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The 30 Most Expensive Houses in the World

By Adrian Prisca


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Most Expensive Houses
Ingo Joseph / pexels.com

Many people lead lives of half-existence. They are half-fit, half-pleased, have half the income they wish they had, have half-appealing relationships, and thus enjoy just half of their time on earth.

Sadly, such individuals have been indoctrinated to consider that standing in a position of half-being is the best that life has to offer. Nonetheless, many waste years thinking about a future that is whole and abundant.

Whoever claimed “money cannot buy happiness” wasn’t spending it right. Yes, money is not all of it, but it is indispensable. Otherwise stated, the wealthier a person is, the more likely he or she is to be content with their existence.

However, why is there this mutual dependence? Is it because billionaires have more funds to spend on the stuff they desire or is it because financial stability alleviates anxiety? Or is it related to something else entirely?

These people, who consistently rank at the peak of Forbes’ list of “Top Billionaires” did not reach that list without handling things a little differently than others. The wealthy view money as a beneficial tool capable of enabling them to achieve liberty and prosperity. And sometimes, less is not more. Sometimes more should be more. Or, the bigger, the better.

Historical mansion
Historical mansion from Heidelberg, Germany / Leo Foureaux / unsplash.com

A house is a place where you may unwind and splurge with your family, but for 1% of the world’s population, a suitable residence can cost up to $1 billion. We’re not referring to fair-to-middling A-list celebs and CEOs with a few million in savings. These are the types of mansions that one can only get when they approach or surpass the billionaire rank.

When the budget is literally endless, an infinite number of choices become available. Some want to invest in very unique places, while others like to have a large amount of land and build something more outrageous with numerous amenities and what not.

Imagine your perfect home, quadruple its size, add upscale aesthetic details, a massive pool or two, a 10-car garage, even a helipad, and you still probably won’t make it to this top 30 list. Is it simply a craving for the high life, or do they just have too much money? Not exactly.

With the growing need for housing, real estate is the most attractive investment plan. Each property, regardless of size, is deemed a successful asset, making the acquisition viable as it goes up in value.

While you may not have millions of dollars to spare on the ultimate home, it’s still interesting to see what’s obtainable for the privileged few who do. Their opulence and prestige not only drive us to strive for wealth but also enchant us with some of the rarest and most valuable breakthroughs.

Breathe in the fresh air and make sure you sit down comfortably as you take a closer look at the 30 most expensive houses in the world. These numbers will surely sweep you off your feet.

30. 79th Floor Residence at 432 Park Avenue in Manhattan, New York

432 Park Avenue
432 Park Avenue

Estimated value: $135 million

Taking over the 79th floor of 432 Park Avenue, this lavish residence spans over 8,000 square feet. With its mindfulness ethos and really exceptional architecture, it’s a piece of artistry in and of itself, providing an unrivaled dwelling environment within one of the world’s emblematic structures.

79th Floor at 432 Park Avenue
79th Floor Residence at 432 Park Avenue / mansionglobal.com

Then there is, obviously, the view. Each suite from 432 Park Avenue features massive windows that provide spectacular vistas of every New York landmark but this residence at the 79th floor is definitely the icing on the cake. 

29. Le Palais Venitien in Cannes, France

Le Palais Venitien
Le Palais Venitien / sothebysrealty.com

Estimated value: $135 million

A majestic palace characterized by Byzantine and Venetian design, le Palais Venitien embraces Cannes and the blue waves of the Mediterranean, extending as far as the eye can see.

Le Palais Venitien interior
Inside Le Palais Venitien / sothebysrealty.com

Cogemad, owned by Saudi billionaire Emad Khashoggi, constructed the 24,000-square-foot mammoth house. The residence is furnished with state-of-art technology but without compromising style and elegance. It’s currently listed for sale by Sotheby’s

28. 924 Bel Air Road in Bel Air, California

924 Bel Air Road
924 Bel Air Road / hiltonhyland.com

Estimated value: $150 million

A mind blowing 38,500 square-foot structure, with 17,500-square-foot adventure decks, 12 bedrooms, 21 opulent bathrooms, three kitchens, five bars, one-of-a-kind spa and an upscale gym. That’s just the beginning of this story.

924 Bel Air Road interior
924 Bel Air Road interior / hiltonhyland.com

Add in the massive 85-foot glass infinity pool, a four-lane Louis Vuitton bowling lounge, 40-seat 4K cinema, an interesting candy room, outdoor auditorium, two fully-stocked wine cellars, an auto gallery, a helicopter, and the world’s most advanced home technology system and you get an idea about how awesome is this place. It was sold for $150 million.

27. Vatuvara Private Islands in Fiji

Vatuvara Private Islands in Fiji
Vatuvara Private Islands in Fiji / vladi-private-islands.de

Estimated value: $155 million

Buy yourself an island. Or four. For $155 million, you’ll acquire the 1,200-acre Vatuvara Island, the 3,085-acre Kanacea Island, the 800-acre Kaibu Island, and the 102-acre Adavaci Island, as well as a Twin Otter airplane for a quick escape whenever the situation demands.

Kaibu Island Fiji
Kaibu Island Fiji / vladi-private-islands.de

Talk about a home that includes an unexpected bonus! Who said social isolation can’t be fun?

26. Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Estate in Palm Beach, Florida

Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Estate
Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Estate / John Roca / New York Daily News

Estimated value: $160 million

For the last 4 years, Donald Trump’s luxurious property, Mar-a-Logo, has frequently been described as the winter White House for the former president of the United States. Donald Trump purchased this estate for $8 million in 1985 and the property has gained way over $100 million in value ever since.

The Mar-A-Logo Club
The Mar-A-Logo Club / maralogoclub.com

There were 33 restrooms, three bomb shelters, and a nine-hole golf course on the premises. A decade later, he converted it into a private club (membership fee is $200,000) with 128 rooms, a spa, a ballroom, tennis courts, and a beach club.

25. Spelling Manor in Holmby Hills, California

Spelling Manor in Holmby Hills
The Spelling Manor / hiltonhyland.com

Estimated value: $160 million

The Spelling mansion, which lies on 4.7 acres and features 123 rooms, is back on the market following a $120 million sale in 2019, reportedly by the Times. The Manor’s present owner is undisclosed, as it was last bought by a limited liability company.

Spelling Manor interior
Spelling Manor interior / hiltonhyland.com

As a contrast to the shiny, modern homes that are all the rage today, this house looks back to a bygone era of wealth and elegance, in the “Dynasty” style.

24. The Sanctuary at Loon Point in Santa Barbara, California

The Sanctuary at Loon Point
The Sanctuary at Loon Point / Jim Bartsch / latimes.com

Estimated value: $160 million

If your life’s goal is to wave at Joe Bezos or Kevin Costner while you reach for your morning paper, this is your chance. The sprawling property before you has been listed for sale at an impressive $160 million.

The Sanctuary at Loon Point in Santa Barbara
The Sanctuary at Loon Point / Jim Bartsch / latimes.com

This mesmerizing estate, which has 650 meters of shoreline, 9 hectares of beautiful vegetation, and 14,189 square feet of inner space, is divided into two great residences: Ocean View and Bellevue, both with jaw-dropping vistas.

23. The Penthouse at 432 Park Avenue in Manhattan, New York

432 Park Avenue in Manhattan
432 Park Avenue Penthouse / compass.com

Estimated value: $169 million

As we previously said, in order to make money, you have to spend money. If you’re sitting on $169 million, you can acquire Manhattan’s most pricey listing: the 432 Park Avenue’s real penthouse on floor 96 of 96, in the world’s third-tallest residential structure. The jaw dropping penthouse is currently owned by Saudi billionaire Fawaz Alhokair, who purchased it for about $88 million back in 2016.

432 Park Avenue Penthouse
432 Park Avenue Penthouse / Donna Dotan

It seemed an outrageous price six years ago but looking at the current estimates, it might be one of his best investments ever. To take advantage of the outstanding views, there are 24 windows throughout the property.

22. The Jack Warner Estate in Beverly Hills, California

Jeff Bezos’ Jack Warner Estate
Jeff Bezos’ Jack Warner Estate / Jeff Hyland / hollywoodreporter.com

Estimated value: $175 million

People value the opportunity to own a bit of the past. When it came to relocating to Los Angeles, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, renowned for his meticulousness and demanding standards, left little or nothing to chance.

Jack Warner Estate california
Aerial view of the Jack Warner Estate / ktla.com

In February 2020, he paid $165 million for the Warner estate in Beverly Hills, which includes a 13,600-square-foot residence, a pool, two guesthouses, and a tennis court.

21. Mylestone at Meadow Lane in Southampton, New York

Mylestone at Meadow Lane
Mylestone at Meadow Lane / bespokerealestate.com

Estimated value: $175 million

Excellent news, rich friends! By purchasing the home adjacent to Ken Griffin’s on Meadow Lane, you may tell him to watch his back because there’s a new big cheese in town. But, all kidding aside, the finest of past and present collide in this stunning tribute to traditional style, complete with wood floors and unique millwork.

Mylestone at Meadow Lane Aerial View
Mylestone at Meadow Lane Aerial View / bespokerealestate.com

This exceptional double beachfront estate spans eight luscious acres, a variety of health-related amenities, and a classic 15,521 square foot residence.

20. Sloane House in London, England

Sloane House in London
The Sloane House / SOCIETY Group / architecturaldigest.com

Estimated value: $200 million

This charming residence is a late 18th-century Gregorian mansion with a contiguous guesthouse and huge lawn areas, situated in Kensington and Chelsea’s affluent district.

Sloane House Interior
Sloane House Interior / SOCIETY Group / architecturaldigest.com

Mr. Ecclestone, the Formula One heiress, bought Sir Anthony Bamford’s house on Old Church Street in 2010. She has invested significant time and resources in remodeling the house ever since.

19. Tarpon Island in Palm Beach, Florida

Tarpon Island in Palm Beach

Estimated value: $210 million

Tarpon Island is a 2.27-acre property located west of Palm Beach with 1,300 feet of water exposure on all four sides. The guarded lake estate is only accessible by boat, seaplane, or helicopter. Nonetheless, the skyrocketing price indicates the area’s growing interest as businesses and individuals reassess their work-life ratios.

Tarpon Island Estate
Tarpon Island Estate / Aerial Photography Inc / travelandleisure.com

The island includes a house built in the 1930s that the seller will repair and extend for the buyer.

18. 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens in London, England

18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens
Lakshmi Mittal’s Kensington Palace Gardens Home / lawray-architects.co.uk

Estimated value: $222 million

The Indian steel baron, Lakshmi Mittal, lives in the same area as some of the planet’s wealthiest individuals. Kensington Palace Garden is one of the world’s most expensive streets, home to billionaires, tycoons, and diplomats. Having a reported average price per square meter of $107,000 is not called “Billionaire Row” for nothing.

18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens interior
Inside 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens / lawray-architects.co.uk

Built in the 19th century, Mittal’s property covers 55,000 square feet and has 12 bedrooms, a Turkish bath, an indoor pool, and space for 20 cars.

17. Casa Encantada in Los Angeles, California

Casa Encantada Los Angeles
Casa Encantada / hiltonhyland.com

Estimated value: $225 million

This outstanding mansion dates all the way back to the 1930s and was once owned by hotel tycoon Conrad Hilton. Here, the mogul held some of the country’s most notable social, philanthropic, and political events, including several Presidential Dinners. Hilton himself referred to the residence as an “object of symmetry and beauty.”

Casa Encantada interior
Casa Encantada interior / hiltonhyland.com

This property is almost 40,000 square feet in size and is nestled in Bel-Air. The entrance spotlights 18-foot ceilings and a silver-plated bar.

16. 220 Central Park South Penthouse in New York City, New York

220 Central Park South Penthouse
220 Central Park South Penthouse / curbed.com

Estimated value: $238 million

You have just arrived in New York City, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Ken Griffin, the founder of the Citadel hedge company, purchased a Manhattan penthouse at 220 Central Park South for a record-breaking $238 million. And that’s exactly what defines the empire state of mind.

220 Central Park South interior
220 Central Park South interior / curbed.com

The four-story dwelling is included in a 79-story skyscraper, and it features 16 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, five balconies, and a deck overlooking Central Park.

15. One Hyde Park Penthouse in London, England

One Hyde Park Penthouse in London
One Hyde Park Penthouse / gq.com.au

Estimated value: $247 million

Mr. Rinat Akhmetov spends money like it’s going out of style. With a net worth of $6.8 billion, depleting $247 million on a property in London seems like child’s play. The residence is spread across two levels with heated marble flooring, walk-in closets larger than most flats, and a total of 9,000 square feet on each level.

One Hyde Park London
One Hyde Park / Rob Deutsche / wikipedia.org

Each of these apartments is protected by bullet-proof glass facades and boasts cutting-edge lighting systems that gradually transform the ambiance from sunset to sunrise.

14. Fair Field Mansion in Sagaponack, New York

Four Fairfield Pond
Ira Rennert’s Hamptons Mansion / facebook.com

Estimated value: $248 million

This 63-acre estate is home to Ira Rennert, owner of the Renco Group, and it features 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, a 91-foot-long dining room, a basketball court, bowling alley, squash courts, a 100-car garage (no, we haven’t accidentally added a zero), three swimming pools, and a tennis court.

Ira Rennert’s Hamptons Mansion
Fair Field Mansion / Doug Kuntz

Furthermore, a facility of this magnitude requires an enormous amount of electricity, which is provided by an on-site power station. Yes, you will never have to worry about being left in the dark again!

13. Royal Palace-Style Mansion in Caesarea, Israel

Royal Style Mansion in Caesarea
Royal Style Mansion in Caesarea / priceypads.com

Estimated value: $250 million

This magnificent royal-style mansion is set within a sanctuary for the country’s wealthy and prominent, and its enigmatic Russian billionaire owner, Valery Kogan, is no exception.

Caesarea Royal Palace Mansion interior
Caesarea Royal Palace Mansion interior / priceypads.com

This enormous five-bedroom lavish residence could easily pass off as a palace due to its design, inspired by Baroque and Rococo architecture, but also to its exquisite gold trimmings. The rails, the doorways, the walls, and the furnishings are fashioned with 14k gold moldings. Wow!

12. 9650 Cedarbrook Drive in Los Angeles, California

9650 Cedarbrook Drive in Los Angeles
9650 Cedarbrook Drive in Los Angeles / hiltonhyland.com

Estimated value: $250 million

If Iron Man was real, this would probably be his home. The extraordinary two-house complex, which is currently being built, is the largest property ever permitted in the city of Los Angeles.

9650 Cedarbrook Drive
9650 Cedarbrook Drive / hiltonhyland.com

The man financing the project is the much-vaunted real estate mogul, Mohamed Hadid, who also happens to be the father of two of today’s most renowned models, Bella and Gigi Hadid. Without a doubt, behind every amazing daughter is a truly amazing dad.

11. Mesa Vista Ranch in the Eastern Texas Panhandle

Mesa Vista Ranch
Mesa Vista Ranch / mansionglobal.com

Estimated value: $250 million

In an era when NFTs and Metaverse are changing the real estate sector, Mega Vista Ranch brings purchasers down to Earth. Owned by oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens, the property features a structure for rifle storage, a meat processing facility, a personal cinema, a chapel, 20 lakes, man-made waterfalls, and a creek.

Mesa Vista Ranch pool
Another angle of Mesa Vista Ranch / mansionglobal.com

Did we mention the out-of-this-world estate has its own FAA-approved airport with a 25,000-square-foot hangar, a two-bedroom pilot’s residence, and a 6,000-foot airstrip? No, we didn’t. Why? Honestly, we were simply envious.

10. The One in Bel Air, California

The One Bel-Air 1
The One: Bel-Air / standard.co.uk

Estimated value: $295 million

When you’ve found “The One” with 100,000 square feet, 20 bedrooms, and 30 bathrooms, you might want to show it to everyone else in your life. Once estimated at $500 million, this Bel-Air gem is currently being sold for $295 million and will remain on the open market until it is auctioned.

The One Bel-Air Aerial View
The One Bel-Air Aerial View / standard.co.uk

The luxurious Los Angeles residence is one of the largest homes ever built, and it is twice the size of the White House. God bless America! 

9. The Odeon Tower Penthouse in Monaco

The Odeon Tower Penthouse
The Odeon Tower Penthouse

Estimated value: $330 million

When it comes to luxury real estate, the sky is the limit, or rather, the roof is not the limit in this case. Would you ever consider having a waterslide atop a 49-story Monaco skyscraper? No? To be honest, you’re not dreaming big enough.

The Odeon Tower Monaco
The Odeon Tower Monaco

The penthouse itself is five stories high and features amazing 360-degree views of the sea. Its price tag exceeds that of many of the world’s most extravagant mansions, and it comes as no surprise that the apartment’s amenities are without peer, making it the epitome of an unfathomably upscale existence.

8. Le Palais Bulles in Theoule-sur-Mer, France

Le Palais Bulles of Pierre Cardin
Le Palais Bulles of Pierre Cardin / palaisbulles.com

Estimated values: $390 million

Although the French Riviera is extravagant per se, nothing comes close to Palais Bulles. The Bubble Palace, as it is affectionately referred to, is one of the most outrageous and diverse residences in the world.

Le Palais Bulles
Close up of Le Palais Bulles / palaisbulles.com

Famous designer Pierre Cardin recruited Hungarian architect Antti Lovag to draw up the palace, transforming it into an astounding architectural fantasy. However, Cardin never resided in the mansion but rather in the surrounding area, and the property was mostly used for events.

7. Villa Les Cedres in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France

Villa Les Cedres in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat
Villa Les Cedres / Savils / mansionglobal.com

Estimated value: $430 million

Villa Les Cedres takes its name from the gnarled cedar trees that line the path leading to the villa’s entryway. It was built in 1830 on 35 acres of grounds and was purchased by Belgian King Leopold II in 1904.

Villa Les Cedres interior
Villa Les Cedres interior / Bloomberg / Getty

It includes an Olympic-size swimming pool, a chandelier-lit ballroom, a wood-paneled bookstore with 3,000 volumes, and a stable large enough to accommodate 30 horses. 

Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine’s wealthiest billionaire, purchased Villa Les Cedres for $221 million a few years ago but the property’s value is almost double today.

6. Witanhurst in London, England

Witanhurst Mansion in London
Witanhurst Mansion in London / dailymail.co.uk

Estimated value: $450 million

This Georgian Revival manor house was planned in Queen Anne’s style and showcases 25 bedrooms, a 70-foot-long banquet hall, and a glass atrium. Its unique panorama over London is among the most fabulous in the city.

Witanhurst House
Another angle of the massive Witanhurst Mansion / thetimes.co.uk

The mansion was reportedly bought by the family of Russian billionaire Andrey Guryev via a shell corporation in the British Virgin Islands, but even so, it remains a place of mystery and secrets.

5. 24 Middle Gap Road in Hong Kong, China

24 Middle Gap Road in Hong Kong
24 Middle Gap Road in Hong Kong / businessinsider.com

Estimated value: $487 million

Is anyone interested in a $487 million four-bedroom home in Hong Kong? The high-priced property was completed in 1991, but compared to previous houses, there is little to praise about it.

24 Middle Gap Road Mansion
24 Middle Gap Road Mansion / bloomberg.com

However, you are not paying for aesthetics in this situation, but rather for the exclusive area. Peak Road, perched at the pinnacle of Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak, is the most expensive street in the world. The average price per square meter here is $114,000.

4. Villa Aurora in Rome, Italy

Villa Aurora in Rome, Italy
Villa Aurora / villaludovisi.org

Estimated value: $534 million

Buongiorno! All roads lead to Rome, even when it comes to over-the-top pricey real estate. This imposing residence served as the primary mansion of Princess Rita Boncompagni Ludovisi. Established in 1570, it was initially employed as a hunting retreat by Cardinal Ludovico Ludovisi, the nephew of Pope Gregory XV.

Caravaggio Mural in Villa Aurora
Caravaggio Mural in Villa Aurora / DeAgostini / Getty

It is home to the world’s sole ceiling mural painted by Caravaggio, dating from 1597 and valued at more than $350 million alone. Good heavens, isn’t this an incredible deal? The great news is that the villa is up for auction. The bad news? You still need $534 million.

3. Villa Leopolda in Villefranche-sur-Mer, France

Villa Leopolda
Villa Leopolda / amazing.zone

Estimated value: $750 million

Our opulent residences take on a French spin with the magnificent Mediterranean delights of Villa Leopolda. It was created and styled by an American architect, Ogden Codman Jr., between 1929 and 1931, and its first landowner was Belgium’s King Leopold II, hence the name.

Villa Leopolda Aerial View
Villa Leopolda Aerial View / amazing.zone

The mansion was purchased in 1987 by Edmond Safra, Lily Safra’s spouse. This estate is also renowned due to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1955 movie “Catch a Thief,” which boasts Cary Grant and Grace Kelly.

2. Antilia Tower in Mumbai, India

Antilia Tower
Antilia Tower

Estimated value: $2 billion

In no other place on earth do opulence and misery coexist in such harmony as in India. On one side, there are slums; on the other, a single-family may own a $2 billion structure. The property was created for Mukesh Ambani, Asia’s wealthiest man, who is worth an estimated $89.2 billion.

Antilia Tower interior
Antilia Tower interior / vanityfair.com

The tower’s overall floor size exceeds that of the Palace of Versailles, and there are 600 employees. Well, this is how a contemporary palace must be!

1. Buckingham Palace in London, England

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace / visitlondon.com

Estimated value: $6.9 billion

To be fair, we did warn you it would knock you out. If this is not the very definition of having it all, then we’re not sure what else it could be. It’s not a bolt out of the blue that the world’s most pricey home is owned by the world’s most recognizable family, and no, we are not referring to the Kardashians.

Buckingham Palace Interior
Buckingham Palace Interior / Peter Smith / The Royal Collection

Queen Elizabeth II is the queen of real estate as well. Even though it is not a private residence, Buckingham Palace contains 775 bedrooms, 78 baths, 19 cabins, and 92 officers and has served as the monarchy’s official mansion since the late 19th century.


Undoubtedly, the energy, work, and resources invested in a house determine its price. And these colossal residences are the ultimate goals of human-made architecture and possess all the characteristics of national treasures.

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