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25 Best Watch Blogs, Magazines & Websites to Follow

By Adrian Prisca


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Best Watch Blogs
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Everyone claims to be on a tight schedule today, but there always seems to be enough time for social media. So, it’s clear that digitalization has also had a big impact on the watch industry as a whole, and even prominent companies are trying to expand their participation in this burgeoning market.

Any publication worth reading owes it to its audience to give it high-quality content as a gesture of gratitude for its time. Finding individuals that share your interest is difficult, but luckily, with any of the sites listed below, you will be in good hands. These pages teach, inspire, and charm a rising community that is insatiably curious about all aspects of timepieces.

Several of the horology online magazines mentioned here have existed for nearly a decade and have an extensive archive of articles that may still be useful. Some are exciting projects managed by just one person, while others have a whole team of writers and artists working on them.

Longines Master Collection
Longines Master Collection

However, be sure that there is a broad range of topics and styles. Taking into account that everything is available online, from how watches work and chronograph ratings to posts about what makes the best wristwatch, you should easily discover one publication that best suits your preferences. 

Even though Google does a decent job at recommending new pages with pertinent watch-related material, getting a database to begin with could save you days of research work. Thus, following extensive research, we came up with a list of the best 25 watch blogs, magazines, and websites that can give you all the information you might need.

Nevertheless, don’t hold us responsible if you become addicted to them! When it comes to watches, you simply can’t have enough, right? Enjoy your reading and let us know if you have already followed some of these winnows. And if you happen to know of a blog or website that is not on our record, feel free to inform us. We’ll be pleased to consider your suggestions.

25. Watchuseek


Watchuseek promises appraisals and horology-linked news from the people behind the most renowned watch forum in the world.

These gurus have mastered the secrets of the timekeeping industry, and if you haven’t already joined the WUS group, then you should team up as soon as possible to get a glimpse of the wonderful horological kingdom. They make fantastic video reviews too. So, what are you waiting for?

24. Wound for Life

Wound For Life

Wound for Life was born out of love, an urge for timepieces, and the ambition to enjoy life to the fullest. Its creators’ passion for watches took them down deep pits of study, caused interminable disputes, and generated a persistent desire to know more.

Therefore, this website strives to give quality-based information, unbiased analyses, and candid ideas. Just think of Wound for Life as a written tour of the world of horology, and once you’ve signed up for their newsletter, you’ll be ready for the journey.

23. Haulogerie


Haulogerie employs a straightforward and concise method for organizing its information. It is a rather offbeat website, and instead of holding its ratings and essays in distinct chapters, they are both presented under the heading “Articles.” If you love jaw-dropping photographs of timepieces, which are genuinely a breath of fresh air, then you should join this site.

Haulogerie is an open-minded and honest magazine that gives great reviews of watches so you can learn as much as possible without swaying your decision about whether to buy them or not.

22. Haute Time Magazine

Haute Time

Haute Time Magazine does not simply see a fancy watch; it senses a masterpiece. So, this site has all the features of a high-quality horology blog and could be the most reliable source of information on the Internet. There are myriad reviews, as well as countless stories and encounters with CEOs of major watch companies and famous timepiece lovers.

Still, the “Manufacture Tours” section of Haute Time Magazine is what gets people’s attention. This is mostly because it provides insight into several industrial facilities and delves beyond the curtains to give fans a rare perspective on the business.

21. Revolution Watch

Revolution Watch

Revolution Watch is a website that praises horology. Competent editors are on duty here, supplying not only details on the watch but also the general plot about the brand’s heritage and what tends to make a timepiece valuable. Also, it’s a good idea to read the printed version that you can flip through. Yes, they still exist.

Furthermore, the Revolution shop is a fantasy for anyone with spare cash. Even though we have visited the site several times, we still feel like we haven’t seen everything.

20. Watchonista


Since its inception in Switzerland in 2009, Watchonista has delivered information and stories for watch hobbyists and collectors. The choice of genres alone provides a rough estimate of how many thousands of pages are available for reading. Indeed, you may find a plethora of data here, including historical articles.

The magazine has expanded globally with 16 people mainly accountable for its content and now has a biannual printed edition as well. However, signing up for the newsletter is valuable in and of itself.

19. Vintage Watch INC.

Vintage Watch Inc

You may have acknowledged that in recent years there have been an unusually large number of re-editions. That mostly happens because vintage watches are mutually advantageous for watch manufacturers and connoisseurs.

Enthusiastic about iconic timepieces, Vintage Watch Inc. puts forward comprehensive guidance for purchasing vintage items, as well as analyses and updates from the classic timepiece sector. Attractive design, precise timekeeping reviews, and first-rate content make Vintage Watch Inc. one of the most highly respected blogs in horology.

18. Gray and Sons

Gray and Sons

Since opening over 40 years ago, Gray and Sons has been a family affair selling timepieces. Consequently, you may anticipate that the content of their blog will be of excellent caliber. 

They give guidance on upscale watch brands such as Bvlgari, Rolex, or Audemars Piguet, and the purpose of their website is to introduce the new generation to the wonder and devotion of watchmaking, as well as to expand the horological education of those already charmed by the captivating world of timepieces.

Overall, Gray and Sons is a blog featuring everything a collector or watch enthusiast might need. You should also check out the timepieces they have for sale. We are sure you’ll find a beauty to add to your shopping cart. 

17. Quill and Pad

Quill and Pad

The Quill and Pad blog is for people who wish to participate in discussions regarding watch style and its core philosophy. It disdains the standard report approach in favor of an emphasis on the livelihood of watch wearers. It was established by Elizabeth Doerr and Ian Skellern, whose main goal was to provide first-class watch-relevant writing.

Even if the moniker has nothing to do with timepieces, the owners of Quill and Pad have more than 40 years of expertise in the realm of horology, and, as a consequence, they offer streamlined and visually appealing materials using top-notch photographs, videos, and other graphics.

16. Our Own Luxury Watches Section

Luxatic Luxury Watches

A little bit of self-promo never hurt nobody, so we just had to include our own Luxury Watches category to this list as well. Although we can’t really compare ourselves to the greatest blogs and magazines in the horology world, we started covering the latest news on luxury watches the moment we’ve launched this site and twelve years later we have more than 1,400 articles on high-end timekeeping marvels.

Luxatic might not be primarily devoted to horology, but it still represents a large percentage of our work. We love to praise watches, whether they’re timeless pieces, super exclusive show-stoppers, or simply new twists on popular timepieces we all know. 

15. Roverhaven

Rover Haven

Myron, the founder and author of Roverhaven, is a genuine watch aficionado. His writings are witty, heartfelt, and finely researched. You won’t encounter any jewel-adorned wrist dazzle here, as the reviewed timepieces are more on the practical end of the spectrum.

What you will discover is authenticity, which makes a big difference in establishing an individual voice when evaluating horology. In fact, you will find it easy to employ Roverhaven’s editorials to help you determine whether or not to buy a watch. This website also offers handcrafted leather straps of superior quality. It’s definitely worth exploring!

14. Watch Pro


Watch Pro originates from the United Kingdom and it’s the only website that discusses in-depth the advertising, branding, and manufacturing of several watchmakers. Each retailer has a unique tag, making it easier to immediately locate them.

Here, you can learn a thing or two about the horology sector that you cannot find in any other timepiece publication, and it is accessible online and in print. Order a copy for a more authentic experience, since the magazine’s style is intriguing and covers topics that any real connoisseur would love.

13. Time + Tide

Time + Tide

The Australians behind Time + Tide enjoy having a good time while reviewing watches. Their goal is to employ an entertaining narrative as the new gateway dialect to link the enchantment and passion of timepieces with as many communities as possible. Moreover, they have an excellent YouTube channel.

We appreciate both the fun and satire sprinkled all across their videos, as well as the breathtaking photos and powerful content in the watch descriptions. All things considered, Time + Tide proves to us that one does not need to be uptight to show his devotion to horology.

12. Bulang and Sons

Bulang & Sons

Bulang and Sons is a haven for watch diehards who appreciate everlasting excellence and have little to prove to anyone except themselves. Bulang and Sons is considered a lifestyle publication because it is an unbiased website about luxury watches and it caters to collectors as well as to people who like classic horology.

Their posts are less regular than some of the others on our list, but when they do publish something, they always provide stunning photographs and in-depth analysis, covering all aspects of premium timepieces.

11. Watch Report

Watch Report

This website has countless watch evaluations that range from minor, self-reliant manufacturers to major, well-known businesses. The span of its materials is broad, so nearly every horology enthusiast should find something of value. Therefore, check out Watch Report if you want to discover timepieces that are a bit unique but extremely fascinating.

The blog’s catchphrase, “Real. Honest. Reviews.” exactly defines its work, illustrated by top-quality content as well as a dedication to time-keepers, and it will absolutely add value to your feed. Subscribe to the page’s newsletter for daily information and new release updates.

10. The Time Bum

The Time Bum

If the Patek Philippe Supercomplication is currently out of your price range, The Time Bum will not splash the cash as it specializes in ratings of affordable but refined watches. The blog’s quirky personality, anti-trend interests, love of well-thought-out “best-of” lists, and positive outlook on timepieces are sure to improve your disposition.

All in all, the Time Bum is a noteworthy publication, proving that when evaluating horology, truthfulness is always the correct approach.

9. Fratello Watches

Fratello Watches

Fratello Watches is the unnamed authority on all things “Speedmaster.” Even though the website covers several makes and designs, it is regarded as the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch specialist in the horology industry. Even Omega noticed it and dubbed one of their timepieces in the blog’s praise: the Speedy Tuesday Speedmaster.

What a way to become famous, right? Well, here you may enjoy fantastic imagery, excellent storytelling, and a legendary level of expertise. Fratello Watches’ columnists do not only write about timepieces as a pastime but rather because they have it in their DNA. Therefore, you should include this magazine in your regular assigned readings.

8. Watches You Can Afford

Watches You can Afford

Launched nearly 10 years ago, Watches You Can Afford is an excellent blog that focuses mostly on affordable watches. They believe all timepieces deserve a little bit of love, especially those special and unique watches that are interesting in their own right and reasonably priced.

Let’s face it, sometimes we could get more joy and excitement from a good affordable watch than a super expensive timepiece that might be too complicated and hard to read. And that’s where WYCA comes in. They have a small team of watch aficionados dedicated to providing great information and trustworthy reviews about affordable wristwatches.

7. Watches by SJX

Watches by SJX

It is exceptionally rare to find someone who has obtained such a high level of proficiency in horology at quite an early age. That is just what Su Jia Xian, the creator and editor-in-chief of SJX Watches, has accomplished.

Since 2011, he has fervently pursued his ambition of establishing his watch blog, which has grown into a real brass ring in the horology business due to its owner’s unparalleled reporting and graphics. His touchpoints are not merely cosmetic but also take into account the heterogeneity that inspires true watch enthusiasts.

6. Worn and Wound

Worn & Wound

If you treasure exquisite photographs, Worn and Wound is the right choice for you. This website is the freethinker of the realm of horology blogs, and its flawless top-notch pictures render almost every watch irresistible to even the most inexperienced visitors.

Besides, you will discover a wide array of editorials, written by professionals with a meticulous eye for detail, who focus on timepieces that cost less than $2,500. Therefore, this is the place to visit if you’re looking for value-impelled watches, high-grade articles, or thorough reviews completed with remarkable images.

5. WatchTime


Originally established in 1999 as a printed publication, WatchTime magazine became America’s most popular horology blog in a short space of time, which says a great deal about the website’s caliber and professionalism. Its authors have years of expertise reporting on watches, and their web journal will satisfy your hunger for chronograph-related information.

Here you may discover watch appraisals, compelling backstories, reportage of events, and new release previews. WatchTime is practically an all-inclusive destination for timepiece geeks, with the assumption that you enjoy high-end watches. Well, we already know you do, so you can expect to spend a lot of time on this website.

4. Bob’s Watches Rolex Blog

BOB’s Watches

Bob’s Watches is an online marketplace where visitors may buy, sell, or exchange pre-owned Rolex timepieces at reasonable rates. Paul Altieri, the business’s founding member and CEO, is regarded as one of the finest authorities on Rolex watches.

According to his reckoning, his private inventory of more than 400 classic Rolex timepieces is valued at at least $3 million. He is a devotee of the Rolex brand because he perceives it as a representation of excellence, success, and opulence.

But, notwithstanding that, the website Bob’s Watches contains a lot of high-quality content about a wide variety of timekeepers. What we like the most is the blog’s substantial series of essays about Rolex Submariner watches, covering a detailed account of this design’s outstanding evolution. You should read them!

3. Monochrome Watches

Monochrome Watches

The Monochrome Watches blog distinguishes itself with its impressive collection of watch-related articles and is an expert in simplifying the complicated; its descriptions of technical characteristics, history, and innovations are pleasantly straightforward.

The website’s “Technical Perspective” section addresses a variety of issues and presents a comprehensive overview of the workmanship required to produce specific timepieces. Furthermore, they divide watch ratings into “complications” such as the type of calendar used by the chronograph as well as several other features.

Monochrome-watches defines itself as a digital publication devoted to exquisite timepieces and tailored to elite preferences. And that sums it all up! If you are seeking smaller labels, you will be disappointed. Here it’s all about the big brands, the must-have items you buy when you win the jackpot.

2. Hodinkee


Currently, Hodinkee is nearly a cultural icon, and its timepiece-associated content is classified as proper journalism. Its team members have gone from watch enthusiasts on the verge of disregard to prominent trend-setters mentioned in newspapers and magazines.

Thus, even those who are not familiar with the watch industry will understand the real reason behind this blogging craze. In addition to reviews and updates, here you can find video tutorials, in-depth product recommendations, analytical lectures, as well as short podcasts with renowned watch collectors. 

Hodinkee is a brilliantly styled website that combines many of the same sleek design concepts as the luxury watches it reviews, and it is a horology aficionado’s chocolate factory. So, it goes without saying that people take pleasure in reading the publication’s brilliantly academic and somewhat solemn articles.

1. A Blog to Watch

A Blog to Watch

The experts at aBlogtoWatch have compiled one of the top online resources for high-end watch enthusiasts. Ever since the outset of 2007, Ariel Adams, the publication’s creator, and his staff have produced a range of outstanding articles. This blog serves as a cultural hub for the society of timepiece collectors but is also an incredible asset for everyone who likes horology.

This page is overflowing with information. Even an expert who already understands everything there is to know about timepieces can discover something to learn here. The site’s reviews are separated into several groups, one for watches costing less than $500, one for timepieces worth more than this amount, and the other for smartwatches. But that is not all.

If you’re looking for upcoming arrivals, buying tips, trends in the market, and business news, A Blog to Watch is… a blog to watch!


One does not need to be Russell Baker in order to become a successful journalist. Good informative content is reviewed before it’s published, kept short because people don’t have much time to read these days, and turns an ordinary topic into something engaging, useful, and/or witty.

All the websites listed above meet these criteria and prove once more that if you regard timepieces with enthusiasm and awe, with interest and craving, great things are meant to happen.

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