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These are 10 of the Nicest Shops in Milan

By Georgiana Grama


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Nicest Shops in Milan
Federico Di Dio / unsplash.com

If you’re traveling to Milan, you probably want to see the sights and have excellent food. You also might want to know what places have the best shopping.

Whether for yourself or someone else, shopping in Milan can be rewarding. You’ll see many luxury items like clothing and accessories. If you’re looking for luxury, here are ten of the best shops in Milan.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana store
Dolce & Gabbana flagship store in Milan

An iconic fashion brand, Dolce and Gabbana has many popular stores in Milan. While there are numerous stores, you might want to see the flagship store in Via Montenapoleone. Opulent in its design, marble and lava stone are present on every floor. There’s even a green marble staircase, which only adds to the luxurious feeling.

The layout has a carefully planned design, and you’ll notice a mix of luxury and modernism. You’ll find a variety of luxury accessories and fashionable clothes. The first two floors are for womenswear, while the third floor is for men’s clothing. If you’re a fashion lover or know someone who is, Dolce & Gabbana stores should be a stop during your shopping trip.


Armani store in Milan
Giorgio Armani store in Milan / Beppe Raso

If you love Armani, then a visit to the flagship store in Milan is a must. Located in the Palazzo Taverna, this store consists of three floors. On the ground floor, you’ll find women’s clothing and accessories. Men’s clothing and accessories are on the second floor, while the third floor is dedicated to “made for measure” clothing.

The store itself is exceedingly elegant and designed by Giorgio Armani and his team. There are many details in the store, from decor to flooring. If you are interested in high-quality clothing and accessories and a luxurious store layout, then Armani should be on your list.


Prada Milano store
Prada Milano store

Prada is a name known worldwide. While in Milan, consider visiting the store at the prestigious Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II arcade. This covered shopping center is the oldest in the world, so you’ll also get to take in some history while shopping. The Prada store at this location is the original store, and so it has some historic touches.

There are mahogany shelving units that Mario Prada himself had commissioned, so you can see how well preserved the store is. You’ll find bags, trunks, leather goods, shoes, and clothes. A lover of luxury should enjoy this store and its contents.


Versace Home Milan store
Versace Home Milan store

If you love bold accessories and patterns, then you probably already know about Versace. With its iconic Medusa logo, this brand is synonymous with unconventional luxury. When visiting one of the stores in Milan, you’ll find jewelry, like necklaces and bracelets, clothing, shoes, and bags.

If you go to the Via Durini 11 flagship store, you’ll also be able to shop for a variety of home furniture and decor. This flagship shop is boldly decorated with columns, LED lights, and video walls, all of which should make a store visit an exciting experience.

Delphine Vintage

Delphine Vintage
Delphine Vintage store

For those looking for vintage luxury, Delphine Vintage is a popular spot. Every piece is unique, so shopping for a special gift should be easy. The store is an unusual mix of a research archive and a vintage shop.

If you like fashion history, shopping here should be a treat. You should know that the store is only open to shoppers on Friday and Saturday, so plan your trip accordingly.

10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como
10 Corso Como

Often called the first concept store in Milan, 10 Corso Como is for those who love fashion, home decor, and unique accessories that you can’t find elsewhere. This store is part concept store, art boutique, and restaurant.

There is even a bar and a mini-hotel, so visiting this location is sure to be interesting. You’ll be able to find everything from clothing and beauty products to books and art pieces. This shop has been around for 25 years, and it has become a famous and fashionable place to shop.

La Rinascente

La Rinascente
La Rinascente Milano / Alberto Ferrero

This gorgeous department store has ten floors of men’s and women’s fashions. There are Italian and international brands, so you will have many items to peruse. You’ll also find accessories, home decor, and beauty products.

Since it is a department store, there are other features that you won’t usually find in small boutiques, like a food hall. If you are having a busy shopping day, this store should have all that you want.


Missoni flagship store
Missoni flagship store in Milan / Patricia Parinejad

Missoni is a brand of luxury knitwear with bold designs and colors. The flagship store is also bright and eclectic but also elegant. Every design and decor choice emphasizes the bold, fun patterns of the brand while making sure everything is coherent.

There are vertically folding aluminum panels near the windows, plush beige rugs, multicolored glass, and brightly colored columns. You’ll also find lacquered-wood displays, glass-topped tables, and copper tinted hangers for clothing that coincide with a large copper dome hanging from the ceiling.


Valentino Milano store
Valentino Milano store / Davide Maestri

Valentino is known for high-fashion items like eyewear, bags, clothing, leather goods, and other accessories. At the flagship store on Via Montenapoleone, you’ll find a sophisticated palazzo-style shop that is not short on luxury. The store is constructed with stone, marble, wood, and leather to create a one-of-a-kind environment.

The lighting in each section is thoughtfully selected to highlight the collection in the area. Other features include a mosaic-style mirror and premium leather found in dressing rooms. You’ll be sure to find plenty of luxurious pieces to browse when visiting this location.


Marni Milan store
Marni Milan store / internimagazine.com

Marni is another fashion brand that has a flagship store in Milan. At this store, you’ll find a theme of understated luxury and geometric decor. On the first floor, you’ll find shoes and leather goods.

The basement has both men’s and women’s clothing. There are many marble, brass, and concrete accents throughout the shop. All of the furnishings are selected carefully to fit the minimalist, elegant aesthetic of the store.

Shopping in Milan is definitely a treat for fashion lovers. Each store has been planned carefully and decorated to exude luxury and elevate the shopping experience. Whether you enjoy exclusive, high-quality clothing and accessories or are interested in the history of fashion, these boutiques have something for everyone.

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