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The 20 Best Tactical Watches You Can Buy in 2023

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Best Tactical Watches
Garmin Tactix Delta Solar Edition

The tactical watch, or better known as the military watch, is a sturdy and practical fashion accessory some men love. Inspired by the military, it features some resilient and essential tools you might find welcome if you’re one to enjoy the wilderness, or just some outdoor adventures.

Built to survive in any terrain, and in some of the most challenging factors mother nature decides to send our way, it is also a must for the guys who are into extreme sports, or just adrenaline junkies in general. Soldiers and navy seals alike swear by those EDC equipment that accompany them on every outing.

What do we consider tactical watches?

Breitling Emergency watch
Breitling Emergency

Tactical military watches are built with function in mind. They are for the type of guy who is in the military or a similar field, or in his spare time he lives on the edge hungry for his next adventure. You might find him skydiving one weekend, hiking the next, or diving off cliffs the one after that.

The specs of those watches are utilitarian, they will perform well, and will work in up to 300m underwater, among many other features which we will mention in a bit. But guys, if you don’t fit this profile and just love the style of those watches, by all means, read on! You can sport it as a fashion statement as well, no one will judge you!

What should you consider when purchasing a tactical watch?

Vincero Outrider Matte Black Army
Vincero Outrider

When shopping for a military watch, there are some basic things you should expect from it, which is resilience and extreme functionality. They should be built from sturdy materials, come equipped with some built-in tools, and feature some of the best technology.

Some of those necessary tools are:

  • Water resistant up to at least 100m
  • Bluetooth and GPS enabled
  • Alarm, barometer, compass, thermometer
  • Will withstand changes in atmospheric pressure (ATM)
  • Scratch proof and shock resistance
  • High grade sapphire crystal
  • Quartz interior
  • Analog or Digital?
  • Dark and non-reflective surface
  • Solar charging
  • Silicone rubber or titanium construction

Different Types of Military Watches

Types of Military Watches
Casio G-Shock

There are a variety of types, but we will narrow it down in three categories for you:

  • Heavy Duty Watches are mostly digital, although you might find the odd analog and, as the name says it, they are built with lots of heavy duty features. Their functionality is probably the best in their category.
  • Tactical field watches are more minimalist by design. The simpler design doesn’t take away from their accessibility and durability. They can be distinguished by their slim bodies and highly legible dials.
  • Pilot watches feature larger and highly visible dials, as well as high resistance to ATM ans high altitudes, hence the name “Pilot”.

Before you start looking at the list we compiled, figure out which of the features mentioned are most important to you and the look you’re going for. Then take a look at the following models, and take your pick.

These are the 20 best tactical watches you can buy right now:

20. Timex Expedition Shock XL


This shock-resistant watch made from resin is a long-lasting option for the adventurer at heart. It is digital, and perfect for fitness enthusiasts who like to track their progress.

The Indiglo feature Timex is known for allows you to read it even when it’s dark outside. One of the most budget-friendly watches, it has features such as a customisable vibrating alarm and two time zone settings.

19. Seiko Prospex Tactical Watch


This particular model of Seiko was inspired by the 1982 Hybrid Diver’s watch that Arnold Schwaraenegger wore in several of his 1980s movies. The updated technology, the solar charging and other features modernize this classic.

It is designed with a stainless steel case that is coated with a matte black finish, and the black dial is equipped with LumiBrite for added visibility. It can also be used as a digital or analog, and it is water resistant for up to 200m.

18. Garmin Tactix Delta Solar Edition


Built to fulfill any military standards, this tactical watch may look like any other smartwatch, but its functionality is made for the field. Equipped with more than a hundred smart features, such as health monitoring features, GPS, barometer, thermometer, alarms, timers, this is ideal for the guy who likes his gadgets.

Its sturdy build, the night vision, along the Kill Switch modes make this a very interesting choice.

17. Surefire Luminox Wristlight Tactical Watch


The hybrid design of this watch offers a side-mounted SureFire LED flashlight that is built on the side of the face, for an interesting yet practical look.

The watch is USB chargeable, and its specs are impressive. Ambidextrous pushbutton switch that activates the LED, a self-illuminating dial, and a high-strength aluminum construction guarantees you the durability you are looking for from this type of watch.

16. Blackhawk Advanced Field Operator Watch


Built to last, this watch is powered by the precision of the Miyota quartz movement. Water resistant to up to 100m, its corrosion resistant stainless steel makes this the perfect balance between precision timepiece and necessary instrument.

Waterproof, scratch resistant, as well as an attractive design will please any field operative and outdoor lover.

15. Luminox Recon III Chronograph


The white and yellow markers that stand out against the black dial give this watch an edge. The three chronograph subdials along a multitude of indicators on the bezel offers the stats guy all the information he needs.

Built with reliable quartz movement, this attractive tactical watch is perfect for the extreme sports guys that always compete against themselves.

14. Marathon Tsar Military Diver


As the name suggests, this watch is your perfect companion for those rescue missions at sea. It is resistant in water up to 300m of depth, this favorite with military personnel comes with quartz movement.

The built-in glow that is possible because of its tritium gas tubes helps in low light situations, and it will last you for a very long time. The 3mm thick Scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass will protect your watch against any possible mishaps.

13. Victorinox I.N.O.X. Carbon L.E. Tactical Watch


Designed with a camouflage bracelet that blends in with your outdoor environment, this Limited edition I.N.O.X watch is equipped with a paracord which can come in very handy, depending on the situation.

Made from lightweight carbon composite, this scratch resistant watch is one of the lightest on the market in its category. In absence of light, the Super-LumiNova feature has you covered.

12. Luminox Evo Navy Seal


One of the best military watch brands brings you this amazing water-resistant watch that can go up to 200 under water. Its highly legible dial, along a unidirectional bezel that is built inside the hefty polyurethane case makes this watch not only functional, but attractive as well.

Less bulky than others in this category, it is made in collaboration with the Navy Seal Foundation, and some of the proceeds go to families of their personnel in time of need.

11. Tag Heuer Aquaracer Caliber 5


Tag Heuer is known for their dependability and reliability, which makes them one of the best watch companies in the world. This model sports a robust Caliber 5 automatic movement, perfect for the diving enthusiasts.

Water resistant to up to 300 meters, its display is made from scratch resistant anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The safety clasp on its steel bracelet assures you that it won’t open by accident, and its many features make this watch a definite contender.

10. Bell & Ross Black Camo


Heavy-duty yet sporting a minimalistic look, this all-black camo watch from Bell & Ross is the best option for the guys who love to be discrete yet fashionable at the same time.

Made from a matte black ceramic case, with a display from scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and a long-lasting rubber strap, this is one of the more attractive and multi-purpose tactical watches we recommend.

9. IWC Schaffhausen TOP GUN Automatic Chronograph


For the guys who like a more cohesive look, this luxury tactical watch from IWC Schaffhausen is the perfect match. Designed with a black matte case and black dial, this classic watch comes equipped with all the features the pilot types are looking for.

Precise, reliable, it is made from Ceratanium for scratch resistance, yet sturdy enough for the toughest adventures. Its Swiss mechanical automatic movement is one of the best on the market.

8. Traser H3 Military


This German company offers you a Swiss made quartz tactical watch that is equipped with many EDC necessary features. Take for example the scratch proof crystal sapphire face and its bidirectional rotating steel bezel and its Trigalight insert.

Or the carbon fiber outer case, the black NATO strap, and the inner steel case, which all add to its durability. This watch is the perfect companion for the divers out there that will appreciate all its features.

7. Vincero Outrider


On the more discreet side, this sleek model of tactical watches is for the minimalists who look for style as well as functionality. Made from stainless steel, the case comes with a matte black finish that is light-absorbing, and the dial, inner bezel and the hands are all finished in a sleek dark grey Lume coating allowing you to see the time even in darker spaces.

The watch uses the Seiko mechanical quartz movement, and while it is silent, it is highly effective for less than some other models.

6. Suunto Traverse Alpha Stealth


Finnish watchmaker Suunto specializes in the military style watches, and its specs are made for the EDC enthousiast. Beautiful blackout face and stainless steel bezel, it does have some impressive features.

Hunting, fishing, and hiking modes, its GPS tracking is included in all their models, and it connects to your phone through its own app. Water resistant up to 110m, it comes equipped with automatic shot and movement detection.

5. Breitling Cockpit


The luxury Swiss watch company brings you this chronograph beauty with a hefty price tag. Known for their excellent craftsmanship Breitling guarantees superior quality. It comes with both analog and digital displays, and the 46mm case is made from lightweight titanium.

Among its many features, there are two alarms, a countdown timer, and dual time zones and calendar complications. Perfect for the elitists that expect the best from their military style watches.

4. Casio G-Shock Military


A favorite with the military, its reasonable price is not the only reason. Wide functionality paired with indestructible built is what makes this a popular choice with many.

Water resistant up to 200m, its digital display, the back light, and overall sturdiness will always win it over. Features quartz movement that makes it scratch resistant, so you can go on and live your life stress-free. This ultimate survival watch is a great option to consider.

3. Suunto Core Military


No matter what your mission in life is, the Suunto Core Military will suit your needs. If you’re into hiking, the altimeter that it’s equipped with will track your progress on your ascents and descents the mountain. The barometer will detect changes in the air pressure, and the storm alarm will let you know if you should expect some bad weather ahead.

It has a compass as well, and you can preset the length of day for over 400 locations so you can take advantage of as much daylight as possible.

2. Panerai Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech


A diver’s best companion, this modern tactical watch offers any outdoor enthusiasts a taste of luxury mixed with functionality. The Marina Militare was used by the Italian Navy for years, and its reliability is without any doubt the best in this category. Made from durable Carbotech composite it ensures resistance to corrosion, while being hypoallergenic.

The lightweight titanium the case is built from, and all the other high-end materials and craftsmanship used to make this watch a very attractive investment piece.

1. Breitling Emergency


Swiss craftsmanship at its best, this model is one of their most in demand, and there is usually a waiting list for it. Equipped with a dual-frequency distress beacon, it is an indispensable accessory for the real adventurer. Innovators in their field, Breitling’s long history of excellence is a great choice, if you’re willing to wait for it.

Powered with their SuperQuarts chronograph, the emergency transmitter, paired with a black dial, among many other amazing specs, makes this our first choice.

We offered you many amazing choices of tactical watches, all you have to do now is decide which one is best suited to your needs. Have fun shopping!

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