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10 Awesome Luxury Jewelry Boxes You Could Buy Right Now

By Vlad Craciun


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One of our most prevalent habits along our history is collecting things. From materially meaningless but emotionally valuable little things to financial treasures like jewelry and classic cars, we’ve always collected everything that made our eyes shine and our souls crave for.

Crafted from gold or various other precious metals and adorned with all kinds of beautiful gemstones, jewelry and glittering accessories are probably the most collected things ever. And since you can’t just store these beauties in a dull cardboard box like we may do with other less precious items, luxury jewelry boxes are a must.

And no, we don’t mean those tiny little boxes from your childhood, but full-fledged jewelry boxes which come with all the organization compartments and drawers. And not only that but with outstanding designs, various styles and beautifully crafted from different types of materials.

Here are 10 awesome luxury jewelry boxes to proudly keep and display your valuables:

10. Vlando Wooden Jewelry Box – $27

vlando wooden jewelry box

With a secret space which adds 7 more storage slots for small pieces of fine jewelry, the Vlando Wooden Jewelry Box is perfect for keeping it on top your dresser. It comes in several colors, among which we prefer the grey for its added classiness. The box is crafted from a tough and sturdy material and for only $27, it also comes with a large mirror and substantial velvet lining.

9. Stackers Premium Stackable Jewelry Box – $30

Stackers Premium Stackable Jewelry Box

The Stackers Premium Stackable Jewelry Box has the great advantage of customization. You can virtually build it the way you want it, allowing you to get the combination that works for your from all the storage solutions it offers.

This $30 jewelry box comes in different colors, with a plush velvet interior and plenty of choices when it comes to add-on accessory boxes, from charm bars to bracelet pads. One thing to note is that the stackable layers are sold separately.

8. Umbra Terrace Jewelry Organizer – $34.99

Umbra Terrace Jewelry Organizer

The stunning Umbra Terrace Jewelry Organizer opens up in such a way as to allow the beauty of all its contents shine at once. This way, that fine piece of jewelry in the bottom drawer is never forgotten. The box is crafted from wood, canvas and metal, with rubber added to the stand’s feet to prevent otherwise inevitable slippage or scratches of your desk. And for what it offers, the $34.99 price tag is a bargain.

7. Glenor Jewelry Box – $40

Glenor Jewelry Box

If you want plenty of compartments to organize your priceless jewelry collection but a low-profile non bulky box, the Glenor Jewelry Box is the perfect option for you. It comes with no less than 28 compartments and somehow manages to remain on the minimalist side of things, without encumbering your space no matter where you choose to store it. It’s got a variety of colors to choose from and that velvet lining you expect from a good jewelry box. And it’s only a decent $40.

6. Ease Jewelry Box – $60

Ease Jewelry Box

The Ease Jewelry Box boasts a creative design with multiple drawers for storing fine jewelry pieces. It slides nicely to reveal the contents and with the white metal and beech wood it’s crafted of, it puts them into the spotlight all the while adding a clean and stylish look wherever you may choose to place it. It comes a little bit pricier at $60, but it’s worth those money.

5. Kendal Leather Jewelry Box – $73

Kendal Leather Jewelry Box

For $73 you can get your hands on the Kendal Leather Jewelry Box, a special leather finish jewelry box with suede lining and a wide variety of compartments and drawers for your precious pieces. It’s large, so make sure you’ve got a collection to match the box’s size. The Kendal Leather Jewelry Box comes in various colors and boasts a lid with a beveled glass mirror.

4. Wolf Caroline Travel Jewelry Case – $85

Wolf Caroline Travel Jewelry Case

The Wolf Caroline Travel Jewelry Case is a very attractive jewelry box but one which also offers a lot of protection for the contents. The ‘Travel’ in the title means just that. You can take it with you anywhere. It measures 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 2, and comes with four small compartments, seven ring rolls, built-in mirror and three necklace hooks behind the mirror, so you’ve got everything you need to store your valuables while on the road. And it only costs $85.

3. Gift Boutique Jewelry Travel Box – $110

Gift Boutique Jewelry Travel Box

It might be called a travel box, but it seems a little too big to carry around with you while on the road. But where the Gift Boutique Jewelry Box shines is its beauty. Gorgeous and well organized, this jewelry case comes with a deep red lizard-embossed patent leather which will always look good and feel awesome to touch. Oh, there’s something else that shines on this box. The price. It costs $110.

2. Charlton Home Jewelry Box – $112.99

Charlton Home Jewelry Box

The Charlton Home Jewelry Box is a little bit different. Unlike most others, it takes advantage of vertical space rather than the horizontal to organize its contents. It comes with a subtle curvature and no less than seven drawers for storing your priceless jewels, two necklace compartments and a small mirror. The top drawer can be locked so no one else can access it. As for the price, it rises to $112.99.

1. Wolf Chloe Jewelry Box – $169-$299

Wolf Chloe Jewelry Box

The Wolf Chloe Jewelry Box is the most interesting of them all. Covered in a vintage style leather, this box is sure to draw more attention than your usual jewelry box. It also comes with a top handle for easy carrying around. Depending on your needs, you can have it in a small or large size, both options coming with a removable travel case which will be useful when moving around. The box is available in two colors, and the price, well, the price matches its beauty, rising between $169 and $299.

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