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5 Luxury Breitling Watches Men Should Add to Their Collection

By Noah Miller


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Breitling Super AVI Watch Series
Breitling Super AVI Watch Series

If you are looking for a watch that distinguishes itself from the other brands, look no further than a Breitling. It has been a favorite of men all over the world, especially in the armed forces, for many decades now.

But today, it has opened up to a larger public and it would be hard to say when the growth of Breitling will stop, if ever.

Here is a look at the Swiss watchmaker and five of the models that you should look into, if you are looking to enlarge your watch collection.

How Much does a Breitling Watch Cost and are they a Good Investment?

Breitling Chronomat Automatiic watches
Breitling Chronomat Automatic watches

If you think that Breitling watches are out of your budget, you need to look again. That is because you can find one at just below $800, which in terms of high-quality watches, is quite a low price.

This said, the cost can rise sharply, all the way to $16,000 (or almost). Those who are already well-learned in terms of watches, know very well that the price should never be an issue, when you are acquiring such a piece of men’s Breitling watches from Chrono24. That is because the investment is well worth it.

Here are a few reasons why placing a few thousand euros could bring you even more in the future, if you ever decide to part ways with Breitling watches, which are recognized as such exceptional jewels by connoisseurs.

The resale value of Breitling watches is usually high, and that is in part due to the rarity of them, on the market. Of course, just the name is something that get watch fanatics excited about, when they come across one online, or in a boutique.

But there is more to it. It is the various qualities attached to them that render them such a good investment, in the short and long term. Here is a closer look.

Made for Professionals

Breitling for Bentley Premier Mulliner Edition Watch
Breitling for Bentley Premier Mulliner Edition Watch

It is known that Breitling watches were created with many different professions in mind. Each line has a slightly different target than the other, but generally speaking we can categorize everyone in the military as well as pilots, astronauts and rescue workers as professionals who enjoy Breitling watches.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, when you know that one of its models comes with an emergency distress signal that can be activated whenever someone is lost or in danger. That caters to the needs of those who live a dangerous lifestyle, but also to people who need to go to remote location, in order to try and find other individuals that are lost.

A Favourable Comparison to Rolex

Breitling Top Time Triumph
Breitling Top Time Triumph

In the world of luxury watches, there are none as popular as Rolex models. It is often a comparison point used, when speaking about Breitling, and here is why it often plays in favour of this last one. They are more affordable than their comparable models that are created by Rolex.

Although watch lovers don’t mind spending, when you can save a few thousand euros and still get a great value and incredible style, there is no reason why you wouldn’t go for it. That is the case with Breitling watches.

Also, the luxury watch brand has a few different models that come with a rubber strap design. And so, it is one of the elements that bring more buyers to Breitling, when hesitating between the two manufacturers.

Smartwatches and Quartz Models

Breitling Exospace B55
Breitling Exospace B55

In the modern world, some people are looking to acquire a watch that is adapted to its time. Not every high-end brand delivers smartwatches to their customers. It is the case with Breitling though, which raises the bar on many of its competitors, this way.

They are still aimed towards professionals and the demand is certainly there to prove that they were right to do so, in the first place. We also need to mention that some of these models are based on quartz.

It means that the watch is more precise, but also that it needs less maintenance than other models (and brands). Accuracy is one of the most important qualities in watches, after all.

A Large Variety of Models

Breitling Chronomat watch
Another version of the Breitling Chronomat

It helps that Breitling possesses such a large catalogue of watches, as well. They can be counted in the thousands. Therefore, there is almost always one model that will fit any man out there, looking for an elegant and classic watch.

The fact that they come with a 5-year warranty, is certainly a benefit, in terms of short-term resale markets.

How to match a Breitling Watch with a Suit?

Breitling Superocean Automatic 44
Breitling Superocean Automatic 44

When you are getting dressed and it is time to choose the watch you will be wearing, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, what is the occasion? If you are a professional in the field of aviation (or even an astronaut) and you are going to work, you will probably look to put on a Navitimer on your wrist.

That is due to the fact that it possesses a chronograph complication and slide rule bezel, stuffed with logarithmic scales. Since its release in 1952, it has been the official watch of AOPA (The Aircraft Owner And Pilots Association). At the opposite, if you are going to a nice dinner, you may decide on a simpler model, such as the Breitling Superocean.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t match the colour of your watch to the one of your suit, especially if you own a large collection of watches. However, this shouldn’t be the main issue, as any Breitling watch will look good, with any colours.

Do look at the size of the watch, when you choose a suit. If it fits really tight and you wear a bulkier timepiece, the mix could look a bit awkward. Better to choose one with a lighter feel, in such cases. And if you want to look really cool, pull out your Best James Bond impression, by wearing a tuxedo and one of the models that are created for divers.

That will be something that real fans of the character will catch on, immediately. And you will look like a real design king!

Five Models of Breitling Watches to Look For

The Breitling Chronomat

Breitling Super Chronomat
Breitling Super Chronomat

The first Chronomat by Breitling was launched during the 1940s. It first came out as a special edition celebrating the Italian Air Forces aerobatic team. It was there to recall the Frecce Tricolori, which represents the three colours of the Italian flag (red, white and green).

But it became extremely popular with the public right away. It is said that it is the durable case that made it so special. Therefore, it wasn’t a big surprise when the Chronomat was relaunched in 1984, since it is such a fan’s favourite. 

The model has kept growing since then. The bulkiness, gave way to a smaller model (going from 44mm to 42mm). The look of the watch has also been redesigned, to become even more vintage. By making the date and time smaller, it was able to reach an even larger public, which was not entirely masculine, anymore.

All in all, there are 27 models of the Chronomat in existence today. The company is certainly aiming to keep this watch alive for a long time, which is why it should be the first model to add to your collection, if you don’t already have one.

The Breitling Superocean

Breitling Superocean 44 Special
Breitling Superocean 44 Special

We have talked a lot about the link between Breitling watches and the aviation world, in this article. Yet, we have only once mentioned its association with the underwater world, when we spoke of the James Bond look. But the truth is, Breitling is also closely associated to this part of nature.

In fact, there are two different watch collections at Breitling today, that wear the name Superocean. One is a retro-looking model that goes under the name Superocean Heritage, while the other is the standard, much more modern looking Superocean. It has become the entry model, ever since the Colt was retired and stopped buying built. 

It would be foolish to look at the price of the Superocean and to think that it would not be competitive quality-wise with other underwater watches on the market. At the opposite, this watch is simply incredibly priced, when you compare it to other, that doesn’t feature such efficiency as the Superocean does.

Since Breitling made it the lowest cost watch in their collection, they also made it fun, by making some of the details on it, in extremely large format, but also adding some explosive colour mixes that won’t let anyone indifferent. 

The Breitling Navitimer

Breitling Navitimer
Breitling Navitimer

Don’t look any further than this watch to explain the great success that Breitling has known, over time. It is the watch that links the brand to the world of aviation. When it came out in 1952, it possessed all the elements that made it possible to calculate flights easily.

It could be used for climb and descent speed, but also in regards to fuel consumption and airborne time. Aviators bought into the model right away, and 70 years later, the Navitimer is still the iconic model of the brand, and inside the whole world of clockmaking, as well. 

No matter how much time has passed, this watch remains true to the original model. Sure, there were a few advancements along the way. The date has been added and digital movement was installed on it. There were even a few digital versions of the Navitimer, throughout its lifetime.

But the essence of the watch is still the same. It is now available in various sizes from rather small (35mm) to quite big (46mm). This is the classiest addition you will ever make to a watch collection. It is a gift that will make anyone happy, but especially professionals in the aviation industry.

The Breitling Aviator 8

Breitling Aviator 8 Mosquito
Breitling Aviator 8 Mosquito

This is a piece that created quite a bit of confusion in the world of watches, when it first came out. That is because the company decided to use the name Navitimer, at the beginning (Navitimer 8, to be precise). However, it didn’t have that much in common with that particular piece. It was much closer to the WWII models, that did not feature the bezel rule on them.

It did not help that they then went on and changed the name to Navitimer 1, which was even stranger to all. It was only in 2019 that the company finally decided to change the name completely, by calling it Aviator 8. 

But this doesn’t mean that the model did not go well. In fact, its blend of contemporary and retro has made it one of the most famous models still being produced by the company, today. It is often thought of as the model that is providing a line of development for the future of the brand. Adding this piece into the collection is a great investment for the future.

The Breitling Avenger

Breitling Avenger Swiss Air Force Team Limited Edition
Breitling Avenger Swiss Air Force Team Limited Edition

The name of this model says it all. This is a watch that calls to be seen. With its smallest model coming in at 43mm, you get the idea of how big these watches are. They were created to be extremely resistant, so that professionals could wear them in any circumstances.

They are only a little over 20 years old (the first model came out in 2001), but they are already a smash hit, with Breitling collectors. It got its first update in 2019. It can be said that they replaced the Colt line, has it features the same characteristics they used to have: Identical crown and pushers, as well as a bezel with its rider tabs.

All elements are so big that they can be moved, even when wearing gloves.

These are not all the models that are part of the Breitling world. However, they are certainly worth adding to any watch collection that specializes in luxury and high-quality. Breitling can be considered as one of the main competitors of Rolex and many enjoy them much more than the ones from their counterpart. That, in itself, says a lot about them.

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