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Timeless Luxurious Fabrics You Should Have in Your Closet

By Martha Young


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Let’s talk about an essential aspect of clothing – the fabric. No matter how great a shirt or dress looks, it always comes down to the fabric- how it looks, how it feels, how long it lasts, and so on. Fabric is everything when it comes to high end clothing, and the only way to be truly fashionable is to get it right each time.

It seems easy enough, but as you go through catalogs or go through shopping malls trying to find the best fabrics, it can get to the hair-pulling stage. The sheer number of options is enough to confuse you. Plus, there are so many people selling less than standard quality, so it’s pretty easy to get it wrong. 

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Today we’ll take a closer look at the best fabrics on the market, that would last for ages without losing their stylish appeal. And as a plus, we will also give you a hint on how to get the best quality. Let’s go!



There is so much we can say about silk. Not only does it feel like light feathers ever so thoughtfully caressing the skin, but it also looks amazing. Add the fact that it feels light and is breathable, and you have yourself a winner. Moreover, if you are going for a classy, effortless look, this is the right way to go.

Here’s a fun fact. As much as this is seen as a delicate material, it is quite far from it. In fact, it is as strong as an iron wire of its diameter. You are pretty much adorning what can also serve as a weapon.

Shopping hint

Feel the silk between your hands. If it feels warm to the touch as you rub it, you are looking at a natural fiber. If not, there’s some artificial element to it. Luster also helps you pick good silk from poorer quality silk. When you look at the material’s surface color, it should change as you move around the room. The light reflects on the surface and should change with each step.

The price may also be a dead giveaway. You probably know how expensive silk is, and if you come across an unbelievable deal, it might as well be just that: unbelievable!



Suppose you are looking for a comfortable addition to your closet; this warm fabric should do it. And with wool, you have so many options too. If you’re looking to splurge, you might as well invest in Vucana wool and turn heads with your sophistication. Or you can opt for cashmere which is of high quality but will have you breaking the bank less.

Shopping hint

Again, we are back to feeling the fabric. It should not feel dry as it does in some stores (without pointing fingers, but you probably know some examples). Instead, it should feel warm, squeezable and should have a spring to it. Some people describe this as creamy, which pretty much sums up the feeling.

Reading the label also helps. Anything less than 100% cashmere is not the highest quality you will find in the market.


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We have looked at materials that offer style and comfort to varying degrees. How about one that cuts across these two? Linen! This old textile was once for the untitled and was not much of a gem back in the day. Over time, it became clear that its breathability, durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal were what people needed to up their dressing game. It has fast risen to the ranks of silk and seems to be getting better and more expensive by the day.

For high-quality linen clothes, you can check out Linenfox clothes, which offers dresses, shirts, and other garments made of 100% natural linen. The company has its roots deeply embedded in line with environmental conservation, which is another plus.

Shopping hint

Look for companies that deal with 100% linen that has not been mixed with other fabrics. If it’s organic, all the better.

Are there other fabrics to consider? Sure thing! You can also try leather and fur. If you’re looking to lower the price tag further, you can work with cotton, satin, and denim. You can hardly ever go wrong with these timeless options. Happy Shopping!

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