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The 30 Best Planners You Can Buy Right Now

By Victor Baker


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We all have those days when we just don’t have time to get everything done. You collapse into bed worn out, but nothing appears to have been accomplished, as daily twisters of activities pushed you away, leaving your highest priorities in the dust. If that’s the case, poor time management is most likely to blame.

Whether you’re a committed entrepreneur, freelancer, 9 to 5 employee, or stay-at-home parent, you should have some kind of system set up to plan, schedule, and rank your activities and tasks. You are not compelled to let your to-do list dictate your actions. There is a more effective approach.

As technology develops, and therefore, little by little, people prefer to have their task lists kept on smartphones, tablets, or other electronic devices, it may be harder to change back to the conventional way. Tell us, do you even recall the last time you jotted down more than two sentences?

In the age of chimes, buzzes, and pop-ups, we’ve grown accustomed to disregarding the message’s content, as we’ve come to accept that alerts are inherently obnoxious and bothersome per se. Therefore, amidst the tendencies, the paper planner is on the rise.

Do you consider purchasing a planner? Instead, do you already own one but aren’t sure if you want to keep it around? Continue reading! A paper planner has several advantages that we’d like to point out.

How to Choose The Right Planner

How to Choose The Right Planner
Ponderlily Weekly Planner

Don’t let minor details fly under the radar. Pausing for a moment to plan your assignments on paper allows your eyes to relax and your mind to get rid of the avalanche of information we accumulate in our email and social media feeds. A planner will give you a hand when it comes to remembering the order of the day.

On top of that, when you note things down, it helps you learn them by heart and increases focus. Handwriting has been linked to stress reduction in numerous studies and it is frequently recommended in cognitive behavioral therapy to keep a journal, precisely because it enables you to organize the ideas in your mind.

But, how do you choose the ideal planner for you? If you’re on the hunt for a new one, the following tips might be of assistance in making the right call.

JSTORY Weekly Planner
JSTORY Weekly Planner

Recall that a planner is a tool meant to assist you

The clever bit is to determine which method makes your life more comfortable. Purchasing a planner is a deeply personal choice, completely dependent on you and how you spend your life. Simply put, just because an organizer is appealing or famous does not mean it is right for you. A planner is intended to be used, not to adorn your desk.

Determine what you require from your planner

Take into account what you would like your planner to achieve. Generally speaking, you should do this before even searching for planners, as it’s easy to get carried away by looking at all the amazing features an organizer might have. Do your homework to discover what functionalities you require and, hence, to have everything at your disposal.

Choose your style

Are you drawn by cuteness, or do you favor a more understated design? Isn’t this a N*SYNC vs. Backstreet Boys debate? Don’t second guess your tastes when deciding. Even if a planner has all the qualities you need, it will be useless if you dislike its look.

Silk and Sonder Planner Subscription
Silk and Sonder Planner

Search with an open attitude

Be open to scrutinizing different sorts of planners provided, because you never know what you’re going to find while searching. Take your time studying offers and avoid shopping when you’re short on time or overwhelmed.

Last but not least, and perhaps most importantly, take detailed notes on your preferred models and brands. See? You’re already in desperate need of a planner.

Set your budget

When looking for a planner, the first step is to decide how much money you’re willing to spend. Take into consideration that this is an investment that can last you a whole year and should help you. But even so, this does not imply spending your entire fortune on it.

Where to buy planners

Truth be told, you can find plenty of planners at almost any large retailer, whether online or not, but those seeking more customized, fancy organizers should have a look at Appointed, Eric Condren, Smythson, Papier, or Passion Planner.

With purposes and resolutions looming, a new planner is an ideal accomplice. No matter what style you choose, we are confident the list below has something to meet the most demanding tastes. Now proceed to plan with the 30 best planners out there!

30. Smythson Mara Panama Agenda

Smythson Panama Agenda

Manufactured in the same manner since 1908, this timeless pocket journal is labeled after the Panama hat due to its lightweight and versatile layout. Its innovative week-to-view setup makes it simple to plan out the week ahead


29. Ponderlily Weekly Planner 2022

Ponderlily Weekly Planner 2022

Ponderlily has developed a planner that goes far beyond the standard organizer. First and foremost, it is completely Instagram-friendly, with its exquisitely simple, yet stylish textured fabric finish, classy copper foil print, and color-coordinated page highlighter ribbons. It is for sure a masterpiece. However, it is not just a pretty face, as opening it reveals far more than calendars and important dates to remember.

28. Talking Out of Turn Dated Goal-Getter Planner

Talking Out of Turn Dated Goal-Getter Planner

Perhaps your life appears to be in complete disarray, but with a little assistance, you’ll regain control. This planner is a fun way to keep track of everything you need to do, and it includes stickers. Who isn’t addicted to stickers?

27. Fabriano Ispira Weekly Diary

Fabriano Ispira Weekly Diary

When it comes to paper, Fabriano is the perfect introduction. It is foie gras in a fast-food world. This plan is a true work of art, handcrafted in Italy by paper artisans who truly deserve that overused nickname. Moreover, the color fusions are out of this world.

26. Traveler’s Weekly Vertical Planner

Traveler’s Weekly Vertical Planner

This is a weekly variant of the Traveler’s Planner without timeframes. The vertical scale marks the time, which is advantageous for individuals who have a large number of tasks to write about and handle. Because no dates are specified, you may initiate it whenever you wish.

As is the case with the majority of Traveler’s fittings, this planner is printed on high-quality, resistant butter color MD paper, keeping an exceptional writing experience.

25. Simple Self the Self Care Planner

Simple Self the Self Care Planner

Simple Self is a complete organizer that inspires you to accomplish more and build a better life through progressive self-care. This well-thought-out holistic planning kit has everything you need to plan your day, reach your goals, and keep a strong and happy mindset.

24. Be Rooted x Mkoby Undated Daily Planner

Be Rooted x Mkoby Undated Daily Planner

Congratulations to all of our dawdlers! You’ve officially taken the first step toward effectively managing your time. This undated planner will make organizing look like child’s play, whether it’s your food plan, water intake, or topmost priority.

23. JSTORY Large Personal Wide Spaces Weekly Planner

JSTORY Large Personal Wide Spaces Weekly Planner

The JSTORY Weekly Planer is a sewn-bound organizer that contains 28 pages for a total of 54 weeks of planning. Every page has a blank weekly structure, allowing you to commence the checklist at any moment of the year.

This planner is available in a range of colors and features a matte textured cover. It’s the ideal size for rucksacks and schoolbags.

22. Leuchtturm1917 Weekly Planner 

Leuchtturm1917 Weekly Planner

This planner’s wraps are some of the best faux leather we have seen on a sketchbook, and the manufacturing quality is exceptional. As we come to the main planner’s body, we observe that each weekday is represented by a single page, and days are divided into lines from 07:00 to 22:00, with a part underneath for notes. Except for Saturdays and Sundays, which share a section to keep the organizer streamlined.

21. Passion Planner Digital Weekly 2022 Elite

Passion Planner Digital Weekly 2022 Elite

Start this new year by clarifying your idea of success and starting to work toward it weekly. The Passion Roadmap and GameChanger Goals encourage you to uncover your objectives, integrating them into your regular life.

The Yearly Overview gives a glimpse of your calendar as anniversaries, holidays, and assignments are all conveniently located in one spot. Subsequently, it functions as a monthly planner as well. But what we find most appealing is the “Today I learned” section, where you might convey your most significant new experience of the day.

20. Newme Fitness Planner

Newme Fitness Planner

Studies have revealed that measuring your improvements with a fitness log can lend a hand in achieving your goals more quickly and trying to keep up in the long run. The Newme Fitness Planner was created by personal trainers and military experts, individuals who clearly understand the science of workouts.

19. Erin Condren Dreaming Has No Limits Kid’s Planner

Erin Condren Dreaming Has No Limits Kid’s Planner

As grown-ups, it seems as though we are constantly on the lookout for ways to organize ourselves, cultivate gratitude, and bring more order to our hectic lives. But, how do we support our children in developing these critical skills? We buy them a planner.

This organizer is truly a practice in imagination and foresight, being an excellent companion for the new year, helping children stay optimistic and excited about each new week.

18. Silk and Sonder Subscription

Silk and Sonder Subscription

Silk and Sonder’s holistic approach has enabled several followers to live more valuable, purposeful, and constructive lifestyles, all from the warmth of their homes, through a set of analog, virtual, and interactive tools.

Basically, it’s a monthly subscription facility that will send you a completely new planner each month. For $20 a month, $54 for three months, or $179 for a year, you can select a subscription plan. It includes mood, routine, and sleep trackers, as well as recipes, guided instructions, wellness monitoring devices, dated schedule, and spreads for efficient self-reflection, imagination, and focus.

17. Erin Condren Layers Colorful Softbound Life Planner

Erin Condren Layers Colorful Softbound Life Planner

While Erin Condren is famous for its coil organizers, the Softbound collection is stylish and incredibly dynamic. The Life Planner is beautifully designed and doesn’t just include daily and monthly calendars, but also a section for strategic planning, note-taking, and saving key dates.

Featuring the same thick, luxurious paper as all the previous Erin Condren planners, it is a viable option.

16. Rifle Paper Co. Pocket Planner

Rifle Paper Co. Pocket Planner

Rifle Paper Co.’s planners are not only beautiful, but also exceptionally well-made, and the pocket organizers make it clear that strong essences are kept in small bottles. Should we also bring up the stickers as well? While you might think this is just a flash in the pan, the truth is that they are incredibly useful for grabbing your attention, aside from being a lot of fun and joyful.

15. Papier Demi 2022 Planner

Papier Demi Planner

Organize your dreams, expectations, and to-do lists for 2022 with this hardcover planner. Within, you’ll discover weekly, monthly, and yearly walkthroughs, as well as loads of space for all your important dates. It is complemented by the softest paper pages, a navy ribbon indicator, and a customizable color-block cover.

14. The Morning Sidekick Journal

The Morning Sidekick Journal

If you intend to keep your word and conquer your mornings, you can receive a full year of regular content by buying the complete four-volume series of the Morning Sidekick Journal. What we honestly appreciate about this planner is that it’s not a simple copy and paste exercise. It contains a large amount of high-quality information, as there are no two identical topics in the journal.

13. Panda Planner Pro

Panda Planner Pro

Developed by a team of behavioral scientists, Panda Planner Pro is certain to boost users’ motivation and morale. Lacking dates and counted pages, it allows you to customize everything to your liking. Each thing is highly interactive to provide users with a Zen-like experience, which is why the Panda Planner is condensed into three consecutive timelines (monthly, weekly, and daily).

Made with sumptuous finesse from premium leather and featuring meticulous technical excellence, the Panda Planner is the ideal start to a path of self-improvement.

12. Hobonichi Techo Planner

Hobonichi Techo Planner

You may be wondering what a Hobonichi Techo is. Well, it is a Japanese daily organizer that is widely praised for its simplicity and functionality. It looks like a normal planner at first, but when you use a Hobonichi Techo, you can see that it has a lot of important features that make it so popular.

Its external covers are made of leather-look cardboard, while the interior pages are printed on Tomoe River Paper. But, the daily pages are the soul of this planner. Hobonichi purposefully created the everyday page format in such a way that it inspires you to record small details of your everyday life.

11. GoGirl Budget Planner

GoGirl Budget Planner

Are you on the search for a pretty and portable budget planner to help you organize your money and set financial goals? It’s a good idea to use the GoGirl Budget Planner if that happens to you! Set up by women for women, it begins with a page for recording up to seven financial outcomes, followed by a sheet for the game plan.

The hardcover is available in a variety of colors, such as rose gold, orange, green, purple, gold, pink, black, dark or light blue, turquoise, and grey.

10. Smythson 2022 Mara Soho Agenda

Smythson 2022 Mara Soho AgendaSmythson’s Mara Soho 2022 diary is a planner’s nirvana thanks to its shiny croc-embossed finish. Smythson is a British retailer with a history of more than a century, manufacturing high-end leather goods, ranging from handbags to pencil cases, agendas, and guest books. As a matter of fact, in 1964, the brand received its first Royal Warrant from Her Majesty, the Queen.

Although it is not reasonably priced, the Soho Agenda is worth every penny.


9. Pretty Simple Press Meal Planner

Pretty Simple Press Meal Planner

The Pretty Simple Planner’s minimalist interior design serves as a new beginning whenever you unfold your planner, inspiring you to better organize your daily tasks and carve out time for the activities that are meant to be filled with bliss.

Plan your meals with this endearing sketchbook, as it includes a lined area for each day of the week, along with a section for breakfast, lunch, or dinner suggestions.

8. Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook

As long as you are searching for ways to store notes digitally while maintaining the simplicity of pen and paper, the Rocketbook Fusion is the magic bullet. It replicates the sense of pen and paper, allowing you to take notes however you choose, displaying seven unique page layouts that link up to your digital storage.

Furthermore, Rocketbook Fusion has one more card to play: the synthesized paper allows you to write flawlessly with a Pilot FriXion pen and then wipe clean with a wet cloth to reuse over and over.

7. 2022 Essential Daily Planner

2022 Essential Daily Planner

This planner provides sufficient space for you to jot down key points and reminders throughout the year and it includes a ruled list of references and cashbook sections, as well as segments for personal data, significant events, metric, weight, and temperature conversions, and a phone and address category.

Likewise, there are subcategories for commemorating aims and pondering on each month via “summary” pages.

6. Bella Flora 2022 Planner

Bella Flora 2022 Planner

Are you looking for a monthly organizer that is neither too large nor too small? This planner is ideal for carrying around and makes it simple to keep up to date with relevant deadlines, contact information, and other events. Each spread is framed by beautiful floral images and comes with a pocket to keep extra sheets of paper. It also includes over 300 stickers.

5. The Happy Planner

The Happy Planner

The Happy Planner is the best option for those who want an organizer that is both cute and practical. It provides a great deal of versatility through its add-ons, which allow you to customize the planner in an infinite number of ways to match your look and feel.

Each month also covers a “pre-month” page with major holidays and areas for you to fill in. This is indeed a charming feature that sets this planner apart from the competition. Additionally, at $35, it is considerably less expensive than similar items.

4. Full Focus Planner By Michael Hyatt

Full Focus Planner By Michael Hyatt

Conceived for high-achievers who desire a purposeful, accomplishing lifestyle, the Full Focus Planner puts an end to the persecution of the never-ending to-do list. It’s based on a time-tested template for achieving objectives and job performance and will guide you in putting a stop to messy days and establishing harmony, trust, and success.

Utilize the planner’s preparation and optimization systems to ensure that you stay on track with your priorities, even when life becomes hectic.

3. Love Sweat Fitness 2022 Planner

Love Sweat Fitness 2022 Planner

There is no doubt you might be able to note your goals on your phone or simply on a piece of paper. But, we strongly believe that developing a more enjoyable method of capturing and tracking your objectives can help you remain motivated.

Not only is this planner adorable and entertaining, but it also provides a focused space for monitoring your goals, as well as a slew of resources to assist you along the way.

2. Appointed Customizable Year Task Planner

Appointed Customizable Year Task Planner

Appointed is a U.S.-based company that creates beautiful stationery, turning any everyday item into an extravagant one. Convenient and expertly designed from the finest materials, it includes sections for notes and lists, a weekly summary, and durable laminated sidebars. You can decide on five high-fashion hues, but the icing on the cake is definitely the fact that it can be monogrammed.


1. Day Designer Chambray Bookcloth Planner

Day Designer Chambray Bookcloth Planner

Nice and slim? Check. This planner is one of the most stylish organizers we have seen, but with enough space so you don’t feel cramped. When opened, it reveals a subtle and fresh dot lining. It contains smart goal worksheets, an annual summary, and monthly calendars.

Best possible layout? Yes! Featuring daily inspirational quotes and giving a whole page for each day of the week, it might be the best time management tool you need to become more organized.

Attractive design? Naturally, it is a Day Designer. On top of that, this planner is available in ten other stunning patterns and two book cloth variations. All of them spotlight the same water-resistant covers, gold components, luxurious paper, and trademark layouts.

Final Words

A great organizer highly impacts your year. Perhaps not literally, but there is just something about having to turn the pages each day or week that inspires us to be more driven, methodical, and to feel like our best selves. At the end of the day, a planner isn’t just about keeping track of time. It’s about maximizing its value.

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