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30 Hobbies for Women Who Want to Relax and Have Fun

By Valentina Ioana


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Hobbies for Women
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Are you a working lady or a stay-at-home mother who feels somewhat exhausted? Perhaps you’re both: the mother who holds down a full-time job – you’re a Legend for us! If you’re busy all day long doing things for others, wanting some “me time” is quite normal. In order to be your best, both for yourself and for the people around you, personal care is essential.

Therefore, if you answered yes to any of the questions or found yourself nodding your head, you have arrived at the right place. In today’s fast-paced society, having a hobby that you totally enjoy will surely improve the quality of your life. Besides providing a welcome diversion from everyday tasks, a pastime also opens up many interesting avenues.

The truth is, there are so many intriguing and fun things out there just waiting to be discovered and embraced. Of course, each person is different, as are their particular areas of interest and leisure activities. But once we find something we can devote significant time and energy to, we’re hooked. 

It will capture us on a deeply individual level and become an integral part of our existence. Doesn’t it feel fantastic to be proficient at something, especially if you really like doing it?

Happy woman
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How many people haven’t turned their most cherished passion into a business? Loving what you do is the first step toward success and self-confidence.

Even though it may take some time to develop your hobby to the point where you can demonstrate expertise, the path of discovering your passion is extremely fulfilling in and of itself. At the same time, if your sideline gives you a sense of purpose, you will be more confident in your ability to challenge yourself, and it will help you learn new skills.

Regardless of whether it is a craft, sport, puzzle, or a fresh new skill, your pursuit should be both a distraction and a craze.

Thus, if you’re a woman who feels like she never has time for herself because she’s always running from one commitment to the next, perhaps these hobby ideas can give you the impulse to take a break for yourself.

30. Feel the Call of the Stage

Feel the Call of the Stage
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Acting is without equal for many reasons, but one of the most important things we love about acting is that it lets you temporarily take on a new persona, one in which you can forget about your own troubles and focus solely on the task at hand. Even though you can’t always escape the stress of everyday life, acting can provide a welcome diversion.

Moreover, you wouldn’t believe how much creativity is thrown into a performance. For sure, a large percentage of it is scripted, but every actor brings something special to the table when embodying their character. Isn’t this a hobby worth trying?

29. Join the Virtual World

Women playing video games
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Having something new to look forward to is a great way to maintain a positive attitude. This is where video games come in. Thanks to constantly evolving technology and innovative content from the industry’s mammoths, it feels like there’s a brand new game to test out every day.

Some would have you believe that playing video games is bad for your health, but the evidence suggests otherwise. Research shows that playing video games has several physical, cognitive, and social benefits, like memory improvement, a problem-solving approach, and a favorable impact on emotional well-being.

28. Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking
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Try to imagine a clear, blue sky above a large expanse of white, fluffy snow. You’ve prepared for a day of cross-country skiing by donning your winter clothes and venturing out into the cold air. Now picture yourself doing something akin to cross-country skiing right in your own neighborhood, only you’re walking with poles instead of skis.

Scandinavians have a name for this activity: Nordic Walking. It was at first conceptualized as a summer workout program for skiers. Fast forward to today, and Nordic Walking is quickly becoming a popular form of exercise in the United States, particularly among adults.

27. Make Your Own Stylish Clothes

Make Your Own Stylish Clothes
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Do you long to be your own fashion designer? There’s never been a better moment to give it a try, as there are so many indie sewing patterns available now, not to mention fabulous materials. Even if you’ve never picked up a needle and thread before, sewing is a fantastic pastime that, with a little skill, can rapidly become a profitable one.

We recommend that you begin with a printed pattern designed for novices. If you’re just kicking off in the world of fashion, it’s best to start with something easy, like a skirt, and master it before attempting anything more challenging.

26. Teach Yourself the Finer Points of Woodworking

Woman Woodworking
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Have you ever entered a furniture store and been blown away by the craftsmanship on display? Have you ever wondered why so many people enjoy woodworking?

If it was too easy and required no effort, you would likely become bored. However, it is not rocket science either. Who needs a hobby that is so challenging that you become frustrated and want to quit? Woodworking offers exactly the right amount of difficulty and interest to make it a rewarding activity.

25. Turn Into a Magician

Turn Into a Magician
Photo by Almos Bechtold / unsplash.com

Even though some individuals, like David Copperfield or David Blaine, have taken their passion to an entirely new level, many magicians only do things for fun. Giving people a sense of astonishment, a feeling that they just witnessed something that should be inconceivable, is a fantastic experience for anyone.

The truth is, once people see what you can do, you’ll be the life of the party. There are literally millions of different types of tricks you may learn, so picking the right one shouldn’t be too challenging. And with a few props, you’re ready to go as the legendary Houdini himself.

24. Solve Puzzles

Solving puzzles
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In addition to being entertaining and relaxing, puzzles enhance reasoning, analysis, sequencing, deduction, cognitive processes, problem-solving abilities, hand-eye coordination, and spatial organization. Moreover, they stimulate our focus, imagination, and memory. But you may wonder how.

Amazingly, solving jigsaw puzzles engages both hemispheres of the brain and forces them to collaborate. The left, analytical side recognizes and integrates all of the individual parts. The right (or creative) side views the problem as a complete image and assembles it accordingly. Thus, puzzles are the “get-along shirt” of the mind.

23. Practice your Swing

Practice your Swing
Photo by Mikhail Nilov / pexels.com

Golf offers a rare opportunity to combine a person’s passion with their health and wellness routines, such as regular exercise and a healthy diet. Therefore, one need not be an Emerson, Thoreau, or Wordsworth to enjoy the natural beauty seen on a golf course.

What really sets golf apart, though, are the social benefits and bonding experiences you get. Practically any lady may expect to have a spectacular and exquisite moment on the course. Moreover, we have the mental challenge, with its emphasis on originality and problem-solving. Simply put, there are no excuses not to play golf.

22. Hone Your Flower – Arranging Skills

Hone Your Flower – Arranging Skills
Photo by Cottonbro studio / pexels.com

Ever look at a stunning flower arrangement and wish you had the skills to create something similar? Have you ever tried to place flowers in a vase, only to find that they don’t fit properly? How exciting it would be to say, “I made that myself,” when someone compliments your tasteful bouquet!

Since fresh-cut flowers and greens are widely available during the spring and summer, flower arranging is a low-cost pastime. Besides making our surroundings more beautiful, arranging flowers has health benefits, including enhancing hand dexterity, stimulating the senses, and relieving stress.

21. Take Up Baking

Take Up Baking
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Do you want to release some feel-good endorphins? Knead the dough, preheat the oven, and fire up the mixer. Making something delicious like a great pie, banana bread, or brownies will give you confidence and a positive mindset. Furthermore, baking puts you in a position where the treats you create can bring joy to others.

Thus, we anticipate a battle: in the red corner, weighing 198 pounds, the undisputed pancake champion, the man known only as “Husband”, and in the blue corner, weighing 66 pounds, the “Magic Kid”. Tonight’s prize? The last brownie!

20. Jump In and Lose Yourself

Woman having fun in the pool
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As a child, as soon as school ended and the temperature began to increase, I longed to plunge into a body of water. It didn’t matter whether it was a lake or a community pool; I just wanted to swim. Yet, as an adult, I appreciate it even more. It’s a skill you can use for a lifetime.

Swimming combines three of life’s finer pleasures: the outdoors, the sea, and the water. Together, they do wonders for lifting your spirits. Furthermore, its mild impact on the body makes swimming a wonderful choice for women with injuries, back or knee problems, or even those who are pregnant.

19. Strive for a Runner’s High

Woman running
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We all know that exercise can do wonders for our bodies and minds, and running is no different. Not only does it make us feel and look better, but it also helps us live longer by lowering the chances of developing chronic diseases. Over time, it increases cardiac output and keeps the arteries flexible, which makes the blood flow better.

Consistent running improves your mood, attitude, and self-esteem. Running also encourages the release of endorphins, which serve as analgesics and mood boosters and are responsible for the coveted “runner’s high,” a brief, intensely pleasant state that occurs after strenuous activity.

18. Put Your Feelings into Words

Happy woman journaling
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A journal can give language to your feelings. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, a notebook is a safe place to express yourself and open up about your inner turmoil and anxieties without fear of retribution. Moreover, when you’re dealing with a difficult situation, keeping a diary helps you figure out the source of your stress.

Identifying the cause of stress is the first step toward addressing the problem and subsequently alleviating that strain. Put pen to paper in a tranquil setting, perhaps while sipping a cup of coffee. Anticipate the time you will spend writing in your journal. And be confident that your actions are good for your mind and body.

17. Playing An Instrument

Woman playing guitar
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The decision to take up an instrument marks the start of an unparalleled adventure, one that is captivating but also filled with hardship and continuous training. Aside from the obvious benefits to one’s brain, learning an instrument has been shown to improve several other skills, both mental and physical.

Nevertheless, it is not necessary to be a maestro to enjoy music. If you take the time to learn the essentials, you’ll unlock a world of possibilities. As a result, you’ll broaden your musical horizons and discover the works of a myriad of brilliant artists. Soon, you’ll find yourself understanding music rather than just listening to it.

16. Take Heart and Start Vlogging

Woman vlogging
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As a vlogger, you get the best of both worlds: the chance to record your life and share it, but also the freedom to be creative and express yourself. Still, vlogging isn’t just about making videos and uploading them to the internet. Due to the current surge in the digital media industry, vlogging has become a highly desirable career.

To sum it all up, vlogging can be a terrific way to work for yourself, set your own hours, and travel the world. You just have to start brainstorming to find your interests and figure out what sort of content you will be creating within the niche.

15. Learn to Make Candles

Woman making candles
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Candles are something that we will always want to have in our homes. Every time we buy one item that smells like Angelina Jolie’s favorite aroma, we know we’re spending more money than we’d like to admit. We admire your desire to indulge yourself, but please note that you can save some cash by making your candles at home.

Moreover, after getting the hang of it, you’ll find that it’s not as tricky as you might have thought. Candle wax, a heat-resistant glass jar, needles, wick dots, color, and fragrance oil are all things you’ll need before you can get started.

14. Knit Your Way to Coziness

Woman knitting
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While it’s true that knitting can appear tricky at first, the challenge only adds to the fun. Like crafting jewelry, knitting and crocheting are wonderful creative pursuits. Use this as a chance to practice forbearance and calm yourself down, all while pushing yourself to accomplish something that would seem impossible to other people.

There are countless guides and videos online that can help you learn how to knit if you’re unfamiliar with the process. All in all, knitting isn’t just for grandmas; it is also a fun pastime for the modern lady who still loves to do things the old-fashioned way.

13. Travel the World

Travel the World
Photo by Katie Drazdauskaite / unsplash.com

Travel encourages us to leave our social circles and explore, feel, and experience new things. It keeps pushing us not only to change and discover new places but also to meet people, take on challenges, and share exciting and important memories with friends and family.

If money isn’t an issue, create a bucket list of places you’d like to see and start crossing them off. You can visit state parks, swap houses with someone, discover South East Asia, take a cruise on Amazon, or simply go on a road trip to see your friend from Europe.

12. Bring Soul to A Recipe

Woman ready to cook a nice recipe
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For some women, cooking is a burden rather than a pleasure. But if you approach it the right way, cooking can be a delightful and entertaining hobby. Imagine how great it would feel to excel at something others struggle with or are just average at. Thus, in addition to improving your mood, learning how to cook can boost your self-esteem.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to spend quality time with your loved ones while indulging in the delicious meals you made together, saving money on expensive takeout. The question is, then, why hold off? It’s never too soon to start eating better.

11. Craft Your Own Jewelry

Craft Your Own Jewelry
Photo by Godisable Jacob / pexels.com

Do you become somewhat disheartened when hunting for a specific piece of jewelry? Why not turn your rage into creating your own piece of art?

This is yet another enjoyable way to unwind and spend your time while accomplishing something meaningful that will make you proud. It only requires a few basic materials and an eye for design to be successful.

In fact, many women have turned their passion for crafting jewelry into a business. That’s how it starts!

10. Master the Art of Origami

Woman doing origami
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Although it may appear puerile, and you may believe it is solely for children, origami is actually good for everyone. Just think of it as a form of mental exercise that involves hand-eye coordination, encourages the development of fine motor skills, and boosts mental concentration.

Moreover, it combines logic and imagination, employing both the left and right hemispheres of your brain simultaneously. In addition to these amazing benefits for our brains, it is also entertaining. Who knew a square of paper could be transformed into a penguin?

9. Develop Your Gardening Abilities

Develop Your Gardening Abilities
Photo by Gustavo Fring / pexels.com

If you put in the time and effort to plant flowers and vegetables, you will be rewarded with gorgeous bouquets and a healthy crop. But did you know that gardening may do wonders for your health as well?

Even if you don’t consider yourself to have a green thumb, once you’ve tilled the soil, planted seeds, tended to them, and reaped your harvest, you might discover hidden talents and a new appreciation for nature.

It’s worthwhile to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and if you can cultivate a garden, then what can’t you do?

8. Paint Your Feelings

Paint Your Feelings
Photo by Olia danilevic / pexels.com

How can you create a cheery painting with a somber color palette? How can a flower be made to appear more true to life? How will you mend your canvas if you accidentally get paint on the wrong part? Painting places problem-solving at the forefront of the artistic process.

Your creativity will soar as you experiment with different colors and materials, try out new techniques, and take cues from various sources to create a one-of-a-kind painting. And, who knows, maybe after 100 years your work will sell for millions at auction.

7. Improve Your Photography Skills

Improve Your Photography Skills
Photo by Tim Mossholder / unsplash.com

It is said that photographers see the world differently. The truth is, once you have beheld its grandeur through your camera’s lens, you will gain a deeper appreciation for life. And this might be the secret to a stress-free existence: the power to see the joy in spite of any difficulties.

The best part is that now anyone can take photos without breaking the bank thanks to the several high-quality smartphone cameras available.

There simply are no reasons not to give it a shot, as you can even learn a thing or two about photography online these days. And, believe us, it’s more than exciting to take a picture worthy of being framed.

6. Go on a Hike

Go on a Hike
Photo by Andre Furtado / pexels.com

Hiking can be many different things. It can be physically and mentally demanding, but it may also be easy and enjoyable. Some women simply like being outside in the fresh air and exploring the wilderness, while others seek the challenge that can only be found on high ridges.

Yet, no matter the trail or the person, hiking is all about getting in touch with nature. Curiosity about what might be around the next bend on the trail helps you shut out the tensions and hassles of everyday life.

Simply walking forward, one step at a time, over and over again, is a very rewarding deed, don’t you think?

5. Create a Memory Album

Create a Memory Album
Photo by Dominika Roseclay / pexels.com

Memories are simple to create but difficult to recall. Thus, when you need a break from your busy life, scrapbooking may be exactly what the doctor ordered. You just have to unleash your inner creativity and maybe gather some crafting supplies.

Don’t forget to include the date and a brief explanation of what made the day so special.

4. Makeup as a Hobby

Makeup artist applying mascara on lashes
Photo By okskukuruza / stock.adobe.com

Makeup tinkering is one of our favorite pastimes, and if you’re reading this, we’re guessing you feel the same way. However, this doesn’t make you an instant pro at applying it. Take advantage of your downtime to hone your abilities and become a master.

Create looks for yourself and your friends, replicate styles, and experiment with various brushes, colors, and techniques. Maybe later you could even establish a YouTube channel to show your makeup abilities.

3. Get Out Your Dance Shoes

Woman dancing
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch / pexels.com

It’s no secret that dancing is a fantastic way to get in shape; it also has additional health benefits, like enhanced cognitive function, muscle strength, and flexibility.

Studies have shown that when we move to the beat, we experience a decrease in anxiety and a release of endorphins. No, you don’t have to be Michael Jackson to enjoy dancing.

Still, do you think you got the moves like Jagger? Rather than treating it just as a pastime, turn dancing into a skill. You’ll have a great time moving your body to some great music, whether you learn ballroom dancing, ballet, or simply go out to a club. You can even try a TikTok dance!

2. Engage Your Intrinsic Bookish Side

Young woman at home sitting near window relaxing in her living room reading book and drinking coffee or tea
Photo By lenets_tan / stock.adobe.com

Reading is important because it enhances your ability to pay attention, remember information, empathize with others, and express yourself clearly. It has positive effects on stress levels, mental health, and even longevity.

Knowledge gained through reading can also improve one’s performance at work and interpersonal connections. If you want to make reading a habit, you should have a book with you at all times.

Moreover, if you enjoy reading so much, why not take it to the next level and join a book club?  It’s possible that you’ll be required to read novels you wouldn’t have picked for yourself, but you might be pleasantly surprised by what you end up liking.

1. Practice Yoga

Woman doing Yoga
Photo by Cottonbro studio / pexels.com

More than 2500 years ago, in India and the Himalayas, the Vedic tradition gave rise to a set of ideas, beliefs, and practices that we now call yoga. To this day, people all around the world use it to meditate, unwind, and maintain a positive mindset. If we’re talking about connecting with our bodies, yoga is in a class by itself.

It consists of a series of physical postures and stretches designed to improve the health and functionality of the entire body. With the aid of those poses, you may tune in to your body and learn more about its needs. In addition, regular yoga practice will greatly increase your flexibility.

Final Words

Having a hobby is an excellent way to let your imagination run wild. Like physical activity, which can help you feel more energized, finding a channel for your creative energy is essential.

To maintain our health and happiness, we need to make time for ourselves. Doing something non-routine can help us unwind, recharge our batteries, and take our minds away from stressful activities.

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