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These Are The 25 Biggest Yachts in the World!

By Vlad Craciun


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Biggest Yachts in the World
Lurssen Azzam

Welcome to the fascinating realm of the world’s wealthiest individuals! For many of us, the luxurious lives of the rich and famous exist only in our wildest dreams.

However, there’s a select group of people who embody the opulence and prestige that we so often find ourselves daydreaming about. Get ready to step into their dazzling world, where the elite shine bright and capture our imagination.

Owning a superyacht is surely proof that you made it on a different level than the majority of the population. They are impressive, sleek vessels that make traveling by water so much more fun.

Lurssen Dilbar
Lurssen Dilbar

Those yachts that are some of the largest in the world offer some amenities more luxurious than your typical five-star hotel. You will find helicopter landing pads, spas, cinemas, and onboard swimming pools, just to name a few.

Most of those luxury yachts are privately owned, but there are few of them available for charter, should you be interested.

Here’s the list of the 25 biggest yachts in the world.

25. Octopus – 413 feet (126m)

Lurssen Octopus Yacht
Lurssen Octopus Yacht

Built in 2003 in Germany by shipyard Lurssen, Octopus was owned by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft.

Espen Oeino is the designer behind this superyacht, while the interiors were decorated by Jonathan Quinn Barnett.

It features an impressive deck that boasts a glass-bottom swimming pool, a helicopter pad, as well as an internal dock that can fit a 20 meter submarine.

24. Al Mirqab – 436 feet (133m)

Al Mirqab yacht
Al Mirqab yacht / Photo by Peter Seyfferth

Peterswerft is the builder of this majestic superyacht that was finished in 2008 in Germany. Al Mirqab’s owner is Hamad Bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, it accommodates 60 guests and is manned by 60 crew members.

The four floors are joined by a grand staircase that is surrounded by suspended glass artwork created by Dale Chihuly.

23. Serene – 439 feet (133.9m)

Fincantieri SERENE Yacht
Fincantieri SERENE Yacht

Owned by a Russian businessman, Serene was delivered in 2011 by the renowned Italian shipyard Fincantieri. The interior space was designed by Reymond Langton, and it accommodates a crew of 52 members plus 24 guests.

Featuring seven decks, a hangar, and two helipads, this superyacht comes with many other impressive amenities. Among them are underwater viewing ports plus its own custom submarine.

22. Crescent – 445 feet (135.6m)

Lurssen CRESCENT Yacht
Lurssen Crescent Yacht

This yacht is one of the most well-known yachts in the world, yet we don’t have any details about its owner. Most likely some Russian billionaire, but the identity of the current owner has never been revealed.

Built in 2018 in Germany by Lurssen, the sleek Crescent yacht accommodates 18 guests. The 40 person crew and all the bells and whistles make it worth $600 million.

The design was executed by Espen Oeino, while the interiors were fitted and perfectly curated by Zuretti Interior Designs.

21. Savarona – 446 feet (136m)

Blohm & Voss Savarona yacht
Blohm & Voss Savarona yacht

Owned by the Government of Turkey, the Savarona was built by Blohm & Voss in 1931. The German yacht builders have a few models under their belt, this one being their second largest superyacht, also their oldest one.

Designed by Cox & Stevens, the yacht accommodates 34 guests plus 48 person crew members. At $100 million, it is one of the most affordable yachts on this list.

Decades ago it was worth $4 million, but in 1989 the owner of the Turkish Sadikoglu Group refurbished it for the astounding sum of $50 million, which raised its worth considerably.

20. Flying Fox – 446 feet (136m)

Lurssen Flying Fox yacht
Lurssen Flying Fox yacht

Built by German yacht manufacturer Lurssen, the Flying Fox was finished in 2019. Although rumor has it that the owner is Jeff Bezos, there’s no concrete evidence to back up that claim.

We do know that it’s been chartered by power couple Beyonce and husband Jay-Z last year, for the cool sum of $3 million a week. You will find this yacht mostly around the islands of Capri and Sardinia, Cannes, even Norway.

It can accommodate 22 guests plus a crew of 54 people, making it one of the most expensive charter yachts in the world.

19. Rising Sun – 454 feet (138.4m)

Lurssen Rising Sun yacht
Lurssen Rising Sun yacht

Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle Corporation sold the Rising Sun to David Geffin, the new owner of this $400 million superyacht back in 2010.

Built in 2004 by German ship makers Lurssen, it accommodates 16 guests plus 45 crew members. The impressive attention to details of its interiors make the onyx and teak complement each other to perfection.

Among its most notable amenities you’ll find a basketball court that also serves as a helicopter landing pad, a sauna, a full gym, private cinema, among a few others.

18. Al Salamah – 457 feet (139.3m)

Lurssen Al Salamah
Lurssen Al Salamah yacht

The Crown Prince of Bahrain is the official owner of this superyacht today, after he received it as a gift from the Omani Royal Fleet.

This superyacht accommodates 40 guests and 134 crew members, which makes it one of the largest on the planet.

It was built in 1999 by German shipmaker Lurssen along with the consortium of Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft, or HDW. Rumor has it that it has its own hospital, five galleys, and an underwater treadmill for physical therapy.

17. Scheherazade – 459 feet (140m)

Lurssen Scheherazade yacht
Lurssen Scheherazade yacht

Luxurious Scheherazade is not a superyacht that holds back on essentials nor glam amenities.

Although many superyachts like to keep some details secretive, even the building process and its introduction were kept under wraps with only a codename available, Project Lightning.

Its name refers to a female character from the Middle estern series One Thousand and One Nights.

Built in 2020 by the same acclaimed German yacht brand, Lurssen, this massive superyacht is worth $700 million, and it accommodates 18 guests and a crew of 40 members.

16. Ocean Victory – 460 feet (140.2m)

Fincantieri Ocean Victory yacht
Fincantieri Ocean Victory yacht

You will find this superyacht all over the world, as it traveled from Southeast Asia to Europe, among other destinations.

Russian billionaire Viktor Rashnikov is the owner of this upgraded vessel. Built in 2014 in Italy by Fincantieri, this luxurious yacht can fit a crew of 56 plus 28 guests.

The 300-square meter spa area and six individual swimming pools you’ll find on board are only a few amenities this beautiful vessel offers.

15. Solaris – 461 feet (140.5m)

Lloyd Werft Solaris yacht
Lloyd Werft Solaris yacht

While undergoing sea trials in the North Sea, the secret surrounding the build and everything else concerning this vessel came out.

Built only last year by German shipmaker Lloyd Werft, the $600 million superyacht fits a crew of 60 and 60 guests. Its most notable feature is undoubtedly its beach club that’s located on the top floor.

Among other luxurious features you will find a crane that launches tenders, several subs, and a large helipad. Owned by Roman Abramovich, the interiors must be decorated with the utmost style.

14. Yas – 463 feet (141m)

Yas Yacht
Yas Yacht

The rather unusual seamless design of the Yas makes this superyacht stand out from the others on our list.

Owner Hamdan bin Zayed al Nayhan requested a style that lived up to his navy background, therefore its abstract lines and design details are in sync with his lavish lifestyle.

Originally built in 1981 by Dutch shipmaker Koninklijke Schelde, Hamdan had it deconstructed and rebuilt to his own preference by ADM Shipyards. The ship fits 60 guests and a crew of 60 members.

13. Dream Symphony – 463 feet (141m)

Dream Symphony Yacht
Dream Symphony Yacht

The seamless presentation and stunning design of Dream Symphony will make sailing a real dream come true.

Built in Turkey this year by Dream Ship Victory, this yacht has not been completed as far as we know, but it will be ready to hit the high seas in the near future.

The interior is styled by Ken Freivokh, who used unique wood building technology in order to create one of the greenest superyachts to ever exist.

It is equipped with a teak deck and a humongous glass swimming pool in its center, and a rising floor that will be used for helicopter landings. It will fit 18 guests and 32 crew members.

12. Nord – 465 feet

Lurssen Nord yacht
Lurssen Nord yacht

With a never before seen bow, Nord’s design is distinctive and unique. Its overall unusual look has been referred to as ‘a warship wearing a tuxedo’, by the Italian designer Dan Lenard of Nuvolari Lenard studio.

The owner, Alexei Mordashov, wanted a ship that is designed to calmly cruise and explore the world. Built in 2020 by German shipyard Lurssen, it accommodates a crew of 40 and 24 guests.

Among some of its coolest amenities are a diving sports center on the lower deck, while on the top deck you can overlook the ocean from the swimming pool.

11. Sailing Yacht A – 468 feet (142.6m)

Nobiskrug Sailing Yacht A
Nobiskrug Sailing Yacht A

More than just a pretty face, A boasts a futuristic, sleek design. Built in Germany in 2017 by Nobiskrug, it is owned by Andrey Melinchenko.

The yacht is worth $300 million US dollars, it has a crew of 54, and can fit 24 guests. It is made for cruising and equipped with lots of the latest technology.

The elements of the sea will not bother its occupants while onboard. Smooth sailing is what guests will experience aboard the A.

10. El Mahrousa – 478 feet

El Mahrousa
El Mahrousa Yacht

Probably the oldest superyacht to ever exist, El Mahrousa was built in 1863 by shipyard Samuda Brothers of England. Translated from Arabic to mean The Protected, it was at one point called El Horreya, which means Freedom.

Owned by the President of Egypt, the superyacht has seen many restorations throughout the decades.

We don’t have much details about its interior, the price, or even the number of guests it can accommodate. We do know that a staff of 160 crew members are onboard while at sea.

9. Prince Abdulaziz – 482 feet (146.9m)

Prince Abdulaziz yacht
Prince Abdulaziz yacht

Built in 1984 by Danish shipyard Helsingor Vaerft, it’s worth about $100 million dollars today. The owner of this lavish vessel is none other than Prince Abdullah Aziz bin Fahd.

Originally ordered to be custom made by King Fahd, it was passed on to his sons.

The redecoration project the ship underwent in 2007 took 15 months to complete, and the design was created by the late David Hicks. It accommodates 64 guests, with a crew of 65 members.

8. A+ – 483 feet (148.4m)

Lurssen A+ yacht
Lurssen A+ yacht

Previously called Topaz, the A+ yacht is in the top ten of the largest superyachts in the world today. When it was built back in 2012 by Lurssen, it was the fourth largest in the world, but it lost its top spot after a few years.

Despite that, it is a very impressive ship that comes with endless luxurious amenities. The swimming pool has its own platform and underwater lights, and among some of its coolest features are the mini-submarine, a catamaran, and inflatable boats.

Owned by Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahya, he has a crew of 79 onboard, and can accommodate an additional 62 guests.

7. Al Said – 508 feet (154.8m)

Lussen Al Said
Lussen Al Said

While being created, this superyacht was referred to as Project Sunflower in order to preserve its privacy.

Delivered to the Sultan of Oman in 2008, this superyacht was also built by German shipyard Lurssen. With a 140 crew member and 65 guests, the Al Said has a concert room and an orchestra of 65 musicians on board.

Although other details are unknown to us, we can only assume the luxurious accommodations it boasts.

6. Dilbar – 511 feet (155.8m)

Lurssen Dilbar Yacht
Lurssen Dilbar Yacht

Project Omar, as it was better known while in construction, Dilbar was imagined by exterior designer Espen Oeino with Andrew Winch adding his magic for the yacht’s glamorous interiors.

Built in 2015 by Lurssen of Germany, it is the largest known superyacht by interior volume. A classy design, the Dilbar comes equipped with a large private cinema, a beach club, spa, and a salon that has its own piano, among other glamorous features.

It is owned by Alisher Usmanov, and it accommodates 40 guests and a crew of 80 members.

5. Blue – 524 feet (159.7m)

Lurssen Blue Yacht
Lurssen Blue Yacht

Also created under a codename, Project Blue was unveiled earlier last year as it was handed over to its owner, Sheik Mansour Al Nahyan.Valued at over $600 million US dollars, it fits a crew of 80 members and 48 guests.

Designed by Terence Disadle, its numerous luxurious amenities are not yet known, but we can only imagine.

The fifth largest superyacht in the world had a beam of 22.5 meters, or 73 feet, and a total tonnage of 15,320 GT.

The innovative after-treatment system and wastewater treatment plan make it one of the most eco-friendly vessels to sail the waters.

4. Dubai – 531 feet (161.8m)

Blohm & Voss Dubai Yacht
Blohm & Voss Dubai Yacht

In the planning stages, the massive Dubai yacht went through a few names before its final name.

Golden Star, Platinum, and Panhandle were among the contenders until its owner, the ruler of Dubai, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum decided to name it after its home emirate.

You can imagine the numerous luxurious amenities onboard: two jacuzzis, a huge swimming pool, plus the decor fit for royalty.

Built by Blohm & Voss and Lurssen in 1998, the large ship fits 115 guests and a crew of 88 members.

3. Eclipse – 533 feet (162.5m)

Blohm & Voss Eclipse Yacht
Blohm & Voss Eclipse Yacht

From start to finish, it took five years for Eclipse to be complete. This award winning superyacht focused more on being decked out appropriately.

Incredibly spacious, Eclipse is decorated with a neutral color palette throughout, and it has endless rooms to fit 30 guests and a crew of 70 members.

Built in 2009 by German shipyard Blohm & Voss, it is owned by Roman Abramovich. He put an emphasis on luxurious facilities such as a humongous swimming pool and more than one helipad.

Designer Terry Disdale had free reign as far as architectural design went.

2. Fulk Al Salamah – 538 feet (164m)

Fulk Al Salamah Yacht
Fulk Al Salamah Yacht

The Ship Of Peace, or Fulk al Salamah, was developed under the codename Project Saffron back in 2016. It was built in Italy by the shipyard Mariotti, and it is better known for its use as a transport ship for the Royal Navy Of Oman.

Owned by Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, it serves as a support vessel to enforce ties within the Sultanate.

Fit to accommodate a crew of 100 members, 40 of some of the most influential guests are often seen aboard. Needless to say, the luxurious superyacht boasts some of the best features available in the world.

1. Azzam – 592 feet (180.4m)

Lurssen Azzam yacht
Lurssen Azzam yacht

The shipyard that brought us 13 out of the 25 world’s largest superyachts in the world, Lurssen is the builder of the world’s largest-ever bespoke superyacht as well.

Owned by none other than one of the world’s richest men, Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, it was designed under the watchful eye of Mubarak Saad al Ahabhi.

Built in 2013, the massive Azzam superyacht accommodates a crew of 60 members on top of 30 guests. The plans for its interiors were confirmed even before the exterior was completed.

With more than 4,000 people working on this beauty, the work took four years total to complete.

Final Thoughts

This sums up our list of the 25 biggest yachts in the world. Pretty impressive, right?

As other superyachts continue being built, the list might see some adjustments in the future. But for now, these are the largest superyachts in the world to sail the waters.

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