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20 Best Modern Sofas and Couches You Can Buy in 2023

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Best modern sofas
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The couch or, as some refer to as a sofa, is one of the main furniture items in any home, the one investment that probably sets the tone for the decor in your house. Since it is one of the most important pieces of furniture you can purchase it is important you choose wisely.

There are a few factors you might consider when you start your shopping adventure, and we are going to help you out a little with this purchase.

First of all, what is the difference between a couch and a sofa? The couch is a low piece of furniture that is used for lying down and does not have arms. The sofa is more like a bench, with arms, a back, and cushions.

Simply put, couches are known as more casual, built for your comfort, and sofas more formal, stylish pieces that define your taste. No matter what you call it, it is where you relax at the end of your day to watch TV, read, or just unwind. It is the central piece in any living space.

There are many styles, colors, and sizes, so it can be quite a chore shopping for one, especially when you have no idea where to start. Like anything else you don’t plan to change very often, try to go with something you like and that feels comfortable to you.

Finding the Right Sofa

Finding the Right Sofa
Rove Concepts

Let’s look at the most important factors to take into consideration when buying your next couch/sofa.

Size is one of the most important things that you have to work with. Measure the space where you’re planning to put your couch, and don’t forget the depth of it too, as it does take up more room. If you live in a small condo or apartment you might want to measure the doorways and any possible staircases you have to carry it on, so make sure you don’t get any surprises.

The basic types of couches that are available on the market now are the standard, that seat between three to four people. Loveseats are smaller, usually just big enough for two people, and perfect for tight spaces.

Sectionals are very popular, they are modular couches, l-shaped or u-shaped, that you can customize according to the configuration and space of your floorplan. There are also sleeper sofas, recliners that you can use for sleeping and relaxing.

Popular Sofa Models

Joybird Holt Sofa
Joybird Holt Sofa

Once you figure out the type of couch you need, the style might be a bit more complicated to figure out. Here are some of the most popular models you might consider:

  • Mid-century is a low-profile couch that features clean lines and simple legs.
  • Chesterfields are usually made out of leather and have rolled arms that are tufted back.
  • Lawson is all about comfort, with its boxy shape and detached cushions.
  • Contemporary is more modern and it is sometimes more unconventional than most.
  • Scandinavian is more minimalistic, with clean lines, popular with those adopting the minimalist lifestyle.

There are several other styles as well, but those are the most popular ones. If you’d like you can always do a more extensive search, but if you’re starting from scratch this is good enough to give you an idea. Of course, this will define the whole room, so don’t buy something on impulse just because you like the look.

Things to Look at When You’re Buying a Sofa

Florence Knoll Sofa
Florence Knoll Sofa

Comfort should be pretty high on your list as well, especially since you’ll be spending most of your awake hours sitting on it.

The color and material are also important because you want something that you like looking at and that define your personality. Some of the upholstery materials available are leather, cotton, linen, polyester/micro fiber, velvet, or chenille. The frame of the couch and the legs also come in wood or metal, so the choices are endless. Don’t forget to consider the care and cleaning of those materials, especially if you have children or pets.

Leather sofas are more luxurious but also more expensive and harder to clean. Polyester is a lot more affordable, and often comes with stain resistance, and is usually easy to clean. Natural fibers such as cotton or linen are attractive but don’t stand the test of time. The inside of the cushions are filled with a firm foam in most cases, but they also are available in down filling, so make sure to check for allergens and flame retardants.

Some companies also offer good warranties in case something happens to your furniture, or if you simply change your mind.

All those factors should be taken into consideration, and as you can see, you have lots of homework to do beforehand. That is why many people choose to spend a little more time and money the first time, so they don’t have to go through this process for many years.

Let’s see which models made our list for the best modern sofas and couches to buy in 2023.

20. Joybird Hughes Sofa

Hughes Sofa by Joybird

For those of you who live in small spaces, this is one of the best sofas available right now. It serves double duty with built-in storage that can save you space, while very attractive. There are many options for fabrics and leg colors, so you can customize this sofa to your taste. The company also has a great return policy, so if not completely satisfied you have a year to change your mind.

19. Benchmade Modern Sofa

Benchmade Modern Sofa
Benchmade Modern

For tricky spaces, this direct-to-consumer brand allows you to pick the fabric, color, and depth of the sofa to fit your taste. What’s so cool about them is that they send you a life-size printout of the couch you selected, so you can see how it will fit in your space before beginning to make it. The whole process takes a bit longer than just going to a store to pick one up, but great in the long run, because it is exactly what you want.

18. ABC Home Convertible Sleeper

ABC Home Convertible Sleeper
ABC Home

One of the best places to shop for fashionable furniture in New York, ABC Home brings you this beautiful sleeper. Contemporary design and great quality craftsmanship are just some of the features this stylish sofa offers. Perfect for your small but fashionable apartment, you will be able to transform it into a sofa, bed, or lounge chair, depending on your needs.

ABC Home

17. Blu Dot One Night Stand

Blu Dot One Night Stand
Blu Dot

Long gone are the days of the bulky and ugly sleepers that used to be available. Now that times have changed, so did the design of this sleeper from Blu Dot. Take the pillows off, flip the seat forward which turns this sofa into a queen-size mattress. Not only efficient, but this modern design is also going to look very stylish in your living room.

16. Hay Silhouette Sofa

Hay Silhouette Sofa

The simple lines of this Scandinavian design will be perfect for minimalist decor. This particular model from Hay is large enough without being bulky. They offer different upholstery choices, so you can add some color to your decor if you prefer. The deep bench cushion along the high yet thin armrests is comfortable and is suitable for taller people as well.

15. Gus Adelaide Sofa

Gus Adelaide Sofa
Gus Modern

This mid-century modern sofa is made from a heavy wood frame, and you can pick from different color legs depending on the look you’re going for. The upholstery is made from a blend of linen, cotton, and polyester, which is stylish but pretty easy to clean. You can choose from different colors, and the seat and the back cushions are flippable.

14. Pottery Barn Pearce 3-Piece L-Shaped Sofa

Pottery Barn Pearce 3-Piece L-Shaped Sofa
Pottery Barn

If you have space and the floor configuration to be able to put a sectional in your living room, this one from Pottery Barn is elegant and timeless. Featuring classic rolled arms, discreet legs, and welted seams, it is available in a variety of fabrics and colors. It is made from three sections: left and right arm, and a corner edge, and it is 121 inches long and wide enough to accommodate a large family.

13. Allform Sectional Sofa

Allform Sectional Sofa

Another sectional that is worth considering is this beauty from Allform. A clean and classic look, you can customize it to your liking from a variety of fabrics and materials. You can add sections to it as your family grows, or if you just feel like changing the orientation of your room for a little variety without investing in a whole new piece.

12. Room & Board Easton Sectional

Room and Board Easton Sectional
Room & Board

For those of you who prefer a well-made piece of furniture that will maintain its timeless look throughout the years choosing R&B is a wise idea. Hand-made frame, this customizable company offers you a whole array of sizes, colors, and it is fully modular, so you can add to it throughout the years. A smart investment that will last you for a very long time, the price is justified.

11. West Elm Urban Sofa

West Elm Urban Sofa
West Elm

This family-friendly sofa from West Elm is the epitome of comfort and coziness, all while bringing style to your decor. This sturdy couch made with a solid pine hardwood frame will withstand even the most rambunctious little people and their active lifestyle. The cushions are made from a high quality material that is fairly easy to clean, so don’t worry about any foreseeable messes your family will make.

10. Joybird Eliot Leather Sofa

Joybird Eliot Leather Sofa

Leather is one of those materials that are luxurious but with time they look broken in. That’s actually the beauty of this fine-grain leather. Its top-quality will actually look better with time, so go ahead and splurge. The extra-wide seats and the tufted cushions are so comfortable, you will forget that this is actually a leather sofa.

9. Rove Concepts Hugo Sofa

Rove Concepts Hugo Sofa
Rove Concepts

This modern sofa, with its hardwood frame and stainless steel legs, is so attractive and stylish, its look will fit perfectly in a contemporary home. The high-density foam and goose-down cushions offer you the coziness you crave from a sofa. Who said that style is not a synonym of comfort should really give this sofa a try. Guaranteed they will change their opinion.

8. Crate and Barrel Sherwood Leather Sofa

Crate and Barrel Sherwood Leather Sofa

This stylish leather sofa from Crate and Barrel will transform your living space into a moody cigar lounge. Clean lines and great quality materials and craftsmanship set this sofa apart from others in this category. The solid maple gives it its sturdiness all while making the seating surprisingly comfortable.

7. West Elm Hamilton Leather Sofa

West Elm Hamilton Leather Sofa
West Elm

Another favorite from West Elm, this model comes in three sizes, and a gorgeous Cognac or Burnt Sienna will stand out in any home. Perfect for mid-century style decor, it is inspired by the 50’s design but made for our generation. Crafted from kiln-dried wood, its down-wrapped back cushions are delightfully comfortable to relax in.

6. Joybird Bryant Sofa

Joybird Bryant Sofa

Known for high-end modern furniture, Joybird brings you this beautiful and one of the coziest couches you ever sank into. Fairly large at 96 inches wide and 40 inches deep, it is not for small spaces. Its low profile and lived-in look come in a variety of fabrics and shades, so it will fit with any color palette you have a preference for.

5. Burrow Nomad Sofa

Burrow Nomad Sofa

This modern and modular sofa from Burrow is fit for any contemporary home. Sleek and versatile, it is perfect for minimalist spaces with its clean lines. The brand offers lots of customizable features, ranging from five colors, six-leg finishes, and three armrest styles. The upholstery fabric is scratch and stain-resistant, which makes this sofa a wise choice.

4. Civil Noord Sofa 

Civil Noord Sofa 

This direct-to-consumer high-end brand offers amazing quality furniture made from top materials. The Magic Box that comes with this couch is a nice touch that makes it different from others we looked at. Its entire surface is a charging pad and the clean lines of this modular sofa are fit for modern homes. You can add to it if you choose, which is a nice plus.


3. Florence Knoll Relaxed Settee

Florence Knoll Relaxed Settee

This modern timeless sofa from a well-known designer brings you a touch of class to your surroundings. It comes in a variety of colors you can choose from, you will have a hard time deciding on just one. Featuring many upscale touches, you are not only paying for the name. Impeccable craftsmanship and best quality materials combined with comfort make this a great investment.

2. Herman Miller Eames Sofa

Herman Miller Eames Sofa
Herman Miller

If you’re looking to make a statement, this two-seater will definitely fall into that category. A blend of wood, leather, and polished aluminum are top-quality materials this famous piece of high-end furniture designed by Herman Miller is made of. The Eames Sofa is famous not only for its name it carries but the functionality and style it offers. You know you’ve made it in life if you can afford one of these babies!

1. Barcelona Couch

Barcelona Couch

Fit for Spanish royalty, this piece of art was designed in 1930 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, an icon of modernism. The Spinneybeck cowhide that is used to upholster this sofa sit on a frame made out of African Mahogany hardwood and stainless steel legs. The hand-tufted individual panels of leather are created to give this couch its unique flair. This is the ultimate “I’ve made it “ couch!

We’ve featured several couches and sofas in a variety of sizes and materials, we hope you have seen something you might consider investing in this year.

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