Alex Holmes

Editorial Director

When he joined our team in 2013 Alex served as the site’s first full-time employee. He was the associate editor for four years, verifying and editing most of the content that was published here. A few years later he wanted a fresh challenge and really stepped up his game, starting to work in local media and becoming a guest author for several print and online publications, including The Telegraph, Daily Mail, National Geographic and Architectural Digest.

In 2020 he came back to Luxatic as the director of content, overlooking everything related to reviews, special features, buying guides, news briefs and pretty much all the other new content that can be found on our website. He works closely with our team of writers to make sure we all create helpful, engaging and high-quality content that resonates with Luxatic’s readership.



Alex has been working in the digital media and publishing industry for more than 15 years. After graduating from university he began his career as a freelance contributor and editor for several online magazines and blogs. He joined Luxatic as an editorial assistant and news writer, and quickly became well versed in all kinds of content, from lifestyle, travel and food, to commerce content and consumer technology.

As a creative freelancer, he was a jack of all trades: worked as an editor, writer, proofreader, marketer and researcher for clients in both print and digital publishing.


Alex holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of York in Digital Media and Culture.

EXPERTISE: Technology, Digital Media, Culture, Lifestyle, Travel and more
EDUCATION: University of York
TITLE: Editorial Director

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