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The 25 Best Watch Boxes For Collectors

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Best Watch Boxes For Collectors
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Part of the fun of being a watch collector is showing them off and gawking at your precious watches all day long. But you can’t do that if you keep them tucked in somewhere so they don’t get scratched, right? That’s where watch boxes come in.

Once you discover the dedicated watch box, it’s like a new world out there just opened up your eyes. They are specially made for your priced timekeepers, and vary greatly in size, quality, and of course, your budget.

You can find some reasonably priced watch boxes out there, just as easily as you can spend a small fortune on some luxurious brands. It’s up to you to figure out what style you are aiming for. Of course, it also depends on how many watches you actually have.

Scatola Del Tempo Watch Box
Scatola Del Tempo Watch Box

Some of the boxes we will look at could fit a few pieces, while others have enough room for quite a hefty inventory. As your watch collection grows, you either need to start thinking of investing into a watch box, or upgrade the one you already have.

We gathered a list for you to show you the different options that are available on the market. Let’s take a look at the 25 best watch boxes for collectors.

25. Tawbury 8 Watch Case With Drawer

Tawbury 8 Watch Case With Drawer

Made from premium materials, this superb 8 watch box from Tawbury comes with a two year warranty. A versatile model that offers lots of space, it allows you to store other prized possessions alongside your watches as well.

The compartments include the eight slots for your watches, plus a slide-out drawer. PU leather is used on the exterior, and it is topped with a glass cover to show off your collection.

24. Fiesta Red Vegan Leather Travel Watch Case

Fiesta Red Vegan Leather Travel Watch Case

This is the perfect travel watch roll to take with you when you’re on the road. Just because you’re traveling for work or fun does not mean you can only wear one watch the whole trip.

With this box, you can bring three additional watches, and they will be safe because of the button locking mechanism this case comes with. It is made from vegan leather and adorned with ultra soft pillows that fit most watches.

23. Levenger Commemorative Box

Levenger Commemorative Box
Levenger Commemorative Box

Technically this does not qualify as a watch box, but it can definitely store a couple of your favorite timekeepers. Along your other commonly used EDC accessories, your watches can find their home in this wooden box that will look gorgeous on your desk or dresser.

Available in either dark cherry or natural wood, you can have it engraved both on the outside or the inside of the box.

22. Wooden Studio Co. Watch Box

Wooden Studio Co. Watch Box

Made from an independent seller on Etsy, this box can be crafted with space for 4 to 12 watches, depending on your needs. You can customize it with an additional drawer or without, and pick between a glass or wooden lid.

With each piece made to order, you can choose exactly how you want it to be.

21. Diplomat Mahogany 12-Piece Watch Box

Diplomat Mahogany 12-Piece Watch Box

This watch box from Diplomat features a mahogany wood piano finish and a microfiber suede interior. A pretty large box that can hold up to 12 pieces, it is available in a couple of different colors.

They all look classy and timeless, and make your watches look as if they are your most precious heirlooms.

20. Nalpak Pelican 1170 Watch Case

Nalpak Pelican 1170 Watch Case

The guys who like to step outside of the box might like this industrial looking watch box. This storage box is travel ready and is so strong, it is literally bulletproof. It keeps your watches free from dust, and it is crash proof and waterproof.

The Pelican line from Nalpak features precise cutouts of the Pelican foam.

19. Bey-Berk Stanley 48-Watch Box

Bey-Berk Stanley 48-Watch Box

This massive box from Bey-Berk is for the ultimate watch collector. If you own a large amount of watches, this box fits up to 48 items. It has four levels that contain enough room for every single watch to fit in comfortably.

A simple yet classic model that will serve the large watch collections, and it’s pretty reasonable too.

18. Windup Watch Stop The Tool Box

Windup Watch Stop The Tool Box

This fun looking box is a novelty item that brings you something different from the traditional looking watch boxes. It looks exactly like a traditional tool box from the outside, even the bright red color is authentic. You could get it in black too, if you find the red a bit much.

Constructed from rugged steel, it has stained wood dividers, tweed pillows, and a microsuede lining where you can store up to 12 watches.

17. Nordstrom 10 Piece Watch Box

Nordstrom 10 Piece Watch Box

Made from polyurethane leather, a smooth and grained imitation leather, this box from Nordstrom is easier to maintain than a real leather box. It comes with a strong nylon lining and a glass display panel.

The flat-cornered shape gives the standard rectangle a nice touch, and it has an overall rich look to it.

16. Scully & Scully Saffiano Leather Watch Case

Scully & Scully Saffiano Leather Watch Case

This high-end storage solution for your favorite watches from Scully & Scully is a beauty. And it’s not even their most expensive one. Compared to others in their inventory, this might be considered modest, but it’s still a great option.

Made from top quality scratch resistant Saffiano leather, this stunner has room for 10 watches that can fit snuggly amidst a flat lay arrangement and elevated pillows.

15. Rothwell 10 Piece Leather Watch Box

Rothwell 10 Piece Leather Watch Box

This case is sophisticated yet fun, and on top of holding 10 watches it comes with extra room for your other accessories. It has a slide-out drawer that is perfect for sunglasses, cufflinks, rings, etc.

The exterior is in textured PU leather that comes in a fun color, and the interior is from a napped suede like material. If you’re not into the traditional black or brown leather cases, their color combinations might be a better match for you.

14. Houndsbay Commander Dresser Valet Watch Box

Houndsbay Commander Dresser Valet Watch Box

This box from Houndsbay is not only for your watches, but for all your EDC accessories. Your cufflinks, pens, wallets, and, of course, your watches, can all have a home in this modular box. It comes with a deep multi-compartment drawer, a curved catch-all tray, a phone carriage, and the six-watch display.

The box is made out of faux suede, hand-crafted leatherette, and an exhibition glass panel.

13. Wolf Windsor Watch Box

Wolf Windsor Watch Box

This box is for the guys whose collection is constantly growing and they need extra space. It can accommodate 5, 10 or 15 watches, and it is available in a variety of color combinations. The exterior is covered in supple synthetic leather finish, while the interior carries removable cushions made from a velvety material.

Featuring a mid-century design, it has a solid glass window for displaying the watches. It also comes with a key for the locking cover.

12. Glenor Co. Watch Box

Glenor Co. Watch Box

Made out of carbon fiber, this iteration from Glenor Co. is efficient and functional. The material is very sturdy and won’t crack, no matter the elements it’s exposed to (high humidity or extreme dry air).

It also makes it super lightweight, which is a nice change from the heavier leather or wood boxes. You can keep twelve timepieces in this box, and show them off thanks to the exhibition glass.

11. Bamford Carbon Fiber Watch Roll

Bamford Carbon Fiber Watch Roll

This gorgeous watch roll from Bamford does not come cheap, be warned! But it is so luxurious and convenient, real watch aficionados will not bat an eye at dishing out almost as much as one of their luxury watches for this unique case.

It looks different from the traditional watch boxes we are accustomed to, but it offers plenty of style. Made from real carbon fiber and aluminum construction, it has Japanese ceramic glide rails, it is lined with neoprene, and it can hold four watches.

10. Leatherology Leather Watch Box

Leatherology Leather Watch Box

This beauty from Leatherology is made from full-grain high-end European leather that is available in four timeless shades. Brown and black are for guys/or gals that like classy objects, while the cognac and navy add a touch of sophistication.

Perfect for any type of watches you collect, the inside of each box is made from a suede leather. That contrasts beautifully with the exterior, and it holds four of your favorite watches.

9. Omega Leather Watch Box

Omega Leather Watch Box

Swiss watchmaker Omega, on top of making some of the best watches in the world, also released a few stylish watch boxes. Classy and practical, these boxes can hold three to six watches. Crafted from calfskin leather in a lovely brown color, the inside is made out of a soft silky material.

Timeless and elegant, this watch box will go great with any decor. You can also opt for a brown version if you prefer.

8. Scatola Del Tempo Leather Watch Box

Scatola Del Tempo Leather Watch Box

This box is so sharp looking, it can be compared to a Porsche for your watches. Made from a lush grain leather construction that is so soft, it adds a touch of glam to your beloved collection. The contrasting poppy-colored lining makes this a nice focal point.

Flaunting a sturdy build, it comes with a clasp fastener, but it looks much better opened. So go ahead and display your timekeepers.

7. Shinola Watch Collector’s Box

Shinola Watch Collector’s Box

Based in the Midwest, Shinola is a company that makes some great accessories that are built to last. This handsome box is expertly chiseled to impress everyone. Made out of solid oak on the exterior, the cushions inside are made from leather.

It comes in natural oak or all black options, both versatile and sturdy. You can have your initials engraved at the top, and it holds four watches.

6. Wolf Howard Watch Box

Wolf Howard Watch Box

Combining a traditional look with a traditional twist, this watch box from Wolf feels like an old-fashioned suit that has been tailored to keep up with the current times. It is available in three classic colors, blue, black, and grey, which are complemented by chrome hardware.

It has room for eight of your favorite watches, plus additional space for smaller items, the likes of pins, cufflinks, or even jewelry.

5. Case Elegance Solid Wood Watch Box Organizer

Case Elegance Solid Wood Watch Box Organizer

This affordable yet elegant box displays your collection while keeping your watches free from dust and scratches. It comes in a few different colors, and there are a couple of options you can even get engraved. A great starter box, it can hold up to six pieces.

Featuring a sleek construction, it is solidly built, and the magnetic lock keeps the lid tightly locked in place. The glass display is also a nice touch that allows you to admire your timepieces.

4. August Sandgren x Kristian Haagen Watch Box

August Sandgren x Kristian Haagen Watch Box

Not the largest box on our list, it is a pretty great looking option that does have enough room for three watches. So if your collection is on the smaller side, this watch box might be perfect for you. Made from top grain Aniline leather on the exterior and soft Nubuck leather on the inside, it is also one of the most delicate and luxurious on the list.

The smaller size makes it great for traveling. Another plus are the two security lugs that are located on the lid and keep the box securely shut.

3. Shift Vintage Collection Watch Box by Wolf x Analog

Shift Vintage Collection Watch Box by Wolf x Analog

This aristocratic design elevates any room you decide to keep the box in. The case holds 10 pieces in a refined way. The design features a coffin-style lid that has jewel-like angles.

The style is reminiscent of an opulent era. Made from a pebbled leather exterior in a gorgeous Emerald green, the interior, in the same shade, is made from suede. Adorned with gold accents and gold hardware, this box adds a little touch of luxury to your space.

2. Rapport London Watch Box

Rapport London Watch Box

Fit for royalty, the watch boxes from Rapport London are luxurious storage solutions for your very best accessories. This five-piece box is pure glam. With a croc-embossed green leather exterior and gold colored hardware, your timekeepers will rest in style in between wears.

The interior is just as plush as it deserves, as the boxes’ entire lining is made from real suede. Your watches will be gently kept safe from scratches and cracks, as well as dust.

1. Wolf Axis 6-Piece Winder

Wolf Axis 6-Piece Winder

Technically a watch winder is not a watch box per se, but if it has room for more than one watch, does it count? Most likely debatable, but we still decided to include it on our list. In particular this gorgeous box from Wolf deserves a mention. They are better known for their watch winders, so we feel like this fits the best of both worlds.

This model will work for many collections with the six watch storage space. Decorated with laser-cut perforated steel at the front, a backlit LCD display, and a locking glass cover, it will elevate any room it will occupy.

Wolf x Analog Shift Vintage Collection Watch Box
Wolf x Analog Shift Vintage Collection Watch Box

We’re sure there are probably thousands of different watch boxes out there, but we’ve tried to narrow the list down to only 25. As you can imagine, it was a daunting task, but we picked the best of the best according to customer reviews and tried to include several styles in our list. Have you seen any that tickled your fancy? 

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