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15 Tips on How to Keep your Jewelry Safe While Traveling

By Martha Young


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The holiday season is slowly yet surely approaching, and as we get ready to party and relax for the rest of our vacation, let’s just say that we can’t help but feel like something’s wrong.

We all love going out, especially when we’re going out on a trip with your friends or loved ones, but we can’t help but feel like this is a recipe for disaster for all of us jewelry owners.

Being in unfamiliar environments and of course, being forced to stay in small places next to a lot of other people is not exactly ideal when it comes to taking care of your jewelry, and this can often times lead to them getting scratched or even stolen in some cases.

As such, we decided to write this short guide for you, bringing you 15 tips on how you can keep your jewelry safe while traveling.

While these tips and tricks are sure to decrease the chances of your jewelry getting scratched up or stolen, keep in mind that they do not completely exempt your belongings from getting messed up.

So, take everything we have over here with a grain of salt and make sure to always keep a lookout for any possible dangers when traveling with your jewelry, no matter how expensive it may be.

With all of that being said, let’s stop dwindling about and instead just hop right into our first tip of the day, aka:

1. Invest in a Good Travel Jewelry Case

Travel Jewelry Case

Many people actually make the mistake of squeezing all of their stuff inside a suitcase, and while that is not all that bad of an idea when it comes to your clothes and whatnot, you should never do that with your jewelry.

This is because jewelry in itself is very fragile, and trust us when we tell you that things can go sour very quickly if you just throw them around in a suitcase.

So, what you can do instead of that is you can just purchase a good high-quality travel jewelry case and you can keep your most precious stones there instead.

It will be quite an investment to say the least, but it’ll be worth it, especially when you realize just how much money it’d take to fix your jewelry in case they get knocked around a little too much.

2. Bring Less Jewelry with You

Bring Less Jewelry with You
Calvin Klein

This may sound like a bit of a no-brainer, but trust us when we tell you that it is a thought that rarely passes by a serious jewelry collector’s mind.

This is because as jewelry collectors, we love to have our precious stones around us at all times, and this often times results in us carrying around all of them with us for no real reason other than to show them off or to have them within eyesight at all times.

This is fine and all, but it can also lead to you damaging them in the process, so we always recommend that you take this time to bring a few less pieces with you on your travels.

It may feel wrong to leave them at home, but it’s better for you to not have them around than for you to have them all scratched up and busted.

3. Keep Them Close

Keep Them Close
Photo by Segal Jewelry / unsplash.com

This is another one of those tips that many people disregard because of how simple it is. Despite this though, many people end up putting their jewelry in their luggage and then just forgetting about it until they arrive to their destination.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but just keep in mind that there are a lot of people that can go through your luggage, so it’s never a good idea to just keep them around in the luggage.

Instead, keep them on your person, or better yet, keep them in a jewelry box that you can carry around with you. Keep a close eye around you and always make sure to be extra wary of anyone coming close to them.

Alternatively, you can put them on your carry-on luggage, just keep in mind that you should never put them in your checked luggage because you can easily end up losing them while in transit that way.

4. Keep Your Jewelry Insurance Up-To-Date

Keep Your Jewelry Insurance Up-To-Date
Photo by Eric Fung / unsplash.com

Before you even make your way out of the house, you need to make sure that your jewelry’s insurance is up to date because you never know when something might end up happening out of nowhere.

A good jewelry insurance will help you protect your jewelry while you travel from loss, theft and even any sort of random damage that might come up during your next trip.

On top of all of that, you need to look for jewelry insurance that covers you on a worldwide spectrum, because if you are going to be traveling and you end up in a country that the insurance doesn’t cover, you are not going to enjoy your vacation anymore to say the least.

Most experts agree over the fact that you need to keep updating your jewelry and have it checked so that you always have around 2 years or more left before it runs out. It might be a bit tedious at first but trust us, it’ll be worth it in the end.

5. Keep the Jewelry in Your Hotel Safe

Keep the Jewelry in Your Hotel Safe
Safstar Store / amazon.com

This obviously doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear any on you, quite the contrary actually. As long as you don’t spend your time in a cramped-up vehicle, pretty much pushing yourself into strangers, you should be able to wear all of your jewelry and not have to worry about it being scratched up.

But, a lot of us own way too much jewelry to wear it all with one outfit, so instead, how about you keep them in your hotel’s safe? Most hotels have specific safes that are meant to protect your jewelry, so why not take full advantage of that in order to hide and keep your jewelry away from anyone else?

You can always ask around to see if your hotel has any, but from what we could tell over the years, it’s pretty much a given that they will have a hidden safe somewhere in the room to keep your jewelry away from everyone’s greedy sight.

6. Place the Do Not Disturb Sign on Your Hotel Door

Do Not Disturb Sign
Quality Clever Store / amazon.com

No matter if you’re just getting ready to go out for a few hours or if you are going to be leaving your hotel for the rest of the day, you should place that Do Not Disturb sign on your door so that nobody happens to find themselves around your jewelry anytime soon.

This is a great way to make sure that the hotel staff doesn’t start getting any weird ideas after seeing your jewelry around, so it’s best to do it no matter the duration of your leave.

Not only that, but keeping that Do Not Disturb sign on will also help keep your mind at ease as you won’t have to worry anymore about anyone walking in and instead you will be able to enjoy yourself doing whatever you planned out to do that day.

7. Keep Your Jewelry at the Hotel While at the Pool or on the Beach

Keep Your Jewelry at the Hotel
Photo by Chen Mizrach / unsplash.com

This is one of those moments that everybody says to themselves that they wouldn’t be caught dead swimming around with their expensive jewelry on, and yet a lot of us don’t really have a choice in the matter.

Imagine this, you’re just relaxing on the beach, and you’re already starting to feel a bit too warm for your own comfort. The sand has already gotten all over your jewelry which is a recipe for disaster, but guess what, things are about to get worse.

Some random children are running towards you, hurling buckets of water at one another. A simple mistake from the child leads to your pretty little necklace being ruined in an instant. The moral of the story is, don’t keep anything on you, especially not while at the pool or on the beach.

8. Lock Your Luggage

TSA Luggage Lock
Desired Tools / amazon.com

In case you didn’t know by now, most of the time, when you travel around the will be a lot of sketchy individuals that will be eyeing your luggage up and down. This is because they know that this is where all of your belongings are, and all they need is a quick second to swipe it off of your hands.

They can open up your case, steal something from it and then just return it safely so that you don’t suspect any foul play. By the time that you get home and you get those cases open it’ll already be too late, the perpetrators will have fled the scene.

This is why it is paramount that you lock your luggage at all times. It may not save you a hundred percent of the time, but it will give you a lot more time to actually notify the authorities and keep yourself one step ahead of the thieves in the first place.

9. Don’t Post Online Anything About Them

Don’t Post Online Anything about your jewelry
Photo by cottonbro / pexels.com

While we all love to brag around the internet about whatever sort of random thing caught our eye that day, it may not be the smartest of choices to post your jewelry online for everyone to see.

This can lead to people stalking you and nabbing your jewelry when you least expect it, and what’s even worse about it is that most people don’t even realize just how much danger they put themselves in while doing this.

Just post your fun selfies and whatever foods you buy along the way if you want to, but refrain from actually posting your jewelry so that you can keep it out of everyone’s sight. You can even cover them when you take pictures so that nobody else can get a glimpse at what you have in your possession.

10. Always Keep an Eye Out

Always Keep an Eye Out
Photo by Saeed Anahid / unsplash.com

Thieves can be found all across the globe, and that’s a fact. No matter where you go, there will be people who want to steal your precious stuff, so you will always need to make sure that you keep a lookout so that you don’t become their next victim.

This is something that we hear every time we go out when we’re young, but many of us end up forgetting this simple yet effective tip when we travel around.

We focus too much on our music or our podcasts and we end up completely unaware of the fact that the stranger next to us has gotten a bit too close for comfort to our bags.

They are extremely fast and you won’t be able to stop them if they get that close, so always make sure to keep an eye out so that they can’t get your stuff without you even noticing.

11. Take Photos of Your Jewelry Before You Leave

Take Photos of Your Jewelry
Photo by The Glorious Studio / pexels.com

Describing your jewelry to the police will be a huge hassle because they simply put do not really care about what was stolen in the first place. They only care about the fact that it was stolen, and as such, they will rarely if ever keep track of the specifics of the jewelry that was nabbed.

So, what you can do is you can always take photos before you go out and in case someone does end up stealing them, you can use them to track them down.

At the same time, this is a great choice in case someone wants to pass off the jewelry as their own, so you can simply put prove to everyone that that person is a fraud and a thief by showing them that the jewelry is actually yours.

12. Choose Clever Hiding Spots

Choose Clever Hiding Spots
Photo by Pedro da Silva / unsplash.com

One mistake that a lot of us make is we tend to be very obvious about where we put our jewelry. We’re not saying that a jewelry box won’t do its job, but if you leave it at home on the side of your bed, let’s just say that it won’t be there for much longer in case someone breaks in.

As such, you will need to find your own secret hiding spots to keep your expensive jewelry in. Places like the sock drawer are the last places you should consider, so instead go with that empty sunscreen bottle. Just clean it up and put all of your valuables in it.

A snack bag will also do the job properly, or you can just put your necklaces behind a painting for example to make sure that nobody in their right mind would be able to find them in the first place.

13. Don’t Forget About the Jewelry at Home

Don’t Forget About the Jewelry at Home
Photo by Pink Press / pexels.com

A very common mistake that we keep hearing about is that people simply put forget to hide away their preciou jewelry when they go out.

Even if you only go out for a few hours, you need to be mindful that it only takes a thief around a couple of seconds to locate your jewelry and nab it. So, make sure to always store them away properly so that, in case someone does break in, they can leave emptyhanded.

14. Notify Your Insurance Company

Earrings Lot
Photo by Khairul Onggon / pexels.com

You would be surprised to hear about just how many people forget to do this to begin with, but trust us when we tell you that it is well worth it at the end of the day.

Simply let your insurance company know that you’ll be leaving your household and that you will be gone for a certain number of days beforehand so that they can act quickly in case something does end up happening to your jewelry.

15. Take Stock of Your Jewelry as Soon as You Get Back Home

Take Stock of Your Jewelry
Photo by Brooke Cagle / unsplash.com

We get it, you’re tired and you just want to lie down on your bed and sleep. This is what traveling around does to people, and while we do understand being exhausted, this is not the time to relax.

Check your jewelry as soon as you get home, no matter how tired you are. Also make sure to check the jewelry you left home, and while you won’t be able to check for any damages yet, you can always just take a quick look over them to make sure that they’re at least visibly not scratched up or broken.


This is a very anxious time to say the least, since traveling can lead to a lot of issues that we haven’t even covered in this article alone.

The important thing to note though is that a lot of the worst-case scenarios can be avoided by simply following these steps up here and making sure that nothing happens around you that you didn’t approve of.

It is definitely scary and it can quickly lead to you losing your valuables if you’re not careful, but as long as you follow these tips around, we can’t see a reason as to why you should ever have to worry about your precious jewelry being lost, damaged or stolen.


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