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15 Reasons You Should Rent A Luxury Villa Over A Hotel Room For Your Next Trip

By Martha Young


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Villa Martinique
Villa Martinique in Los Angeles, California / Airbnb

With the chilly temperatures and the renewed hopes the beginning of a new year brings, what better time than to think of your next vacation? We are all recuperating after the stress (not necessarily negative!) the holidays bring every year. No wonder most of us dream of escaping the brutal cold and responsibilities that await us with the beginning of a new year.

For your next trip that you are anxiously planning, why not try to go a different route than your usual this time? Instead of looking for a hotel to stay at, why not look into the luxury villas that offer you so much more?

You might wonder what do villas have to offer that reputable hotels do not? Well, as it happens, quite a lot. We gathered the most important points for you so you can make an informed decision. We expanded on each of them so you can get a clearer picture when it comes to choosing time.

Especially if you’re interested in the Australasian holidays, the market for villas in those parts of the world expanded quite a bit in the last few years. From practicalities to some luxurious amenities, the villas offer guests lots more than hotels. Of course, Europe has some nice Villas that will accommodate the winter sports lovers as well.

Whatever your ideal travel destination, there are luxury villas that await you!

So here are the 15 reasons, in no particular order, why you should rent a luxury villa over a hotel room for your next trip.

15. Private Gardens

Villa Cetinale Tuscany
Villa Cetinale in Tuscany, Italy / Airbnb

Many luxury villas have luscious tended gardens that are so inviting, you will surely enjoy spending some time there. That is one of the perks of renting a villa versus a hotel room. All the outdoor space comes with the package, so you can take full advantage of it.

Take your Insta-worthy pictures amidst beautiful flowers and lush vegetation that will also work wonders on your mental health. Enjoying outdoor space will boost your morale, and nothing quite compares to breathing in some fresh air directly from nature.

14. Weddings / Private Parties

Private Villa for Weddings in Bali
Private Villa for Weddings & Events in ubud, Bali, Indonesia / Airbnb

We all want to do something different for our big day, or some other major event in our life. Something that can be so memorable, people will talk about for years to come. If you weren’t sure which venue to book, why not have a destination wedding? If you’re thinking of going this way and money is no object, renting a top class luxury villa is a great idea.

Just invite a group of your closest friends and family, and the hosts will take care of the rest. Just like planning any major party, some of those villas offer the same service you will expect from a party planner, but they offer so much more.

13. Closer Relationships

The Seashell House
The Seashell House in Isla Mujeres, Mexico / Airbnb

The staff at those villas are more involved and closer to the guests than at large hotels. Whether the staff consists of only a couple of people or more, they give primordial importance to cultivating a closer bond to the guests. By the time you’re ready to head back home, you will feel as if you’re leaving part of your family behind.

The service you receive is just different from the one you are accustomed to in a hotel. Your personal butler, chef, masseuse, manager, will give their undivided attention solely to you and yours. A more personalized service that goes hand in hand with our next point.

12. Personalized Stay

Casa de Mayacamas
Casa de Mayacamas in Napa, California / Airbnb

When you stay at a luxury villa, the experience will be totally different than that of a hotel stay. We all know that travel hot-spots are generally avoided by the locals, so you don’t get to see the genuine way people live. If you’re looking for a more authentic getaway, renting a villa will offer that. People that live in the vicinity will be more open to sharing their local customs and traditions.

It will not only be a way to learn about their culture, but you can even create some relationships with the locals. As long as you respect their values and traditions and are open minded, this could be a very good way to enrich your travel experience.

11. Your Stay, Your Schedule

Six Senses Fiji Residence 39
Six Senses Fiji Residence 39 on Malolo Island, Fiji / Airbnb

Another very important point, and to many it may not seem like a big deal, is that you set your own schedule during your stay. You are the one who decides what time breakfast should be served or if you want to skip it altogether. If you choose to dine out, nobody will be offended or put off by your decision. You can choose to visit the areas around the villa, even go away to a nearby town or village for a day or two.

There are no shuttles you have to catch, strict schedules to abide by, or groups to follow for your excursions. You set your schedule, and if you choose to do absolutely nothing, then that’s totally up to you as well.

10. Chill Out and Relax

Canaves Villa
Canaves Villa in Oia, Santorini, Greece / Airbnb

If you’ve been extra stressed in the last year, you deserve a little R & R. Villas all over the world offer you the perfect occasion to take advantage of some alone time. Whether you’re a workaholic and need some place that you can work in undisturbed, or just want a quiet space to meditate and reflect, you will surely find it.

Many of the luxury villas even have their own hot tubs or even spas, so you can totally get lost in some alone time. We all need that from time to time, and while staying at a luxury villa you will not be disturbed.

9. Entertainment

Ultimate Villa in Dubai
Ultimate Villa in Dubai, UAE / Airbnb

Just like a modern mansion, you can enjoy the best sound systems and large screen TVs for when you’re ready to just chill. Or enjoy your favorite book by a fireplace! Some of the villas come with fully loaded libraries, gaming rooms, pool tables, you name it. You can even have a private office or conference room if work cannot be put on hold.

Anything that you can think of, so you can resume doing the stuff you like doing while you’re at home. But honestly, with the great places you will probably want to visit, you might not get a chance to take advantage of all the extra amenities they offer.

8. Homely Comforts

Lake Hayes Villa Two
The Elms at Lake Hayes, Otago, New Zealand / Airbnb

If you cannot do without some of the homely comforts you are used to, renting a villa seems like the way to go. They are just like homes, with bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces, kitchens, so you will feel like you relocated homes for a little while. You can cook your own food, watch your favorite shows, and enjoy your coffee exactly the way you like it.

Your kids are welcome, even your pets. As long as you respect the premises, you can totally make yourself at home. The kids can enjoy the outdoor space and let themselves go loose, and your pets do not have to be left behind. After all, they are part of the family too.

7. Cuisine

Villa Giulia Positano
Villa Giulia in Positano, Campania, Italy / Airbnb

Another perks of renting a luxury villa is the local cuisine. If you like to try different foods that are cooked by local chefs, you can totally do so while staying at a villa. Some packages include a personal chef, which you can of course opt out of if you so choose. But if you can afford to, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone cook all your meals while you’re on vacation?

After all, you’re going there to relax and not have to worry about mundane tasks such as cooking. And the locals always have a way of preparing food that is so different from what you’re used to. Worth every penny in our opinion!

6. Amenities

Indio Hills Desert Escape
Indio Hills Desert Escape in California, United States / Airbnb

We’re not saying that luxury hotels do not have some of the best amenities in the world. But they do not compare to that of the luxury villas. While housekeeping may be provided with a hotel stay, in a villa you can get your own personal staff. Not to mention space for your rented vehicle that is included in the price, or more than one vehicle if you’re a larger group.

You can have your own washer and dryer, so you don’t have to dread laundry day upon your return. Yes, we know some hotels offer laundry services, but the prices are so high, you will likely return home with a mountain of dirty clothes. Not to mention access to your own private wi-fi and streaming services that are all included with your stay, among many others.

5. Breathtaking Views

Luxury Beach Villa in Costa Rica
Luxury Beach Villa in Puntarenas, Costa Rica / Airbnb

Some of the best luxury villas in the world offer some of the most spectacular views imaginable. Insta-worthy locales and extraordinary seascapes will make your vacation so memorable, you will likely never forget. Waking up with amazing sunrises and going to sleep with some of the most breathtaking sunsets you will ever experience is worth every penny. Staying at one of the villas makes it possible.

Most of them are unique properties that have either ocean views and private beaches that are not full of tourists. If you opt for a winter getaway, you can even have your own private skiing slopes. Not to mention the gorgeous winter scenery that looks great in pictures! How cool is that?

4. Elegant Design

Sky House
Sky House in Dillon Beach, California / Airbnb

Most of those villas boast the latest and greatest interior designs. They are built with renting it out in mind, so you will be sure to get the best designs that follow the latest trends. Super comfy beds and couches, amazing showers, the latest appliances, pretty much all that will make your stay super cozy. Another important point that many people seem to overlook is security.

All villas come with many safety features that will ensure you can enjoy yourself without worrying about you and your family’s safety. Alarm systems, locks that work with your phones and codes that get changed after every guest leaves are common with villa renting. Not to mention privacy blinds and high fences, they all ensure you can feel super comfortable and, most of all, safe.

3. Location, Location

Waterfront Villa on private peninsula
Waterfront Villa on private peninsula in Saint John, Antigua & Barbuda / Airbnb

Just like in the real estate business, villas are all about location, location, location. Although some hotels do offer ease of access or proximity to city centers or airports, the location of the villas is usually a little more remote, but the views are usually of scenic and picturesque locations. Whether beachfront or amidst forests, they can be perched on cliffs or overlooking exclusive locales.

That all depends on the type of vacation you are looking for. Do you want to sunbathe on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, or are mountain retreats more your cup of tea? Indonesian private beaches, or mountains in Switzerland? Whatever your prerogative, you will find some exclusive villas to satisfy all your needs.

2. Price

Villa Tamarama
Villa Tamarama in Ungasan, Bali, Indonesia / Airbnb

Although similar in price to some of the more famous luxury hotels in the world, going the luxury villa way offers more space for the price you pay. But the beauty about the villas is that the extra space can be shared amongst family members or a group of friends. Most villas come with two bedrooms or more, unless of course you are looking for something a little more intimate. Plus you get your own outdoor space as well, which is always a plus.

Many hotels, even some of the most luxurious ones, do not have anything other than maybe a terrace to offer. The villas have larger outdoor areas, and most even come with a spa, a pool, or both. And the cost is shared, which might be even less than renting separate hotel rooms.

1. Privacy

Villa Avalon
Villa Avalon in Puntarenas, Costa Rica / Airbnb

To continue on the previous point, all that extra space comes with lots of privacy. Whether it is just you and your loved one, your whole family, or a few of your friends, you can still enjoy the place all to yourselves. Some villas offer private access to beaches or closed off and secluded areas the public doesn’t have access to. The villas offer solitude and GPS free access, so you can totally go off the grid.

If privacy is high on your priority list, this type of luxury villas is definitely the way to go. Only your strict entourage will be able to access the premises, and some very high visibility people opt to go this way when vacationing. It is the best way to ensure total privacy, which allows them total freedom of expression. Recharge your internal batteries and get a renewed sense of self before going back to the hustle and bustle of your busy life.

Why not make your next dream vacation a reality? Although most of us can only fathom this type of luxurious vacation, with a little bit of research and some careful planning it can be achieved. Let us know what you think of these ideas.

We think we covered all the grounds. If by some chance you can think of other great reasons to choose a luxury villa for your next vacation, please bring it to our attention. We always welcome constructive criticism!

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