of room.

Featuring a magnetic closure on the front for easy access, it comes with a shoulder strap that is adjustable. It is available in a few different materials such as sturdy canvas and beautiful leathers.

5. Tanner Goods Canyon Crossbody Pack

Tanner Goods Canyon Crossbody Pack

Made from a tanned waterproof canvas, this crossbody is a beautiful bag. Although you might need to care for it a bit more, it is so worth it. It can fit a water bottle, it has a compartmentalized interior, and a dedicated front pocket for your phone.

A versatile bag, it doubles as a dopp kit. With adjustable straps, it is also foam padded, so it keeps its shape. An impressive option that has beautiful leather accents.

4. Mission Workshop The Axis Waist Pack

Mission Workshop The Axis Waist Pack

An excellent option for active guys that need something light they can carry with them even on their most rugged outdoor adventures.

This mini waist pack from Axis is built from a weatherproof material, and it features a zippered interior pocket, a mini U-lock holder, a key clip, and more. It fastens to any of their other bags, it makes the ideal companion for a fast-paced lifestyle.

3. Rustic Town Crossbody Leather Messenger Bag

Rustic Town Crossbody Leather Messenger Bag

This rugged leather messenger bag is an attractive satchel that will age beautifully. Perfect for the office and your casual outings, this stylish bag will draw attention to your outfits. The brass fittings and buckles offer a lovely complement to an already well stitched bag.

On the inside, the heavy-duty lining and ease of access pockets keep your things well protected. It also has a shoulder strap that can be adjusted, and it fits perfectly on your luggage.

2. Filson Dryden Ballistic Nylon Briefcase

Dryden Ballistic Nylon Briefcase

While technically a briefcase, it is a crossover between a hard shelled briefcase and a messenger bag. The structure provides you with optimal organization while not looking too stuffy. The trendy design makes it a great option for both the office and as your everyday bag.

Made from a 1000D nylon that is abrasion-resistant and water-repellant, it will keep your valuables well protected against the elements. With an interior pocket that fits a 15-inch laptop, it also has a few slotted pockets to keep all your other things neat. And it has a trolley strap, which makes it ideal for traveling.

1. WP Standard Leather Satchel

WP Standard Leather Satchel

This is one of the most commonly sized messenger bags that is not too large and not too small. Its lightweight body makes it ideal for your everyday commute and travel, while providing you with enough room for all your essentials. Made from a beautiful full-grain vegetable tanned leather, its high quality will get better with age.

The brand makes top quality leather bags that will last you a lifetime. For the quality you get, the price is ridiculously reasonable, but it is a small investment. Definitely worth considering though! You might love it so much, you’ll want to invest into some of their other products that will complement your satchel.

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