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These Are The 20 Best Golf Irons of 2023

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Cobra Radspeed

In order to enjoy a good game of golf on one of the world’s best courses, investing into a decent set of golf irons is highly recommended. Whether you’re a beginner or an avid golf player, being equipped with the right set of tools that work for you and your personal needs is always best.

If you’ve already played golf, chances are you know your strengths and limitations, and you might look to upgrade your golf irons. If you’re just starting out and looking to purchase your first golf irons set, this list might be just what you needed.

Golfing irons are the most expensive purchase you’ll make when taking up this sport, so doing a little homework beforehand is definitely a great idea. It’s not like you’ll be buying them every few months, they will most likely last you for years to come.

Choosing Your Best Golf Irons

Choosing Your Best Golf Irons
TaylorMade P·790 and P·770

Let’s say you never played and you’re looking to buy your first set of irons. What exactly should you look for? How do you know which will work for you? Although we’re not experts, we’ve posted a lot of articles about the latest high-end golf irons, and we will try our best to narrow things down for you, so you will at least have an idea what features are the most important when making this purchase.

First things first, you need to learn the basics when it comes to the game, and also what pro golfers usually find important when choosing their irons.

Your Skill

Your Golf Skill

Should be implied, but if you’ve never picked up an iron in your life, don’t start looking for the best quality irons out there. Look for a pair that is more forgiving, also more affordable. Just in case you don’t like playing golf as much as you thought you would, at least you didn’t lose too much money, right?

Forged vs. Cast Irons

Ok, let’s make this as simple as possible. The main difference between cast irons and forged irons is that the cast irons use a mold to get the shape desired, therefore they are easier to produce. More materials can be integrated into the mold, contrary to the forged irons, which are produced similar to how blacksmiths used to work metals back in the day.

The forged irons require more individual attention, because they have to be worked and molded by hand, so it is a much more time consuming process.

Blade vs. Cavity Irons

Blade irons usually have a thin topline, whereas cavity irons have a recess right at the back, which makes hitting the ball a little easier. The blade irons are not harder to hit per se, but you need a bit more of a skill to be able to find the right spot right at the center of the head, while the weight is distributed throughout the head.

For a first timer, the cavity irons will probably be best, then you can move to the blade irons once you get a little more experience.

The Right Shaft for You

the right golf shaft

There are steel, graphite, or a combination of the two materials shafts. This comes down to whether you can handle more weight, or you prefer a lighter shaft. Steel is heavier, but it also allows you to get more accurate shots. Graphite, on the other hand, is lighter, so juniors and women tend to gravitate towards them more.

They will also generate more speed than the steel ones. The blended shafts offer you extra speed with some added feel, which is great for the more advanced golfers.


Some newer models have an echo dampening technology implemented that lessens the vibrations, which can be beneficial in the long run. Some brands have the Artificial Intelligence integrated in the heads for optimal performance.

These are great for improving your game and overall feeling, especially when you practice golf for many years.


Like with any other sport, with practice you improve and your needs will surely change. When you play golf for a long time, eventually you outgrow your irons, but you don’t have to sell them. Since 2008 the new irons on the market are manufactured with adjustability features such as hosels and movable weight, which affect the center of gravity so you can influence the ball’s trajectory.


This depends entirely on you. Some of the best golf irons brands justify their expensive price because of the money they spend on research and improvements they make to their manufacturing methods, but you can do your own research and go for cheaper brands that will give you very similar results.

Of course, your height and ability are top considerations you should not overlook.

Now that we got some technicalities out of the way, let’s show you the 20 best golf irons that you can buy this year. 

20. Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Iron Set

Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Iron Set

This is probably the best set of irons for the beginner golfer. They will assist you even if you have a slower swing speed and help you achieve straighter shots and more consistency. They also come with either a steel or graphite shaft, and choose between different flex options. Fully hollow construction provides a redistributed weight and gets you the center of gravity lower for optimal forgiveness.

19. Wilson Staff D300

Wilson Staff Golf C300 Forged Iron Set

For those of you on a budget, these irons will not make you compromise on quality though. They deliver consistently on more distance, and deliver a fast speed ball while forgiving off-center strikes. The all steel construction has a lightweight feel to it, which makes it a good purchase for the average and high handicap players.

18. Callaway Big Bertha OS

Callaway Big Bertha OS

One of the best golf irons for the average handicap, the design delivers more distance and accuracy due to the precise weight distribution of the club face. The Exo-cage structure technology keeps the weight low while delivering better speed. It is a good beginner iron, made for those who tend to strike the ball lower than the more experienced players.

17. Ping G425

Ping G425

Another contender for the best game improvement irons, they feature the Variable Face Thickness design which improves distance and speed. The hosel weight and tungsten toe screw help with forgiveness, and although smaller than their G410 counterparts they offer a more compact appearance.

16. Ben Hogan PTx Pro Irons

Ben Hogan PTx Pro Irons

One of the best value forged irons you can find, this classic iron head gives you good launch and distance. The topline is on the thicker side and more offset, but very appealing to the eye. For an iron with great loft, they carry a great distance and enough stopping power. It will please the classic look lovers.

View price at Ben Hogan Golf

15. Srixon ZX5 Irons

Srixon ZX5 Irons

For a mid handicap iron, this set will not forgive as much, but its soft feel offers impressive stability. Also great for good distance and consistency, the additional mass behind the impact location will help with shot shaping ability and versatility. The look is also pure muscle back, and Shane Lowry used them on Tour.

14. Honma TR20 P Irons

Honma TR20 P Irons

Those irons deliver an impressive blend of distance and workability. Suited to the mid-handicap player that is looking for a bit more control, they do provide forgiveness and ample power. The classic looks are also pleasing, but the main plus is that they offer game improvement and playability due to a low center of gravity.

13. Titleist T300

Titleist T300

Those clubs are great for game improvement, as they are built for maximum speed and forgiveness. Because of the Max Impact technology the face is thinner, therefore it improves launch and speed. The inclusion of a silicone polymer insert makes the feel. If you’re looking for more consistency to your game this is a good pick.

12. TaylorMade Golf P760

TaylorMade Golf P760 

One of the best forged irons on this list, they provide advanced players with technology that reduces vibration and forgives low handicap. This set uses 1025 carbon steel body and a light material that helps with speed and accuracy. The shaft is a bit on the stiff side but provides you with consistency. Due to its shorter club size it is suitable for women and juniors.

11. Cobra King Forged Tec Iron Set

Cobra Golf Men’s King Forged Tec Iron Set

A classy and highly aesthetic option, this set of forged clubs will help the mid-handicapper reach a good distance. The thin face is forged with 4140 stainless steel, and the vibration is minimal due to the carbon fiber material used. Although the head is bigger than average, it generates great speed and it is very forgiving.

10. TaylorMade SIM2 Max Irons

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Irons

This set of irons offers a soft sound on impact with the ball, as well as good distance and forgiveness. They are good cavity back irons that have a more pleasant look than the previous model. They are ideal for the high handicap golfer, as they provide the generous sole width and a thick topline.

9. Wilson Staff Golf C300 Forged Iron Set

Wilson Staff D300

Designed with the low to mid handicappers in mind, it has a traditional and compact look. They use Power Holes, FLX Face technology, and a 8620 carbon steel construction that offers a higher ball distance and speed. It is one of the quieter forged irons, and it will feel a little soft and springy when hitting the ball. A definite plus is an affordable price.

More details at Wilson

8. Lazrus Premium Golf Irons

Lazrus Premium Golf Irons

These clubs are perfect for aging players that are prone to joint problems, but they will work for any type of players. The shaft tends to flex too much, which some may not prefer, but it is a consistent set that offers great spin due to its deep grooves. The 60-degree loft offers decent forgiveness, and its shaft material is made of alloy steel.

7. Ram Golf EZ3 Iron Set

Ram Golf EZ3 Iron Set

Although it will not be a set that you will keep for years, this is a great beginner one. Very easy to use, you can get used to the game because of its highly forgiving qualities. The cavity back provides a straight shot while you’re finding your perfect spot. The design of the grip makes them easy to hold, which novices will appreciate, and they are not too heavy, which is another plus.

6. Square Strike Irons

Square Strike Irons

Ladies, these clubs are probably the best suited to the female golfers out there. They provide you with decent forgiveness while you work on your swing so you can develop consistency. The extra wide sole, the beveled leading edge and generally lower weight than most clubs makes it easier to use. You can opt between the ladies model or the regular flex, depending on your skill and comfort level.

5. TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set

At first glance, these irons look like blades, but they are game improvers thanks to the new technology added to this new version. Although they are on the thinner side appearance wise, they do offer great distance and playability. Made from 4140 Carbon Steel that ‘s been welded to a 8620 carbon steel cast, the forged face is very forgiving. The SpeedFoam minimizes the vibration, and the low profile tungsten is responsible for a deep center of gravity.

4. Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue X

Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue X

One of Callaway’s most forgiving offerings, the Rogue X has a 360 Face cup and variable face thickness that allows for a faster ball speed. That basically means that the shallow and flexible rim of the clubface flexes when in contact with the ball. The urethane microspheres allow for the vibration to be minimal and the sound pretty quiet. Also, the tungsten lowers the center of gravity for optimum control and flight.

3. Callaway Apex Pro

Callaway Apex Pro

This line from Callaway is for the more experienced player and those who score in the single figures.This model boasts an AI Flash Face Cup, which is great for those looking to improve forgiveness. They offer you more control, playability and speed, in a classically designed club. Aesthetically pleasing and tech savvy, they do not forgive much, but they give you the control and flight you need.

2. Cobra Radspeed

Cobra Radspeed

Eye catching to say the least, these irons combine low spin, stability and speed, which will help with overall performance. They have a sensor built-in at the top of the grip that is electronically enabled and is powered by Arccos. You can pair it to your phone to keep track of your performance. Those clubs also reduce the vibrations you normally get when the ball impacts, so you get a softer feel.

1. Mizuno MP-20

Mizuno MP-20

One of the thinnest blade style irons, this model offers a tapered topline and cambered sole that spreads the weight evenly and enhances forgiveness. The chrome and satin mix on the clubhead prevents unwanted glare. A good top line to consider for those who want distance consistency and precise ball striking. The softer feel upon contact with the ball offers better overall control, so a favorite even with pro players.

We hope you agree with our choices of the 20 best golf irons you can consider buying this season. Have you tried any of them? Which one is your favorite?


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