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The 20 Fastest SuperYachts in the World

By Alex Holmes


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Fastest Superyachts
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Yachts were always associated with leisure, comfort, and luxury, floating gently in a gorgeous location or cruising unhurried to the next, but somewhere along the way, something changed. Yachts started becoming faster and more powerful, and their owners more obsessed with these characteristics than anything else. But that’s the way with every kind of vehicle these days, isn’t it?

Mankind is obsessed with speed. That’s a given. And it applies to everything, including superyachts, which, despite their size, can achieve impressive speeds over water.

Whether that speed is actually needed is debatable, but one can’t ignore that there are quite a few capable yachts out there and that the competition for the fastest superyacht in the world is a fierce one, as in everything that involves the man’s thirst for speed.

The following superyachts manage to blend both the need for speed and the craving for luxury. But these are above everything else, the fastest yachts in the world right now.

Let’s have a look.

20. Cara Montana – 45 knots

Cara Montana Yacht

Cara Montana is a smaller yacht, manufactured in 2019 by a shipyard based in Genoa, called Otam. It’s a gorgeous maritime vehicle which spans only 25.9 meters in length, but is beautiful and powerful enough to impress.

Powered by twin MTU engines, outputting a total of 5,200 hp together, and equipped with twin surface drives, Cara Montana is able to reach a top speed of 45 knots, or just under 52 mph.

19. Alamshar – 45 knots

Alamshar yacht

Completed in 2014 after a waiting time of 13 years spent in the manufacturing process, the Alamshar yacht can reach 45 knots, thanks to its twin Rolls-Royce Marine engines and three waterjets.

The naval architecture of the vessel was made by Donald L. Blount & Associates, the exterior design by Pininfarina, and the interior by Redman Whiteley Dixon. The whole project was put together by the Devonport shipyard in Falmouth, United Kingdom.

The Alamshar is 50 meter long, and costed a jaw dropping $200 million, paid by Aga Khan IV, for whom the custom yacht was made.

18. Moon Goddess – 45 knots

Moon Goddess Yacht

Another lovely vessel from the superyacht world is the Moon Goddess. It’s on the smaller size, being only 35 meter long, but it’s capable of reaching 45 knots. The ship was built by Danish Yachts, with the naval architecture and exterior designs made by Espen Øino, a superyacht design icon.

The Moon Goddess can take up to six guests in three posh cabins, two twins and one for the owner, plus a crew of five. It’s propelled to a cruise speed of 25 knots, or the maximum of 45, by twin MTU 16V 4000 M90 diesel engines which generate a combined 7,498 hp.

17. Shergar – 45 knots

Shergar Yacht

The acclaimed German shipyard Lürssen built Shergar in 1983 to be among the fastest yachts in the world. Decades later, it still holds its own among better and more technological advanced vessels.

Equipped with two MTU 12V 396 TB83 diesel power plants, and two Allison 571-KF gas turbines, the Shergar is capable of cruising at 40 knots and reaching a top speed of 45 knots.

16. Seafire – 46 knots

Seafire Yacht

Seafire is a super yacht manufactured by AB Yachts, an Italian shipyard known for some impressive vessels. This one is among their fastest, able to reach a top speed of 46 knots.

The 42 meter super yacht is powered by a setup of three MTU 16V M94 units and three waterjets, giving it the possibility to cruise at an impressive speed of 43 knots, only 3 below its top speed.

15. Octopussy 007 – 53.2 knots

Octopussy 007

Built back in 1988 by the renowned Dutch shipyard Heesen Yachts and carrying a little of James Bond in its name, the Octopussy 007 is a 43.5 meter super yacht that can accommodate up to 10 guests and 7 crew members.

The vessel is powered by three MTU diesel engines that deliver 10,440 hp together, propelling the Octopussy forward at a cruising speed of 25 knots and a top speed of 53.2 knots.

It was on display at multiple boat shows around the world, and it changed owners for the last time in 2021. The naval architecture was done by Mulder Design, the exterior by Gerhard Gilgenast, and the interior by Art Line and Joachim Kinder Yacht Design.

Inside, it comes with 5 posh and extremely comfortable guest cabins, 1 master, 1 twin, and 3 double.

14. Daloli – 54 knots

Daloli Yacht

The Daloli, also known as Pandion, built by Heesen Yachts, is a 36.5 vessel that enters the category of super yachts and impresses with a top speed of 54 knots, the equivalent of just over 62 mph.

The ship has a crew capacity of 6 and can host up to 8 passengers. There’s four cabins in total on its three decks, and the sheer beauty of its design can be seen both inside and on the outside.

It’s a real beauty, and a fast one as well.

13. Why Not U – 55 knots

Why Not U

Originally named Nobody, the Why Not U was designed in 2001 by Overmarine as a deluxe super yacht that’s capable of getting his 9 guests and 3 crew to their next dream destination with a top speed of 55 knots. The power comes from a setup of Vericor TF40 gas turbine engines.

When it comes to living on it, it offers an impressive range of amenities on its teak decks. There’s several dining spots, entertainment and lounge rooms, sun bathing areas, and plenty more to be had on board of this stunning super yacht.

12. Ermis² – 57 knots

Ermis² Yacht

The 37.5 meter super yacht Ermis², manufactured from special materials by the New Zealand shipyard McMullen & Wing, is among the fastest vessels out there, capable of a top speed of 57 knots, which is just a little over 65 mph.

The ship came out in 2007, but is still among the most innovative yachts in the world given the mix of composite materials, aerospace grade carbon fiber and titanium for its lightweight body.

That low weight, combined with the 10,944 hp outputted by the three MTU 16V 4000 M90 engines, allow this stunning yacht to reach that max speed of 57 knots.

11. Chato – 57 knots

Chato Yacht

Chato is another small sized and powerful super yacht. It was built in 1986 by Baglietto from aluminium and was equipped with twin MTU 16V 396 TB94 diesel engines, which push it to a cruise speed of 35 knots and a max speed of 57 knots.

Chato is only 25.79 meters long, and that helps with a lower weight and a smaller profile under the surface of the water.

10. Azimut Atlantic Challenger – 60 knots

Azimut Atlantic Challenger

The Azimut Atlantic Challenger strays away from the usual design of luxury yachts, but that only because it was built for a very different purpose, which was to win the Blue Riband award, an unofficial accolade given to a ship for making the fastest transatlantic crossing.

Unfortunately, the Azimut Atlantic Challenger failed to win, but it remained one of the fastest super yachts in the world, currently holding the 10th position, with a top speed of 60 knots.

It was built in 1988 by the Italian shipyard Benetti, with the exterior designed by Pininfarina. It’s a 26.82 meter aluminum monohull vessel and is powered by four CRM diesel engines, capable of outputting a combined 7,400 hp.

9. Jet Ruban Bleu – 60 knots

Jet Ruban Bleu Yacht

The French built Jet Ruban Bleu is on par with the Azimut Atlantic Challenger and two other super yachts, at least when it comes to the top speed. They can all do 60 knots.

Jet Ruban Bleu is 25 meter long, was designed by Gilles Ollier and Coste Design & Partners and created by Multiplast. It was outfitted with a single MTU engine capable of 3,500 hp alone.

8. Oci Ciornie – 60 Knots

Oci Ciornie Yacht

Oci Ciornie was a super yacht project that was realized by American shipyard Palmer Johnson, the Dutch Vripack, and the well known naval architect Don Shead in 1998.

The vessel features an aluminum hull, and uses two 1,800 hp MTU 16V 2000 M90 engines, a 4,600 hp AVCO Lycoming gas turbine, plus Arneson surface drives. This combination propels the Oci Ciornie with a top speed of 60 knots.

The ship is able to carry up to eight guests in a master suite, a double cabin, and a twin room. There’s a nice and streamlined deck that features a superb saloon and outside areas for relaxation, while the interior takes inspiration from aircraft designs.

7. Brave Challenger – 60 Knots

Brave Challenger Yacht

With the same 60 knot top speed of the above ships, the Brave Challenger is to be lauded, since it’s much older, being built back in 1960. The project was completed by Vosper Ltd in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, with the intention of becoming a Brave Class fast patrol boat. It was only later that the ship was converted for private use.

The Brave Challenger is powered by three Rolls-Royce Proteus gas turbines, which output a total of 13,500 hp, which combined with the only 31 meter length and lower weight, can push the boat to the top speed of 60 knots.

6. Kereon – 62.3 Knots

Kereon Yacht

The Italian yard AB Yachts, the one behind Seafire above at number 16, built in 2004 one of the fastest super yachts in the world, the Kereon. It’s capable of hitting a top speed of 62.3 knots, and that thanks to the three CRM diesel engines that produce a good 6,300 hp.

Since the total power is so low in comparison to others on this list, it makes sense that a shorter length of 27 meters and a performant hull design are at play to aid in reaching those speeds.

The ship has a very sporty aesthetic, all metallic silver, and can cruise at 50 knots for about 900 miles.

5. Gentry Eagle – 63.5 knots

Gentry Eagle Yacht

Gentry Eagle was a special project done by Vosper Thornycroft in 1988 for the legendary Tom Gentry, who achieved almost everything he could achieve in terms of powerboat speed records during his lifetime, including the coveted Blue Riband. The vessel, capable of 63.5 knots, helped him win the Blue Riband in 1989, with a record time of 62 hours and 7 minutes.

Gentry Eagle’s design was done by Grant Robinson and Peter Birkett, with the interior by Robin Rose. In 1992, the ship became a private super yacht.

4. Galeocerdo – 65 Knots

Galeocerdo Yacht

Galeocerdo is a very futuristic looking ship, with sleek lines and a hull designed to maintain high speeds in rough sea conditions. It measures 36 meters in length, and is capable of hitting 65 knots.

The vessel was built in 2003 in Italy, by Rodriguez Yachts and is powered by three Vericor TF50 gas turbines, each tied to a Rolls-Royce Kamewa water jet. The total power output rises to a whooping 16,800 hp.

3. Destriero – 66 knots

Destriero Yacht

Destriero was launched back in 1991 by the Italian shipyard Fincantieri. It has a length of 68.18 meters and features a design made by Pininfarina and Donald Blount. This ship was again built with the sole purpose of winning the Blue Riband by breaking the old record of crossing the Atlantic.

She did it in 1992, after it crossed the ocean twice without refueling, setting a new record of 58 hours, 34 minutes, and 5 seconds. but the Blue Riband award was denied for her, since it’s awarded only to passenger vessels and not private yachts.

What allowed Destriero to set a new record was the power of 54,000 hp, given by the Codag engine and the three GE Aviation LM1600 gas turbines, pushing the ship to a max speed of 66 knots, or 76 mph.

2. World Is Not Enough – 67 Knots

World Is Not Enough yacht

The Dutch superyacht World Is Not Enough, built in 2004 by Millenium Super Yachts, comes second place with a top speed of 67 knots. The vessel is powered by two Paxman diesel engines and two Lycoming gas turbines, which give an output of 20,600 hp, and a good 3800 nautical miles cruising range at a cruising speed of 10 knots.

With its 42.4 meters of luxury and beauty, World Is Not Enough can accommodate up to 10 guests and 7 crew members in five extravagant cabins, offering plenty of comfort and areas for relaxation. The vessel features formal dining spaces, indoor bar, and al fresco dining and lounge areas on all decks, for the ultimate pleasure away from civilization.

1. Foners – 70.1 knots

Foners Yacht

The Foners is currently the fastest super yacht in the world, with a 70.1 knots top speed, keeping the first spot since its delivery back in 2000. The power behind its top speed comes from two MAN engines and three Rolls Royce gas turbines, combining together to output a whooping 21,380 hp.

Her cruising speed is 12 knots, and allows her to reach a range of 1,800 nautical miles.

But of course speed isn’t everything here, as the eye is impressed a lot when stepping on board. Built by the Spanish shipyard Izar, Foners comes with splendid interiors, formal dining rooms, and plenty of space on the decks for al fresco dining. Its 6 crew and up to 8 guests can be accommodated on board, in luxurious cabins.


These are the fastest super yachts in the world, a competition that keeps on going, dominated for the last two decades by the Spanish vessel Foners.

As technology progresses, it will be interesting to see how it holds up against newer yachts.

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  1. Bolide by VICTORY DESIGN is now by far the fastest yacht; speeds up to 76 knots have been recorded by this 80ft full carbon pleasure Yacht, powered by three MAN V12 2000 diesel engines.

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