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The 24 Best Hotels & Resorts in Barbados

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Crystal Cove Resort

We’re not sure about you, but we’re itching to get on a plane and fly to some far-flung destination. Barbados is famous not only for its beaches but also for its British heritage, warm people, and of course, its dazzling star, Rihanna.

This Caribbean isle may be tiny, but it exudes a level of sophistication that draws everyone, from jet-setters to budget travelers. If you can get past the island’s surreal beaches, you’ll find a vibrant nightlife, a flavor of authentic Caribbean culture and history, first-rate cuisine, especially the famous Oistins Fish Fry, and a welcoming staff.

Truly, nothing can ruin a trip like encountering hostile locals in a place you’ve never been before. It’s like the finishing touch on a decadent exotic dessert. Still, we have to start with one of the most popular things to do in Barbados, which is to explore the beautiful coastline.

Why Visit Barbados?

Why visit barbados
Bottom Bay, Barbados / Photo by Fyle / stock.adobe.com

Nestled in the middle of the beautiful Lesser Antilles chain, this island is immersed in stories of piracy and English imperialism, drenched in rum, and populated by the scents of fish and chips.

You won’t encounter a more idyllic setting than the west coast of Barbados if your concept of a paradise beach includes fine white sand, a crystal blue sea, and exquisite refreshments. But if you’re a surfer in search of more rough settings and excellent waves, then the east coast of the island is where you want to be.

Also, from a historical point of view, Barbados is one of the most interesting places in the Caribbean. This is because the island’s heritage is deeply tied to the British colonial empire, among other things.

Therefore, it is necessary to devote a few days to see only the most important historical sites on the island, as many of the older structures have been meticulously conserved. One of them is St. Nicholas Abbey, a real Jacobean mansion, originally built in 1658 and stunningly renovated.

Fairmont Royal Pavilion Beach
Fairmont Royal Pavilion Resort

Also, the George Washington House is a must-see for history fans since it sheds light on the President’s vital role in the early development of the United States. Thus, even in modern times, the island continues to be a favorite vacation spot for heads of state, royal family members, famous people, and A-listers.

Nevertheless, a trip to Barbados wouldn’t be complete without trying some of the best rum in the world. The truth is, we can’t imagine anything more exciting than experiencing the origins of something that has grown so beloved worldwide. If Pina Coladas aren’t doing it for you, you can book a rum tour that is sure to satisfy your thirst.

That being said, it stands to reason that a little isle basked in sunshine and filled with gorgeous beaches would also have some jaw-dropping hotels. And it’s not just the exceedingly wealthy who can enjoy this; Barbados has affordable resorts for those who just want to kick back and relax on the beach.

But let’s get back to.. the Best Hotels in Barbados!

Sandals Royals Barbados Resort
Sandals Royals Barbados Resort

Accommodations play a significant role in the overall vacation experience, and no matter where you stay on the island, you will be treated to a breathtaking view. For that reason, we have compiled a list of the top resorts in Barbados to help you narrow down your options.

Hence, if you were looking for a starting point for your luxurious vacation, you have found it. In this article, you’ll learn all about the most upscale hotels and resorts in Barbados. Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?

24. Sugar Cane Club Hotel and Spa

Sugar Cane Club Hotel and Spa
Sugar Cane Club Hotel and Spa

The Sugar Cane Club Hotel and Spa, sitting atop a cliff overlooking Barbados’ exotic West Coast, is a haven of serenity and privacy. This exceptional boutique hotel only accepts guests who are 18 or older and has both all-inclusive and room-only options in a beautiful setting.

As soon as you check-in, you’ll know this isn’t a typical resort because it offers a one-of-a-kind Caribbean vacation by combining the architecture of the Mediterranean with the tropical charm of Barbados in a way that is both beautiful and unique.

Around the perimeter of the property are manicured gardens with palm trees, plants, pagodas, and, the icing on the cake, free-roaming monkeys. To get to the beach that’s only five minutes away, take the hotel’s shuttle.

23. Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados

Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados
Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados

The Radisson Aquatica Resort is set in the heart of Barbados, and its proximity to the island’s best attractions and the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea make it a top pick for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation.

The resort is decorated in the same rainbow-bright style that is characteristic of the island. From the outside, everything appears to be bright sunlight yellow and a deep marine blue. While you’re inside, you’ll notice that the orange upholstery and soft furnishings contrast nicely with the lime green accent walls.

Moreover, this place puts you within easy reach of the bay’s best attractions, whether you want to stroll along the mile-long white-sand beach or go paddle boarding, snorkeling, or swimming.

22. Bougainvillea Barbados

Bougainvillea Barbados
Bougainvillea Barbados

There’s no mistaking that you’ve landed in a tropical heaven, with the white sand beach right outside your door and the swim-up bar stocked with Caribbean drinks. Even though it has all the services of a large resort, Bougainvillea Barbados manages to maintain a cozy, intimate atmosphere.

After having their bags taken care of, guests can stroll through the gardens, where informative signs point out the various plants and trees, before stopping at the poolside bar for a rum punch. The beach, where the waves are a vivid green and the sand is white, is located beyond the pool area, often accompanied by the rhythm of steel drums.

The grounds, which are often used for wedding ceremonies, are easy to get to and have a lot of places to take pictures, which makes this a great resort that hosts a lot of happy weddings and honeymoons.

21. The SoCo Hotel

The SoCo Hotel
The SoCo Hotel

On the south coast of Barbados, straight above an excellent beach and oceanfront boardwalk, is a stylish, adults-only resort. Each of the twenty-two bedrooms at the SoCo Hotel offers a breathtaking view of the ocean, and, in a rare twist for an all-inclusive, each meal can be ordered individually.

The hotel’s name is an acronym for South Coast and a reference to SoBe, the cool Art Deco section of South Beach in Miami. With a modern-chic aesthetic, the place is decorated in a muted color scheme of whites and creams.

Nonetheless, the vibrant blues of the ocean provide a striking contrast to the neutrals of the property, and the tiki torches along the pool deck make SoCo attractive after dark as well.

20. Colony Club by Elegant Hotels

Colony Club by Elegant Hotels
Colony Club by Elegant Hotels

The Colony Club, a member of the posh Elegant Hotels chain, occupies a prime location on the fashionable West Coast without resorting to ostentatious displays of wealth. Among the highlights are the beautiful lagoon-style swimming pools and the fabulous, fully-grown grounds.

Most evenings, a lively ambiance, such as a steel pan, jazz, or saxophone, sets the tone. Therefore, even though the overall vibe is casual and unpretentious, guests are requested to dress somewhat more formally for dinner.

19. Saint Peter’s Bay

Saint Peter’s Bay Resort
Saint Peter’s Bay Resort

An exclusive resort with villa-style homes, Saint Peter’s Bay can be found on Barbados’s pristine southern coast. The hotel’s main customers are families, so it offers them large, high-end rooms with beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea.

This is the kind of entirely private, low-key spot where A-listers go to avoid being photographed. The apartments are cleaned every day, and concierge service can help with anything from reserving a babysitter to getting groceries delivered to your door. All the employees are friendly and eager to help.

18. The Sandpiper

The Sandpiper
The Sandpiper Hotel

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Sandpiper, run by a friendly family, is among the finest hotels in Barbados. It has a tropical setting, attractive rooms, a high-quality restaurant, and a thriving beach bar.

Many of the hotel’s visitors have been constantly returning here since the current owners opened it in the 1970s. Most of the guests are British, and they tend to be younger than those who frequent other luxury hotels on the West Coast of Barbados.

Just 10 minutes up the coast is the posher Coral Reef Club, but the Sandpiper is more of a casual alternative. It is tucked away in tropical gardens full of palms, bamboo, ferns, and bougainvillea that are lush, colorful, and full of life.

17. Hilton Barbados Resort

Hilton Barbados Resort
Hilton Barbados Resort

This high-end Hilton resort is situated in the south corner of Barbados, on an indentation of an aquamarine beach known as Needham’s Point, a short five-minute drive from downtown Bridgetown. It has an elegant open-air lobby, two pools (one of which is an infinity pool with a view of the ocean), a large private beach, two fine-dining restaurants, and two more casual eateries.

Nevertheless, Charles Fort is the property’s coolest feature. Beyond the infinity pool section of the hotel is a coral-limestone fortification with cannons pointing out into the ocean, which was built by British soldiers in 1650 to defend Carlisle Bay from potential invaders. What’s even better? Strolling along the sea wall with your significant other.

16. O2 Beach Club & Spa

O2 Beach Club & Spa

An expansive, palm-lined beach with powdered-soft sands and an intimate vibe welcomes guests to the chic and modern O2 Beach Club & Spa. The name should give you an idea of what to expect: a hip, modern beach club with several vibrant pools and a variety of casual bars and restaurants conveniently placed near your memory foam sunbed.

Furthermore, the abundance of “How To” activities, from steel pan lessons and rum punch making to Hobie Cat sailing, means you can even pick up some useful new skills while on vacation. The Concierge Collection includes one of these complimentary activities for each guest.

15. Cobblers Cove

Cobblers Cove
Cobblers Cove hotel

Cobblers Cove is one of the top 20 most beautiful hotels in the world, according to Home & Gardens, and it has been named the best hotel in Barbados for the third time by the World Travel Awards. Do you still need more persuasion?

This enchanting hotel sanctuary exudes an air of unfussy class, and many of its guests come for the real taste of Barbados. Overlooking a white-sand beach on the island’s western coast, this beautiful colonial-style building features a coral-colored exterior, lush tropical gardens, and lovely rattan furniture.

Even though it’s remote, you’ll be able to drive to some high-end restaurants and bars. That is if you can pull yourself away from Camelot Restaurant, which has first-rate food, once-a-week barbeques, and a unique seafood menu with a lineup of freshly caught fish.

14. Sea Breeze Beach House by Ocean Hotels

Sea Breeze Beach House by Ocean Hotels
Sea Breeze Beach House

On a long strip of white sand, you’ll find the cozy, all-inclusive Sea Breeze Beach House. This modern hotel is surrounded by acres of lush gardens that add to its laid-back appeal.

Unwind with a spa treatment for two in the privacy of your room, take a dip in the whirlpool, or lounge on the lap pool’s wet deck. Relax on one of the plush sun loungers and enjoy some refreshments from the pool attendants, who will bring you cold towels and tasty sorbets to keep you from overheating.

Oistins Bay is visible across the water, making the views from the floating sun deck equally breathtaking. Pick your own spot on the 300 meters of beachfront, whether you’re looking for a lively spot perfect for watersports or a quieter one for swimming.

13. Mango Bay All Inclusive

Mango Bay All Inclusive
Mango Bay All Inclusive

A vacation at the magnificent all-inclusive Mango Bay Hotel in Barbados is sure to be the trip of a lifetime. Days basking in the sun can be spent next to the inviting pool, and the clear waters nearby are perfect for a wide variety of water sports.

Also, once you enter this beautiful estate, you are greeted by a stylish foyer that opens up to a charming patio. From there, you can enjoy stunning views of the exotic gardens and the Caribbean Sea.

Although there are no longer any mango trees on the premises, we are assured that fresh mangoes will be available for both breakfast and lunch, and the mango sorbet is definitely a highlight. Be that as it may, the boutique nature of the resort means that it is also relatively secluded.

12. Tamarind by Elegant Hotels

Tamarind by Elegant Hotels
Tamarind by Elegant Hotels

The Tamarind hotel is a great choice for a stylish but relaxed vacation on the West Coast, and it is a one-of-a-kind option for everyone thanks to its outstanding location on Paynes Bay, one of the best beaches in Barbados. Since the hotel recently switched to all-inclusive, the perks are even better than before.

Buildings of three stories in a pale yellow color scheme face the beach and are surrounded by towering mahogany trees, palms, and lawns furnished with yellow-cushioned wicker furniture and shaded by white parasols, making this beachfront home-away-from-home look very chic. All in all, the vibe here is refreshingly cool.

11. Crystal Cove by Elegant Hotels

Crystal Cove Resort
Crystal Cove Resort

This all-inclusive Crystal Cove Resort in Barbados is a stunning location for a romantic getaway. Not just another top-rated option on the west coast, it features landscaped lagoons that wind around rocky waterfalls on three levels, giving the impression that you’re swimming in a hidden wilderness.

It is dramatically perched on a cliffside, with rooms in a village layout, cascading down to the beach below, providing breathtaking panoramas of the Caribbean sea. Take advantage of the hotel’s lively and soothing atmosphere by spending time in the three-story pool and the unique swim-up bar where you can enjoy a drink.

10. Sandy Lane

Sandy Lane Resort
Sandy Lane Resort

Get ready to have your mind blown by this luxurious, first-rate resort. Considered by many to be among the world’s finest hotels, Sandy Lane stands out for its impeccable service and unique amenities. Expect to run into famous faces, as this establishment caters to the “see and be seen” crowd.

Three golf courses, nine tennis courts, exceptional dining options, and a spa that covers 47,000 square feet are just some of the facilities available to guests. But while the decor and conveniences are definitely high-end, it’s the laid-back vibe and friendly staff that give Barbados, and consequently this resort, its unique style.

9. Treasure Beach by Elegant Hotels

Treasure Beach by Elegant Hotels
Treasure Beach by Elegant Hotels

At this posh adults-only haven, you can experience the relaxed Barbadian lifestyle and a wide range of exciting bespoke activities. Treasure Beach lies on the island’s wallpaper-worthy Platinum Coast, not far from Sandy Lane, one of the Caribbean’s most prestigious and sought-after beachfront areas.

Also, there are a lot of both water-based and land-based things to do. For example, you could take free paddleboarding lessons on the calm seafront, private tours of local pottery studios and galleries, and peaceful nature walks, making it the ideal romantic getaway for you and your significant other.

8. Sugar Bay Barbados

Sugar Bay Barbados
Sugar Bay Barbados Resort

Ideally situated in the heart of Barbados, in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Garrison district, Sugar Bay Barbados is an all-inclusive retreat with a wide variety of shops and restaurants. This, if you actually manage to leave the grounds.

This premium resort provides its guests with unrestricted access to a wonderful beach, non-motorized water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding, and a variety of delectable dining and drinking establishments. Moreover, the hotel boasts a myriad of large rooms and suites, as well as a swim-up bar and a kids club.

That being said, Sugar Bay is the perfect Barbados resort for both couples and families seeking a laid-back, all-inclusive paradise with a tropical and modern vibe.

7. Coral Reef Club

Coral Reef Club
Coral Reef Club

Boutique hotels like the Coral Reef Club are becoming increasingly popular in the Caribbean because of their high standards of service and the resort’s classic, elegant atmosphere. This beautiful getaway features two scenic swimming pools, a spa, and some of the most amazing hotel gardens in all Barbados.

The O’Hara family, longtime residents of the area, currently owns and operates the hotel, but they also manage the nearby and similarly acclaimed Sandpiper. They have played a large role in the service area, always caring for details. For instance, the waiters wear black bow ties for dinner service, making for a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

6. The Crane

The Crane Resort
The Crane Resort

When it first opened back in 1887, The Crane Resort catered to well-to-do locals and famous guests like William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, who is rumored to have paid for his stay there with a gold chain and a fob watch. Yes, this is based on a true incident, and the heirloom is still in the household.

The retreat is nestled close to Crane Beach, the US Embassy, and Hunte’s Gardens, and while it does pay homage to the area’s history, it is also a sophisticated, modern place to spend your time. You can make your vacation even more memorable by reserving a room with a private plunge pool that looks out over the water.

Furthermore, here you can do it all: bask in the sun on the private pink-sand beach, swim in one of the resort’s luxurious pools, enjoy a meal at one of the resort’s delectable on-site restaurants, or just relax and take in the view.

5. Waves Hotel and Spa by Elegant Hotels

Waves Hotel and Spa by Elegant Hotels
Waves Hotel and Spa

The Waves Hotel & Spa has all the makings of a high-end retreat: a beachfront location, modern interiors, and a serene spa. All members of your family can enjoy the laid-back vibes at Waves, where most of the fun for the little ones happens right on the sand.

The resort’s main building, which includes the lobby, most of the guestrooms, the main restaurants, the bar, lounge, and the pool, is perched on a cliff with a view of the postcard-worthy beach below. The spa, a gourmet bistro, and a second pool, all reserved for adults, are set on the other side of the road.

You may cool off at the pool or on the beach with the help of the hotel’s concierge, who will bring you cooled water, frosty grapes, and ice cream. And if you’re feeling like a change of scenery, you can take advantage of the group’s Dine Around Program by taking the free water taxi to one of the sister hotels on the west coast.

4. Turtle Beach by Elegant Hotels

Turtle Beach by Elegant Hotels
Turtle Beach Resort

Out of the seven resorts owned by Elegant Hotels in Barbados, this relatively upscale all-inclusive resort stands out as the largest, coolest, and most family-friendly. Turtle Beach Resort is nestled on the island’s southern coast, just behind the mesmerizing beach, and is a short distance from St. Lawrence Gap, the island’s primary entertainment district.

Its modern rooms are a tad on the bare minimum side for a hotel of this caliber, but they all feature balconies or patios. The beach is wide and beautiful, with snow-white sand and clear blue water, while the resort features three restaurants, a spa, a fitness center, two swimming pools, and a company that provides water sports right on the premises.

3. The House by Elegant Hotels

The House by Elegant Hotels
The House by Elegant Hotels

The House is frequently placed as one of the most intimate resorts in the Caribbean, and its ultra-luxury guest services are highly innovative. Beginning with a revitalizing massage upon arrival and concluding with a heartfelt farewell from the entire staff, the attentiveness extends from the moments you check into the hotel.

Manicured gardens, koi ponds, and a stylish lounge area are just some of the amenities you will encounter at this remote, upscale property. Each room is modern, expansive, and comes with free perks like a massaging jet shower and rum punch. Nevertheless, astoundingly for a hotel of this level, there is no spa on the premises.

2. Fairmont Royal Pavilion

Fairmont Royal Pavilion
Fairmont Royal Pavilion Resort

For many years, the Fairmont Royal Pavilion has been one of the most lavish places on the island of Barbados. Its classic colonial style and modern touches inspired by the beach and culture of the Caribbean have made it a firm favorite among tourists.

Therefore, the tranquil whites and blues of the sea are reflected in the rooms’ vivid, tropical decor. In addition to the two excellent restaurants on-site, guests can also request massages and room service in the comfort of their accommodations. Diving, fishing, snorkeling, and tennis are just some of the activities planned for you.

This is one of the best possibilities on the island if you’re a beach lover looking for a tranquil sea, but this location is also perfect for those who wish to enjoy the local high-end restaurants and do a little exploring of the amazing Barbados.

1. Sandals Royals Barbados

Sandals Royals Barbados
Sandals Royals Barbados Resort

When your jaw-droppingly beautiful suite has a private outdoor soak tub for two, you know you’ve arrived at the pinnacle of luxury. Sandals Royal Barbados is a brand-new, exotic all-inclusive resort in the exciting St. Lawrence Gap neighborhood, and it’s ready to treat you like royalty.

Featuring several top picks for Sandals, such as a rooftop pool and bar, a 4-lane bowling alley, an haute cuisine donut shop, and two new restaurants, American Tavern and Chi Asia, this resort has something for everyone.

With a more eclectic style than its more traditional forebear, the services at Sandals Royals are designed solely for couples. There are hints of Miami-style mid-rise, Mediterranean tiled roofs, ancient Greek temples, and thatched South Seas shacks among the jumbled styles.

If the resort’s six bars and nine restaurants aren’t enough to satisfy your cravings, you can always visit the neighboring Sandals Barbados for a change of scenery and choose from the resort’s additional eleven dining options.


From its rocky eastern coasts to its sparkling western shores, from its pretty colonial bridges and statues of Nelson in Bridgetown to its run-down plantations and fishing towns in the north, Barbados is an utterly captivating Caribbean destination.

Not to mention the ever-cheerful locals who make any visit here a memorable one, or the uber-luxurious hotels and earthy eateries that dot the towns. Which one would you choose?

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