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15 Breathtaking A-Frame Cabins That You Can Actually Rent

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Breathtaking A-Frame Cabins
Tye Haus A-Frame Cabin

The cozy vibe of an A-Frame cabin has been on the rise in popularity in these last couple of years, more so since this pandemic hit.

Off-grid experiences have become a sought-after vacation style now, as we all want to unplug from the busy city life and completely give in to a few days of relaxation in a stress-free environment. Although this laid back style was very popular from the mid-1950s through the 1970s, it has lost its appeal for a little while, but it is quickly making a return.

A-Frame cabins offer you exactly that: a peaceful and relaxing getaway that you surely crave. They are the perfect mix between luxurious amenities and an off-grid lifestyle. They’re pretty popular in the US, where the tiny house revolution has taken over the simplified lifestyle millennials have been revamping.

A-Frame Cabins You can Actually Rent
Sky Haus A-Frame

So, you might ask, what is the link between tiny houses and A-Frame cabins? Architecturally they are very similar, with the construction of both buildings looking like a cabin in the mountains, which, technically, they both are. The A-shaped building is also typical of the cabin in the woods look, which is very becoming.

Also, the Scandinavian way of furnishing is similar in both, with minimal furniture, bright and open spaces, and big airy windows. Although not huge, the light and large windows give you the impression of a much larger space. Since these charming cabins are extremely popular right now, today we’ve decided to take a closer look at the most beautiful A-Frame cabins you can rent on AirBnb

Some of the cabins we will look at can cater to more than four people, but most of them are only big enough for couples, which makes them perfect for a romantic and intimate getaway. Without further ado, let’s start this list with..

15. JR’s Eco Hut – Nangus, New South Wales, Australia

JR’s Eco Hut – Nangus 1
JR’s Eco Hut

This one is the only cabin we will look at on this list that is not located in the US. If you need to get away and are willing to dish out money for a plane ticket to Australia, this is the perfect getaway for you. The plus is that right now it’s summer in Australia, so if you’re getting away from the cold this will work out perfectly for you.

It is also close to the capital, Canberra, so it has easy access to the airport. Located in the midst of the stunning Kimo valley, it offers a 360-degree view of the Murrambugee river flats. This cabin is totally off-grid, which makes it the perfect couples getaway. No wi-fi, the solar panels are providing light and water, for a total eco-friendly experience.

JR’s Eco Hut – Nangus 2
JR’s Eco Hut Interior

Some of the amenities provided are an included breakfast and a kitchenette where you can cook your own meals. The shower is an experience in its own right, because of the breathtaking views it offers. The wall-to-wall windows create lots of light and beautiful panoramic views but don’t worry, there are no close neighbors, so there is no chance of anyone peeping in.

The materials used are local timber, steel, and galvanized iron, which makes this property unique in the world. Keep in mind that pets are not allowed, and it is not suitable for children. Goes for roughly 250$/night.

Check it out on AirBnb

14. Colorado Classic A-Frame – Grand Lake, Colorado

Colorado Classic A-Frame – Grand Lake 1
Colorado Classic A-Frame

If you want a weekend getaway to share with friends or family, this cabin is large enough to accommodate up to 12 people. Located in the vicinity of Grand Lake, Colorado, surrounded by trees, this charming house is one of the biggest on our list. It features four bedrooms and two bathrooms, two different living areas, and a walk-out basement, so there is plenty of space for entertaining.

Colorado Classic A-Frame – Grand Lake 2
Colorado Classic A-Frame Interior

There are two decks around the cabin, from which you can hop on your snowmobile and explore the surrounding area or head down to the water for a calm afternoon. Or you can go into the city for some shopping or grab some dinner while immersing yourself in the Colorado lifestyle, since the city is about a mile away.

You can also visit Steamboat Springs for a dip in the hot springs or go skiing at the Steamboat Ski Resort. The rate is 350$ a night.

13. Hudson Valley A-Frame – Red Hook, New York

Hudson Valley A-Frame – Red Hook 1
Hudson Valley A-Frame

Two hours north of New York City, this newly renovated Eames-free Mid-Century modern cabin is a real gem of the Hudson Valley. The owners furnished it with vintage Fritz Hansen and other Scandinavian and Southern European imports, which makes this a one of a kind getaway cabin.

The owners are fashion designers based in Brooklyn, New York, and their flair for design is well portrayed in the way they decorated the space. The floor to ceiling windows offer a great view of the peaceful outdoors. When you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of big city living, this retreat welcomes you and helps you unwind.

Hudson Valley A-Frame – Red Hook 2
Hudson Valley A-Frame Interior

The rules of the house do not allow pets, smoking, or parties. It is meant to be used as a peaceful home away from home. It welcomes up to six guests at a time in this two-bedroom, two-bath cabin spread out on a dozen-acre piece of land. If you want to rent out this unique house, the going rate starts at $318 per night.

Check it out on AirBnb

12. Sycamore Treehouse – Fredericksburg, Texas

Sycamore Treehouse – Fredericksburg 1
Sycamore Treehouse

For the kids at heart, this is the ultimate getaway. As the name suggests, this cabin looks just like a childhood treehouse, but the adult version! Filled with all the amenities you need for a peaceful getaway, you will appreciate this luxurious cabin. Thoroughly cleaned after each guest, as per new regulations, it is spotless, so no need to worry.

Perched on a creek, you have the impression of being high up in the air, but in reality, the main entrance is only three feet off the ground. If you crave the off the grid experience, you’ve come to the right place. Cell reception is spotty at best, but the wi-fi in the cabin is pretty reliable, which gives you a sense of security if you need to check in with your loved ones.

Sycamore Treehouse – Fredericksburg 2
Sycamore Treehouse Interior

The host is pretty clear that peace and quiet are very important here, so keep that in mind. Equipped with only one king-sized bed, it is suitable for couples that are craving some alone time. You have everything you need though, with a beautiful tub and functional kitchen. Rates start at $250 a night but book quickly if you have a specific date in mind.

11. Tye Haus A-Frame Cabin – Skykomish, Washington

Tye Haus A-Frame Cabin – Skykomish 1
Tye Haus A-Frame Cabin

Part of the Timber Lane community and right next to the Sky Haus, another beauty that is considered the Sky Haus brother, this one bedroom one bathroom cabin is another perfect getaway. An iconic little abode, it caters to your rest and relaxation needs. Also equipped with a hot tub on the back deck and a cozy fireplace, it’s a great place to cozy up after a day of hiking or skiing.

Tye Haus A-Frame Cabin – Skykomish 2
Tye Haus A-Frame Cabin Interior

The fully furnished kitchen and a smart tv are some of the amenities that make you feel as if this is your home away from home. So whether you book the Sky Haus or the Tye Haus depending on availability, you will surely get the privacy you were looking for, all within close access to the highway. The prices are also similar.

10. Oceanside A-Frame – Oceanside, Oregon

Oceanside A-Frame – Oceanside 1
Oceanside A-Frame

The list wouldn’t feel complete if we didn’t include an oceanside property. Although the A-frame is typically considered a cabin in the woods, this chalet deserves a mention. Not as private as other cabins we looked at, this mid-century dwelling is a duplex, therefore also larger than the others on this list.

Oceanside A-Frame – Oceanside 2
Oceanside A-Frame Interior

This particular unit sits on the top floor and offers unobstructed ocean views ranging from Cape Mears all the way to Cape Lookout This two bedroom one bathroom unit has a large private deck, a wood burning stove and all the modern amenities you need. Similar architecturally to all the others cabins, this house can feel like a “surf shack” or a beach cabin with amazing ocean views.

For particularities of the property the hosts encourage you to contact them, and they are more than happy to answer your questions. You can experience this getaway from $210 a night.

9. Lilla Norr – Brook Park, Minnesota

Lilla Norr – Brook Park 1
Lilla Norr

“Little North” in Swedish, Lilla Norr is the typical Swedish style cabin in the woods. For the winter sports enthusiasts, or for those of you who want to feel the European vibe without spending a small fortune, this is exactly what you need. Stylish yet full of charm, this 1978 cabin is located in the midst of five acres of wooded area along the Snake River.

Depending on the season, check with the host for the suggestions they have on the things you should bring. If you’re planning to come in winter just make sure the vehicle you’re driving is equipped to drive through snow, as road conditions can get tricky. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is not suitable for children under 12, but it can fit two couples in the two bedrooms.

Lilla Norr – Brook Park 2
Lilla Norr Interior

It only comes with one bath though, but the kitchen is fully equipped. You can have a weekend of “Netflix and Chill” if you wish, or watch Amazon Prime on HGTV. Completely up to you! Very in demand, there is no availability until March, and the rates start at $200 per night.

8. Storybook A-Frame Cabin in the Woods – Boone, North Carolina

Storybook A-Frame Cabin in the Woods – Boone 1
Storybook A-Frame Cabin in the Woods

A real storybook cabin in the woods, this two bedroom two bath house wears its name perfectly. Another treehouse look-alike, this cabin will rekindle fond childhood memories. Fully equipped, this is one of the only cabins on this list that comes with a washer and dryer, a nice feature to have.

Storybook A-Frame Cabin in the Woods – Boone 2
Storybook A-Frame Cabin in the Woods Interior

A cozy cottage that is surrounded by woods and the sound of the water creaking, it is a peaceful getaway we all need right now. Two hours north of Asheville, it is close to the North Carolina/ Tennessee border. Enjoy a quiet weekend in this bright and airy cabin, away from your busy lifestyle. Going rates are from $150 per night.

7. Rancho Relaxo A-Frame – Rhododendron, Oregon

Rancho Relaxo A-Frame – Rhododendron 1
Rancho Relaxo A-Frame

This cabin offers you a rustic atmosphere in the middle of the woods. Wildlife is within walking distance, which makes this a lovely place for the nature lovers. If you want some peace and quiet while curling up with a book in their library, or sipping a hot chocolate by the fireplace, you’ve come to the right place.

Rancho Relaxo A-Frame – Rhododendron 2
Rancho Relaxo A-Frame Interior

This two bedroom open floor plan house has a beautiful staircase, which might not be suitable for little people. The kitchen and bath are fully equipped, but there is no tv. There are lots of activities to do outdoors, so for the hikers, skiers or nature lovers this is the perfect two night minimum getaway.

The hosts are pretty firm on their two night minimum booking, so be mindful of that.. But honestly, with all this cabin has to offer inside and out, who will mind? Starting at $165 a night.

Check it out on AirBnb

6. The Hygge Chalet – Grant, Colorado

The Hygge Chalet – Grant 1
The Hygge Chalet

This is the ultimate relaxing spot you need to try right now! The Danish know a thing or two about de-stressing, and this Hygge inspired chalet is proof of that. Located in the lush forests of Grant, Colorado, in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, you have 3.5 acres of surroundings for you to explore.

The Hygge Chalet – Grant 2
The Hygge Chalet Interior

This two bedroom one bath cabin is equipped with a fully functioning kitchen, but a simple minimalistic decor is the theme. The piece de resistance, as the French call it must be the sauna. The ultimate relaxing accessory, as well as a wood burning stove and hammocks are all inviting you for a few days of complete comfort.

Enjoy life’s simple pleasures without leaving the premises. Now that’s what I call unwinding! Starting at $150 a night, one of the more affordable getaways on this list.

5. The Yellowstone Haus – Island Park, Idaho

The Yellowstone Haus – Island Park 1
The Yellowstone Haus

In the vicinity of Yellowstone National Park of Idaho, this beautiful A-Frame cabin is a private escape in the middle of a pine forest. This two bedroom one bath dwelling has wood panels throughout, which give it a rustic chalet vibe. As one of the largest properties we looked at, it accommodates up to eight guests at a time.

Surrounded by lakes, rivers and breathtaking waterfalls, it is perfect for nature lovers. There are lots of outdoor activities to fill your time, but you can also opt to spend your time indoors while taking in the view the floor to ceiling windows have to offer. Or cook a slow meal in the kitchen which you can enjoy either indoors or outdoors, weather permitting.

The Yellowstone Haus – Island Park 2
The Yellowstone Haus Interior

Other amenities which are a must these days are a smart tv with access to Netflix or Amazon Video, wireless internet or even old fashioned board games. The perfect weekend retreat for couples, friends or families. Booking starts at $290 per night.

Check it out on AirBnb

4. Mid-Century Alpine A-Frame – Big Bear, California

Mid-Century Alpine A-Frame – Big Bear 1
Mid-Century Alpine A-Frame

When you think California, skiing is not the first thing that comes to mind. Big Bear will make you change your mind, as it is the perfect skiing and snowboarding locale, a 12 minute drive from Snow Summit and Bear Mountain Ski Resort. The chalet has been around since 1963, and has seen a few remodels.

As it stands today, this one bedroom one bathroom A-Frame cabin caters to the nature lover. Among a pine tree forest, it offers the privacy you crave for when going to this type of retreat. The indoor fireplace provides coziness, and the deck can be used for a quiet cup of coffee while enjoying a peaceful view.

Mid-Century Alpine A-Frame – Big Bear 2
Mid-Century Alpine A-Frame Interior

Walking distance from restaurants, coffee shops and antique stores, you can experience the unique vibe of the area. Equipped with all modern amenities, this dream cabin can be yours for more than $250/ night, which is quite a bargain.

3. Cottonwood Chalet – Brighton, Utah

Cottonwood Chalet – Brighton 1
Cottonwood Chalet

Originally built in 1969, this beautiful chalet was recently renovated and upgraded to more modern standards. The perfect retreat for couples or small groups, the cabin can fit four guests. Two bedroom and one bath, it offers a fully equipped kitchen and large decks both in the front and the back of the property.

And what a gorgeous property it is! Truly breathtaking, the current owners have tastefully decorated but kept the style open and airy. A four minute drive from Solitude Mountain Resort, seven minutes from Brighton Resort and Nordic Center and 35 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City, you can find lots of activities to occupy your time.

Cottonwood Chalet – Brighton 2
Cottonwood Chalet Interior

But the surrounding area around the cabin is so breathtaking that you can just hang out and find your inner peace while taking in the beauty of nature. This little piece of heaven goes for more than $190 per night.

2. Stylish Modern A-Frame – Sunriver, Oregon

Stylish Modern A-Frame – Sunriver 1
Stylish Modern A-Frame

Oregon is quite a popular state where there are plenty of A-Frame cabins to choose from, and this large property is one of the most famous ones. Maybe because it is one of the rare properties which allow pets. Most of the cabins we reviewed are very strict when it comes to pets and smoking. You can bring your dog to this cabin if he’s your loyal companion you cannot do without, but the smoking rule is reinforced.

This five bedroom three bath property can accommodate up to ten people, so you can rent it with your friends or your large family. Located in Central Oregon, it is within walking distance of the village, a water park and close to bike paths. The vintage vibe and the modern amenities make this property sought after.

Stylish Modern A-Frame – Sunriver 2
Stylish Modern A-Frame

The hot tub, sauna, and a pool table are some of the features people appreciate. You can rent this cabin starting at $450 per night, but when splitting the cost it ends up being more affordable than others on this list.

1. Sky Haus A-Frame – Skykomish, Washington

Sky Haus A-Frame – Skykomish 1
Sky Haus A-Frame Cabin

This lovely chalet situated about an hour and a half east of Seattle is a cozy A-frame cabin that you will surely fall in love with. It can fit four people, with a double bed and three single beds in the sleeping area, so it can accommodate a family with young children or four single friends on a weekend getaway.

Only 15 minutes from the slopes, it is a gorgeous little piece of property surrounded by a forest. It has an indoor fireplace and an outdoor hot tub, which are both great for some apres-ski. The kitchen is fully equipped, just remember to bring your own food and you’re all set. It is well kept, clean, equipped with fresh linens and towels, perfect for a comfortable stay.

Sky Haus A-Frame – Skykomish 2
Sky Haus A-Frame Cabin Interior

It is possible to rent it for longer than 28 days at a time, but keep in mind the only thing you will need to make arrangements for is laundry, as it does not come with a washer. But it does have wi-fi and tv, so you can work from home if you need to. The rates start at $236 per night.

A Frame Cabins AirBnb
Sky Haus A-Frame Jacuzzi

We hope this list helped you with ideas about quick getaways we all need these days.

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