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The 20 Best Tactical Gloves of 2023

By Victor Baker


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Triple Aught Design PIG Delta+ gloves

Modern tactical gloves have come a long way from the gear our forefathers used to own when doing necessary outdoor jobs, or even when they served our countries in the military. When your job demands the use of hands, you need to invest in the best quality gloves on the market in order to protect your hands.

Whether you’re in some branch of the military, work construction outdoors throughout the winter, or if you have any other type of occupation that requires you to have some individual protection equipment, this article is definitely for you.

Some of the gloves we will look at offer you protection from scratches, cuts, or any other type of lacerations you’re exposed to day to day while offering that much needed extra grip. Other picks from this list are also appropriate for extreme weather, so you can go ahead and brace for the brutal weather without worrying about frostbite.

tactical gloves
Vertx FR Breacher Gloves

Even if you’re only planning to use them for gardening or any other type of hobby, it’s a good idea to be prepared. There are SO many things available on the market to facilitate your daily chores, so why not use them?

Companies from all over the world have invested a lot of time and money in an effort to make some of the best tactical gloves out there, using nothing but the best materials for maximum protection. That’s why we recommend each of these options, starting with..

20. TitanOPS Full Finger Tactical Gloves

TitanOPS Full Finger Tactical Gloves

This pair of tactical gloves are good enough for light to medium-duty jobs. They do provide you with good grip and have been used by the military. A reinforced palm adds durability while making them comfortable for long time use.

They offer you knuckle and finger protection against any type of injury that might hinder your performance while sporting a cool design. The wrist strap allows you to tighten it for a comfortable fit.

19. Camelbak Magnum Force Tactical Gloves

Camelbak Magnum Force Tactical Gloves

The company made a name for itself with their hydration packs that fit into any backpack, but now they introduced the world to the Magnum Force Tactical Gloves, which are highly functional.

Any operator will be happy with the Kevlar-reinforced hard knuckle protection, EVA foam finger protection, and abrasion-resistant palms. The rugged yet breathable construction is allowing for great movement while protecting your hands at the same time.

18. Glove Station The Combat Military Police Tactical Gloves

Glove Station The Combat Military Police Tactical Gloves

This pair from Glove Station is worth a mention, even if you’re not familiar with the brand. They come with reinforced knuckles that make tough jobs a breeze and will prevent scrapes. They are designed with double-stitch seams for ultimate durability and the leather palms add much-needed grip.

Your hands won’t sweat thanks to the padded mesh and vents that are at the back of the gloves. Touch screen and tactical shooting gloves in one, they are a great high-quality option.

17. Mechanix Wear TAA Original Covert

Mechanix Wear TAA Original Covert

The affordable price should not steer you away from the quality those gloves offer you. Made by a brand that Navy Seals could count on, they are conducive to tactical and military use. They offer you top protection and high dexterity, so you don’t have to compromise on either.

They are an improved version of the original Mechanic Glove, and they are available in five sizes and different colors. The TPR wrist closure is one of their main features, and the TrekDry lining ensures your hands will keep dry while staying warm.

16. 5.11 Screen Ops Tactical Gloves

5.11 Screen Ops Tactical Gloves

A great pair to consider if you’re glued to your phone all day long. While providing you with ample protection against abrasions thanks to the Kevlar knit fabric, they are not fire-resistant. They do offer you great handling for a variety of tasks because of the seamless goatskin palms.

But the main feature that sets them apart from other tactile gloves is their touchscreen compatibility. You can answer texts or phone calls, even check your emails while keeping those gloves on. Perfect for someone whose position requires them to stay connected all the time.

15. Mechanix Wear TAA M-Pact 3

Mechanix Wear TAA M-Pact 3

This tactical glove has been engineered from scratch in their California facility. They used an anatomical shape knuckle guard that they fortified with 3mm EVA accordion padding and that got the EN 13594 standards. With two-piece palm reinforcements and fingertip reinforcements, the gloves offer robust protection and abrasion resistance.

Touchscreen compatible as well thanks to the 0.8mm synthetic leather fingertip, they feature a TPR wrist closure and nylon loops that facilitate attachment to your gear. All that, and they are machine washable as well.

14. Blackhawk S.O.L.A.G. HD Tactical Gloves

Blackhawk S.O.L.A.G. HD Tactical Gloves

Another brand that specializes in tough tactical gear, this heavy-duty tactical glove is one of their top products. They are designed specifically for tactical operations, and they boast dual-layer leather both in the palm and in the fingers. In the eventuality of flames, they use either Kevlar or NOMEX materials on the rest of the glove.

They also have a molded hard shell that is covered in leather for protecting the fingers and knuckles, and a lanyard loop for attaching them when not in use.

13. 5.11 Tactical Hard Time Gloves

5.11 Tactical Hard Time Gloves

They are a fairly new company on the market, but they made a name for themselves quickly. First responders, law enforcement personnel, even branches of the military came to depend on their reliability in the field. Made in California, these gloves will stand in any climate and weather conditions.

The thermoplastic armored knuckles are well-articulated, and the Kevlar-knit back panels are their signature touches. The reinforced pull-tab is also a cool feature not many other brands offer and that customers appreciate. The Tactical fingertips with the reinforced finger joints are made from goatskin leather.

12. Mechanix Wear MG-95-010 Insulated Winter Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear MG-95-010 Insulated Winter Tactical Gloves

Here’s another great pair of work gloves from Mechanix Wear. This time we’re talking about a warm pair of gloves that uses C40 3M Thinsulate that will work even in the harshest climate. Most tactical gloves will not protect your hands against the cold as these do.

They are made with a synthetic leather palm that is great for gripping things and provides you with abrasion protection. Made from carbon-infused material, they are also easy to clean and have touch screen capabilities as well.

11. WTactful Touch Screen Tactical Gloves

WTactful Touch Screen Tactical Gloves

This sturdy pair from WTactful are reinforced with heavy-duty double stitching palm protection. Although they are meant for hard work, they feel as comfortable as regular work gloves, minus the abrasions you are likely to get when performing certain tasks.

The lightweight and breathable material prevent your hands from sweating, and the hard knuckle plate is there for extra protection. But their most popular feature is the touch screen connectivity.

10. Triple Aught Design PIG Delta+

Triple Aught Design PIG Delta+

This model right here is one of the best gloves on the market as far as dexterity is concerned. They are made of a thin layer made with a two-way stretch poly material but it offers ample protection. The ergonomically shaped wrist opening allows for freedom of movement, while the wrist pulls made from TPR keep them in place.

Triple Aught Design is a brand that specializes in top-quality tactical gear, so they are a good option to keep in mind. These limited edition gloves feature carbon leather palms with touchscreen-compatible thumbs and fingertips.

9. Under Armour Tactical Duty Gloves

Under Armour Tactical Duty Gloves

A great pair that is touch screen compatible, they literally fly off the shelves as soon as the company restocks them. They offer a streamlined fit in synthetic leather with a neoprene cuff. They are not as rugged as other models and could be worn for any occasion, which is what makes them so popular.

You can use them for your less challenging endeavors as well, but the padding at the back does provide you with enough protection for those times when you need it.

8. PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Alpha Gloves

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Alpha Gloves

If you’re looking for the highest dexterity gloves, this pair is for you. These gloves have been used by US Special Ops soldiers because they offer great hand protection, high dexterity, and superior fit. Although lacking in the knuckle protection most models offer, they focus on other features that accommodate shooting.

The thinnest material is used on your trigger finger for that purpose, and the touch screen compatibility is also a high priority. It feels almost as if you’re not wearing any gloves at all! Their lightweight and sleek design also make them a favorite with professional shooters.

7. Sig Sauer Tactical Men’s Gloves

Sig Sauer Tactical Men’s Gloves

German brand Sig Sauer and First Tactical collaborated on the making of these tactical gloves. The result is an upgraded take on First Tactical’s flagship gloves. What sets them apart is the stretch mesh backs and reinforced leather palms, among other cool features.

Touch-screen compatible fingertips are a norm for tactical gloves, but the leather reinforcements around the inside of the thumb make them appropriate for fire-arm usage. They also boast TPR and Velcro wrist closures, along with neoprene padding across the knuckles for extra protection.

6. Mechanix Wear M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves

One of the toughest tactical gloves on the market, the Coyote from Mechanix Wear is able to take on some serious abuse. The color is a nice added touch as well, but the dexterity they offer you is probably their best feature. The guards on both the knuckles and the fingers are split, so you can move with more ease.

The rubber they added to the palms and fingers increases your grip and protects against blisters. And the extra padding on the palms absorbs high-impact hits. All this for a very reasonable price.

5. Vertx FR Breacher Gloves


Made from the sturdy Kevlar material, these tactical gloves from Vertx are a highly protective item. Designed with hostile environments in mind, they are dexterous while providing you with much-needed touch screen capabilities. Through the use of anti-static goatskin suede and a fabric interlaced with NOMEX, it is also equipped with Hammer bite protection.

The armor present at the back of the hands and across the knuckles will make you feel secure that the blows won’t hurt as much. The cool thing about those gloves is that the fingers are pre-curved, so they allow for natural movement when you’re wearing them.

4. Oakley SI Pilot Glove

Oakley SI Pilot Glove

Another well-known brand that is based in California, Oakley started manufacturing specific products for the armed forces. Among some of those offerings are the backpacks, goggles and tactical combat boots, and their Factory Pilot tactical gloves. They are made specifically for the military, and they are known to be used in combat, that’s how reliable they are.

The back and the wrists of the gloves are made from a four-way stretch material, which includes elastane, neoprene, nylon, and polyurethane. The full-grain leather palms are perforated in order to provide breathability, and they also feature padded knuckle guards, Airprene joint panels, and rubber exhaust ports.

3. Magpul Patrol Glove 2.0

Magpul Patrol Glove 2.0

Magpul manufactures some very impressive tactical accessories and wearables that are reasonably priced for the quality they offer. They use goatskin leather for extra palm padding, and the thumbs are touch-screen compatible. The 2.0 version of the Patrol Glove has some minor improvements over the original one.

The freedom of movement is more pronounced, and the articulation at the wrists has been revised. They also feature some other small details, such as the cord Nylon at the back of the hands, which are reinforced with closed-cell foam around the fingers and the knuckles.

2. Outdoor Research Convoy Sensor Gloves

Outdoor Research Convoy Sensor Gloves

This model is one of the best for those frigid months. The Convoy Sensor gloves are fully windproof and waterproof while being surprisingly breathable. They boast a stretched woven shell that has an extra membrane, which is what helps with the warmth and dryness. The reinforced goatskin leather palms and the pre-curved fingers allow you freedom of movement.

There’s a hook and loop Velcro-back cuff closure, as well as the touchscreen compatible fingers. The tricot insulation provides the extra warmth needed for winter while being very lightweight. With each use they get more and more comfortable, so don’t worry.

1. Arc’Teryx Alpha SL Glove

Arc’Teryx Alpha SL Glove

If you’re familiar with the Canadian outdoor clothing brand, you know they specialize in mountaineering and alpine gear, but those gloves deserve a mention. They boast a rugged construction and they provide you with extreme warmth thanks to the lightweight but strong windproof membrane. At the wrists, they not only have a Velcro closure, but also a loop and strap tightening accessory which will keep your hands fully protected.

Ample reinforcements at the fingertips and inside the thumb provide prolonged dependability. On top of all that, they have a sleek design and touchscreen capabilities, which makes them a favorite model.

This sums up our list of the 20 best tactical gloves you can buy this year. Which ones are your favorites? 

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