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These are the 25 Best Resorts in the Bahamas

By Martha Young


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Best Resorts in the Bahamas
The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, Bahamas

Covering hundreds upon hundreds of different islands for you to visit during your vacation, it’s no wonder that the Bahamas is often times considered to be the most heavenly place on Earth especially considering how many people travel all the way across the globe to spend their time here.

There aren’t a lot of other places on this planet that can actually rival the likes of the islands you can find here, which is why it can get a bit confusing when you have to pick one for your perfect vacation.

So, in order to make your job easier for you we decided to offer you our very own top 25 of the best resorts in the Bahamas so that you can direct all of your energy towards relaxing yourself and more importantly towards forgetting about all of your problems.

Grand Isle Resort & Residences
Grand Isle Resort & Residences

Every traveler would love to have a luxurious hotel experience wherever he goes. But what makes a hotel truly “luxurious”, exactly?

Well, when you surf for online hotel booking, you are likely to see words such as “boutique” or “luxury” just thrown around. However, those labels can be deceiving, and the word “luxury” has indeed been used and misused excessively in the travel industry, and it seems to have lost its true meaning. 

To be honest, there are no set standards for the tourism industry when it comes to a luxurious hotel or resort. It would be a mistake to judge an accommodation based on marketing language or by the higher room rates. Thus, you need to be very careful here and tread cautiously if looking for truly luxurious accommodation at a fine hotel or resort.

Those planning to visit the Bahamas and have a truly luxurious vacation are just on the right page. For here, you will find the most lavish hotels and resorts in the Bahamas that have been listed out by travel and tourism experts.

25. Rosewood Baha Mar, Nassau

Rosewood Baha Mar
Rosewood Baha Mar

The Rosewood Baha Mar is one of the most luxurious resorts you’ll find on the Nassau Island and that’s a fact. The guests here have a ton of different options for you to choose from as far as entertainment goes, including pool parties, cabana-lined pool events and a myriad of restaurant options as well.

 With as many as 185 different rooms for you to get to sleep in, the Rosewood Baha Mar is one of those universally acclaimed destinations that we can only dream of visiting more than once in our lifetime. 

24. The Island House, Nassau

The Island House Nassau
The Island House

Despite the fact that it only has 30 rooms for you to sleep in, the Island House is still a very impressive resort simply because of how uniquely designed it is.

It was actually imagined by the New York architecture firm Champalimaud, designed to look both contemporary and tropical at the same time, and as far as we can tell they really did their homework and then some.

23. Rollezz Villas Beach Resort, Cat Island

Rollezz Villas Beach Resort, Cat Island
Rollezz Villas Beach Resort

The Cat Island is pretty much a must visit for anyone that wants to live their vacation in a true Bahamian-style villa surrounded by as many cats as your eyes can see.

This is a truly beautiful experience especially considering the 12 acres of white sand on it that all culminate at the turquoise ocean water.

22. Hotel Riu Palace, Paradise Island

Hotel Riu Palace Paradise Island
Hotel Riu Palace

Paradise Island has a ton of different luxury hotels and resorts for you to pick from, but most of them pale in comparison to the mighty Hotel Riu.

We’re talking about 379 guest rooms of different sizes, all equipped with ocean views and balconies, and on top of that you can also just walk to one of the 9 different restaurants and bars around for your own convenience.

The day spa here is absolutely extraordinary and the gym and swimming pool combo is always nice to see after you’ve had your fill beforehand.

21. Grand Lucayan Resort, Grand Bahama Island

Grand Lucayan Resort, Grand Bahama Island
Grand Lucayan Resort

If you’re trying to get that authentic premium golf experience from the Bahamas then the Grand Lucayan Resort may very well be the absolute best option for you.

It features the most well-balanced holiday experiences you could think of, including a customary guide tour which will help you get better accustomed with the rich history and culture of the region.

The championship golf course is by far its piece de resistance though and you can immediately see why from the moment you walk up to it.

20. Pink Sands Resort, Harbour Island

Pink Sands Resort Harbour Island
Pink Sands Resort

The Pink Sands Resort has been around for well over 60 years now, literally being the first hotel to open on this beach and still standing strong so many decades later as one of its best.

Thanks to its 25 cottages and better so multitude of private swimming pools, you can really see the amount of effort that went into making this four-year project a success right here.

19. Andros Beach Club, Andros

Andros Beach Club
Andros Beach Club

The Andros Beach Club is an amazing choice if you happen to be on the Out Islands looking for a top-level resort to spend your days in.

Since you can find it on a secluded beachfront, you will be able to take in a very unique experience filled with different activities such as diving, snorkeling and even kayaking on a daily basis.

We highly recommend that you check out the private island excursions and fishing trips as well since they can really make or break your vacation here.

18. Graycliff Resort, Nassau

Graycliff Resort Nassau
Graycliff Resort

This is actually the oldest hotel in Nassau, and the reason as to why it’s still standing after so many years is the fact that it is also one of the best inns your money could get you.

There are a total of 20 rooms for you to pick from here, all family sized as well but you can also rent one alone without a problem.

You get access to over 175,000 bottles of wine here and of course; they also bring you their very own cigars to make sure that you can really feel the Bahaman lifestyle at its finest here.

17. Viva Wyndham Resort, Fortuna Beach, Grand Bahama Island

Viva Wyndham Resort Fortuna Beach
Viva Wyndham Resort Fortuna Beach

The Viva Wyndham Resort is a stunning 26-acre complex that has as many as 274 rooms for you to choose from, a massive ocean-side pool, a private gym, a day spa and more. Did we mention the massive beach?

On top of that you can really experience the true Bahamas lifestyle by indulging in one of the four local restaurants on site which feature meals from a whole different slew of ethnic cuisines, including Italian and even Central Asian foods.

16. Small Hope Bay Lodge, Andros

Small Hope Bay Lodge Andros
Small Hope Bay Lodge

The cottages here are phenomenal and the cuisine is just straight up out of this world. We don’t say this lightly, but Small Hope Bay Lodge also really impressed us with its environmentally friendly message, as they made sure not to disturb mother nature in the slightest while there.

The rooms are all fantastic and the fact that you get to disconnect from TVs, telephones, the internet and everything else technology wise just makes this one of the most serene experiences we could think of.

15. Stella Maris Resort, Long Island

Stella Maris Resort Long Island
Stella Maris Resort

The Stella Maris Resort from Long Island is commonly referred to as a unique “outer island” experience and honestly, we can’t think of a better way to describe it.

Everything about it shouts freedom, peace and quiet, so if you want to spend your vacation relaxing away while being pampered like royalty this is definitely the right way to do it.

14. Club Med Columbus Isle, San Salvador

Club Med Columbus Isle San Salvador
Club Med Columbus Isle

Club Med is pretty much the peak luxury experience you’ve been looking for all your life and that’s a fact.

You can find it on the private remote Bahamas Island of San Salvador, and while you’re here you can take part in a plethora of different activities including scuba diving, snorkeling and pretty much anything you can think of under the sun.

13. Breezes Resort, Nassau

Breezes Resort Nassau
Breezes Resort

First of all, the location here is everything since the Breezes Resort is settled on one of Nassau’s absolute best beaches that it has to offer.

Second of all, there are a whopping five restaurants and 4 bars on site ready to help you the moment you need anything.

Last but not least, the night really comes to life here as the Breezes changes from being a very calm and soothing experience to being one of the most energetic nightclubs you’ll ever see.

12. Pineapple Fields Resort, Eleuthera

Pineapple Fields Resort
Pineapple Fields Resort

Nestled a few steps away from the sea, Pineapple Fields is a relaxed and laid-back condo resort that allows you to experience the tropical ambiance of the Bahamas in a stylish way.

You can stay here in spacious condominiums, with lovely views, modern amenities and fully equipped kitchens, complemented by distinctive accents that help you experience the local flavors and hospitality.

11. The Cove, Eleuthera

The Cove, Eleuthera
The Cove Eleuthera Resort

This charming 57-room private resort is the perfect blend of sophistication and traditional island living that so many of us want to experience during our vacation.

It comes jampacked with everything you could ever ask for including a private beach, a fitness center and a whole bunch of gourmet restaurants that will make you feel like you’re in heaven.

10. Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort, Nassau

Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort
Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort

You will find the beautiful resort here in Nassau, literally right next to the downtown area so you can just walk your way to it without having to spend any extra money on a cab.

At the same time, you will really dig the rooms here especially the suites that give you that beautiful ocean view that is literally to die for. You can find around ten restaurants on site and on top of that the room service is just absolutely perfect.

9. Warwick Paradise Island

Warwick Paradise Island
Warwick Paradise Island

Paradise Island really lives up to its name as one of the most romantic vacation spots in the world and that’s no laughing matter.

As long as you are over the age of 16 you are allowed to book your place here and you will immediately fall in love with the vibrant colors and most importantly with the overall experience that you get here.

Amongst all the amenities here you also have a private beach area full of sun loungers and umbrellas and we can’t possibly forget about the five different on-site restaurants that are available to you at any time whatsoever.

8. Fowl Cay Resort, Exumas Islands

Fowl Cay Resort Exumas Islands
Fowl Cay Resort

Fowl Cay is one of those private islands that you always see in spy movies but you never actually get to stay in. Luckily, reality often times beats fiction and this more than applies for this case, as you can spend the night over here and get pampered like royalty for a very affordable price tag.

The 50 acres of beautifully deserted island make this a very serene place too, and when you’re done you can simply walk to one of the 6 villas on there and rent it out for the rest of the evening with your family or all by yourself.

7. Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas, Long Island

Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas
Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas

The Galliot Cay from Long Island has been a top tier vacation spot for a very long time now and it’s pretty easy to see why.

The Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas here is just top notch and we do need to mention the fact that since this is a private beach you will be able to enjoy your time while also avoiding the crowds as much as possible.

You can choose from as many as 20 basic elegant bungalows and if your wallet can afford it, you can also go for one of the 20 super luxe villas on site as well.

6. Tiamo Resort, Andros

Tiamo Resort Andros
Tiamo Resort

Look no further than Andros if you want to spend your vacation on a super remote property that will make you feel like you’re a part of a James Bond movie.

The Tiano Resort is by far one of the most luxurious resorts on this planet, and you can instantly see how much they care about their visitors based on how much work they put into making their villas brim with style and personality.

The meals are also a hundred percent included in the rate, and you can expect delights such as European and Caribbean style food every day here.

5. Melia Nassau Beach – Nassau, New Providence

Melia Nassau Beach
Melia Nassau Beach

On the other side of the fence, we have the beautiful Cable Beach in Nassau on New Providence Island which is where you will find the Melia Nassau Beach.

This one truly lives up to its reputation especially when you really get to experience everything they have to offer.

The rooms in the suites are absolutely jaw-dropping and not only that but they are also very spacious and they all have access to fully furnished balconies that you can sit on to take in the beautiful scenery of the open ocean.

4. Atlantis Paradise Island Resort

Atlantis Paradise Island Resort
Atlantis Paradise Island Resort

The iconic Atlantis Resort is one of those once in a lifetime type of vacation spots that you will never forget about and that’s a fact.

Paradise Island has a ton of incredible resorts for you to stay in but most of them pale in comparison to this one right here.

The accommodations here are top-notch and since you are going to receive your very own private balcony and kitchenette let’s just say that you’ll easily be able to get your money’s worth from this resort.

3. Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, Nassau, New Providence

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Nassau
Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

Coming up next, we have the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar which is easily one of the most stunning resorts in Nassau, and that’s saying a lot considering just how many popular resort areas there are here.

If you’re on the lookout for a more modern experience then this may be the best choice for you since it features a massive swimming pool, a gym, a spa and even a full Jack Nicklaus golf-course ready for you to use at any time of the day.

2. The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, Paradise Island

The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort
The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, Bahamas

This private estate-turned-resort from Paradise Island makes for an incredible vacation spot especially if you’re a fan of the classic original Hartford Wing style of rooms. A former One&Only retreat, The Ocean Club became a Four Seasons property a few years ago and as you might expect, they’ve taken this place to a completely new level. 

These rooms were renovated recently adding a more contemporary style to the classics and we’re pretty sure you won’t be able to get enough of them during your stay here. The infinity pool is also absolutely jaw dropping, so if that sounds like your cup of tea definitely check it out for yourself.

1. Grand Isle Resort & Spa, Great Exuma

Grand Isle Resort & Spa Great Exuma
Grand Isle Resort & Residences

You will find this resort on the beautiful Great Exuma and honestly regardless of what you’re looking for you won’t be disappointed if you choose this as your dream destination.

The accommodations here are just downright biblical and not only that but the colors you can see here are so stunning that we can’t even begin to express how beautiful they all look.

We’re talking about shades of pink, white and turquoise spread all across the landscape, so if you want to truly treat yourself this is in our honest opinion the best Bahamas resort you could possibly choose.


Exuma, Bahamas
Pritam Pebam / unsplash.com

The Bahamas will forever be one of the best places in the world for you to recharge your batteries in, and while the prices may be steep let’s just say that it’ll all be worth it in the end once you see how helpful this is for both your mind and your body.

For now though we hope that this article was helpful for you and most importantly we hope that we managed to steer you towards making a choice that you won’t regret taking.

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