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Should You Repair or Replace a Damaged Luxury Car?

Should You Repair a luxury car

Bentley Motors

Many car repairs are expensive, especially when it comes to luxury cars, whose price tag is often several times more than that of regular cars. Since luxury cars are built so well, using nothing but the best materials out there, you may think that they’re likely to be much more durable and reliable than regular cars.

The painful truth is that because these cars have much more powerful engines and their parts are performance-oriented, the wear and tear they go through is much greater than regular vehicles, that’s why they may deteriorate faster. 

Ignoring these repairs also has serious consequences, especially considering that a good number of St. Petersburg accidents are caused by faulty car parts. When your luxury car breaks, should you try to have it repaired or should you simply replace it?

Repair Cost

McLaren Sservice

McLaren Sservice

The first factor you need to consider is the cost to repair the damage to your car, especially after a serious crash. Repair costs vary depending on what needs to be fixed or replaced, along with the complexity of the assembly.

Generally speaking, luxury car parts are almost always very expensive because many of these parts are proprietary to a select few models. If luxury cars are rare, so are their spare parts too. There’s a chance you may even have to get a replacement part manufactured.

Repair Frequency

Porsche Repair Cost


Besides cost, you also have to factor in repair frequency. You may be able to shoulder the cost of one repair, but you may not be willing to shoulder the same cost twice in a month.

Some repairs may even require owners to spend money on a regular basis just to keep the car in running condition. If a car costs you more than you’re willing to spend, you’re better off just selling it and replacing it.

Car Value



All cars depreciate rapidly, but they differ at the rate at which they depreciate. Luxury cars do not depreciate at the same rate as regular cars do, and thus, they often retain much of their value even after many years.

Sometimes, even cars with issues may sell for a significant amount. This is especially true for collector’s items. You might get much more value from selling your car than trying to tackle its repair and the costs that come with repairs.

Future Repairs

Rolls Royce Repairs

Rolls Royce

Cars are built with thousands of parts that work together in order for them to function. Repairing your car may keep it functional, but you also need to consider the long-term effects of wear and tear. Luxury cars are particularly notorious money pits, not just because of the cost of repairs and maintenance, but also because of how delicate their parts are.

The whole point of luxury goods is not to get the most value out of your money, but rather as a means to showcase your wealth, that you’re able to disregard the practicability of a purchase. Even so, a car with mechanical problems can be one of the worst money pits anyone can have. You’re going to have to decide if your luxury car is worth shelling cash out for.


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