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10 High End Furniture Brands You Should Know

By Vlad Craciun


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With the evolution of technology, the design of our environment – from the websites we create to the homes we decorate – has had a huge boost in the latest years. Everyone is now more concerned of how things look like and that’s a good thing. People are becoming more aware of their choices and of the ways these choices impact their lives.

Home design is one of the industries that has seen a great increase in people’s interest during the last decade. Designers are coming with innovative ideas and products, beautifully combining aesthetics with functionality when decorating their clients’ homes.

The most important part of the interior of a living space is furniture. By combining function with creativity, furniture becomes useful in both the practical and the emotional way, providing comfort and utility and creating a space where you can be who you truly are, without having to worry about what others may think of you.

Nowadays, furniture brands are in a competition to provide luxury and comfort by creating more than just basic pieces of furniture. From classic to modern designs, from wood to high quality novel materials, furniture brands are putting their best minds to work to come up with better, more exclusive designs. And speaking of brands, here are 10 High End Furniture Brands You Should Know about:

10. Poliform

Poliform furniture

A leading player in the furniture industry worldwide, Poliform is a trend setter in contemporary lifestyle. They strive to be the best choice for those who embrace a good, modern and trendy lifestyle.

The folks at Poliform are providing their clients with a wide array of choices for complete – and modular – home design. They are also very much involved in large commercial and residencial projects, showcasing their creativity in places like London’s West End Quay, the AOL Time Warner Center in New York or Amsterdam’s Conservatorium hotel.

9. Doshi Levien

Doshi Levien furniture

Founded by the acclaimed designers Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien, Doshi Levien is a highly praised design studio, especially when it comes to industrial design.

Bringing together the various nuances of many different worlds, the two designers manage to create a superb mix of culture, sensibility, technology and fine craftmanship, thus giving birth to products that have impressed the likes of Kvadrat, Galerie Kreo, Swarovski, B&B Italia and many other industry leaders.

8. Based Upon

Based Upon furniture

Based Upon is different. The creation of two marvelous artists, the twin brothers Ian and Richard Abell, Based Upon tells stories. Of their own and of those of their clients. Their final products bring together histories and memories, narratives and textures from around the world and shape the natural and the manmade into real works of art.

Every piece of their work encompasses stories, carries the intentions of their creator and keeps alive a part of the space it came from – personal or physical. No detail is left to oblivion and all Based Upon’s final products talk about absolute perfection and mastery of the craft.

7. Brabbu

Brabbu furniture

The guys at Brabbu market themselves as a tribe that reflects an intense way of living. They integrate strong traits like fierceness into their creative process and organizational culture in order to bring together exclusive details from various cultures and ways of life around the world and find them a place into their products.

The brand’s philosophy is based on the Japanese mythological fish KOI that has the ability to adapt to any environment and they try to instill that into all of their collections, creating unique timeless pieces of furniture that can adapt to any setting.

6. Bentley Home

Bentley Home furniture

A name like this can’t pass without ringing some bells. Bentley Home. Yes, the same Bentley that masterfully crafts those magnificent cars and their interiors. Because this is what’s all about here. Interiors. Only that this time, it’s about home interiors.

Bentley Home is a partnership of two big players in the furnishing industry. One of them, Club House Italia, furnishes homes, hotels, private jets and yachts, and the other one, Bentley furnishes some of the finest car interiors in the world. Now, they’ve united their spirit and incredible skills and craftsmanship to create the exquisite Bentley Home Collection.

5. Edra

Edra furniture

One of the most popular furniture brands in the world, Edra, is a fusion between traditional and modern, between sophisticated craftsmanship and innovative technologies, between technology and artistry.

Their furniture boasts elegance, high-end materials, innovation, quality, reliability and a great attention to detail. No matter the destination, be it a traditional or modern home, public spaces or museums, Edra products can adapt to any environment.

4. Fendi Casa

Fendi Casa furniture

The iconic luxury design company Fendi Casa, founded back in 1987, has grown over the years to become one of the most expensive furniture brands ever. With a collection of both modern and classic pieces, Fendi Casa matches a glamorous and cosmopolitan lifestyle by offering refined aesthetics, novel living concepts in a harmony between fashion and interior design.

Fendi Casa will refresh any home, bringing in the unique prestigious design and the Fendi flavor with the luxury furniture they craft.

3. Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware furniture

One of the youngest luxury furniture brand in the marketplace but one of the most popular nonetheless is Restoration Hardware. They bring value to any home with their unique, refined and authentic historical interior design.

With a wide selection of products, from classic furniture pieces and antiques to timeless, authentic reproductions or contemporary styles, Restoration Hardware are unparalleled. They craft some of the best furniture items in the world by using only high quality raw materials combined with original ideas and unmatched craftsmanship.

2. Henredon

Henredon furniture

With a history going back to the year 1945, Henredon became synonymous with quality, reliability and modernism. Over the years, the company grew to become one of the most expensive furniture brands in the world.

While it began as a small company founded by four determined men, today Henredon has a highly skilled and super talented team, which results in the quality of their products and a fine taste for beautiful and distinct furniture.

1. Boca de Lobo

Boca de Lobo

Well known around the world as one of the most exclusive furniture companies, Boca de Lobo is targeting the higher class. Their products go beyond design and enter the realm of emotions as they strive to provide their clients with more than just furniture.

Extravagance, sophistication and emotional experiences is what they’re aspiring to and love, dedication and great attention to detail are their means to achieve that.


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