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24 Incredible Celebrity Yachts You Will Surely Love

By Adrian Prisca


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Celebrity Yachts
Giorgio Armani’s Main Superyacht / Cantieri Navali Codecasa

The rich and famous certainly have a different lifestyle from us regular folks, but we love to see how extravagantly they live. Once they make it to a certain status, owning a yacht is like second-nature, or a rite of passage.

Some of the glamorous amenities onboard those yachts are unheard of, but having all that money can buy pretty much whatever their heart desires.

A love for the sea is what all those celebrities have in common, plus a need to escape constant snapshots from paparazzis. On their own private yachts, they get to relax and be themselves, also spending some quality time with their friends and family.

Have you ever dreamt about sailing on a luxury yacht? Most likely, we all did at some point. And since we like to delve a little deeper into our favorite celebrities’ lives, we thought a good way is by making a list of the luxurious yachts they own.

Without further ado, here are the 25 most incredible celebrity yachts in the world.

24. The Maraya – Sean “Diddy” Combs’s Yacht

Maraya Yacht
Maraya Yacht / burgessyachts.com

Hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs has had a successful music career that set him up for a luxurious life. His private yacht, the Maraya, has a staff of ten. It features a stage with a party floor that has a built-in bar on the top deck and a projector screen. If you know how the hip hop star runs, it’s no surprise he took things up a notch aboard his own yacht.

23. Axioma – Kendall Jenner’s Yacht

Axioma Yacht
Axioma Yacht / ypiyachts.com

One of the world’s highest paying models is one of the most famous women in the world. Part of the Kardashian family, she rents out the Axioma regularly. Not the actual owner per se, it costs her about half a million dollars a week. She spent her 19th birthday onboard this yacht while vacationing in Monaco. The boat has a few jacuzzis, a steam room, a gym, a cinema, along with many other amenities.

22. Freedom – Roberto Cavalli’s Yacht

Freedom Yacht
Freedom Yacht / superyachttimes.com

A co-designer for his bat-mobile look-a-like superyacht, Cavalli designed its interior mostly in animal print. The high-end goods mogul has made a fortune from his decades’ long career. At the moment, he’s enjoying as much time as he can on his favorite yacht. Sleek and stylish, the 90-foot vessel can go up to top speed of 40 knots.

21. Vantage – Calvin Klein’s Yacht

Vantage Yacht
Vantage Yacht / yachtharbour.com

American fashion designer Calvin Klein is known for hosting parties for some of the most famous socialites and highest personalities in the world. Aboard Vantage, there is plenty of room to invite up to 12 guests at a time to spend a few nights. The yacht features a few entertainment rooms, six cabins, a few hot tubs, several bars, all decorated with top-notch designs.

20. Beethoven – Rafael Nadal’s Yacht

Beethoven Yacht
Beethoven Yacht / massimoferrari.com

Tennis superstar Rafael Nadal is one of the top players ever, following Federer closely. His work ethic and perseverance makes him one of the best paid athletes of the last couple of decades. He loves his automobiles, but he loves spending time on the water as well. The 76-foot MCY yacht has its own swimming pool, a spa, multiple entertainment rooms and bars.

19. Wajer 77 – Tom Brady’s Yacht

Wajer 77 Yacht
Wajer 77 Yacht / wajer.com

Tom Brady acquired the Wajer 77 only a few short months after purchasing the Wajer 55. He upgraded to the larger model that fits nine passengers in order to accommodate his family for weekend trips. They regularly head over to the Bahamas from their East Coast Florida home, so this yacht is more suitable for their lifestyle.

18. Galactica Star – Beyonce and Jay Z’s Yacht

Galactica Star Yacht
Galactica Star Yacht / Heesen

Superstar singer and songwriter Beyonce is a force to be reckoned with. Together with her equally influential husband, Jay-Z, they are loaded. Hence, they own a yacht that is appropriate for their celebrity status.

The Galactica is a 213-foot juggernaut that accommodates up to 12 guests. Lavish decor is to be expected from the music icon, and the many luxurious amenities are out of this world. The yacht features its own helipad and a swimming pool.

17. Rising Sun – Leonardo DiCaprio’s Yacht

Rising Sun Yacht
Rising Sun Yacht / boatinternational.com

DiCaprio is one of the highest paid actors in the history of Hollywood, which makes him also one of the most famous. Although quiet in the last couple of years, we assume it is because he spends lots of time aboard this monster yacht, that actually belongs to music producer billionaire David Geffen.

It is believed that the Rising Sun is the eleventh largest yacht on the planet. Tailor-made for someone like the Wolf of Wall Street, it features its own basketball court, cinema, wine cellar, and it has its own helipad, among many other mind-blowing amenities.

David Geffen’s parties are glamorous bashes that people talk about for weeks afterwards, and guests are just as rich and famous as he is. He hangs with the likes of Oprah, the Obamas, Julia Roberts, and of course, Leonardo DiCaprio, just to name a few.

16. Seven Seas – Steven Spielberg’s Yacht

Seven Seas Yacht
Seven Seas Yacht / Oceanco

Famous film director and screenwriter Steven Spielberg is worth more than 3 billion dollars. The biggest Hollywood director ever made his name back in 1975 with the movie Jaws. His luxury yacht the Seven Seas, is a 282 foot, or 86-meters long ship.

Designed and built by Oceanco, it features an infinity pool that is surrounded by a 15-foot glass wall. As a major movie buff, his yacht obviously also features a cinema screen.

15. LionHeart – Sir Philip Green’s Yacht

LionHeart Yacht
LionHeart Yacht / Benetti

Sir Philip Green grew the Arcadia Group from a simple company to a retail giant. His yacht, the LionHeart, was designed by Benetti, and is 206-foot long. Inside, it contains all the luxurious amenities you can imagine. The on-deck swimming pool, electrically designed sun deck and dedicated bar offer outdoor sunbathing options for their guests.

14. Va Bene – Eric Clapton’s Yacht

Va Bene Yacht
Va Bene Yacht / burgessyachts.com

Eric Clapton is one of the most widely-known singers/songwriters in the world, and his celebrity status brought him a luxurious lifestyle. His 157 foot luxury yacht, Va Bene, was previously owned by Bernie Ecclestone.

While chartering the vessel back in 2005, Clapton fell in love with the boat and made Ecclestone an offer he couldn’t refuse. Since then, the musician and up to 12 of his friends frequently spend time aboard.

13. Main – Giorgio Armani’s Yacht

Armani’s Main Yacht
Armani’s Main Yacht / Codecasa

Fashion designer Giorgio Armani is often seen sailing the seas in his luxury yacht, Main. The design of the yacht matches the fashion magnate’s flair. Classy yet fashionable, the interior of the all-black yacht frequently attracts photographers that like to use it for their contracts.

His second yacht is named Maria, after his mother, and it is equally luxurious. But the Main is his favorite, so you’ll see him spending most of his time aboard.

12. Cyan – Bono’s Yacht

Cyan yacht
Cyan Yacht / Codecasa

When he needs to get away to recover after a busy life on the road, rockstar Bono retreats to his luxury yacht Cyan. Built by Codecasa, it often goes by its other name, Kingdom Come. This 160 foot, or 49 meters long yacht can go as fast as 20 knots.

The vessel has a baby grand piano, of course. Among other amenities, you will find wave runners, snorkeling gear, kite surfers, and its own swimming pool.

11. Venus –  Steve Jobs’s Yacht

Venus Yacht
Venus Yacht / Feadship

Steve Jobs wanted Phillippe Stark to build this yacht a few years before he passed. Unfortunately he never got to see the final result, but his widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, still owns it today. Inspired by the Apple store designs, the vessel has many glass features and is run by a group of 27-inch iMac computers.

The top-of-the-line electronic communication system is one of the best, and it facilitated on-board messaging. The yacht has six bedrooms, so it can accommodate up to 12 guests.

10. Privacy – Tiger Woods’s Yacht

Privacy Yacht
Privacy Yacht / usatoday.com

One of the greatest golfers in the world lives up to his celebrity status. Although he’s seen his share of controversy a few years back, he’s still one of the most popular celebrities on the planet. His yacht, named Privacy, is 154 feet, or 47 meters long.

It’s so comfy that he uses it as a second home when he’s playing in major tournaments away from home. The jacuzzi, decompression chamber, and wet bar help the athlete and nine other guests unwind and relax.

9. The TM Blue One – Valentino Garavani’s Yacht

The TM Blue One Yacht
The TM Blue One Yacht / boatinternational.com

Named for the fashion maven’s parents, Teresa and Mauro, the TM Blue One is Garavani’s essential hotspot for himself and his entourage. His yacht is designed by architect Peter Marino, the same one who also designed his New York apartment.

He has owned it since 1988, probably the longest of any of the celebrities mentioned on this list. He frequently has people onboard, and at times he hosts themed parties in which his guests are encouraged to partake in.

8. Hokulani – Nicole Kidman’s Yacht

Hokulani Yacht
Hokulani Yacht / superyachttimes.com

Over the last couple of decades, Nicole Kidman has become one of the best paid female actors to ever exist. She was smart with her money through the years, and Hokulani is not only an escape, but a great investment. Known for doing lots of philanthropic work, she needs a break every now and then.

She loves to chill out on her custom-made yacht that comes with a centralized entertainment system, a swimming platform, along with many other luxurious perks. Hokulani is large enough to accommodate up to 20 guests.

7. Necker Belle – Richard Branson’s Former Yacht

Necker Belle Yacht
Necker Belle Yacht / charterworld.com

With ownership of over 400 brands, Richard Branson is one of the richest music magnates in the world. The British mogul is the name behind Virgin Records, but he never stopped giving back to numerous charities and making his employees feel valued.

One of the fastest catamarans to ever exist, it can go as fast as 20 knots. Not the largest yachts on our list, it can hold up to ten guests. It is also available to rent for a weekly price of over $100,000 US dollars.

6. EOS – Diane Von Furstenberg’s Yacht

EOS Yacht
EOS Yacht / boats.drivemag.com

The renowned fashion designer and her husband Barry Dillar own EOS, one of the largest private yachts in the world. Since she used to be a real-life princess, the fashion designer is used to living like royalty.

Launched by the acclaimed yacht brand Lurssen, this incredible sailing yacht was stylish and simply beautiful, and it saw many lavish high-society gatherings. It used to be one of the longest yachts in the world at 305 feet in length. That’s before it caught fire outside of Norway back in 2012. Thankfully, no casualties were reported.

5. Vajoliroja – Johnny Depp’s Yacht

Vajoliroja yacht
Vajoliroja yacht / autoevolution.com

If there’s been one celebrity that caused a lot of gossip in the last couple of months, it’s none other than Johnny Depp. But we’re not here to talk about that. His most prized possession, the Vajoliroja, is a modern superyacht that was built in Turkey. With 47 meters in length, or 154 feet, he spent his time sailing his favorite places.

The yacht was named after his family with his ex-wife, Vanessa Paradis, and his two kids, Lily Rose and Jack. In 2016, he sold it to J.K Rowlings, who also happened to be caught up in her shares of controversy in the last couple of years.

4. Octopus – Paul Allen’s Yacht

Octopus Yacht
Octopus Yacht / Burgess

The self-made billionaire became one of the most famous people in the world thanks to his Microsoft involvement. In case you didn’t know, he’s the one, along with childhood friend Bill Gates, that founded the multibillion dollar corporation.

His superyacht named the Octopus features multiple game rooms, two submarines, a recording studio, a spa, and many other luxurious amenities. The two helipads make access from any location a lot easier. He spent lots of his free time aboard before his passing.

3. Eclipse – Roman Abramovich’s Yacht

Eclipse Yacht
Eclipse Yacht / Blohm+Voss

With an estimated net worth of over 12 billion dollars, oligarch Abramovich is the owner of Norilsk Nickel, Millhouse LLC, Evraz, and football team Chelsea FC. That is until just a few weeks ago, when Todd Boehly took ownership. Still, he is one of the richest men in the world, and his favorite yacht, the Eclipse, is one of the biggest privately-owned yachts in the world.

It is 533 feet long, has two helipads, two swimming pools, and a mini-submarine. With 24 cabins, a few hot tubs, and a disco hall, he can invite numerous guests aboard for a good time.

2. Seven – David and Victoria Beckham’s Yacht

Seven Yacht
Seven Yacht / boatinternational.com

David Beckham is the new owner of this Riva Argo 90, which he named Seven, after his iconic football shirt number. The boat was constructed by Ferretti Engineering Department for naval architecture. Officina Italiana Design are responsible for the design of both the interior and exterior of the yacht. The MTU diesel engine allows it to go up to 30 knots.

It was launched in October 2021, and it has some pretty cool features. Among its most standout designs is the sun lounging spot on the foredeck. They also own The Seafair, which is nicknamed ‘The Sophisticated Lady”, for Victoria.

1. Topaz (or A+) – Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s Yacht

Topaz Yacht
Topaz Yacht / Lurssen

The Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nayhan, owns one of the longest yachts to sail the waters. Mostly known as “Sheik Mansour”, he is the Manchester City owner, among many other holdings. At 482 feet long, or 147 meters, it is longer than some cruise ships. We are all curious to find out how the interior looks, but he’s a very private person, and no pictures are available.

So we are all left to speculate, but we can only imagine the luxurious amenities the yacht contains on-board. What we do know is that the yacht has its own cinema, swimming pools, on-deck jacuzzis, and its own helipad.

Final Thoughts

Although celebrities are people just like us, the way they live doesn’t compare to that of people that live paycheck to paycheck. But every now and again we like to see how luxurious their lives are. It makes us dream and wish, and these incredible yachts we just listed are just part of their glamorous world. We hope you enjoyed this virtual tour into the lives of the rich and famous.

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