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15 Best Standing Desks You Could Buy Right Now

By Anca Nicolescu


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Best Standing Desks
Fezibo Height-Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

Sitting at a desk for a good portion of your day is definitely not great for your back. That’s why someone came up with the idea of standing desks, so you can alternate from sitting to standing throughout your day. It will not only change up your routine, but your posture and overall well-being will improve as well.

There are studies done that prove that sitting for more than three to four hours per day will lead to a variety of health problems. Those can range from back issues to more serious health concerns such as heart disease and obesity.

But having a standing desk and trying to move as often as possible is probably what every doctor would recommend, apart from sitting on the right ergonomic chair for you. 

What To Look For

FlexiSpot Standing Desk
FlexiSpot Standing Desk

When investing in a standing desk for your home office, there are a few features you should keep in mind.

Let’s take a closer look at the few considerations worth mentioning:

Height and Size of the Desk

Depending on your size and the space you have to work with, there are many options available to you. If you want something that will be your main desk or if you’re working with limited room, in which case a smaller sized desk should suffice, there is something for everyone.

A standard sized desk will not work for taller people, but one rule of thumb you should always follow is that your desktop should be placed at elbow height.

Ease of Assembly

Vari Standing Desk
Vari Desk

Some companies offer great products, but assembling them is a nightmare. Look for the instructions beforehand and check to see if you need a second person to give you a hand.

Most of the desks we will look at come with detailed instructions and all the hardware and tools you need. But its better to double check rather than be stuck depending on people to free up some time to help you put it together.


The higher a standing desk can raise, the greater the risk for it to fall over. Look for a model that offers the best stability in your price range. The more weight it can handle, the better off you’ll be.

That way, you won’t be scared to add some heavier items on it and cause it to wobble.

Customization Options and Features

Autonomous SmartDesk
Autonomous SmartDesk

Some popular features the standing desks come with are add-ons such as monitor arms that raise your screen to eye level, cable racks and slots for your cables, so they will be kept neat and out of sight.

Other customization options some brands offer are finish and material, such as bamboo or any other type of wood you prefer. Whiteboard can also come in handy if you jot down notes as you work.

Manual versus Motorized Controls

All desks come with either manual or motorized controls. The manual desks come with a set of knobs or levers you work manually. Since they don’t require a power source, they are generally less expensive than the motorized controlled desks.

On the other hand, some motorized desks come with a program of preferred heights you can set up. They generally require a source of power which can be controlled by pressing a button.


Flexispot E7 Desk
Flexispot E7 Desk

Of course, price is important, but you shouldn’t make your decision solely on this factor. There are four sub-categories of prices to look into, so you can surely find something you’re comfortable with:

  • Budget, or under $500, are not necessarily cheap. You can find decent options that have been optimized to save customers some money. You probably shouldn’t expect premium specs in this price range, but a decent enough desk.
  • Value, under $800, offers good enough quality for a reasonable price.
  • Premium, under $1,100, are generally loaded with great quality features and offer extended warranties.
  • Ultra Premium, over $1,100, offers you premium components and quality. You will also find the most features in this price range, and the best warranties on the market. Also, some of the best ergonomic desks will fall under this category.

Now that you have an idea of some of the features to keep in mind, let’s take a closer look at the 15 best standing desks you could buy right now.

15. Ikea Trotten

Ikea Trotten Desk
Ikea Trotten Standing desk

If you prefer a budget, manually operated standing desk, this model from Ikea might be exactly what you’re looking for. Equipped with a smooth crank mechanism and the typical clean and simple minimalist design the Swedes are known for, it makes a great sensible option.

It doesn’t offer as many customization options as some others on the list, but you can still get your money’s worth.

You can choose between two leg and desktop colors, and it can handle up to 110 pounds. It is also pretty simple to assemble, without any additional tools needed.

14. Flomotion Standing Desk

Flomotion Standing Desk
Flomotion Standing Desk

This desk comes in a variety of wood types for its desktops and Skyflo, a high quality sit and stand desk frame. The frame can handle up to 120 kg, so it makes the desk one of the sturdier models available.

The control panel can connect to your devices via Bluetooth, and you can control all its features through the app. And depending where you live, you might be able to try it out first before making the final purchasing decision.

13. Ergonofis Sway

Ergonofis Sway
Ergonofis Sway

If you love technology, this sleek standing desk offers you a simple, electronic motorized system that presets your height adjustments. With an ultra minimalist design, this desk also  comes with a touch OLED display, and offers a low power consumption.

Made from locally sourced cherrywood, the top is protected by a top quality lacquer that protects it against any accidents. Another cool spec worth mentioning is a built-in ability for it to remind you to stand or sit throughout your day, just in case you forget.

12. Ergotron WorkFit-D

Ergotron WorkFit-D
Ergotron WorkFit-D desk

Focused on ergonomics, this standing desk from Ergotron is so comfortable, you might be able to overlook some of the least appealing features. It doesn’t come with a cable management tray which makes your brake cables visible, but the single lever for raising and lowering the desk is easy to use and faster than some electric models.

It is available in birch or walnut desktop and black edges, which make a nice contrast. Another thing that sets this desk apart from others is the patented mechanical lift system it uses to raise or lower it.

11. Branch Standing Desk

Branch Standing Desk
Branch Standing Desk

An easy to assemble option, this model from Branch takes a few days to arrive, so don’t be in a rush for it. It is equipped with the tallest extension level, so even people that are taller than six feet will be able to work comfortably. Its surface is impact and stain resistant, which makes cleaning it a lot easier.

The lifting action is made possible by dual motors, plus it offers great stability thanks to its three stage column system. It also comes with four memory presets and a few extra specs such as USB ports and in-desk power outlets.

10. ApexDesk Elite

ApexDesk Elite
ApexDesk Elite

One of the best standing desks that come with a large desktop surface area, this model from ApexDesk offers competitive pricing. The sturdy build is high-quality, and it comes with a dual-motor lifting system that features a controller that you can preset to four heights.

It can handle up to 100 kg, so it’s a great option for those of you who have many monitors and heavy hardware. Its grommets make cable management a breeze. Overall, you can’t go wrong with this standing desk.

9. Fezibo Height-Adjustable Electric Standing Desk 

Fezibo Height-Adjustable Electric Standing Desk
Fezibo Height-Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

You will not find many standing desks that come with built-in storage, but this model from Fezibo is an exception. Loved by many customers because the drawers are added to the top of the desk and not underneath, like you see in the regular desks.

That would prevent the desk from adjusting to different heights, so the company decided to use the monitor rising shelf to add the two small drawers.

8. UPLIFT Standing Desk

UPLIFT Standing Desk
UPLIFT Standing Desk

A highly customizable desk, this model from UPLIFT comes in about two dozen material options for the desktop. Choose between five desktop sizes that come with a curved front edge.

You get to customize your desk from the keypad options to the grommet covers, and much more. You can also opt for the frame style that accommodates an under desk hammock, put in a magnetic cable organizing channel, among a few other cool specs.

7. Husky Adjustable Height Work Table

Husky Adjustable Height Work Table
Husky Adjustable Height Work Table / via reddit.com

A great budget option, this workbench comes with a manual adjustment that allows you to switch back and forth from standing desk to a work table. A multipurpose option, you can add desk drawers to the table for your convenience.

You can opt between three different sizes, and it’s made out of solid wood. It comes with a manual hand crank that adjusts the height from its lowest setting of 26 inches all the way to 42 inches high.

6. Autonomous SmartDesk Core

Autonomous SmartDesk Core
Autonomous SmartDesk Core

Autonomous is known for making some of the best ergonomic chairs, and their standing desks are pretty comfortable too. This programmable desk comes with a default keypad which gives you four preferred settings. Included with all desks is a pre-drilled grommet hole to keep your wires in one place.

There are three desktop sizes available, and the laminate tops come in nine colors. Its height ranges from 29.4 inches to 48 inches tall, so it’s still a great option for many people.

5. Flexispot E7 Standing Desk

Flexispot E7 Standing Desk
Flexispot E7 Standing Desk

This super customizable option is surprisingly affordable. With a motorized turning mechanism, this robust desk offers great value for your money. The build quality of the desk is excellent, and the overall functionality is superior to many in its price range. The curved workspace comes with an integrated wireless charger and a bamboo surface.

The motorized legs and the anti-collision system work very well. It also includes an integrated cable management system, so your annoying cords can stay out of sight.

4. Vari Electric Standing Desk

Vari Electric Standing Desk
Vari Electric Standing Desk

This attractive, electric standing desk from Vari is very easy to assemble and it comes with a few useful accessories. The coaster will protect the desk’s surface, and it comes with two hooks that you can use for a variety of reasons. The edges are chamfered and the work surface is thicker than most of the other desks we looked at.

You can add a wide range of accessories to your desk, such as monitor arms or cable management trays. Choose between a few desktop materials that are all attractive. Some models come with a programmable control panel that allows you to adjust from four preset heights.

3. Lifespan Treadmill Desk

Lifespan Treadmill Desk
Lifespan Treadmill Desk

One of the most expensive options on our list, this standing desk doubles as a treadmill. So you can get your steps in while you’re attending a Zoom meeting. This active workstation is a great idea, especially for people that work long hours and they would not otherwise get a chance to exercise.

Just make sure the room you’re using as your office is large enough, as the treadmill takes quite a bit of floor space. It comes in three desktop sizes, six desktop materials, and two frame colors. You can also opt for the manually adjustable version of this desk if you prefer.

2. Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk
Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

One of the best standing desks available, the Jarvis desk from Fully comes with many cool specs. Available in nine desktop sizes, it suits most people, no matter how short or tall they are. The desk comes with motorized adjustments, and if you prefer, three of the desktop sizes come with a curved front edge.

Spacious and stable, it offers customers great comfort. Another plus is that if you invest into a set of casters, you can roll it from room to room and take advantage of multiple uses. The brand offers a few add-ons such as a monitor stand with a drawer, a clamp-mounted surge protector, and many other cool specs.

1. iMovR Lander Standing Desk

iMovR Lander Standing Desk
iMovR Lander Standing Desk

One of the most premium standing desks on the market, the Lander offers quite a few interesting features that justify its high price. The desk comes pre-assembled, and you don’t need any tools to set it up. Its height is intuitively controlled with a simple tap on the paddle that is designed for that purpose.

You can link the paddle to any smartphone through Bluetooth, and it comes with a multi-colored hi-res display. Loaded with customizable options, the company offers a 15-year warranty. You can opt for a built-in Steady Type keyboard tray, pick between a few 3-D ultra durable laminated surfaces, plus it is ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 certified.

Final Thoughts

This sums up our list of the 15 best standing desks you could buy right now. There are lots of models to choose from, and we had a hard time picking only a few.

But we hope we narrowed down the choices for you, so it will be easier to compare between the models.

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