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The 15 Best TV Brands of 2023

By Adrian Prisca


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Sony Bravia XF85 4K HDR TV

What TV brands are worth considering for your next purchase? There are the big names, reliable players such as Samsung, Sony, and LG you can always count on. But as world leaders in the tech sector, so are their prices. What about the house brands that are more and more affordable today?

We will show you a variety of makes and TV models, and you can draw your own conclusions.

What to Consider for your next TV purchase

what to consider for your next TV

One of the most important factors to consider when making your next TV purchase, other than price, of course, is space.

Yes, many people are attracted to the 75 inch and larger models, but unless you have enough room to properly be able to enjoy it, stick to a more reasonable size. Or if you’re the type who’s rarely home, is it worth investing thousands of dollars into a high-end TV you will randomly watch?

That’s surely your call, but do take these things under consideration before making an impulse buy.

Another important factor, and one many people do not think of often, is the store’s return policy. Some stores only allow you seven days before you can no longer return your purchase. For a big investment such a huge screen with fancy specs TV, one week just isn’t long enough.

There are also places such as a marketplace, for example, that deduct a restocking fee upon return. Do your homework first before encountering such annoying setbacks. On the other hand, there are also retailers that offer in-house credit, with monthly payments at 0% interest. That is always a welcome option, because not many people have upwards of $5,000 in cash available on a whim.

How to Buy the Best TV For Your Needs

How to Buy the Best TV
Sony’s entry-level 4K TV


This means the number of pixels on the screen. Just like your phone, the more pixels means more detailed images. Above 4K you get the Ultra HD, and some of them include HDR, or High Dynamic Range. That allows for better contrast and a wide range of colors.

Smart TVs

Hisense A7200G Roku TV
Hisense A7200G Roku TV

Although many of the new sets today have an android operating system included, some are a pain in the butt when they do upgrades. It’s convenient to have your wi-fi, Netflix and Youtube right on the interface, but within a year or two it can become problematic. You can always opt out of it and connect it to an external media box if you can’t stand the interface the TV comes with.


Panasonic JZ1000 OLED TV
Panasonic JZ1000 OLED TV

Now, this is probably the most important question you might have : what is the difference between them?

LCD and LED basically means that they require an external source of light to increase the components.

On the other hand, with OLEDs, each individual pixel illuminates right within the internal system. That results in smoother pictures and more vivid colors.

General Tips

Samsung AU9000
Samsung AU9000

If an OLED is out of your price range, try to buy a TV that has a higher than 120 HZ refresh rate. That keeps your image sharp, so an overall better watching experience.

Also check if the TV has at least 4 HDMI ports, so you can add whatever console or other accessories you might need.

Once you have an idea what you’re looking for, it’s time to head out and transform your binge watching habits into an elevated experience. But just read on before you finalize your decision.

Here are the 15 best TV brands of 2023 you might want to consider.

15. Sceptre

Sceptre TV

A smaller electronics manufacturer, Sceptre was founded in California about 35 years ago. They specialize in affordable TVs, and their focus is on inexpensive parts and technology. In 1984 they released the CRT technology, followed by the LCD technology in 1993. They produce some great Ultra HD TVs with three-dimensional displays that give vivid and realistic views.

Another positive quality the company is known for is their excellent customer service.

14. Polaroid

Polaroid TV

When you hear the name Polaroid you will automatically think of cameras. But they actually manufacture a cheaper version of smart TVs that are becoming quite popular. Their color range is pretty decent for the price, and they offer different sizes of TVs that cater to different needs.

You can pair your phone through the Google OS operating system, so you can connect straight from your set. Their UHD model is one of the greatest bang for your buck you can find on the market today.

13. Insignia

Best Buy Insignia TV
Insignia F50 4K TV

Manufactured and sold by electronics superstore Best Buy, Insignia is an affordable in-house brand that offers a nice alternative to other more expensive brands. Their TVs are equipped with Amazon’s Fire TV technology, which makes streaming available straight from the interface.

The resolution and quality of the picture can’t compare to the likes of the OLED or QLED, but for a budget brand they do the job just fine. Their in-house guarantees are also highly rated, and makes this brand an attractive option for those who are not interested in spending their hard-earned money on a television set.

12. Vizio

Vizio TV
Vizio P-Series Quantum X

A newbie on the TV scene, Vizio was founded in 2002 in California. The brand specializes in some of the most affordable TVs in the world, through privately held shares. Their designs are considered masterpieces, and they manufacture all their pieces in house.

They also offer some premium TVs at great value, such as the M Series. The spectacular Quantum color, gaming capabilities, and SmartCast are features that make the brand appreciated by its customers. They also offer Apple and Google product integrations, which makes them user-friendly.

11. Sharp

Sharp TV
Sharp’s first OLED TV

Founded almost one hundred years ago in Taiwan, this well known brand makes a wide array of electronics ranging from TVs, home appliances, audiovisual, mobiles, etc. Sharp’s TVs are some of the most reliable in the world, and are unlikely to overheat.

Specializing in the Greener Electronics initiative, they create sets that ensure the utmost energy efficiency available in the world. Their televisions meet the latest Energy Star Standards, one of the best globally.

10. Hitachi

Hitachi TV
Hitachi Q-series 4K TV

A Japanese brand that specializes in a wide array of electronics, Hitachi provides customers with really good TV sets. Other products they manufacture are varied electronics and equipment, information systems, power plants, among others.

Although Hitachi stopped manufacturing their own TVs in 2012, Turkish brand Vestel is the one that took over this side of production. They fulfill consumers requirements when it comes to producing high end, luxurious sets.&

9. Toshiba

Toshiba TV
Toshiba UA2B 4K TV

Another big Japanese tech company, Toshiba has been around since 1875. The high quality midrange TVs with unparalleled picture quality are considered some of the best in the world. They always keep up with the new upgrades, and their latest UHD TVs offer a huge color range. The television screens come with an interface that is helpful even to the most inapt users.

Along with Hitachi, they are now working with Turkish manufacturer Vestel.

8. Hisense

Hisense TV
Hisense U7QF QLED TV

A budget TV brand that made its appearance in North America in the last couple of years, Hisense has been popular in China for a lot longer. Offering premium technology such as 4K and HDR at a fraction of the cost, it is a good option if you’re looking for a budget TV.

The image is not quite as well maintained like in the top name brands, but the value of their technology offers great bang for your buck.

If you’re not too fussy about smooth images or dimming zones that prevent light blooming, then you should definitely consider it.

7. TCL


Another Chinese manufacturer, TCL owns around 10% of the shares on the global TV market.

Specializing in low cost televisions, it brings an equivalent of the higher end TVs while cutting corners without affecting the overall experience too much. For sure, don’t expect the same picture quality or processor as Sony or LG, but they’re not too shabby for the prices they offer.

In the US you can get the 5-series and 6-series sets, as well as the Roku smart platform that many of their models include. Unfortunately, the best quality sets with the most advanced tech are reserved for the mainland.

6. Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen TV
Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Eclipse

Danish brand Bang & Olufsen is better known for their high-end speakers and other audio equipment. But their TVs are nothing to sneeze at. The company takes the customer’s needs under consideration when an order is placed, so you will always get the best experience possible.

Their 4K and OLEDs are truly remarkable, and although they are quite expensive, they offer you an amazing TV watching experience. Their 88¨ Beovision Harmony, for example, is their top of the line offering that features the latest 8K OLED screen technology.

They also have two other models, the Beovision Contour and the Beovision Eclipse.

5. Panasonic

Panasonic HZ2000 4K OLED TV

This Japanese brand does not sell their sets in the US, but consumers from Canada, UK, and Europe can take advantage of the TVs offered to them. Panasonic offers features such as extremely wide HDR format support, Dolby Vision dynamic HDR, and accurate color mapping, just to name a few.

The brand’s OLEDs focus on cinematic sound, and the Dolby Atmos speaker system that was previously 30W, increased in some newer models to 140W. Another new feature for their more recent models is the HLG Photo Mode, great for photographers. Thanks to this mode, they can see their images in HDR quality right on the tv screen.

4. Samsung

Samsung TV
Samsung 55-inch 8K QLED

Reliable brand Samsung has been making high-quality TVs for many years. They’ve been the top leaders in selling TVs, as well as other tech such as phones, laptops and tablets for a while now. This South Korean leader offers a wide range of sets that have a base level of quality that is above that of many other brands. They have a variety of price levels, from the more affordable 4K TVs to the more high-end LED/LCD TVs.

Samsung did not make the jump to OLED like some of its competitors, but preferred to stick to the QLED panels. Whichever is in your budget, you will be guaranteed to get a reliable set that will last for years.

3. Philips

Philips TV
Philips OLED+934 TV

One of the oldest and more reliable electronics brands in the world, this Dutch company is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Other than some of the best audio systems, electronics, and smart lighting in the world, Philips also manufactures medical equipment.

Their smart TVs are tech-friendly and offer many smart abilities. Google Assistant is easy to use, and allows you to do pretty much anything you want it to. For your convenience, you can also stream straight from your screen. Their high-end TVs have Bowers & Wilkins built-in soundbars, so the sound quality is top notch.

They also support HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, but their Ambilight technology is what sets them apart. What this does is it projects the onscreen colors onto the wall behind the set while in use for a nice TV experience. Unfortunately, the brand isn’t licensed to sell in the US.

2. LG Electronics

LG G1 Gallery OLED TV

If you like vivid colors, sharp contrast, and the gorgeous deep black screen, your best bet is the OLED technology from LG Electronics. The colors pop more than those of the competition, and the overall experience is amazing.

They are the world leaders in manufacturing the OLED panels, and they do not only do it for themselves, but for their competitors as well.

Some of their most popular models vary from a new 83-inch, which is something to strive towards, but their 42-inch models are still super popular.Leading on the webOS smart platform, the OLED TVs offer Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, but they do not support HDR10+.

1. Sony

Sony TV
Sony Bravia Z9F TV

Music mogul Sony knows a thing or two about sound and high-end TVs. They have been in the business for so many years and their audio technology is without a doubt above any other competitors. Their high-end sets include the Acoustic Surface Audio+, which manages to send the sound from the TV panel itself through strategically placed drivers. Sony’s clever solution to deal with the direction of the audio gains them a top spot on our list.

Sets such as the A9G OLED deliver some of the most incredible picture quality on the market right now along with a stunning design. So, if you’re looking for amazing overall picture quality and parallel acoustics to go hand in hand, then Sony is the brand you should consider.

There you have the 15 best TV brands of 2023. If we missed any, let us know.

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