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For $30 Million, the Razor House Might be a Dream Come True

By Victor Baker


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Razor House

The acclaimed American architect and designer Wallace E. Cunningham is pretty well known for his unique residential work, with a straightforward design philosophy, that’s mostly focused on opening up the spaces to the sky, landscape and view, to help us embrace and enjoy nature and our surroundings in the best way possible.

The Razor House is one of his most incredible projects – a breathtaking cantilevered glass home that glances over the rugged coastline of La Jolla in California. Completed back in 2007, the spectacular 10,653-square-foot mansion before you showcases that design philosophy with a mesmerizing mix of stainless steel, white concrete and glass, matched by the endless blue of the Pacific Ocean.

Walled by floor to ceiling windows, this home perfectly blends into its surroundings, with floating staircases, glass-walled walkways, and curvaceous rooms that will make you feel like you’re suspended in the air and completely surrounded by water. If you’re willing to splash out exactly $30 million on this home, you could be the lucky next owner of this architectural paradise.

Razor House

The main residence packs four bedrooms, including two incredible master suites, four baths, and two half baths. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls will offer you panoramic views of the ocean, while a restaurant-grade kitchen and even an entertaining kitchen will prove to be more than enough to handle any event.

The next owners of the Razor House will also get to enjoy several living areas which seem to blur the line between outdoor and indoor living, a gorgeous family room with a library and elegant wine cabinets, a screening room with an HD projector, and many other goodies. Meanwhile, their friends will get to relax in a 1,301-square-foot detached guesthouse, that comes with two bedrooms.

Outside, this $30 million property also includes stone-tiled terraces, a wonderful black-tiled heated swimming pool, and a rooftop with a spa and an outdoor grill. Wallace E. Cunningham has done a brilliant job with this house!

Razor House

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