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15 Best Wakeboards You Can Buy Right Now

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Water sports lovers will likely have tried most toys and accessories that allow them to fully enjoy themselves on various bodies of water. Be it lakes or oceans, wakeboards guarantee hours of fun to be had. You don’t need to be a pro to head out to the water, you just need the right board for your skill level.

If you’re a newbie to this sport, there are a few guidelines we lined up to give you some information.

What Do you Need to Consider?

In order to get the most out of your experience, you need to take things one step at a time. Don’t think because you’re a fast learner that you’re going to excel at it on the first try. Like many new skills, mastering a wakeboard will take some getting used to.

Shape and Size

When choosing the right board, the size and shape of your wakeboard is probably the most important factor. Your size has to be taken into account. The taller you are, the longer the board should be. On the same token, a kid that’s starting out will need a smaller board to begin with. Most companies have a chart that will guide you according to your measurements.

Rocker Profile

Slingshot Wake
Slingshot Wake

The rocker, or the curve at the bottom of the board, will also influence the way you will ride.

There are two types of rockers: three-stage and continuous:

  • The three stage rockers sport a flat base and turned edges, and are ideal for achieving extra height.
  • The continuous model is more predictable to carve because it connects in a smooth arc. It also makes jumping easier.

In case you’re not aware, some boards come with bindings included, just like for snowboards, but some brands sell you only the board. Hence, make sure you budget in the extra expense.

Cable Park vs. Boat Boards

Cable boards generally have a flexible wood core, as well as reinforced grind bases that add durability on rails and boxes.

The boat boards are stiffer, and usually have molded fins that help riders. When starting out, go with what feels more comfortable to you.

Skill Level

Wakeboard Skill
Liquid Force

Beginners should probably opt for a board that is more forgiving. Once you’ve gained some confidence on the water, you need to figure out whether boards that track into edges or ones that feel faster on the water are more your style.

More stable and easier to maneuver boards will make beginners feel safer. The intermediate and advanced boards cater more to jumps and tricks, and allow the rider more flexibility.

Now that you have some basics down, let’s see which are the 15 best wakeboards you can buy right now.

15. Liquid Force ME Wakeboard

Liquid Force ME Wakeboard

A board that is designed mainly for women, the Force ME from Liquid Force is a lightweight performance board. Made to help you progress with boat riding, it comes with a progressive three stage rocker that has a fatter center curve. That is great for rail and speed control, and its D.I.S.C hull goes effortlessly fast on the water thanks to its design.

The quad fins are molded and have a removable center fin that adds customizable control. Great for when you’re in the mood to smear it!

14. Connelly Pure Wakeboard

Connelly Pure Wakeboard

This board is designed with the beginners in mind, and it can be a pretty affordable first board for some. What is reassuring is that it rides pretty slow, so you have time to get accustomed to the feel of riding on water.

Its three stage rocker comes with a removable center fin that stabilizes the board. Families that don’t all share the same skill level can use this versatile board, because it can also handle jumps. And you can enjoy looser riding as well when you bring the fins out.

13. Liquid Force Remedy Aero Wakeboard

Liquid Force Remedy Aero Wakeboard

Speedsters that get their adrenaline going by reenacting that high-flying feeling they get from ski racing will love this wakeboard.

The aggressive three stage rocker offers amazing speed as well as edge control, and its superlight construction allows for popping and throwing tricks. Another excellent board from Liquid Force, this thing was associated with Pro rider Harley Clifford, you can follow in her footsteps and charge it on the water.

12. Hyperlite Pleasure Wakeboard

Hyperlite Pleasure Wakeboard

Although its elongated design might cause some issues with some boarders, it offers a similar feel to a longboard or snowboard. So the board sports lovers will have no problem with this model. Flexibility wise it falls in the mid-range category, and it is forgiving on landings and turns because of its beveled edges.

It boasts a narrow profile, but beginners shouldn’t be intimidated by it. A responsive board that is fast too, the intermediate to advanced borders will enjoy riding it.

11. Slingshot Space Tomb Wakeboard

Slingshot Space Tomb Wakeboard

The creative rider will enjoy this board’s asymmetric shape and design. Although it may not work for everyone, this super cool Slingshot board offers a durable construction. The directional board comes with a wide front nose and swallow tail, and a funky design.

The grind base is 0.7mm, which helps with the board’s durability. Perfect for park riding, it can survive on boxers, kickers, and rails. The continuous rocker will bring some new life to lazy wakeboarding.

10. Connelly Steel Wakeboard

Connelly Steel Wakeboard

Expert riders can be confident that this board from Connelly is Steel Lafferty tested and approved. If you belong to the category that loves to lay down sweet carves, slash, and throw tricks, then you will love to do it on this particular board.

It comes with removable bolt-on fins, as well as ABS sidewalls that are able to withstand big moves and hard hits alike. Made for the cable park and the boat, the advanced riders that were looking for a does-it-all hard performance board will be glad their search is over.

9. Hyperlite Rusty Pro Wakeboard

Hyperlite Rusty Pro Wakeboard

On the pricey side, this wakeboard from Hyperlite offers predictable tracking and lighter board to size ratio. This is the signature model of pro rider Rusty Malinoski, the ‘Bone Crusher’, who collaborated with the brand on its design.

It is great for the experienced rider that might feel under-gunned with some other boards. A wider board than some, it is not heavy at all. Tracking predictability, it also offers a soft landing, and it can boost easily off the wake.

8. Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight Wakeboard

Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight Wakeboard

Women love the water too, it’s not only a boys club! This model is made for the intermediate to advanced females that comes with a hybrid rocker that is continuous through the middle and a three-stage rocker on the tip and tail. The rail is variable and the core is Modello, the brand’s most durable core that is affordable, light, yet tough at the same time.

With a low friction base that is developed for the most glide speed, it also comes with M6 inserts. All in all, you get more board feel without sacrificing boot lock down. A great board that can grow with you as you skill up.

7. Ronix One Blackout Technology Wakeboard

Ronix One Blackout Technology Wakeboard

This board from Ronix combines the brand’s extremely high-performance Blackout construction with one of their most versatile shapes. The result is one amazing board that is appropriate for intermediate to advanced riders. The three-stage rocker has a later arc that provides an exclusive pop.

A concave tip and tail and edges that create top water speed, this board gives the rider more stored energy. It is designed for getting air, and it has a very responsive feel. Plus it’s so light, it makes for an awesome board.

6. Hyperlite Murray Pro Wakeboard

Hyperlite Murray Pro Wakeboard

As the name suggests, this pro model wakeboard has been in the top leaders when it comes to innovation. It boasts a subtle three-stage rocker that is suitable for the intermediate to advanced rider. This type of rocker creates just the right amount of vertical pop. The Hyperlite Murray boat board comes with a variable edge design and the brand’s Biolite 3 Core.

The edges sharpen towards the tail and tip, while they are forgiving between inserts. The core is golden in the industry, and it is the lightest to date. The brand uses it in all of their boards at the moment. And the spine Shaun Murray added to its base is a key feature that softens your landings.

5. Ronix RXT Blackout Technology Wakeboard

Ronix RXT Blackout Technology Wakeboard

If you’re looking to rip through the waves, this board from Ronix will help you along. A poppier, faster model than most, it also is one of the most responsive boards from this lineup. Crafted from some pretty amazing materials by engineers from Radar Lake Lab, it is pretty hard to guess what exactly they are.

This is their latest version of this model, and they made a few improvements. They changed the shape of the tail and the tip, which offers more forgiving landings. Great for the intermediate to advanced level, it carries a continuous rocker. Plus the incredible edge holds for gaining speed on the water.

4. Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard

Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard

Although one of the most durable and lauded boards on this list, it may not be as agile for the advanced boarders. But for the rest of the riders, it checks pretty much all the boxes. It is fairly affordable, the performance is top notch, and it comes with removable center fins.

Also, it is one of the most versatile boards that has withstood the test of time year after year. The center fins and continuous rocker offers beginners predictability and stability. And once you’re ready to level up, the center fins can be removed so you gain more agility.

3. Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard

Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard

If you’re a beginner and are confused on which board you should start with, this one is as good as it gets. An asymmetrical board that comes with lots of added tech that will help you learn and improve, all while having fun doing it. The shape of this board is purposely designed with one side shorter than the other.

That is meant to ease you into the easier side to turn, and it provides with less friction. The abrupt continuous rocker gives additional pop, without sacrificing on speed. Its durable Bilite 3 Core is also lightweight, and the best they’ve come up with so far.

2. Liquid Force Remedy Wakeboard

Liquid Force Remedy Wakeboard

A split-tip shaped board, the Liquid Force Remedy wakeboard has a set of quad fins that provide the intermediate to advanced rider with plenty of control. That allows you to go from standing up to steadily riding. This board is the brainchild of pro rider Harley Clifford, who designed it specifically with speed in mind.

It comes with a three stage rocker that is as aggressive as they get. Its flatter curve induces speed and rail maneuverability, so you can rip the waves super fast when you’re in the mood. You can progress from rookie to almost an expert without getting hurt thanks to the Remedy board. And thanks to its durable construction, you can enjoy it for many years.

1. Hyperlite Riot Nova Wakeboard

Hyperlite Riot Nova Wakeboard

One of the best boards on the market, the Riot offers a snappier, faster shape that’s been overhauled in the last couple of years. Their all-new loaded construction utilizes space-age materials that are lighter and last longer. The Riot has an abrupt continuous rocker that allows the more advanced and expert riders to get the most of their time on the water.

Promising a low swing weight and super responsive riding, it will hit the waves with some amazing speed. With added traction and an aggressive feel on the water, the board has a thinning profile which gives it an effortless feeling on the water. And the combination of sharp edges and forgiving capabilities, make it easier to land tricks, all without sacrificing on speed. By far, the best overall wakeboard on the market.

These are the 15 best wakeboards you can buy right now. If you had any doubts on which models to pick according to your skill level, we hope we enlightened you somewhat.

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