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15 Japanese Soaking Tubs That Will Help You Find Your Zen

By Georgiana Grama


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Japanese Soaking Tubs
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Japan is well known for being very big on traditions, and the bathing ritual is considered almost sacred. Before soaking in the Ofuro tub – a soaking tub that is made of all-natural materials and filled with clean, steaming water – you first clean yourself in a shower or a seated hand bath by dipping buckets of water out of the tub and pouring it over yourself.

Originally the ofuro is a deep soaking tub, at least 27 inches deep, and it is made from hinoki wood. Now those tubs are made from different materials as well, from steel to concrete, and different types of wood.

There are two different types of tubs: the step-up tub, and the step-down tub. The difference depends on how your house is built, or the personal preference one has.

  • The step-down tub gives you a spa-like feeling while you’re stepping down into the tub that is flush with the floor. If you have space you can make it larger to fit more than one person, but most of them are just big enough for one.
  • The step-up tubs that have small stairs that lead up to them have a throne-like feeling. In general, they are more economical, which is the reason they are more popular.

Regardless of which style or materials you choose for your soaking tub, you will be guaranteed to find some zen moments in your own private relaxation space.

Now let’s take a closer look at 15 wonderful Japanese soaking tubs that will make your space more serene and your baths unforgettable.

15. True Ofuro Mini

True Ofuro Mini

This lovely ofuro tub will bring a modern feeling to any bathroom. It’s also heated, which is definitely a plus, and its design is simply gorgeous. It might be pretty expensive for some people, but since it’s not that big it’s extremely versatile, because it can fit probably any space you have to work with.

14. Stainless Steel Soaking Tub

Stainless Steel Soaking Tub
Danenberg Design / Diamond Spas

This tub will surely bring the edge you’re looking for to your bathroom. Very different, not for the traditionalist at heart. It will fit in any space, as it is small enough for one person. Featuring a smooth design and deep interior, it comes with an integral seat for your comfort.

13. Deep Square Tub

Deep Square Tub
Ya Studio

You will love the simple yet beautiful shape of this tub. Sleek and serene, it will provide you with the zen feeling you need. Also small enough to fit into any bathroom, you can opt for this model no matter the size of your house. Surround your space with wood accents and you’ll feel like you have a spa in your own home.

12. Octagon Extra Deep Tub

Octagon Extra Deep Tub

This differently shaped tub will bring a sense of the unexpected to your bathroom. You will be able to totally relax in this step-down tub, and if you have a window in your bathroom it will add an oasis feel to your space. Talk about serenity, you will definitely achieve it with this tub.

11. White Oval Acrylic Tub

White Oval Acrylic Tub
Signature Hardware

The white acrylic tubs are most sold on the market, part of the reason being the nice clean look, but also the affordability. The all-white bathrooms will never go out of style, and they provide you with a calm, relaxing space. This stand-alone soaking tub is simple and sleek and brings a touch of class to any bathroom.

10. Wooden Tub with a Rustic Twist

Wooden Tub with a Rustic Twist

For a totally zen feeling, the natural look of this wooden tub will surely deliver. The wood is calming and soothing and brings an earthly sense to any space. The beautiful detail and structure of the design are simple and understated. Perfect for your complete relaxation needs, it is a great option.

9. Velletri Copper Tub

Velletri Copper Tub
Signature Hardware

For people that have eclectic tastes, this stand-alone copper tub is something to consider. For sure it will be different than any other bathtub you have laid your eyes on, and it will bring the variety you were craving into your house.

8. Agape UFO Bath

UFO Bath
Benedini Associati

This stunning bath is out of this world! Elegant and guaranteed to bring calmness to any space. Unfortunately, you cannot pick this if you lack the space in your bathroom. But if you do have enough room, it will elevate your look and transform your space for sure.

7. Black Round Freestanding Tub

Metal Round Freestanding Tub

This spectacular freestanding tub will fit nicely into any bathroom decor. If you don’t have a large window leading to a lush garden, you can use dark tiles on the walls surrounding it to make it stand out even more and get that “wow” factor. You will surely fall in love with this space and you will not want to leave it once you’re there!

6. Custom Made Wooden Tub

Custom Made Wooden Tub
Zen Bathworks

In general, the traditional Japanese soaking tubs are custom made, to fit in with the owner’s personal taste, budget, and available space. Consider getting this simple, yet super chic design for your bathroom, which will bring a sense of the original traditional custom into your home. Space permitting, add your shower before you step into the tub, for the real Japanese experience.

5. Copper Clawfoot Tub

Copper Clawfoot Tub
Signature Hardware

This gorgeous tub will be the focal point of any bathroom. It brings a vintage feel with its unique and interesting design. The advantage of a copper tub is that it lasts a very long time, so if you like to move a lot consider something else. It is also very heavy, so take that into consideration when opting for this original piece.

4. Freestanding Stone Bathtub

Freestanding Stone Bathtub

Beautifully crafted, this gorgeous Ofuro tub is not like any other in its category. The minimalist design and the mix of this classic and modern look will fit nicely in most decors. Closer in shape to the traditional North American bathtub, it will fit most bathrooms, even condos, so a nice one to consider.

3. Black Marble Diamond Tub

Black Marble Diamond Tub
Boca Do Lobo

This one of the most original and breathtaking designs for a luxurious tub we’ve ever seen. Combining golden details with a unique diamond shape, crafted from marble, this tub is definitely a show stopper. The only disadvantage we see to this particular model is that it’s ridiculously expensive, so it might not be feasible for everyone.

2. Natural Stone Bath

Natural Stone Bath
Stone Forest

This stunning tub is definitely amazing! Made out of silver travertine, it adds so much texture to your space. Nothing like you’ve seen before, it will create a unique space for your relaxing needs. You can get creative and depending on the space you have available, you can turn this beauty into the focal piece of your home. 

1. Copper Circular Japanese Whirlpool Bath

Copper Circular Japanese Whirlpool Bath
Michael Lichter / Diamond Spas

This stunning soaking tub, made from copper is inspired from the traditional Japanese models. Crafted to perfection, it will create a zen feeling in your bathroom. The warmth of the copper, combined with the simplicity of the design will bring you comfort and peace. Enjoy the spa-like feeling every time you step into this beautiful soaking tub.

We hope you enjoyed the list we compiled for you, and you found the inspiration you were looking for when designing your personal oasis.

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