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25 Best Black Sneakers for Men

By Alex Holmes


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Best black sneakers for men
Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Stussy’ / Photo by Repgod888 / hypebeast.com

Sneakers are nice. But black sneakers are even better. They’re a lot more versatile, proving to be a good choice with almost any outfit and they don’t even need as much maintenance as their white or light colored counterparts. So you don’t need to worry about ruining that superb shiny upper the second you step out of the store or your home.

When the choice presents itself, between white sneakers and all black ones, go for the dark monochrome version. They’re much, much cooler. After that decision is made, look for a comfortable pair and choose your style.

Adidas Yeezy 700 v3 Dark Glow black
Adidas Yeezy 700 v3 Dark Glow / Photo by yankeekicks

There’s plenty of awesome black sneakers to choose from. From futuristic high fashion designs to the classic sport sneaker, there are so many options for just about anyone. And not all of them are what they need to be.

But if you want to skip the huge amount of time it takes to sort through all the variants, jump to the list below, where we’ll present you the 25 best black sneakers for men.

25. Prada Cloudbust Thunder High

Prada Cloudbust Thunder High

The Prada Cloudbust Thunder High is a very interesting blend of a military inspired design and innovative features. It’s not at all subtle, so it’s suitable to those who want to stand out from the crowd.

The bold, techy design of these sneakers and the exaggerated tread make them easily noticeable wherever you may go.

24. New Balance M920

New Balance M920

New Balance shoes are always a good choice, and the brand’s M920 model is particularly impressive in the all black variant.

The design doesn’t stray away from the traditional sport casual sneaker, and they will impress but without being over the top.

23. ASICS GEL-Venture 6

ASICS GEL-Venture 6

For a more sporty look, you should pick the ASICS GEL-Venture 6 in an all black colorway and an interesting drop of bright red, yellow, and a few other shades.

This classic runners from ASICS make for a very comfortable pair of sneakers, and they simply look amazing. 

I’ve had pair of blacked-out ASICS Agressor 5 for years and they’re still some of my favorite boxing shoes, but the GEL-Venture 6 are perfect for daily use.

22. Salomon XT-Wings 2 ADV

Salomon XT-Wings 2 ADV

Staying sporty, but going even more technical than the ASICS runners above, we’ve got the Salomon XT-Wings 2 ADV, which is a nice pair of trail running shoes, but one that’s suitable for other, more laid back city activities.

The simple black and gray palette looks gorgeous no matter what you’re wearing, making them a very versatile pair of sneakers.

21. Adidas Terrex Free Hiker Gore-Tex

Adidas Terrex Free Hiker Gore-Tex

The Adidas Terrex Free Hiker Gore-Tex goes even further into the functional side of things. Designed for hiking on rugged trails and ready for any weather conditions, these are a premium pair of light hiking shoes.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t look and feel good in the city. They might actually be the perfect footwear choice during those cold rainy days.

20. Valentino Garavani Rockrunner Sneakers

Valentino Garavani Rockrunner Sneakers

The Valentino Garavani Rockrunner Sneakers aren’t your usual sneakers and it’s enough to take a good look at their hefty price to realize that.

Made in Italy from a high quality blend of leather, cotton, and polyester, you can expect them to last you forever. The simple design with a lace-up front fastening and the logo on the tongue will make for an interesting sight wherever you go.

19. Nike Air Max 90 Sneaker

Nike Air Max 90 Sneaker

The Nike Air Max 90 Sneakers are some of the best classics out there. There isn’t much to say, as everyone knows their worth. They always look good, and in the all black colorway, they’re better than ever.

For sports, for school, or going for a quick walk around town, it doesn’t matter. They’ll be suitable to any outfit.


18. Puma Cell Endura Rebound

Puma Cell Endura Rebound

Designed with comfort in mind, the Puma Cell Endura Rebound are a wonderful choice for those long city strolls. They’ve got a clunky look though, so if you’re not one to fancy this style, better look somewhere else.

These sneakers are modern and feature EVA midsole for shock absorption and better foot support.

17. Nike Air Max 97

Nike Air Max 97

A more wacky and odd looking pair of sneakers, one that will surely catch other’s glances, is the Nike Air Max 97. If nothing else is fancy and beautiful enough, grab a pair of these and you’ll never be the same again.

Perfect for the gym as well, these sneakers are available in a variety of colorways, but this all black version is simply irresistible. 


16. Gucci Ace Low-top Sneakers

Gucci Ace Low-top Sneakers

You wouldn’t expect Gucci to do sneakers so well and show up in this list, right? They’ve come up with a very stylish and trendy pair of black sneakers, the Ace Low-top.

The sneakers are made in Italy, so you can expect nothing but high quality craftsmanship. They’re made from black leather, with perforated detailing on the side showing the brand’s logo.

Their price might keep some people away, but they’re surely worth the investment.

15. New Balance 990v5

New Balance 990v5

The New Balance 990v5 is the quintessential all black sneaker. It comes with that classic retro sneaker design, but is stylish enough to be worn during fancy events.

If you’re longing for those long gone 90’s aesthetics, the 990v5 is the modern take on that and the one pair of sneakers you should look for.

Wearing these all day long will feel wonderful due to their super comfortable sole. And they’ll look amazing as well, no matter the outfit.

14. Novesta Star Master

Novesta Star Master

The Novesta Star Master are super classy and bring a cool and fresh design in a world of sneakers that look the same.

They’re carefully crafted in Slovakia, and feature a nice and sleek aesthetic, with only the brand’s logo on the tongue breaking the all-black palette.

Perfect for a more laidback attire but without lacking on style, these sneakers are well worth adding to every man’s sneaker collection.

13. Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Stussy’

Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Stussy’

This pair couldn’t have been left out of this list. The fashionable Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Stussy’ are an essential addition to everybody’s wardrobe. They fit wonderfully with a pair of cargo pants and a white t-shirt.

Heck, it’s actually one of the best pairs of Nike Air Force 1’s ever created. They are a little bit costly at around $130, but it’s money you won’t want to spend on anything else but these sneakers.


12. New Balance 550

New Balance 550

With a new triple black colorway, the New Balance 550 sneakers are coming back to take the sneaker market by force and make things better for the American sneaker brand.

The new 550’s look simply amazing in all that black leather, and the design is a fit for almost any wardrobe style.

11. Adidas Yeezy 700 v3 Dark Glow

Adidas Yeezy 700 v3 Dark Glow

Born from the Adidas Yeezy partnership, the 700 v3 Dark Glow sneakers bring on the market one of the most interesting designs of the past few years. It’s no wonder why they’re so sought after, despite their high price tag.

The triple black sneaker blends together the hype and the sleekness of the design, with simple lines that create an astonishing structure.

10. Vans OG Old Skool LX Sneakers

Vans OG Old Skool LX Sneakers

For about $125, the Vans OG Old Skool LX Sneakers will impress almost anyone, skate shoes fans or not.

The simple design with a few additions, like the white line on the sides, white shoelaces, plus the suede inserts, makes for a very appealing shoe.

9. Air Jordan 4 Retro Black

Air Jordan 4 Retro Black

A staple of the footwear industry, the Air Jordan sneakers are not to be missed, especially the latest pair of 4 Retro Blacks.

They’ve got a nice and sleek design, with a nubuck suede construction and mesh underlays, plus a rubber outsole and air cushioning for the ultimate comfort.

Since their initial launch back in 2006, this model has garnered a lot of attention and praise and continues to do so even today.

8. Salomon Limited-Edition XT-6 ADV

Salomon Limited-Edition XT-6 ADV SneakersAnother all time favorite of runners all over the world, the Salomon Limited Edition XT-6 ADV Sneakers, left a nice impression on the more fashion oriented crowds everywhere, especially in that black and gray color way.

It’s a high spec sneaker, one of Salomon’s best, and features the brand’s signature speed lacing system, and EVA foam midsoles for comfort.

The upper is made from breathable mesh, and the Rearfoot Descent Control technology ensures you can go to your favorite coffee shop even if it’s located on the top of a mountain.

7. HOKA One One Clifton 8

HOKA One One Clifton 8

HOKA are renowned for their extremely comfortable running shoes, and the Clifton 8 proves to be even more than that.

It’s a crossover into the world of fashion, and comes in a superb triple black, with a full EVA midsole, and mesh upper for excellent breathability.

There’s no reason not to wear a pair of these anywhere you go.

6. MONOCHROME’ Low Midnight Ultra Matte

MONOCHROME’ Low Midnight Ultra Matte

Unbelievably beautiful, the MONOCHROME’ Low Midnight Ultra Matte is a premium pair of sneakers designed in Sydney, Australia and made in Italy.

The low-top design and the superb blend between the white rubber sole and the matte black rubber coated Italian calf leather upper make for a very appealing aesthetic.

Among the features, there’s water repellency thanks to the rubberized upper, and an EVA outsole for amazing comfort.

The only downside you’ll notice is how depleted your wallet will be after paying around $300 for a pair.

5. Maison Margiela Replica Sneakers

Maison Margiela Replica Sneakers

The timeless design, inspired by the 1970’s German Army Trainer, made the Maison Margiela Replica Sneakers a huge success on the market.

Triple black and versatile enough for any occasion, these sneakers are a superb combination of stylish leather and comfort, making them a very popular choice among many fashionable individuals and business men.

4. Saint Laurent Andy

Saint Laurent Andy

The Saint Laurent Andy is another timeless shoe worn by many famous individuals around the world. And if they’re good enough for them, they surely are good enough for everyone else.

These sneakers are minimal in design and only boast the brand in a subtle way. They feature wax laces, and stitching finished off with gold foil branding to give them a more opulent look.

The extra attention given to these sneakers requires a bigger budget, because their price tag rises around the $600 mark.

3. Nike Air Force 1 ’07

Nike Air Force 1 ’07

A much more affordable pair of sneakers, but one that boasts fame, trust, and exceptional quality, is the Nike Air Force 1 ’07. The shoes are trendy, eye catching, and come in all black colorway.

A good fit with just about any pair of trousers, the ’07’s are a good choice for any man going about his daily business. The sneakers feature air cushioning, foam midsole, and rubber outsole, so comfort is ensured.

And probably the best thing about them is that almost anyone can afford them at around $90 a pair.

2. Von-Röutte Munich

Von-Röutte Munich

The Von-Röutte Munich draws inspiration from the classic silhouettes of times past, but adds sufficient modern appeal to make them both timeless and versatile in our days.

Made by hand in Portugal, not in Germany as some of you might expect, this pair of sneakers are top quality both in materials used and the crafting process.

They feature a leather upper, with suede details lining, plus a nice leather pull tab at the back that adds to the overall appeal. They’re a perfect fit for a smart casual wear.

1. Common Projects Original Achilles Sneaker

Common Projects Original Achilles Sneaker

Another minimalistic design with an immense appeal is the Common Projects Original Achilles Sneaker, a super sleek all black pair of shoes for every man who takes his sneaker collection seriously.

The simple aesthetic has a certain style to it, which makes it blend with almost any outfit, without being too much or too little. Made from black leather in Italy, these sneakers will last you a long, long time.

The only thing that stands out in all the black minimalism is the brand’s signature gold stamped serial numbers on the heel. The rubber sole is comfortable for long days in the city, and the quality and durability will outpace most other footwear.

It’s probably the most neutral of the all black sneaker bunch, thing which gives it a certain appeal and makes it a good choice for almost any kind of man at any kind of event.


Nike Air Force 1 ’07 black
Nike Air Force 1 ’07 black

No matter if you go for our top choices, the more minimalistic designs, or something that looks a bit more bold, with a futuristic aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices.

All these black sneakers look excellent, no matter where you go or what you decide to wear. You only need to find the pair that “speaks” most to your personal style and you’re good to go! 

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